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Welcome to Simple Luxe Living, where you can explore different travel destinations and find tips for preparing for your vacation.

Also, here you can find tricks to make your everyday life easier.

Whether you’re preparing for a trip to an exotic destination or just dreaming of your next vacation, here you’ll find articles that will inspire you and provide you with a wealth of helpful information.

How did Simple Luxe Living come about? 

A group of travel enthusiasts and itinerants with vast experience and many miles behind decided to share their knowledge to make your travel preparations easier and inspire you to explore the world in its full glory.

Oscar Wilde, one of the most quoted writers, once said: “Travel improves the mind wonderfully and does away with all one’s prejudices.”

We agree with this and believe that travel is the best way for people to expand their knowledge and views and get to know themselves better.

What can you find at Simple Luxe Living? 

Helpful and precise information about destinations, main tourist attractions, weather conditions, culture, and customs of various countries await you in travel articles.

In addition, you’ll find answers to when is the best time to travel, what to pack, what to wear, where to go, what to see, and how to spend time in destinations worldwide.

Also, here you can find texts on various lifestyle topics.

Practical advice on fashion, beauty, health, and everyday life awaits you, as well as answers to many home and garden care and decoration questions.

If you have a question about appropriate clothes for a particular occasion, dietary rules, or proper care and beauty treatments, search Simple Luxe Living – you will likely find the answer to the question that is bothering you.

Enjoy simplicity, but spice it up with a bit of luxury – that’s our motto.

If you also try to live according to this principle, you will enjoy the articles you will find on Simple Luxe Living.