What To Wear To A Tattoo Appointment?

We can agree, that every tattoo on the skin is a form of living art that moves everywhere with you, and to keep its colors, and shape and to heal properly, it requires adequate care.

Not just in the process itself, but during and afterward.

Tattoos have become extremely popular in recent years and are appearing on an ever-increasing scale.

History has it that there were tattoos on mummies (back then, in ancient Egypt, both men and women were tattooed).

And of course, when we speak of tattoos and their history, we have to speak of Japan, where even these days, yakuza were tattoos, as this is their mark of recognition.

Here, a particular tattoo was used to identify a particular crime family.

Now, when we look at America in the 1900s, tattoos were by no means considered mainstream, only lower-class people had tattoos.

In the early 1920s, tattoos were marks and based on them, you could tell if that person has been thanks to tattoos.

Artistic tattooing is on the rise. Things seem to have started to change in the sixties.

Tattoos progressed to higher status bikers and celebrities began to appear with tattoos.

This is so important to know, besides the fact that the tattoo is something you can wear forever.

Also, very popular with young people, even teenagers. There is almost no athlete, actor, or musician without a tattoo, so probably teenagers look up to their idols.

There is a statistic that says that tattooing is on a rise, and it is more and more accepted, and it is more and more popular than ever.

Now, no one knows if the popularity of tattooing is on the rise, is this peak, or is there going to be more and more?

What is on the side of tattooing, is that there are new good regulations, sanitary standards, tools, and materials that have made tattooing easier and more accessible than before.

There is even a rise in people who are becoming tattoo artists, and we have to say that tattooing has gone through many changes, but the reasons for tattooing have not changed much.

Now, for smaller tattoos not so much, but for a bigger, picturesque one, a good tattoo artist must also have a lot of artistic aspiration, to draw on your skin exactly the scenes you want to wear on yourself.

This artist knows how to recognize your aesthetic expression and suggest a solution that you will be satisfied with.

Now, a person who wants to get a tattoo should educate himself first, not just on the topic of tattooing, and the picture he or she wants to put on his or her skin; but also regarding the artist and sanitary conditions the procedure will be performed.

Also, and this is not less relevant – is all those small steps you should do before you get one.

Before you book a tattoo

So, when you have decided to get a tattoo, and you are wondering if you are getting the real deal.

Maybe you are afraid of a low-quality tattoo, possible skin reactions, or an insufficiently professional approach.

First, ask who is a well-known and recognized tattoo artist in your city – always choose the one who has been known in the business for a long time, the one that has been in the business for several years (if possible and several decades, and if you ask enough people, you will find them also, and you will not make a mistake).

Always look for an artist that has a lot of experience, and when you find them, then you should look at the photos of the tattoos that the tattoo expert has done so far, and find out in what conditions he works.

One of the basic requirements for safe tattooing is sterilized equipment and high hygiene.

No one can deny that in a tattoo parlor if the conditions are not good, you can attract some very serious diseases, as the needle touches your skin.

Be careful in this regard.

It is completely unthinkable to decide to get tattoos from someone who works under dubious hygienic conditions and whose equipment you are not sure how professional and safe it is for human health.

When you know that everything is done according to the prescribed conditions, then you can relax and leave it in the hands of experts.

Also, it is important that the tattoo is permanent, that the colors do not smudge, nor that their intensity is reduced, and for this reason, it is also important that your choice falls on someone with experience and knowledge.

It can be the worst-case scenario, where you have done a tattoo and ot starts to fade after some time.

And, if you have been wondering are the colors from the tattoo are toxic, the answer is no – there has not been any proven study, or anything similar that the colors used for tattoos hurt people’s health.

However, the fact is that part of the colors that are injected into the skin during tattooing, end up in the bloodstream, and some even say that they are also in the lymph nodes… it is unknown where they end up.

Some say, that you expel them from your organism through the pee.

In the meantime, here’s what to consider before making a final decision.

Think about what makes you want to get a tattoo. There can be many reasons.

Some people like a deeply significant tattoo that can serve as a reminder of a significant piece of their life.

Other people want tattoos to beautify their bodies. There is no single “right” reason.

What To Wear To A Tattoo Appointment?

If we are talking about clothes, and if you have booked an appointment, now you wonder what to wear, so that the appointment goes smoothly and comfortably.

Are you doing your arm, leg, shoulder, maybe fingers, or behind an ear?

A wardrobe for a low back tattoo is something quite different of course; then you maybe have to be ready to show a bit more skin.

You have to take your clothes off and stay only in underwear.

In any case, and regardless of what part of your body you will tattoo, you should opt for very loose clothes, so avoid wearing anything

too tight.

Also, do not wear anything that will be too restrictive and disable you from moving your body parts, allowing the tattoo artists to work.

Comfortable clothes are a must, and it does not pose any difference in what part of your body you are getting a tattoo on.

Additional and also common advice is to wear layers, depending on the temperatures in the tattoo salon.

Some people sweat a lot during the appointment and they need to remove additional clothes from their bodies, so wearing layers is always a good idea.

The third piece of advice, from the general point of view, is to wear dark clothes, having in mind that ink can leave unwashable stains.

Never wear your favorite clothes, or something ultra special as there is a big chance that you can ruin your favorite outfit.

  • A back tattoo

If you are having an appointment to get your back tattooed, it can be your spine, or a lower part of your back, then you should opt for clothes that are suitable for this occasion. Wear loose tops that could be taken off easily, or that could be taken off partially.

During this occasion, you can wear bottoms that are easy to take off, or at least to pull off when an artist has to come closer to that part of your body. Some ladies like to wear a bikini top and on top (this applies to gentlemen also) of it a hood that has a zip-up so that you can take it off.

  • A Hip Tattoo

When you decide to have a hip tattoo then the best thing you can do is to wear something long that you can put down easily, like a dress or a skirt.

It can be a maxi dress – you can bear just enough skin and still stay covered.

Here also, some women opt for wearing a bikini bottom, as they will be in clothes but to be still with clothes.

Also, a good idea for this type of tattoo is to wear some very flexible shorts that can be drawn away from the tattooed area.

  • A shoulder Tattoo

This is one of the easiest options regarding clothes – you can opt for any top that has thin (so-called spaghetti) straps so that the tattoo artist can come closer and work on this area.

Some like to wear strapless tops and this is also a good idea. A bra or a bikini top also can be a good idea, for those who are not shy. For men, getting naked (top), or wearing a t-shirt without any sleeves is the way to go, for sure.

  • A side Tattoo

If by any chance you want to get the side tattoo, then it is advisable to come to your appointment in a bikini, or if it is cold where you live, then bring one and you can change into it. In some tattoo parlors, you can receive a sticker to put on your private area.

Wearing a bra is also not recommended, maybe if it is loose, and without any strings and wires.

  • A sternum tattoo

This type of tattoo falls under the category similar to the previous one; the side tattoo, and here also it is a good and practical idea to come to the appointment without a bra and to just cover your nipples. ladies who prefer it that way could wear a bikini or a top that does not have any straps. And for some more creative ladies, wearing a rolled-up scarf or a bandana is also a good suggestion.

  • A thigh tattoo

If by any chance you are doing a thigh tattoo, then one rule must be followed, do not wear jeans, and anything you cannot pull up so that the tattoo artist can do his magic on you.

  • A but tattoo

For this type of tattoo, you can wear anything loose and dark, like a loose dress for example.

  •  A rib tattoo

For this occasion, you can wear a loose top, and underneath you should wear a sports bra as it will be the most comfortable. Ladies that feel like it, could just wear a loose top and cover their nipples with stickers.

  • A foot tattoo

If you want to do a foot tattoo, then the advice is very obvious you must be barefoot as much as you can, and you should go to your tattoo appointment in flip flops, or if it is cold, go in sneakers, and then change there.

If you want to stay in shoes, then you can cover the tattoo in cellophane, then wear a sock and then wear a shoe.

After tattoo care

Now, after you have done a tattoo, you need to take care of it, so that it can heal nicely and that it remains beautiful.

Have in mind that the tattoo may fade, get white spots, or change shape over time.

If you give your tattoos quality and regular care, your tattoo will be protected.

Now, right before you have done your tattoo, and you go home, it is important to remove the protection, but only within two hours of getting the tattoo.

Do not wrap it again with the same protection.

A new tattoo requires breathing, just like any loose wound.

Another and more modern option is a so-called “fake skin” – a layer of fake skin is applied and it is held on the skin for at least 5 to ten days, and after that, the skin is completely healed.

If this was not your option, then it is recommended that you wash the tattoo with antibacterial liquid soap.

During this process, try and be gentle, don’t use a sponge or anything that exfoliates the skin, as you can irritate your skin and ruin the tattoo. Utilize just your hands, and be gentle in this process.

Gently pat the tattoo with a paper towel to dry it after washing.

Do not scratch or utilize a cloth with a rough surface.

When the night comes, and this is the first night with the new tattoo, you must protect it to prevent it from sticking to the sheets.

Do not utilize bandages or pads, as the fibers can stick to the open wound of the tattoo and interfere with the healing process.

Now, when a couple of days have passed, then it will start to peel off. And do not worry, this is completely expected and ok.

Resist and do not pluck the peeled skin; let it fall off on its own. Start the care with a mild, white lotion without dyes and perfumes.

You can repeat this action for at least 2 weeks, 1-2 times a day; it would not harm a tattoo.

Now, that one month passes, then it is crucial to take care of the hygiene of the tattooed skin.

This is crucial to bear in mind that the skin after tattooing needs proper healing to maintain its shape and fullness of color.

When the skin is tattooed, it is somehow “wounded”, and it is very sensitive; there can be even some small or bigger white spots or small scars (depending on the size of the tattoo, and the colors used for it, as some go deeper than the other); and all of this may appear on it that cannot be removed so easily.

Tattooed skin requires full attention, and if you give it that, your tattoo will be beautiful and bright for a long time.

That is why it is important that after getting a tattoo, you follow all the advice given by the tattoo artist in detail.

In the end, the general advice is not to scratch, peel, bump, rub or irritate your new tattoo.

However, do not soak the tattoo for 14 days.

It is not recommended to go swimming or for example hot tubs or saunas, also for about 14 days after you get the tattoo.

Do not reveal the tattoo to the sunlight for at least 3 weeks after the tattoo, after that you have to utilize a protective factor.

Be careful with gym equipment; wash it well before use, as it can be that equipment is dirty and filled with bacteria that can transfer to your skin.


Tattooing is on the rise, both in acceptance and popularity; and it is so, whatever people may think.

The process of tattooing is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

A tattoo is eternal and during its healing, you must give it everything it needs, and the first place is care, care, and only care.

Whether it’s a new one, or you’re doing a tattoo over an existing one, make sure you follow the tips below.

Tattoos are not something you casually decide, not in a sense of an idea, but more in a sense of taking care of it, where you do it, etc.

Many people decide on a tattoo for weeks, months, or even years before they finally decide what kind of tattoo they want.

If you think a tattoo is cool, you don’t have to get it right away.

It’s okay to wait a bit and plan the entire process, as you want.

Also, we would advise you not to succumb only to trends, as your tattoo must be a part of you, not a part of the trend, as you are the one who will “wear” it daily.

If you are thinking now – why so much fame, now tattoos can be removed with a laser without any problems.

But this is not an easy-going process without any problems – it’s a very expensive and painful procedure, so think about it, and why doing it is something that will be removed…

One more reason to think it though.

Think carefully about the place of the tattoo.

If you don’t want your tattoo to have an impact the next day on your work or the people around you, choose a place where it won’t be seen every day – for example, your stomach or back.

Not all employers look favorably on tattoos, so you can give the wrong impression and appear frivolous for the desired job.

Even though this is a more and more relaxed area each day, you can never know do you work for some old-fashion college that will not approve of it.

And, after any of these tattoos, at least for the first two weeks, wear clean, soft clothes – nothing abrasive or aggravating.

Do not wear abrasive clothes, and avoid wearing any jewelry, or footwear that rubs against your tattoo.

The first 10 days after getting a tattoo are the most important for the subsequent appearance of the tattoo, so be very careful during this time.

In some nice tattoo parlors, you will get adequate detailed advice that is very useful, but if the tattoo artist forgot to explain in detail how to properly care for the skin after tattooing, this text will be of great use to you.

In any case, be well informed, and think of what you want.

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