What To Wear To a Muslim Wedding?

Every culture and religion has its wedding customs and rituals, and you have probably noticed it when you attended it, or you have organized your own, but the thing that connects all of them is a celebration of a union between the two lovers.

If you are planning a wedding and would like to stick to the customs, you need to think carefully about it.

If your future spouse is of a different religion, an unpleasant situation can occur if you do not know about the customs of the other party.

For example, Orthodox priests crown the newlyweds, which is specific to them, while it is common for all Christians to exchange wedding rings when getting married.

A Jewish wedding in a synagogue is seen as an agreement between two people blessed by God.

It is their custom to step on a glass at a wedding to show how precious and fragile love is.

A Muslim marriage is the result of an agreement between two families, and the wedding is performed at home.

In some Muslim traditions, the bride is dressed in red, while in the last hundred years in Western Europe it has become common for the bride to wear gorgeous white wedding dresses, which are considered a symbol of purity and innocence.

There are more and more modern weddings where newlyweds decide on some of their own, new rules.

Just know one thing, whether you follow customs or not, they are not crucial for a successful wedding and a successful marriage, it takes much more than a sieve thrown over the roof of a house.

So, if you are invited to a Muslim wedding, then you need to know what are the customs on it, and therefore what to wear so that you are following the theme of the wedding, and you also are not being disrespectful to the participants of the wedding.

This is understandable having in mind that all religions have different customs.

The Islamic religion is largely practiced in different parts of the globe – most notably, the Middle East, then in Western countries like the USA.

It is known that people of the Islamic religion are residents of many parts of the world, and Islamic traditions are a part of marriage rituals but are executed based on cultural needs.

In a conventional Muslim wedding ceremony, there is an extreme relationship between the bride and the groom, guests, clothes, and agreements.

Understanding Muslim practices can be amazing as they make you very interested in being a part of such a ceremony.

Customs of a traditional Muslim wedding

The traditions of requesting for a bride’s hand to be engaged and later the act of marriage themselves vary from one religion to another, as we have previously said.

It is fascinating to notice how various religions and different cultures and their traditions vary from one country or the part of the country from another, but also how they are so similar but unique.

Once again we must say that there is such beauty in all f this, and being a part of it, is also a wonderful experience.

In the standard Muslim wedding function from the part where the bride is proposed to the wedding ceremony itself, there is truly something to be seen, including the clothes.

In current terms and globalization that has taken over all of this, even traditional weddings, we can also say that some actions are no longer committed, but they still stay in certain conventional houses and households.

When two lovers that belong to Islam make a collective determination that they have feelings for each other and that they would like to get married and spend their future as a couple, then the woman promises herself to the future groom.

According to practice in some of the Muslim countries where the traditional customs are being performed, the sister of the bride or a mom, if they are married already are going to be part of the proposal.

It is the custom.

The main thing to know is that all people have their part in such a wedding, and we think that this is very beautiful. ,

Sometimes it can occur that the gentleman who proposes does not have in his family a mother or a married female relative then some other women from his family, even if she is a distant relative, can take this serious position to be part of the proposal.

It is also feasible for a man to engage a woman to pay to accomplish such a task.

The Muslim priest then is visiting the family of the bride and gives presents to her family.

Primarily it is a ring and some cash that he gives to his bride-to-be, and later on, there is a lecture where the Imam enunciates the words “By God’s power, and according to the tradition, this man has looked at your daughter (he addresses to the family of the bride) and this is the proposal.

During the ritual of the bride-to-be, the bride-to-be is not seen at the scene, as she is forbidden to be there, according to the customs.

In some instances, when the mother of the bride, is not happy and does not want to give her daughter to the suitor, or it can even happen that the bride’s family has known some very harsh comments about the suitor and his family, this is also a reason not to accept the proposal.

It can be one of the most challenging instants of the proposal.

The bride-to-be family is scared to give their daughter to a family they think will not be seen as their own daughter, and that she will be respected.

The Muslim tradition has an extraordinary custom, which is that after the discussion, the bride-to-be is given a cup of coffee, which she has to taste.

If the coffee in that cup tastes very sweet, then this means that her family is ready to give her into the family, but if the cup of coffee is not sweet, then there will be no wedding at all.

In some other parts of the globe, where some other Muslim customs are active, then men and other family members speak to the father of the bride for her to agree to marry this man.

They carry a gift to the prospective bride’s home, and the bigger it is, the greater the chance that the home and her family members agree and marry her for that man.

If a flattering answer is accepted, the groom and bride kiss, and in this way then report the daughter is given for that man to be married to him.

According to practice, she gives a kiss to the hands of her parents and appreciations them for the blessing of contentment and future life.

The girl then goes with the man and his father places a ring on her hand and shows her the presents he prepared.

The following day, the man’s father runs to see the girl’s mother, and he also gives a gift to her.

The Muslim wedding occurs in the next following days and a max of one month.

Before the tradition and the wedding itself, it is necessary to highlight to the Imam will ask if the girl is underaged, did she agreed to be the bride, etc.

When it is confirmed that all is ok then the ceremony begins.

What to wear to a Muslim wedding?

Being a part of Muslim weddings is greatly entertaining because there are so many possibilities with a lot of positive people who are also guests.

We have already said that for all people who attend the wedding where there are Muslim traditions is a ceremony that all participants have their role.

Though, what you can or cannot sport to such a wedding is sometimes very hard to grasp, as there are a lot of things to know and customs also.

And still, you want to look nice, to be charming, appropriate, and also modern, but respectful.

Of course, there are some rules that are always should be followed regardless of the religion, customs, and theme of the party.

Dress appropriately no matter what.

The venue will also give you an insight into the dress code, and of course, it should be looked at if the wedding is performed in summer or winter, etc.

For a summer wedding, wearing pants with a shirt and tie is an excellent choice, as you are modern, respectful and also nicely dressed, unique.

Lighter suits are suitable for early mornings and daytime weddings, and darker colors are for evening ones, and when you choose a color for a wedding this should certainly be on your mind.

It does not have to be the rule, more it has to be a guideline if you are not sure.

For religious weddings, just like the Muslim one that we will speak of here, then we can say that the rule of thumb is not to be overdressed rather than underdressed.

Staying simple, designs that are simple but effective is a good idea, and some others are ok if you know how to combine them.

Wearing bright clothes –  these can be ensembles with bright shades that forever are seen as greatly tasteful and beautiful.

With them, you cannot make a mistake.

Further, if these ensembles are embellished with pieces of gold, then also with a lot of pearls, they could truly be your inspiration for a Muslim wedding.

Bright color outfits and decorations actually appear as attractive and make you different and outstanding from the others, and you are still staying in the theme of the wedding.

Find out what is the theme of the wedding – a formal outfit is believed to be skirts or maybe long pants.

Ladies can also look great with the scarf, as it is part of the religious ensemble but also a gorgeous and decorative part of their wedding wear

The clothes piece should be kept established on the theme of the wedding itself.

So, when we are speaking of colors, we can speak of light colors, also navy, and mint.

All of these are seen as the most suitable looks at the wedding.

Do not shy away from classics – there is no difference in this sense, between the Muslim wedding and any other. Here, also the bride and groom are together with friends and family and this also implies that you should avoid, wearing some heavy dresses, with heavy makeup and hear.

If you are the guest, then you should opt for a formal or semi-formal dress, it is something that is never a bad idea.

Black is a way to go – there is no clear limitation for the shade choice and theme of your clothes.

Nevertheless, the options and choices can vary founded on the culture and clothing trends that are hyped right now.

In some cases, wearing a black dress for a wedding was a no-no, but now more and more people are wearing it for weddings, even Muslim weddings.

Wearing a black color for a wedding is an outfit idea that often ladies who have a bigger figure love to do, as it is an apparent slimming result and it does not stain your clothes.

So if you want to wear a black ensemble you can do it – maybe combined with white.

Such attires make you look respectable and modern at the same time.

In some Muslim weddings, the theme of the wedding can be white.

Lehnga-choli – this is an entrenched skirt that is very long, and it is combined with the shirt. And this is a really good way to go when you do not know what to wear to a Muslim wedding.

Lehngas can come in numerous colors, and often are red.

Dresses – you can also opt for silky dresses that you can pair with something on the top.

This combination can be a perfect way – add some makeup that is fresh and shiny and you are the real deal.

Maybe golden jewelry is a way to go, also in this case.

A Saree – wearing a traditional Saree can be a fantastic option for various wedding ceremonies. You can get it in numerous colors, and it shall consistently turn out to be a unique look.

An easy Saree with multi-colors can make you look pretty and different.

Avoid – here we have to say that you should avoid outfits that are short, narrow, and open. Wearing such a wardrobe privately is perfectly fine. But if you’re going to a wedding (and in this case we are speaking of a Muslim wedding) where there will be a lot of different people.

We are speaking of an event that gathers all generations and lots of different people, it’s not really appropriate to have your underwear showing and always inspecting to see if your dress is riding up while you’re dancing.

Then, many fashion specialists, and stylists say that jeans are not for these occasions.

Jeans are, something that you must avoid by all means, but those who know how to do it, who are experts in styling, can maybe find a well fit and discover works as a look that is both festive.

If you are able to do it, then it is ok to be very free to combine it with a smart shirt and a very elegant pair of nice shoes.


So, when it comes to the Muslim wedding, it does not have to be any different than any other wedding attention, you still want to look good, slim, and respectful toward the bride and groom and their customs.

Traditional dresses or plain elongate frocks are some of the most famous outfits for a Muslim wedding.

They are the comfiest and most suitable to wear.

In any case, it is truly important not to do it over the top – as at a Muslim wedding is crucial that it is not wasteful, that food is thrown away, then also people should be modest and do exaggerate.

These elements that we spoke of in this piece regarding a Traditional Muslim Wedding and outfits you can wear, will certainly help you.

The majority of men and women who are a part of the Islamic religion are conducted and delivered all instructions and procedures based on the regulations of Islam and their Holy Book, the Quran.

But these viewpoints might change based on the current fashion and what is modern.

You can surely choose from a combination of formal attires but consistently pick the one that fits you and eventually make you be and feel very beautiful, gorgeous, and outstanding among the public.

Here is some additional advice when you go to a Muslim wedding, but we must say that this is applied to any wedding you attend as a guest.

Familiarize yourself with the customs.

Every religion and culture has different customs and traditions, so whatever wedding you’re going to, make sure you familiarize yourself with the rules.

At a religious wedding, follow the mass and the directions of the officiant. Stand up, sit down and kneel down when you see everyone else doing it.

Be respectful.

No yelling, screaming, or yelling is allowed.

Marriage is a serious institution. do not cheer or clap when the bride appears. You are a witness, not a fan.

Try not to sneeze, cough, or talk during the vows.

In the end, if you are a guest, then it is ok to be happy, to have fun, and to enjoy yourself more than anything.

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