What to Wear to a Masquerade Party?

When you want to go to a masquerade party, it is well known that you need to choose an outfit that is stylish and appropriate for the event.

Naturally, a mask is a must accessory for a masquerade ball, and you can wear it with a various clothing styles.

Even if it may seem challenging to choose the ideal outfit for a masquerade, you should know that the most crucial step is to match your clothing and accessories to the mask.

It means you should mix and match the colors and styles of your clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Masquerade balls are formal events where guests have to wear masks.

Dress codes include elegance and extravagant outfits since the masquerades are evening occasions.

Masquerades can be themed or classic and always include music and art performances, so dancing.

A dress is the most appropriate outfit for women for a masquerade ball.

Since there are a lot of diverse models of dresses that women can wear to a masquerade party, the best option for choosing an extravagant dress is to match the party theme with the formality level.

Floor-length dresses or those in vintage style are the best choices.

For men, the most suitable outfit for a masquerade party is a formal suit with a tie.

In this text, we will recommend the ideal outfits for masquerade parties and give tips on how to match the appropriate clothes, mask, shoes, and accessories, so keep reading.

A little bit about the history of masquerade balls

Masquerade balls first emerged as a Venetian carnival festival in the 15th century.

Venetian Carnival had a strong influence at that time, and the result was that the masquerade balls became public festivities.

Masquerades were often glamorous gatherings intended for upper-class families.

The original masquerade balls meant masks of characters from books, novels, theater shows, and cartoons.

The point of the masquerade was to hide true identities by wearing unique costumes and masks, which brought entertainment and a lot of fun to these events.

The unique appeal of masquerade balls was the opportunity for guests to remain unidentifiable under the musk and to feel free to express their feelings, opinions, art, and personal expression without fear of social condemnation.

A masquerade ball is also known as a ball masque.

There are different masquerade parties, such as themed watermelon or chartreuse masquerade, black and white masquerades, and black and gold masquerade bals, which are the most popular.

Besides these themed masquerades, masks are often an accessory at many social and formal events like weddings and other celebrations.

You must dress correctly for the occasion if you’re going to a social event where masks are required.

Wearing a black gown, for instance, might make you appear like a lady from the Renaissance or a refined aristocrat from the middle of the twentieth century.

If you want to create the appearance of a mysterious woman, you can also pair floor-length skirts with black or red satin or other fabric-made hooded cloaks.

A quick guide to masquerade outfits

Wherever you go to a themed masquerade ball, a formal masquerade, or a costume party, you certainly want to look impressive at this event.

Don’t forget to check your invitation card or read about the masquerade party on its official website to find out if there is a dress code.

Of course, you will choose your outfit and mask following the dress code, which can be formal but can also be baroque, in a Renaissance manner, Gothic-themed, or even inspired by some books, movies, etc.

For example, the theme can be the world-famous film Pirates of the Caribbean or The Jungle Book.

For instance, you should pick a mask or costume of a pirate, leopard, or another character from a movie or book.

Every woman needs a list of things for a masquerade party: fancy masks, glitter, and pearls; black leggings or pants paired with a shirt, blouse, top, or corset; a black dress or a skirt; and vintage or glamorous jewelry such as an elegance necklace, ring, earring, or bracelet.

The first step is to choose formal black pieces of clothing to make an ideal outfit for the masquerade.

For example, if it is an open-air masquerade party in the summer, it is better to wear a top or corset than a long-sleeved shirt or a blouse.

Give yourself enough time to prepare well for the masquerade. The key is to be relaxed and in a good mood when you get there.

Waiting until the last minute to choose the outfit, iron the clothes, wash and dry your hair, get a haircut, and put on makeup can be very stressful.

These situations make you nervous, and in that case, you will arrive at the masquerade party in a bad mood.

Our recommendation is a colorful mask with bright colors like red, turquoise, purple, yellow, or orange.

In this way, you highlight your face since your clothes are black.

Add interesting details to your mask if the one you’ve bought isn’t glamorous or shiny enough for the masquerade.

Glue feathers around the mask border, or line the mask border with pearls in a pastel hue. You can apply glue to half the mask and cover that part with big metallic glitters for an impressive evening effect.

You can also go to the local costume shop to buy an elegant floor-length dress with metallic red or gold threads.

If you plan to wear an animal costume, you should buy a leotard or a jumpsuit with an appropriate print.

For example, a good outfit is a leotard with leopard print paired with a hairband with leopard ears.

Remember, your mask shouldn’t be too sparkly if you want to highlight the costume.

How to choose the ideal mask for a masquerade party?

The main rule for choosing the ideal mask for the masquerade is to get one that is easy to wear.

Remember that the purpose of a masquerade party is to conceal your identity.

If you wear an uncomfortable mask, you have to remove it frequently.

Consider also that you will certainly eat and drink during this event, so it’s better to pick a mask that covers half of your face.

In this manner, you can consume food and beverages while concealing your identity behind the mask.

If you want to avoid having your mask ruin your makeup, get it on a stick you can hold in your hands during a photoshoot without touching your face.

There are also eye masks with an elastic band that fix them well, and they are easy to keep on without moving all night.

These masks with elastic strips are the ideal for those who don’t want to spoil their haircut.

Take care of the material of the mask.

Most masks are made of cardboard, paper, or plastic.

Paper and cardboard masks are more comfortable than plastic masks, which are heavier and less comfortable.

When you buy a mask, you should pay attention to color and details.

You can choose a one-color mask or a mask with two or a few colors and details like pearls, glitter, feathers, and zircons.

Black and white are the most popular mask colors, but gold and silver are also popular.

Different combinations of these colors can be classy, stylish, and glamorous. A black and white mask, a black and gold mask, a white and silver mask, and even a red mask are examples.

You can also buy face-shaping masks, which are ideal for an oval or a heart-shaped face.

If you prefer a classy look in a medieval style, you should get a Swarovski Venetian mask.

For those who like to experiment, we recommend a leather, metal, or wooden mask based on their clothing.

Leather and metal masks complement leather or satin clothing with lace, whereas wooden masks complement a velvet or knitted dress.

Choose the masquerade outfit step by step

In the past, masquerade balls were entirely classy and formal events, but today, masquerade parties can be more relaxed according to the venue and theme.

The first step is to choose a costume. It can be a dress or tux for the formal masquerade.

Still, if you go to a themed masque ball, you can’t go wrong if you choose a gown in the Venetian style, which is recognizable by puffed sleeves and a large collar.

If you want to look fashionable, you can wear a mini or midi A-line dress with extravagant shoes, a magnificent mask, and striking details such as wings, hairbands, necklaces, brooches, and a bird, butterfly, or angel wing made from tulle.

The next step is to determine the level of elegance, or, to put it simply, you have to decide whether you want a stunning, relaxing, or extravagant outfit.

If you want to avoid the glamorous look that includes floor-length dresses or suits, go for a more relaxed outfit.

In this case, you should avoid extravagant jewelry and accessories.

Also, choose a mask that covers your eyes without too many colors and details like pearls, glitter, and others.

Naturally, you also combine shoes with the outfit and mask.

Our suggestion is to choose comfortable shoes since you will be standing or dancing all night, and that’s not so easy, especially for ladies who often wear lounge shoes with high heels. Instead of uncomfortable pointe shoes, you can wear flat shoes with stylish details like pearls, zircons, glitter, and bows.

If you choose the sparkly and colorful musk with details like pearls and feathers then you have to wear simple and smaller pieces of jewelry such as silver or gold thiny bracelet, pearl earring, a casual brooch.

Following the outfit and mask for the masquerade party, the hairstyle and make-up are also items to consider.

For instance, if you wear a ball gown with an extravagant mask, you can make a bun from your hair and put on red lipstick in case the masque isn’t very colorful and sparkly, or neutral lipstick if you wear a one-color mask without many details.

One more piece of advice: you should put on eyeshadow according to the color of the mask, and neutral makeup tones and light hues are always a good choice if you are not sure what shades of lipstick or blush to use.

Be sure to put on long-wear makeup and strengthen it with fixing spray if you want to avoid smudging while you’re wearing a mask on your face.

Otherwise, you will be uncomfortable in the crowd when you are worried about your messy look.

Also, you have to adapt your haircut to your mask, makeup, and outfit.

You should choose simple hairstyles if your clothing and mask are impressive and eye-catching.

As we already mentioned, a simple bun or a tail, straight or twisted hair without striking hairclips and other details is the best option.

It’s important to remember that the focus is on the mask and outfit, so your haircut and makeup should only complement your look.

Women’s outfit suggestions for a masquerade party

Today, masquerade parties are classy events with a dose of mystery expressed through hiding a true identity.

Besides choosing an impressive mask, women should wear an eye-catching dress to highlight their body shape.

Instead of a gown, they can also wear a midi skirt or satin pants with a lace top or corset.

The right choice for a casual masquerade is a jumpsuit with a V-neckline, a printed leotard with leather pants, or an A-line tulle skirt.

Dress to impress other guests if you want to boost your self-confidence with a good look.

Gold and silver details like necklaces and earrings will complete your outfit.

Floor-length black dresses make you look slimmer and taller, so you can’t go wrong if you wear them, especially silk and satin gowns, which exude elegance. You can wear a black dress with gold jewelry or even a gold mask.

The white dress is for bolder ladies who want to highlight their body lines and curves.

You can wear a black or silver mask with a white gown and red or neutral lipstick.

Red and black dresses are extravagant, especially those with lace and tulle.

You can put on red lipstick and a black mask with red feathers or glitter, and you look stunning.

Your jewelry should be minimal since the mask and dress are impressive.

Silver and gold gowns are always trendy, and you can easily combine them with shoes and accessories.

For instance, you can combine a gold gown with a black mask and a white dress with a silver, red, or even dark blue masque and other details, so you have to choose the outfit you like more.

A dark green dress is a classy piece of clothing you can combine well with a gold mask and jewelry if you want to be glamorous, and for a more reduced look, you can choose a black one and shoes.

A floor-length dress in a vintage style or a ball gown is an ideal outfit for a classy Venetian masquerade.

If you are attending a masquerade party inspired by some popular movie, book, or cartoon, choose casual pieces of clothing like a knee-length dress or a midi A-line skirt with the appropriate top or shirt.

Remember, it is not appropriate for this occasion to wear a too-short dress or a T-shirt with a large neckline.

Take care that the colors of your clothes, shoes, mask, and accessories are complementary.

Also, wearing too many colorful and sparkling outfits isn’t a good idea.

Men’s outfit suggestions for a masquerade party

Men should wear classy shoes to a masquerade party.

Of course, classic black shoes are the best choice since you can combine them with many outfits and masks.

They can also pair well with brown shoes and fashionable beige and blue suits.

Suits and ties are appropriate outfits for masquerade balls. Men can also wear only shirts with pants.

Still, it is not a preferable outfit for these classy occasions.

A classic black or gray suit with a white shirt is always the right choice for a masquerade ball.

If you have a dilemma about what to wear, you should ask the masquerade for advice and guidance.

As we already said, a black suit with a white shirt

is the best choice for men at a masquerade party.

For instance, you can combine a classic black suit with a red tie or a bowtie if you want to look impressive.

The recommendation is to avoid any pieces of clothing with prints or textures.

The exception is casual-themed masquerades.

For example, the men wear Hawaiian shirts and colorful Bermuda shorts at the Masquerade Hawaii party.

A classy gray suit is another ideal men’s outfit for a masquerade party.

The charcoal gray shade is the second-most preferred outfit color for a masquerade party after the black suit.

There is no mistake with this outfit choice.

The white suit is an appropriate outfit for bold men who want to attract the attention of other guests and look magnificent.

Be careful with a white suit.

You must be full of confidence and handsome since this is an eye-catching outfit and all eyes will be on you during a party.

You can combine a white suit with black, white, or brown shoes and a white or some other neutral-colored shirt.

A black, gray, or white tuxedo is a glamorous men’s outfit for a masquerade ball and many other formal occasions.

If you have a dilemma about what to wear to a formal masquerade, you can’t go wrong if you pick a tuxedo.

Main tips to opt an outfit for a masquerade party

When you attend a masquerade party, first consider the level of the event’s formality and then the theme of the masquerade.

When you do that, choose the appropriate outfit, mask, or costume that matches the theme.

Also, think about the impression you want to leave. For an impressive look, pick an outfit with eye-catching colors and silver and gold details.

Choose dark clothing with red accents for a mysterious look.

Remember, whatever you wear should be comfortable since you will stand and dance all night.

These are the main tips and advice to opt appropriate outfit for a masquerade according to the occasion, your wishes, and your clothing style.

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