What To Pack and Wear In Zanzibar For 2023?

It used to be the seat of traders and fish hunters, and today it is one of the favorite exotic destinations of tourists around the world.

This island is also called the island of contrasts because it is a combination of glamour, splendor, and luxury for tourists on the one hand and the modest life of the local population on the other.

If you haven’t, we definitely recommend it because Zanzibar is a real tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean.

In addition to this, because of that modest and relaxed life, without stress, you will want to take a break during your time in Zanzibar. Moreover, these people are in no hurry and do everything slowly and “in slow motion” so you will want that too.

Tropical Island

Crystal clear blue-green water, long white sandy beaches and palm trees with coconuts, but also cuisine with spectacular aromas, colors, spices and tastes will not leave anyone indifferent.

What to pack and take to Zanzibar?

Since you are traveling to Zanzibar primarily to enjoy the incredibly beautiful beaches, you need beach clothes.

You need sunglasses as well as a hat with a wide brim, of course, you can also replace hats with caps if they suit your style better, because no matter how much it seems to you that the sun is not strong, it can be very easily deceive you.

In addition, the shoes should be comfortable. Flat shoes for sightseeing, it is advisable to have and adequate shoes for the beach as well as for the water, because your feet should be protected from sea urchins, algae, sharp corals, and also from jellyfish.

Your standard clothes should be light blouses with long sleeves made of natural materials as well as long wide pants or skirts. During the day it will protect you from the sun and at night from mosquitoes.

A cream with a high protection factor is an indispensable item in your travel bag as well as a travel pharmacy.

Since you are going to a foreign country with a completely different climate, you need a probiotic, something against fever, anti-allergy medicine if you have it, an insect repellent and some antibiotics just in case.

For lovers of reading, we advise you to bring a book and enjoy the beach after swimming.

Climate and temperatures in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is characterized by tropical high temperatures throughout the year. It rarely drops below 22 degrees, and the sun is quite strong because, let’s take into account, Zanzibar is in the area of the equator, so such a climate prevails.

When choosing the month you would visit this exotic island you shoud know next.

There are two rainy seasons in Zanzibar: one,  shorter and covers the period from November to December and the other, a little longer season from March to May, will certainly affect it.

Of course, in addition to the rainy seasons, there are also two dry seasons. One is shorter and includes the period from January to February and the longer one that lasts from June to October.

However, if you decide to make your trip in January, February, or March, you can expect a mostly dry season, but very often short storms and sudden rain.

What to wear in Zanzibar in January

January in Zanzibar is warm and dry with an average temperature of around 29 degrees during the day and 25 degrees at night.

Tourists are advised to bring light clothes of lighter colors.

What to wear in Zanzibar in February

The hottest and driest month in Zanzibar is February. Daily temperatures exceed 35 degrees. This is an ideal month for beach lovers.

The water temperature in some shallow bays even reaches 30 degrees.

What to wear in Zanzibar in February then?

You will certainly spend most of the day in costume.

And for warm summer evenings, we recommend light clothing with long cuts and natural materials. Definitely, clothes in which you feel comfortable and without violating the dress code of the country where you are staying.

What to wear in Zanzibar in March

The rainy season in Zanzibar starts in March. It is still very hot with daytime temperatures around 35 degrees and high humidity.

Rains generally stops on this beautiful island in the middle of the month.

Clothes for March in Zanzibar, includes standard light clothes.

You will need a light jacket for rain, and for women a sarong that can cover the whole body and which is also an exceptional fashion detail.

What to wear in Zanzibar in April

April is the month with the rainiest days. Temperatures are a bit lower, but certainly very high, around 30 degrees.

For this time of year, you need long-sleeved clothes. Pants for men and long-skirted dresses or wide pants for women.

What to wear in Zanzibar in May

It rains a lot during May. This month is not recommended for visiting Zanzibar because it is warm but due to a lot of rain, there is a lot of humidity.

If you do decide to visit Zanzibar during this month, you will need some rain gear, but don’t let that discourage you, at the end of May the rains become shorter and the weather improves.

At this time of the year, there are not many tourists and the arrangements are much cheaper.

What to wear in Zanzibar in June

June marks the beginning of the long dry season.

During that period, it was mostly sunny and without precipitation. The average temperature is around 28 degrees and the evenings are warm and pleasant.

For this time of year in Zanzibar, you need light clothes in lighter colors, as we have already mentioned.

If you are not a fan of long pants or skirts, capri Pants that cover the knees or skirts below the knees are the ideal solution for women.

For men, knee-length shorts and a light shirt are also recommended.

What to wear in Zanzibar in July

July is the peak of the tourist season in Zanzibar. A gentle breeze blows from the south, so the tropical heat is not felt too much.

However, don’t let that fool you.

Sand and water reflect the sun’s rays so you can burn very easily.

You need a hat with a wide brim that will protect your eyes from UV rays and sunglasses at the same time.

Sun lotion with a high UV factor, but also light clothes made of natural materials that will cover your shoulders, arms and legs.

What to wear in Zanzibar in August

August is mostly clear with the least amount of precipitation, which makes it the best month to visit Zanzibar.

The average daily temperature is around 28 degrees, and the lowest is around 22 degrees.

The weather is ideal for swimming as well as for walking.

In terms of clothing for this time of year, it’s not much different from the other dry months. Light, transparent, long and above all, comfortable.

What to wear in Zanzibar in September

September, like August, is one of the most beautiful months to visit Zanzibar. The crowds gradually decrease and the temperature gradually rises to a pleasant 38 degrees.

What do you wear during your vacation this time of year?

Near the hotel and on the beach, you can be more casually dressed.

If you leave the hotel and go on a tour of the place or one of the excursions, we recommend comfortable and light clothes with long cuts that will protect you from the sun and match the jersey code of the place where you are staying.

What to wear in Zanzibar in October

We would say, October is an idyllic month for visiting the island because the sea is calm and the sky is cloudless, and it is also the last month before the rainy season.

That’s why your suitcase should still contain comfortable and light clothes, bright colors and certainly a cream with a protective factor as an integral part of your daily care.

What to wear in Zanzibar in November

November represents the beginning of the (shorter) rainy season, so short-term precipitation and storms are possible.

However, the temperatures are still quite high and reach around 30 degrees during the day and 20 at night.

Therefore, if you are planning an evening walk, you will need a long-sleeved sweater or blouse as well as pants.

What to wear in Zanzibar in December

December is a very changeable month where storms can be expected in the first half.

In the second half, which includes the Christmas holidays, the days are characterized by temperatures up to 35 degrees and more sunshine.

So if it is your choice to spend the holidays on this tropical island, we advise you to be ready for anything.

Therefore, you can expect precipitation and storms, but also sun and high temperatures, and accordingly, you must bring clothes and shoes.

Dress code for women in Zanzibar

To visit Zanzibar, you must be familiar with certain dress code for women and men.

On the beach and near the hotel, you can dress more casually because the local population is used to tourists.

If you go on tours or visit other places outside the hotel, you must follow certain rules of conduct.

Considering that Zanzibar is a Muslim country, women and men are expected to dress simply and modestly.

You should respect the culture of the local population.

Men should wear pants or shorts that cover the knees. Polo shirts would be ideal or short or long-sleeved shirts.

Traditionally, women should wear skirts, but for tourists, it is acceptable to wear pants or jeans as long as they are comfortable and look decent.

Long skirts, dresses, or pants are acceptable choices. Moreover, women can wear something shorter, but the knees should be covered as well as the shoulders.

What not to wear in Zanzibar

Men should not wear short shirts, stomach-revealing shirts, or tank tops outside of hotels or beach.

Women should not wear clothing above the knees, low-cut clothing, or bare shoulders.

Also, you should avoid wearing blue or black clothes because they will attract flies whose bites can cause African sleeping sickness.

What to wear in Zanzibar at night

Nights in Zanzibar are warm and pleasant throughout the year. Light clothes made of comfortable materials are recommended for both men and women.

Calmer and lighter colors are always recommended. You should not wear clothes of bright and striking colors.

In addition to this, long cuts are always recommended because of their culture and because of mosquitoes bites.

What to wear on Safari

If you want to go on a safari you should consider this. Safari tours are usually arranged in the morning or the evening when it’s a little cooler, so a hat, hood, or scarf is recommended.

The roof of the van opens, it drives quite fast, and it blows in all directions, so it is highly recommended to have something on your head.

Long sleeve shirts are ideal for this type of trip.

You may have noticed in various photos from the safari that people usually wear clothes of earthy or brown tones.

Generally, it is recommended to wear clothes in these colors because, for example, white clothes reflect light and scare animals, while black or navy, as we mentioned previously, attract flies.

Basically, if you wear white, after a few minutes you will be dirty with dust, and if you wear something darker, every speck of dust will be visible on your clothes.

Basically, on safari, you are mostly in a van so these rules don’t have to be strictly followed.

You should choose comfortable clothes and quick-drying materials.

What to visit in Zanzibar

Zanzibar has a lot of places to visit that are very unique.

Jozani forest

Locals consider it a natural miracle and a pharmacy because of a large number of medicinal plants grow there.

This forest is an attraction because it is home to a species of red monkeys that can only be found here and nowhere else in the world.

You should be careful with them because they can often be uncomfortable and bite.

To visit this forest, you should be comfortably dressed, and your shoes should also be comfortable and closed.

Swimming with dolphins

For this trip, of course, you will need a swimming suite.

But since you will first drive to the village of Kizimkazi in the south of Zanzibar, we advise you to wear something comfortable and with long sleeves so that you don’t burn in the sun.

When you arrive at the shore, you will bathe with a horde of these cuddly animals.

Island of Giant Tortoises

First of all, this island was inhabited by slaves who worked nearby, and later the British minister wanted to turn it into a prison, so it is called Prison Island. Today, it is home to giant tortoises that you can feed, pet and take pictures with. Many of them live to be two hundred years old.

Of course, the clothes for visiting these wonderful creatures should be light, comfortable, and made of natural materials, and the shoes, as we mentioned earlier, should be comfortable and closed.

Stone town

Stone town is located on the eastern side of the island. It represents an incredible mixture of urban and traditional buildings. The architecture is a mixture of European, Persian, Indian and Arabic elements.

The labyrinth of narrow streets, the smell of last night’s rain, but also dilapidated houses built of coral stone will take you back years.

The exact opposite of the magnificent hotels and tourist complexes built on the coast itself.

Stone Town has many souvenir shops as well as a spice market.

To visit Stone Town, you should be dressed according to their culture. This means that women should have long skirts or dresses, and men should wear pants.

For women We suggest Sarong. The first thing is that it fits perfectly with their style of clothing and at the same time you will be fashionable stylish.

The spice tour starts in Zanzibar

A spice tour in Zanzibar can be an unforgettable experience.

A wonderful walk through the forest, looking at different plants, sightseeing and guessing what spice it is, make this tour very interesting.

House of miracles

The House of Miracles is definitely one of the most important and famous sights of this city. It is located on the coast and was the first building to have an elevator.

Formerly a palace, today it is part of the Swahili Museum.

Sultan’s Palace

The Sultan’s Palace is an ideal starting point for getting to know the history, culture, and traditions of this country. You can also see the influence of different cultures woven into this magnificent building.

Old fortress

Its old walls hide the painful history of this city. Slaves used to stay there before being sold, and today musical and cultural events take place there.


If you want to escape from tourists, hotels, restaurants and crowds, for at least one day, you should visit one of the villages in the East or North of Zanzibar. The locals in these fishing villages are extremely kind, and sociable and will welcome you with a smile.

They will take you through the village and tell you about their daily life, customs and culture.

It’s always nice to leave them a change or a dollar as a keepsake.

Food in Zanzibar

In Zanzibar, you must certainly try their traditional food, and Zanzibar is one of the places in the world that has an exceptional connection and delicious seafood.

You can also enjoy crabs, shellfish as well as different types of fish.

One of the interesting parts of food is the night Street food market in Stone town – where you can try their traditional dishes like Zanzibar pizza, samosas, and coconut bread. Persian food and many other foods with an unforgettable taste.

The Rock restaurant

This restaurant is located on Pingwe Beach and is Zanzibar’s most recognizable attraction.

As its name suggests, it is built on a rock in the middle of the water. During low tide, the water recedes and you can get there by foot.

When the tide is high, it is a real adventure to reach it by boat. The dishes are much more expensive than in other restaurants, and you need to make a reservation a few days in advance. Not to mention that you should be properly dressed when visiting this amazing restaurant.

The most beautiful beaches of Zanzibar

Zanzibar has many beautiful white beaches that stretch along the turquoise-blue water.

Some of the most beautiful beaches are:

Nungwi beach is located in the north of Zanzibar and it has ideal conditions for swimming because there is no wind, and no tides, which can be the case with other beaches.

The only, but really the only, drawback of this beach is that it is very crowded.

Jambiani beach is located in the east. It is not suitable for many tourists because of the wind and the tide road. But if you want to be secluded away from the crowds and tourists and enjoy the shade under the coconut palms, this is the ideal beach for you.

Paje is one of the quieter beaches, ideal for water sports where you won’t find many locals.

We hope that we were able to show you the beauty and attractions of Zanzibar and that you let us know your impressions if you stay on this beautiful island.

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