What to Pack and Wear In Vietnam For 2023?

Vietnam is a country located in Southeast Asia. With a population of 96 million, it is the seventeenth most populous country in the world.

A big percentage of Vietnam’s GDP is endorsed by tourism, which makes it an interesting traveling destination.

Vietnam is home to eight UNESCO sites, with its capital Hanoi being the second most popular city to visit.

Ho Chi Minh City is ranked first, with around 5.8 million visits a year.

Vietnam is popular mostly among Asian tourists, people coming from China, Japan, and South Korea.

There are also a lot of European travelers, mostly from the United Kingdom and countries of the European Union.

Vietnam may not look like your typical summer destination but it definitely provides a multicultural experience.

An estimated 85 percent of the population are ethnic Vietnamese people, which makes a great start for learning about Vietnamese culture.

Vietnam is often described as a developing country, but in reality, most of the population is low to middle-class, which makes it a less expensive traveling destination.

Booking a hotel room can go as low as 3 pounds a night.

Why you should visit Vietnam

Whether you are here for its 3.000 kilometers of coastline, the old town of Hanoi or simply great food and beer, Vietnam is the right choice for all kinds of tourists.

Vietnam is one of the oldest Asian countries, dating all the way back to 2.000 BCE.

For some time in the past, it has been a French colony and it is also influenced by the Chinese and Indian cultures.

Vietnamese trademark is its street food which is tasty and affordable.

It consists of fresh ingredients, a lot of vegetables and fruit, noodle soup, and rice.

If you are fond of such foods, your stay in Vietnam will be enjoyable. Vietnam is also known for its coffee and its variety of it.

Vietnam is also known for its friendly local people, which comes as a surprise to foreign tourists.

On the other hand, it is easy to get tricked. Petty crime is on the rise in Vietnam, due to the bad economic state of the country.

Vietnam offers beautiful mountain views but also stunning beaches, which remain pretty undiscoverable to this day.

Locals are known for riding their motorbikes, so if you really want to get to know the beautiful nature of Vietnam, make sure to rent one of those.

While you are in Vietnam you should really look for local clothes shops. Not only are they affordable, but of high quality and good designs.

What to visit

It is not always easy to decide which city you are going to visit when you are planning a vacation.

That is why we stated the best Vietnamese places according to your liking and hobbies.

If you plan on hiking and want to see beautiful nature you should definitely visit Ha Giang.

It offers a motorbike experience along the mountain passages and views of rice fields.

On the other hand, if you want a relaxing and more casual stay, you should visit Sa Pa.

Sa Pa has slowly become a true vacation and tourist center, and if you do not mind the crowd, you should definitely take a good look.

If you want to try amazing Vietnamese food and cuisine, you should plan your stay somewhere near the old Hanoi town.

The Old Town is famous for its food, nightlife, and historic places, which makes it a fulfilling tourist site.

Perhaps, if you are interested in water adventures and canyon rides you should visit Ninh Binh.

It is a perfect place for taking stunning holiday pictures, staying out of crowds, and seeing the amazing Vietnamese nature.

If you are interested in water sports like kitesurfing, windsurfing, and sailing you should pay attention to Mui Ne, one of the most adventurous places in Vietnam.

It takes you around four hours from the most popular Vietnamese city Ho Chi Minh, which is considered the epicenter of nightlife and fun for tourists of all ages.

Postcard-like white beaches can be found in Phu Quoc, an island close to the Cambodian border.

If you want a luxury stay you will definitely find one here, but if you are looking for a more reasonable price there are also affordable local stays.

Why you should visit Hanoi

Hanoi is located in the Northern part of Vietnam.

December is considered the best month to visit the capital so you can see the special ambient it gets around Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

It is also more than a thousand years old and the best cultural place in Vietnam.

You can see old buildings and the Old City. Also, it is a great place to discover the best Vietnamese food and cuisine.

Hanoi is also the economic and political center of Vietnam which makes it interesting to people coming from all around the world with different interests.

Vietnam has also been a French colony in the past, which means you can see the European cultural style besides the native one present for hundreds and thousands of years.

What’s the weather like

Weather in Vietnam is highly influenced by monsoons: a very specific rainy and stormy weather type that occurs during specific months of the year.

Monsoons are characteristic from July to December in Southeast Asia, which should be taken into consideration when planning a vacation in Vietnam.

On average, the yearly rainfall ranges from 1.500 to 2.500 millimeters, depending on which part of Vietnam is in question.

Northern Vietnam is usually much cooler and has lower temperatures compared to the rest of the country because of its mountains and high altitude.

In winter, daily temperatures are usually from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius and it is rarely sunny, so it is recommended to plan your trip sometime in spring or summer.

The wet season is considered from May to October, while the dry one starts in November and ends in April.

The best time to visit the northern part of Vietnam is from October to May, but if you are interested in seeing the South, you should plan your visit from September through April.

What to wear in January?

If you decide to spend your vacation in the north of Vietnam, it is a great time to pack outdoors clothes and shoes and plan hikes and long walks or rides.

Northern Vietnam is very dry during January, which makes it a perfect destination for adventure lovers.

You should pack sneakers, tennis shoes, and long sleeve shirts because the average temperature at this time of the year goes below 18 degrees Celsius.

Also, it is a great opportunity to show your sports side, and bring athletic outfits, sports jackets, and shoes.

January is also a good month to visit South Vietnam.

The average highest temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius and it is a perfect time to discover the seacoast and sandy beaches.

The center of Vietnam is the hottest part of the country and the average highest temperature is around 32 degrees Celsius.

If you plan your trip there, you should bring shorts, skirts, and tops that are loose and do not stick to your skin.

It is recommended to wear cotton, linen, and silk clothes because of their natural material so your skin can breathe.

What to wear in February?

In the North, February is a month where it starts to get a bit warmer compared to January.

The average temperature is around 18 degrees Celsius.

It is also a very dry period of the year so if you don’t mind the cold, it is a great time to visit Vietnam.

You should pack similar clothes as if you are planning to visit in January.

Warmer cozier clothes are a plus, but you should prepare yourself for colder nights where you would need a jacket and a stylish hoodie or sweater underneath it.

If you plan on wearing something more special, bring winter dresses which you can pair with long leather high heel boots.

If you plan on visiting Central or South Vietnam, the average temperature is around 27-28 degrees Celsius, which means you should pack lighter clothes, and the cute spring or summer outfits you have in mind.

It is also a good time to visit the seaside. There is almost no rain during this time of the month so whichever part of Vietnam you choose, you will not be mistaken.

What to wear in March?

March in the North of Vietnam has an average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, which makes it a good time for visiting the mountains and going on hikes.

It also depends on what kind of activities you are more likely to take based on your interests.

It is a very dry month in the entire country, so if you like outdoor activities in the mountain range you should plan.

In Central and South Vietnam, the average temperature is from 24 to 29 degrees Celsius, which means you should pack shirts, dresses, and similar clothes.

It is a sunny and dry period of the year which makes it easier to choose what to wear and pack for your travel.

What to wear in April?

April marks the time of the year when the weather starts to get warmer as summer is coming.

The average temperature in the North is around 24 degrees Celsius.

When it comes to the Central part of Vietnam and the South, the average temperature is from 27 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Overall, April is a good time to visit Vietnam.

The weather is sunny and dry.

You should pack sports clothes, if you are planning on visiting the North, but also something casual and warmer if you plan on visiting the Centre or South.

You should pack t-shirts, blouses, and cotton and linen clothes that are loose and stylish.

Colorful clothes are a must when it comes to Vietnam, but also if you want to make great photos for your social media.

What to wear in May?

May is probably the last month before the rainy season starts. It also means that warm weather is all around the country.

In the North, the average temperature goes around 28 degrees Celsius. When it comes to the Center or South, it averages around 29 degrees Celsius.

May is the perfect month to visit Vietnam.

There may be some rain, as the dry season of the year comes to an end, but despite the upcoming wet season, the temperature makes it a great time of the year for your trip.

You should pack light clothes and outdoor shoes for hiking or running activities.

On the other hand, you should bring dresses, shirts, and shorts, if you are more into long walks or some biking in cities. Always have a good pair of sneakers.

What to wear in June?

In the North of Vietnam, you can expect quite an amount of rain in June.

Despite the rainy season coming to a big start, the average temperature is somewhere around 30 degrees Celsius.

You should consider packing rain-friendly clothes, including appropriate shoes.

It is still warm no matter the rain, so make sure to wear loose clothes made of natural materials so you can feel comfortable and not worry about sweating.

In the Central and South parts of Vietnam, the average temperature is also around 30 degrees Celsius.

The most rainfall is expected during June, July, and August so you should pay attention to that while packing for your travel.

You should consider packing anti-mosquito sticks and sunscreen for skin protection.

Also, don’t forget to stay hydrated during the day.

What to wear in July?

Rainy season continues in July, with an average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius.

Such temperature is present in the entire country with slight changes.

If rain is not a big problem for you, July is a great month to spend in Vietnam.

You should wear clothes that are quick to adapt to weather changes.

Your suitcase should mostly consider shorts, shirts, and loose dresses.

You should pack clothes made mostly of natural materials.

Central Vietnam is the most popular place to visit in July.

Due to the temperature and lower percentage of rain compared to the North and the South, it makes a go-to tourist destination.

What to wear in August?

The South and the North of Vietnam are characterized by occasional rain during this month so it is recommended to plan your trip to the Central part of the country during July.

On average, the temperature goes around 30 degrees Celsius which makes it a perfect time of the year for outdoor activities.

You should consider packing summer clothes with adequate shoes.

If you plan on going on hiking bring your best running or tennis shoes for casual walks.

At this time of the year, you can get great discount deals when it comes to booking hotel rooms for your stay.

What to wear in September?

September is considered the wet month in the North and the South of Vietnam.

Temperature averages from 26 to 28 degrees Celsius which makes it a perfect time to visit if you don’t mind a little rain from time to time.

Hotels are much cheaper during August and September compared to the rest of the year and you can grab a really good deal if you plan on visiting Vietnam at this time of the year.

You can expect more rain by the end of the month in the Central region of Vietnam.

That is why you should pack according to the weather forecast you find online.

It is quite challenging to pack everything you may need but there are always local shops where you can buy authentic Vietnamese clothing.

What to wear in October?

October is a great month to visit the North of Vietnam.

The wet season comes to an end and you can find the sun in beautiful Vietnamese mountains. It is not as crowded as during the summer which makes it a great month to visit Vietnam.

October may not be the best month for going to the beaches due to rain and lower temperature, but it is a beautiful period for visiting the North.

The average temperature goes from 24 to 26 degrees Celsius.

It means that you can basically go for a swim if you do not mind the rain.

You should pack more spring/autumn clothes depending on the part of the country you are visiting.

Prepare yourself for some rain but keep in mind that it doesn’t get much colder than the usual temperatures.

What to wear in November?

The average temperature in the Central and Northern parts of Vietnam is around 22 degrees during November.

When it comes to the South, the temperature goes around 27 degrees Celsius.

November is considered the winter month in the North which means you should pack more layering clothes depending on whether there is rain or not.

By the end of November, you can expect much warmer and dryer weather, except in the Central part of Vietnam which is still rainy.

Depending on the destination, you should pack a variety of clothes, so you can easily make stylish outfits during your stay.

If you plan outdoor activities, especially in the North, consider bringing running and hiking shoes as well as other sports gear you might need.

What to wear in December?

Christmas holidays are the best to visit Vietnam.

While it still might rain in the Central part of the country, the rest is usually warm and sunny.

Vietnam is a highly visited tourist destination during December which means you will need to book in advance if you plan on visiting during this month.

While the North and the South are still quite cold with an average temperature of 19 to 21 degrees Celsius, the South is very warm.

It averages 27 degrees Celsius which is perfect for a beach getaway.

Unlike the Central part, the North is very dry with little to no rain in December.

It is also cold compared to the South.

Outdoor activities are perfect for this time of the year in the North even though it is considered ‘winter time’ in December.

You should plan and pack clothes that layer so you can create stylish outfits during your stay.

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