What to Pack and Wear In Sweden For 2023?

Sweden is a Scandinavian country located in the northern part of Europe, on the very coast of the Baltic Sea.

It borders Norway, Finland, and Denmark. It is the fourth largest country in Europe, and the capital is Stockholm.

Although the country is located in the north of Europe, the climate is moderate.

However, each season brings with it a different climate, characteristic for that period of the year.

Winters are cold with a lot of snowfall, while summers are warm, and autumn is characterized by rainfall.

At 450,295 square meters, which is the surface of Sweden, there are large temperature differences between the north and the south.

In the north, winters are quite long, cold with low temperatures that reach up to -30 degrees, so that in the north winter can last up to 7 months.

While in the south the situation is completely different, the winter is mild, quite short with an average temperature of around 0 degrees, and generally lasts around 2 months.

Sweden is characterized by snowfall, so the snow stays on its soil for 7 months each year.

What to Pack for Sweden?

Sweden is characterized by its changeable weather so that in one day you can experience all four seasons, which is why Swedes are guided by the saying that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.

To have an unforgettable experience and feel all the charms of Sweden, it is necessary to carefully choose the things to pack in your suitcase, which are practical and which will make your stay there easier.

First of all, we suggest that you always carry a backpack in which you will keep your wallet and personal documents.

An umbrella or raincoat will be essential, even if you visit this country during the summer.

Sunglasses are also essential, both during the summer and during the winter due to the large amount of snow that is present, they will facilitate visibility, especially when driving.

If you are visiting Sweden during the winter season, layered clothing will be your best ally in the fight against the cold winter.

Pack plenty of long t-shirts, undershirts, and short-sleeved shirts.

We suggest that you pack a few pajamas that you can wear under your jeans and a few pairs of thicker pants.

Choose warmer materials like cashmere, wool, and cotton.

As with any trip, great emphasis is placed on comfortable footwear, during the winter it should be waterproof boots, and during the summer and spring, you can bring comfortable shoes and sneakers.

If you plan to go hiking, which is certainly an invaluable activity in Sweden, because this country is known for its beautiful landscapes and hiking is one of the main tourist activities in this country, in that case, you must bring adequate clothes and shoes.

In addition to beautiful landscapes, magical beaches, archipelagos, lakes, rivers, national parks, and many natural phenomena, Sweden also offers a diverse nightlife.

Stockholm as the capital is known for lively nights, full pubs, good beer, and famous nightclubs.

If you want to feel the nightlife, then you need to bring suitable clothes for this occasion.

For people of Sweden dress code is mostly informal, casual, and minimalistic, so it is quite enough to have a good jacket, trousers, and a shirt.

However, to enter certain clubs and luxury restaurants you need to follow the dress code with is more elegantly, so we recommend that you choose light and effective materials such as silk and satin.

We recommend that you don’t wear loud and flashy clothes, so you should avoid synthetic ones. Swedes are known for their minimalist style, they always choose simple outfits and dress ‘smart’.

When you travel to Sweden, you need to take a bottle of water with you, because the price of water in supermarkets is high.

Sweden has clean water and a large number of natural water sources, so there is no need to spend money.

Bring a shopping bag with you as plastic taxes are high, so a single plastic bag in the market costs around £50-£70.

Make sure there is room for a charger and a portable adapter in your bag so that your phone is always ready to take fantastic photos.

Although you may not be a fan of sleeping masks, you will change your mind, because, during May and June, the sunlight is present throughout the night.

Bring a face cream with an SPF factor, because UV radiation is very high during the summer.

If you plan to hike, you must be very careful, especially if you do it during the winter, due to a large amount of snowfall.

Tourist organizations advise that inexperienced hikers do this activity during the summer months.

What you need to bring is comfortable clothes and shoes, even in the summer months, you need to dress in layers due to the low temperatures in the mountains, pack a waterproof jacket that will protect you from rain and wind, bring a raincoat, a lamp, mosquito repellent especially in the north during the summer months, garbage bags, a map with the route of your trip.

The most important thing is to pack your documents, bring money, and your health insurance.

Many accidents can happen on a trip, so regardless of whether you are an EU citizen or not, it is advised to take out travel insurance which will ensure your safe stay in Sweden.

We certainly believe that Sweden is a country that you will enjoy and that can offer many interesting, cultural and natural sights.

In this country, you will experience magical moments in nature, enjoy good food, good beer, and cheerful and hospitable hosts.

What to Wear in Sweden in January?

January is typically the coldest month in the year, on the North days are short the Sun rises around 8 am and it goes down around 3 pm.

The temperature in the North can be very low, but the average temperature is about 3 to -10 degrees.

During January, you should bring warm clothes, jumpers, trousers, and a good winter jacket, don’t forget comfortable boots.

What to Wear in Sweden in February?

February is also winter month, during this month days in the north are a little bit longer. The temperature in the north is quite the same as it is during January, but in the south situation is different.

During February clime in the south is dry and the temperature goes from -3 to 6 degrees, but the weather is usually warmer and there is not a lot of snow in the south. In the north, the temperature goes from -8 to 0 degrees.

This month you should wear warm and layering clothes, warm material such as wool, cotton… Don’t forget to wear scarves and hats, they will warm you more.

What to Wear in Sweden in March?

During March, in the north, it is still snowing, so if you decide to go skiing you will not make a wrong decision. The temperature in the north goes from -5 to 2 degrees.

So, if you are visiting the north, you should were layering clothes, long-sleeved shirts, jumpers and sweatshirts, you need to have warm trousers and don’t forget to wear boots.

In the south, temperatures go from 0 to 8 degrees, so you don’t have to wear a lot of layers, it is enough to wear a sweatshirt or jumpers with a coat above it, even if there is not a lot of snow, we advise you to wear boots because weather is not still warm enough for sneakers.

What to Wear in Sweden in April?

In April we have a feeling that winter is finished, but in Sweden, you can expect everything, even snowfall during this month.

You have to be prepared for everything that is why you should consider bringing warmer clothes if you are traveling to this country.

This is the last month with colder weather and with the possibility of snowing. The temperature during April goes from 2 to 10 degrees.

With temperatures like this, you can wear lighter jackets, but still, you need to dress up in layers, you should bring a pair of leggings or tights that you will wear under trousers or jeans, in case the weather gets colder.

What to Wear in Sweden in May?

May is announcing spring, warmer, fresh, and brighter days. Days are getting lengthened, temperatures are rising, nature is waking up and a feeling of happiness is around us.

The temperature during May goes from 5 to 13 degrees, even in the north temperature is high, snow is melting, and you can only see it on the top of the mountains.

During this month, women can refresh their wardrobe with skirts, long-sleeved t-shirts, blouses, and shirts. It is the perfect time to wear leather jackets and sneakers.

What to Wear in Sweden in June?

During June temperature is around 8 to 20 degrees.

This period of the year is perfect for hiking in the north, the temperature is appropriate for outdoor activities, even in the north.

Your wardrobe during this month should be full of cheerful colors, and lighter materials, for a night’s denim jacket will be enough to protect you from the cold. This is the perfect time to wear sneakers.

What to Wear in Sweden in July?

July is known for the temperature that goes from 13 to 28 degrees. Days are long, full of sunshine, with a small possibility for rain.

Women can wear skirts, shorts, and dresses, while men can wear shorts and t-shirts.

It is okay to wear sandals during the day, but for the night better choice is sneakers.

What to Wear in Sweden in August?

In August, the temperature is at its highest level in every part of the country.

In the south temperature can reach 35 degrees, while in the north average temperature is 27 degrees.

It is vacation time, so people all over the world are coming to Sweden to enjoy and explore this country.

You should choose lighter colors, navy blue, or nudes for this month.

You can wear slippers or sandals, but shoes or sneakers are good choices if you are planning to walk a little bit more.

Our advice is to bring a light jacket or one warmer cardigan because the night temperature can get colder.

What to Wear in Sweden in September?

September is announcing autumn, the time when the weather is getting colder, the temperature goes down and days are getting shorter.

In the south, you can still feel summer during the first half of September, but in the north, the temperature is falling.

The jacket is required, you don’t need a winter jacket, but a windbreaker jacket is a good choice. During this month you can wear sneakers and shoes, even ankle boots.

What to Wear in Sweden in October?

The temperature during October goes from 5 to 10 degrees, this month is announcing the rainy season.

In the south, the rainy season lasts two to three months but the temperature is higher than in the north, where the temperature is around 5 degrees.

Don’t forget to bring an umbrella or raincoat. It is a perfect time for waistcoats, cardigans, and warmer clothes.

What to Wear in Sweden in November?

In November weather is getting colder with shorter days, the temperature goes around 3-5 degrees in the south, while in the north it can go below zero.

This is a time of the year when you can wear a coat, jumpers, and cardigans.

You should pick up warmer materials, puffer jackets, and warm boots.

We advise you to wear layers with tights and long-sleeved shirts.

What to Wear in Sweden in December?

December is announcing winter which can be very cold, with small temperatures and with a lot of snow.

Temperature is around 0 degrees in the south, but it can also go below zero, while in the north temperature goes to -8 degrees.

December is a month with a lot of snow, so you need to wear warmer boots and woolen socks.

Things or leggings should be worn under jeans or trousers, you should wear warm winter jackets or woolen coats, but if you are traveling to the north coats will not be a good choice because of the wind.

However, a better choice is to invest money in a warm winter jacket, that can prevent you from the wind, snow, and rain.

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