What to Pack and Wear in Sri Lanka For 2023?

Sri Lanka – the pearl of the Indian Ocean, this name is fully justified, due to its spectacular beauty.

Passionate travelers choose this destination to explore all the magnificent places this unique island offers, but it is also a popular destination for honeymoons.

Once you have decided what places you want to see as well as where you want to go, the following thing is to prepare for your trip.

What to wear list should be your priority in this matter, considering that Sri Lanka has an interesting climate.

Needless to say, Sri Lanka has a tropical climate with approximate daily temperatures of around 27℃. Given that it is reasonable to conclude that winter gear would not be needed.

On the other side, this country is also well known for monsoon rains, so including one umbrella can be a great idea!

However, if you are visiting Sri Lanka for the first time, there are certain things that you need to consider.

The crucial question is how to dress when visiting Sri Lanka, among other things, the dress code is something that should be included in the consideration.

This article will present the peculiarities of Sri Lanka through all 12 months of the year and it can also serve as a fashion guide.

What To Wear In Sri Lanka In January

In the first month of the calendar year, the weather is warm and dry, there is no rain.

The daily temperature is around 30℃, so it would be useful to pack light clothes in which you will feel comfortable, especially if you want to explore the great outdoors.

The night temperature goes up to 25℃ and it is desirable to combine light but layered clothes for a night out.

What To Wear In Sri Lanka In February

Considering that, according to many, this is one of the best months for travel, because in this month in Sri Lanka you can go on long walks, safaris, etc., it would be wise to adapt your wardrobe to the activities you plan.

Although this is the winter month, the night temperature goes up to 23℃, so it is necessary to bring sports equipment for a day tour of the island, while in the evening it depends on the place you visit.

Elegant but not provocative clothing is acceptable in restaurants.

What To Wear In Sri Lanka In March

The weather is still nice, but this month it starts to rain and the humidity is higher.

The temperature is around 33℃, so it is recommended to wear cotton clothes and light materials, especially for travelers who cannot stand heat and humidity.

Another suggestion would be to avoid fabrics that are not made of natural materials because sweat-soaked clothes could definitely spoil your comfort and experience.

What To Wear In Sri Lanka In April

Specificity for this month is the warm sea with a water temperature of around 30℃, while on the other hand, the rainy season begins in this month.

Rain gear is desirable for daytime activities, while a night out requires footwear that will keep you dry.

For those who love rain, this is the ideal month for travel, so it would be good to have a raincoat and some viscose socks in your suitcase.

What To Wear In Sri Lanka In May

The peak of the monsoon period on this island is May.

The biggest problem is the high air humidity with even 100%, which requires a wide wardrobe that will not stick to the body made of natural materials.

It would be desirable to have an umbrella with you if you plan to go out, as well as the use of raincoats and rain-adaptable shoes.

What To Wear In Sri Lanka In June

June is a summer month in which the rains become less frequent and the monsoon slowly leaves the island.

In that case, put away the umbrellas, but be aware that the weather is still not ideal for recreational activities, in that case, you can visit their temples where the mandatory clothes are sarongs.

If you do not have one you can easily buy it everywhere.

Nevertheless, if you want to show your respect be aware that sarongs are required for both men and women.

The reason for it is pretty simple, in worship places modesty is crucial, so wearing a sarong that will cover your legs below the knees is obligatory.

Batik sarongs are very useful if you want to blend with locals as well.

Women in Sri Lanka are using them frequently considering that they are made of light, breathable fabrics which allow easier movement.

What To Wear In Sri Lanka In July and August

These two months are predicted for the beach and high temperatures, the daily air temperature is 31℃, and the water is around 28℃. The wardrobe should be adapted for this time of year.

Espadrilles are recommended for daily walks, as they are light and excellent for high temperatures.

The most essential items are comfortable walking shoes or trainers, trousers and shorts, and natural cotton vests or t-shirts.

At night, ladies in Sri Lanka wear silk saree recognized as an undeniable sign of elegance and richness.

The saree is an interestingly famous attire in this country, nevertheless, it can be seen in different generations of the female population as well as for various reasons to wear it.

Starts on a daily basis for everyday activities, work uniform as well, or even celebration purposes.

What To Wear In Sri Lanka In September

September is a month that tourists like very much, even though the rains return.

In the morning and in the evening, it is very pleasant to walk and do any activity, so those who purposely escaped the previous two months can enjoy the still warm, but pleasant climate.

The wardrobe still consists of lighter materials, but it would be desirable to wear layered, but thinner clothes.

What To Wear In Sri Lanka In October

The wardrobe for the month of October changes drastically, and the wardrobe becomes warmer and thicker because this is the month in which heavy rainfall is often, accompanied by frequent thunderstorms with very few sunny intervals.

Footwear should also be adapted to precipitation and must be made of waterproof material.

What To Wear In Sri Lanka In November and December

At this time of the year, the monsoon rains recede, become less frequent, and the temperature begins to rise.

Therefore, the wardrobe changes again and should be in tune with the weather, because the temperature can reach up to 30℃.

What Should You Not Wear In Sri Lanka

Regarding the dress policy, the good news is that Sri Lankans are lenient about it. However, certain limitations are present since it is a highly cultural and religious country.

In general, it is recommendable to avoid wearing revealing clothes, so women should steer clear of low-cut tops and hotpants.

Men can opt for trousers, shorts, shirts, and tees.

More about Sri Lanka

Conspicuously, in recent years, Sri Lanka has become an increasingly popular tourist destination.

People from all over the world decide to spend their annual vacation in Sri Lanka.

It is especially popular with tourists coming from countries with a colder climates.

If you decided to find out more about this remarkable tropical country, then you need to know what to expect.

To begin with, Sri Lanka is set in South Asia circled by the Indian Ocean. With more than 1,330 kilometers of coastline, plenty of national parks, breathtaking landscapes, 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as well as more than 300 waterfalls, Sri Lanka becomes one of the leading touristic places in the world.

Moreover, it is an ideal place for adventure sports enthusiasts and religious people who would like to discover more about the plethora of their majestic temples.

How to reach Sri Lanka

If you are wondering how to reach Sri Lanka the best option is by plane, but that is not the only option as well.

International Airport named Bandaranaike is located in their capital city – Colombo. Travelers from all over the world can take direct flights, especially ones from Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East.

If you are   Europe their Sri Lankan airline operates from the capital cities of England, Germany, and France. Passengers from North America should be aware that they will make a stop in the Middle East.

The price of flights depends on the season, so if you are planning to travel from December to March prepare yourself to pay a more expensive price comparing the one that will cost in August.

As mentioned above, another option is to travel by ship but only if you are located in India.

The main port is again in the capital city Colombo, but there are several others as well such as Hambantota, Galle, Trincomalee, and Point Pedru.

 “Must see” places to visit in Sri Lanka

Colombo as the capital city of Sti Lanka offers a variety of splendid places to visit.

You cannot visit Colombo and miss the opportunity to see the Lotus Tower in the old part of the city.

The famous Lotus Tower is the tallest building in Southeast Asia.

Imagine the marvelous view from 368 meters high! Also, another frequently visited tourist attraction of the capital city that stands out from the mass of others is definitely the National Museum of Colombo.

Among plenty of unique relics, visitors can enjoy a multitude of ancient weapons from the colonial period.

Of course, unavoidable is the figure of the Buddha himself, which dates back to the 9th century.

One of the most beautiful buildings that must be visited in Colombo is Jami Ul-Alfar Masjid.

The famous mosque is a spectacular centuries-old building that is known for its unique red color, which gave it the name Red Mosque.

Many consider this mosque an architectural wonder due to its unique patterns.

Both men and women are allowed to enter this mosque if they respect their customs and therefore appear in the mosque in decent clothing that covers their heads and legs.

The mosque is located less than 4 kilometers away from the downtown area of the capital city.

To get there you can use a tuk-tuk or even a bus. It would be wise to avoid Fridays because it is prayer time day.

The second attraction is Viharamahadevi Park which is Colombo’s largest park. In the 1950s the name of this park was changed from Victoria Park to Viharamahadevi Park.

Spectators can enjoy lovely ceremonial elephants as well as the intoxicating fragrances of spring flowers.

Galle Face Green in Colombo is another interesting place to visit. The first impression leaves you breathless because of the glamorous beauty of the lavish horizon and spectacular sandy beaches.

The place is famous for the seaside boulevard where tourists enjoy the warm nights while wandering along the beautiful coast.

What you should definitely not miss while you are in this place is its traditional cuisine, which captivates you with distinctive tastes and aromas unique to this area.

You will be introduced to the beauty of the wonderful flora and fauna by experienced guides who can also answer any question related to that territory.

Another nice feature of this area is the locals who are very helpful and friendly to foreigners. You can expect that they will welcome you with a warm smile and of course offer their traditional dishes and drinks.

As a dessert, do not skip their delicacies made from a variety of tropical fruits that the housewives of the area regularly make.

Regarding sports activities for the ones who prefer outdoor sports activities, you should try rafting down the river which is organized as a group tour.

Additionally, for animal lovers, there are organized tours of the forest to meet wild animals.

If you are more into adrenaline sports, hiking is one of the possibilities, not only a group tour but also a solo hike to the mountaintops.

The recommendation of experienced tourist guides is to leave early at dawn between 5 and 6 in the morning and the expected arrival at the top of the cliff is just at the time when the fog lifts from the lowlands so that from that height you can see the world in the palm of your hand.

The mandatory recommendation is to wear adequate clothes, as well as a backpack in which you will find food and drinks.

Do not get far away from the group and the guides, especially if you are on that terrain for the first time.

For experienced alpinists, it was superfluous to say anything, but it would certainly be wise to announce your independent trip to the mountain. 

The most famous beaches in Sri Lanka

To admire the sea, Sri Lanka has to offer several beaches that must be included on your list.

In this list, we will provide information about the top five beaches of the country’s coastal region.

The most famous are: Hiriketiya, Bentota, Arugam Bay, Mirissa, and Uppuveli.

– Hiriketiya lies on the south coast. The very shape of the beach resembles a horseshoe and it is surrounded by greenery that gives a feeling of privacy, and at the same time, when you want to retreat from the strong sun, this bay provides natural shade.

The most frequent tourists are families with children, although there is no shortage of young people who just want to have a good rest.

– On the West Coast of Sri Lanka, between the capital city Colombo and the famous tourist destination Galle, you will find one of the most beautiful beaches in Bentota Lagoon.

Not only the pearl beach and the calm sea with a magnificent turquoise color enhance the experience, but also the knowledge that along the coast there are luxury hotels, expensive restaurants, and modern boutiques, this beach has been attracting the attention of tourists from all over the world for years.

In addition to this, the lagoon itself offers sports such as kayaking and jet-skiing.

– One of the main attractions of Arugam Bay is the highest waves which attract surfers. Besides the golden sand and palm trees, this beach offers multiple fun watersports.

Whether you surf for yourself or want to be a competitor in the regularly organized competitions, while on the other hand, you can enjoy just being an observer while soaking up the sun’s rays and enjoying the warm sea, this beach offers a lot of choices depending on your wishes.

– Another beach that with its beauty enables a pleasant vacation is surely Mirissa beach. Located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, Mirissa Beach is well known for its whale-watching opportunities.

While the season lasts, from December to April, in the tourist offer you will find boat rides that can lead you to direct observation of whales.

Interestingly, and perhaps surprisingly, whales can also be seen in the immediate vicinity of the coastline. So whichever option you choose, whether you watch whales from the ground or from the water, you will certainly enjoy a sight that is not seen so often.

As for accommodation, the decision is up to you. If you are more in the mood for private accommodation right on the coast, you will find a variety of guesthouses on offer.

On the other hand, for those who enjoy real comfort, hotel resorts offer a lot of interesting solutions.

Depending on your choice, you might have the unique opportunity to watch the arrival of the whales from your window.

– Another beach that in its offer can be called a place where whales gather.

However, this is not the only attraction.

Uppuveli beach, located in a quiet village on the east coast, also offers diving enthusiasts the opportunity to explore the depths of the sea with experienced instructors, as well as the bottom of the sea itself.

Based on all of the above, we can safely conclude that Sri Lanka should be on the list of countries to visit.

Impressions may vary depending on your expectations, but if we were to look at things realistically, Sri Lanka would not be undeservedly one of the leading tropical countries in terms of the number of tourists.

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