What To Wear And Pack In Panama For 2023?

Panama, the southernmost country in Latin America with a population of just over 4 million, represents a combination of the incompatible, as well as a part of the world that we would like to visit at least once in our lives. And once we scratch the surface, we have the desire to get to know it completely.

Located at the junction of North and South America, surrounded by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Panama should be thought of as a meeting place between modern and ancient, cosmopolitan cities and rural settlements.

Panama is located between two very popular countries, Colombia and Costa Rica. An interesting fact is that being surrounded by two different oceans Panama offers a unique experience in which you can witness the sunrise on the Pacific Ocean and the sunset on the Atlantic Ocean.

Panama, specific as it is, can boast of a large number of tourists throughout the year. Although not such a big country, Panama can host tourists from all over the world, it is enough that you just want to go there and everything else is easily solved.

When you visit a country for the first time, what is always desirable to know are attractive destinations and things to avoid, last but not least it is always especially important to have insight into the climate and weather conditions.

In this article, we will deal with issues such as what to pack for any season if you decide to spend your free time in Panama, as well as things to avoid, places to visit, and many other details.

The first thing to know is what the climate is like in Panama so that you can more easily decide what time of year you will visit this amazing country.

What is interesting is the fact that the temperature is almost always the same throughout the year. We can say that from month to month the temperature difference does not exceed more than 2 to 3 degrees. The reason for this is that there are two climates in Panama.

In the area of the lowlands, where the capital Panama City is located, a humid tropical climate prevails with daily temperatures of 25℃ to 30℃; while in the mountainous regions of the country there is no strong cold, but there is no great heat either, so the daily temperature ranges from 10℃ to 27℃.

Depending on which time period you want to visit Panama, there are certain things that tourists should always keep in mind.

Our recommendation is to go in the dry season otherwise, the rainy season can make your stay in Panama much more difficult.

It should always be taken into account that the Pacific coast is the warmest region, where temperatures are 3 to 4 degrees higher than in the rest of the country. On the other hand, on the Caribbean coast side, the temperature change during the day is not so noticeable.

In the following text, we will explain the details for each month of the year, and you can judge by yourself when it is best for you to travel, as well as how to pack and what to wear while you are there.

What To Wear In Panama In January

Although it is a winter month, daily temperatures in January reach 30℃ to 31℃. January can only be called a winter month here, although we cannot consider it as such based on the average daily temperature.

Therefore, it would be wise to adapt the wardrobe to the weather and not to the season.

It is advisable to pack light clothing that allows air to pass through and does not allow the body to overheat.

The temperature at night ranges on average from 23℃ to 25℃. If you are a fan of late-night outings, we recommend a smart outfit or casual, but elegant depending on the place of going out.

What To Wear In Panama In February

February can also be considered a summer month in terms of temperature because there are only slight differences in day and night temperatures compared to January. Daytime goes up to 32℃, and nighttime a little over 25℃. Clothing is also similar to what you would pack in January, so it is best to stick to the same rule, loose, light materials made of cotton and viscose, preferably in lighter colors. A night out, depending on what you prefer, can be combined with skirts and elegant blouses, or Bermuda shorts and a polo shirt.

What To Wear In Panama In March

The third month of the year does not significantly change the temperature compared to the previous two.

So in March, the thermometer stays almost at the same level, the daytime temperature up to 32℃, and the night temperature up to 26℃.

You can see a difference of one degree more compared to January and February, which is not a drastic change, but the air humidity is higher.

For people who have a problem with increased sweating, it is recommended to use a sleeveless linen shirt during the day, with plenty of hydration in the first place.

Shoes should be light, something in which you will feel comfortable. Ladies can opt for light dresses of decent length.

What to Wear In Panama In April

April is the first spring month. Considering that the rainy season in Panama begins in April, you should know that the weather changes from sunny to rainy, but there are no significant temperature differences.

The water temperature at this time of the year is an optimal 25℃ on both sides of the coast.

So in the Pacific Ocean, as well as in the Caribbean Sea, swimmers, especially those who like to stay longer in the water, can carefree enjoy the pleasant water temperature. During the day, the temperature ranges from 31℃ to 33℃, while at night it reaches +26℃.

Although the temperatures are higher than in previous months, you should take into consideration possible precipitation and high humidity, so it would be desirable if you go on a long walk and tour to bring an umbrella and a raincoat.

Footwear should be adapted to the current weather because you do not want to be left with wet feet in the rainy season.

What To Wear In Panama In May

May, as a spring month, continues with the rainy season, with the strength and frequency of precipitation increasing. The air temperature changes by one degree, as does the water temperature.

What spoils the experience is the increased air humidity, which can especially negatively affect the health problems of asthmatics and heart patients.

The wardrobe must be made of materials that can be washed and dried quickly, do not retain sweat, and allow air to pass through.

Such materials are cotton, linen, and silk for a night out, and in terms of style, it would be best to wear lightweight, loose-fitting clothes.

What To Wear In Panama In June

Officially the first month of summer, June does not bring the expected sunny weather like in many other countries of the world.

June in Panama is characterized by the rainy season, so this month is not recommended for tourists who want to spend their annual summer vacation here.

Unless you are a fan of rain, we recommend choosing another country for warm sunny weather this time of year. The total number of rainy days is 21.

The average temperature is around 31℃ degrees during the day, while at night it goes up to 25℃, but what should be emphasized is that this place has extremely high humidity, and the air is stifling and hot. In case you still decide to visit Panama in June, stick to a cotton blouse, linen pants or a silky dress is our recommendation.

What To Wear In Panama In July

As we have previously pointed out, the summer months are not suitable for tourist trips.

The month of July is the same as its predecessor, with identical day and night temperatures, and high air humidity.

In this middle month of summer 25 is number of rainy days. The air temperature rises to +27℃.

If you do travel to Panama in July, be sure to bring an umbrella, follow the weather forecast and try to stay dry with adequate clothing and shoes, since it rains all over the country.

What To Wear In Panama In August

In August, as the last summer month, the temperature starts to change slightly, so the water temperature drops to 26℃, and the daytime temperature stays almost at the same level, the nighttime temperature also decreases.

In the whole month, the number of rainy days is reduced to 24, so even in this outgoing summer month, we cannot go anywhere without an umbrella and clothes that will protect us from the rain.

What To Wear In Panama In September

While in other countries autumn brings a completely different picture of nature, as well as the climate in general, Panama in September experiences almost no change compared to summer.

The reason for this is that almost everything remains the same, so while in other countries it is pleasant to go on vacation in September, we cannot say that the same case is with Panama.

Regarding wardrobe, fashion and the choice of clothes itself, we advise you to follow the same advice as for the previous three summer months.

Showers are still persistent with a total of 23 days in the whole month, although the temperature ranges from 23℃ at night to 30℃ during the day.

What To Wear In Panama In October

In this tropical country, October is considered one of the wettest months of the year. For tourists, Panama still remains unattractive, although the daily temperature, which does not change drastically as in the past months, is confusing.

Bearing in mind that almost all four seasons in Panama have very similar day and night temperatures, it becomes clear why the climate of this country is called tropical.

What would be desirable to include in your daily clothing selection is certainly a lighter jacket for a night out, although it is desirable to have it for early morning activities as well.

A soft sweater would also be perfect, because you can expect rain at any moment.

The shoes should include some light boots and if you want to look stylish and modern, make a combination with some light scarf and the indispensable Panama hat.

What To Wear In Panama In November

November is not popular month for travelers.

We have already explained that the rainy season begins at the end of April and lasts for several months, more precisely until the end of November.

In November, in addition to regular showers, the appearance of Hurricanes is not surprising.

In your wardrobe we suggest that you always have long-sleeved shirts, a few pieces of pants or if you more prefer jeans, although you can choose to have some shorts and skirts, for those moments when the rain stops and the humidity outside does not allow you to wear anything else that would make it more difficult to move.

What To Wear In Panama In December

December is the right month to visit Panama. Although it is winter, this is not the case in Panama. Tourists from all over the world start coming already at the beginning of December, and some stay until March.

In Panama, everything is the other way around.

What is considered winter in other places is summer in Panama, so where in other places people would pack and wear winter equipment and winter clothing in December, in this case in Panama you will need absolutely different types of clothing.

So, if you pack a pair of shoes, sunglasses, flip-flops and sandals, you would not go wrong.

If in December you want to feel the magic of the Panama Nights, we definitely recommend the following things for going out: ladies’ summer dresses and heels, gentlemen’s button-up shirts, slacks and nice shoes.

During the day, if you decide to go sightseeing instead of the beach, definitely wear short-sleeved shirts with a suitable shorts or short skirt.

Fun Facts Of Panama

At the very beginning of the text, we pointed out that Panama has unique features that are not found anywhere else in the world. Just remember, sunrise and sunset on two different coasts.

However, there is still a lot that could be singled out. We will name only a few things, and leave the rest to you to investigate by yourself.

– The first country in which Coca Cola was sold without being America was exactly Panama. It happened in 1906.

– The famous pearl “The Pilgrim”, worn by actress Elizabeth Taylor was found in Panama. After her death it was auctioned for a plenty of money.

– The famous Panama hat actually does not originate from Panama, but from Ecuador.

– The museum of biodiversity designed by famous architect Frank Gehry is located In Panama.

– 1913 the first flight from coast to coast was flight above Panama

– One of the largest eagles in the world named Happy Eagle is national bird of Panama

– In 1999 Panama elected for the first time female president, her name is  Mireya Moscoso and she was president for 6 years.

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