What to pack and wear in Mykonos For 2023?

Mykonos is a Greek island. It is located in the Aegean sea, southeast of mainland Greece.

As a part of the Cyclades, lying between Paros, Syros, Tinos, and Naxos, the island has an area of more than 85 sq.km and rises to an elevation of 341m at its highest point.

The largest town in Mykonos lies on the west coast and is called Chora which is “Town” translated in Greek.

According to mythology, the island is created from decorated bodies of gigant that were killed by Hercules. Myconos is called by the name of Apolon’s grandson “Mikonos”.

As it is located in the Aegean sea, Mykonos is known as “The Island of the winds” due to the very strong winds. Tourism is a primary industry and Mykonos is known for its wavering nightlife.

What to pack for Mykonos?

The busiest months on an island like Mykonos are of course middle summer months June, July, and August, so you will probably book your trip then, if you want to experience various things, like a day at the beach sunbathing and swimming in the sea, and nightlife, partying and dining.

At that time, you will wear light clothes and sandals, a swimming suit and slippers, so be sure to pack a lot of them.

The fashion in Mykonos is most summer fashion, so there will be a lot of light and bright colors such as lemon yellow, and turquoise blue that stand out on the island.

The woman’s dress code

-A maxi dress or floating maxi skirt

-Lightwear dress or skirt

-Thin pants

-Tops that you can wear both with pants and a skirt

-For the evening, you can have a thin jacket or blouse

-Accessories like scarves and hats that can protect you from the sun, also sunglasses

-Light bag, you don’t want to carry a lot of things around the beach

-You’ll probably avoid wearing make-up since it will be too hot, except for the evening, instead you’ll need a lot of sun protection cream

-As for the shoes, you can wear light sandals and slippers, or you can pack one or two pairs of closed-in shoes to have for the night when it can get chilly

-And of course, you’ll need to bring a lot of swimsuits.

The man dress code

-a light t-shirt, a long sleeve for the evening

-light pants or sweatsuit

-you’ll need to bring a lot of shorts

-swimming shorts

-slippers and sandals, closed-in shoes for the evening

-sunglasses are the most, hats that protect from the sun

-a lot of sun protection cream.

But, what if you don’t want to go when everyone goes when it’s crowded and you can’t stand too hot weather? Don’t worry, we will guide you through every month.

What to wear in Mykonos in January?

In January, generally, like the other European places, it can be very cold, but not too much.

The average temperature is about 9 degrees, with 12 at the highest and 6 at the lowest point.

It’s chilly, but it can be sunny most of the day and the day is long about 7 hours.

This is the wettest time of the year with an average rainfall of up to 135mm of rain falling on 6 days in this month. It is very rarely snowing, just a 1% chance to snow this month, but it doesn’t occur very often.

It can be windy this month of the year with 60% for experiencing a windy day.

You will need thick and warm clothes, a windproof jacket, a raincoat, and closed-up shoes or boots that are waterproof.

Bring a lot of jeans or thick pants, blouses, and dress in layers since it can be very tricky on sunny and windy days.

What to wear in Mykonos in February?

In February, it is still cold in Mykonos, but it is more likely to rain, up to 149mm with 6 rainy days this month. You will also need thick clothes and a windproof jacket since it can get windy at any time.

Sunshine hours are increasing up to 8 hours and it can be really pleasant, especially after the storm when it would be sunny and warm all day long, so you can bring some spring clothes like light blouses, sweatsuits, or light pants.

But you will still need a raincoat or umbrella and a thick jacket, waterproof boots for rainy and closed-up winter shoes for windy days.

For women and men, it is best to wear winter or autumn clothes, not something too much but you will need to be dressed in layers to prepare for whatever weather would be.

What to wear in Mykonos in March?

March is, like everywhere, in Mykonos the first month of spring and warm weather with a temperature of 12 degrees on average and less possibility for rain.

It can still be chilly, so you’ll need to bring closed-in shoes, and a spring jacket and still need to dress in layers.

You may want to enjoy nature and walk, so make sure to bring a lot of trainers, hoodies sweatshirts, sneakers, or all-star shoes.

For women, it can be tricky, because they usually can’t wait to wear dresses, but since it can still be chilly, you need to be careful not to catch a cold and better be prepared for whatever the weather can be.

For men, it is common, for jeans, with a t-shirt and hoodie on, a spring jacket, and sneakers.

In the evening you can dress up and go for dinner, in a suit od and dress shoes.

For ladies, it is recommended to be cautious and put jeans and jackets on with also sneakers or dress shoes.

What to wear in Mykonos in April?

When April comes with a temperature of 15 degrees on average and nature begins to wake up, everyone wants to go out and play, walk and do various outdoor things.

If you are coming at this time of the year, you’ll mostly need to bring spring clothes.

Days are getting longer and warmer, so you can worry less about what to wear, but you still need to be prepared because it can get chilly at night.

If you want to experience nightlife at this time of the year, you’ll need to wear, pants or jeans with a shirt, a light jacket, and dress shoes.

If you want to walk around and do outdoor activities put your sneakers on and a sweatsuit, trainers, and hoodie and you are ready to experience life in Mykonos in April.

What to wear in Mykonos in May?

The beauty of this time of the year is that you can go outside and do whatever you want without sweating too much or getting sunburned.

This is the perfect time to explore the country with the

the temperature of 19 degrees on average, a low percentage for rain, but it still can get windy sometimes.

You can go dress whatever you want, but the best dress code for this part of the year is trainers, a sweatsuit, a light blouse, and thin pants.

For women, you can wear your dresses with your dress shoes, but you need to be aware that can get chilly at night, so bring your jacket on.

Pack a lot of hats and sunglasses are the most since there will be a lot of first sunshine, which you may not used to be during the cold winter.

Men should be prepared for the warm weather too, which means sunglasses and hats are very important to have.

As for clothes, you can wear light skinny jeans, with a T-shirt on, but don’t forget your jacket for the evening.

What to wear in Mykonos in June?

And finally, summer’s here. June is one of the hottest months of the year in Mykonos, with an average temperature of 23 degrees and 27 at its highest point.

It’s perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities, like walking, swimming, sunbathing… You’ll need to bring your swimsuit if you want to experience the real beauty of Mykonos beach and sea.

Women will need to wear light dresses, which are easy to put on and take off, because you’ll want to go in the weather now and then, sandals and slippers that you can also take off and leave at your spot on the beach, but don’t forget big hat and sunglasses, also you will have to put on a lot of sun protection cream.

As for the men’s dress code, you should wear a T-shirt and shorts, slippers or sandals, sunglasses, hats and of course a lot of sun cream.

What to wear in Mykonos in July?

July is the mid-summer, it’s the hottest month all around Europe, not just in Mykonos.

It’s known for high temperatures and drought with only one or two days of rain.

In Mykonos, it’s the same. The month of the year when everybody is somewhere on vacation or somewhere at the sea.

You’ll need to pack a swimsuit and sun cream.

For women, it is common to wear a light dress or a long light skirt with sandals or slippers.

Men should wear a T-shirt with shorts and also sandals or slippers.

Wear a hat to protect you from the sun and sunglasses too.

It’s very important not to be too long exposed to the sun, so pay attention not to get sunburned, you can always take a walk around the city.

In the evening, it can be chilly, so make sure to pack one or two light and thin jackets.

What to wear in Mykonos in August?

In August, it is still hot, with a temperature of up to 25 degrees on average and 29 at its highest point, with a very low percentage of rain, on average up to only one day.

The day is long 13 hours and it is always sunny.

Slight clothes are still recommended throughout the day, but in the evening you should have something like a thin jacket since it can get chilly.

During the daylight, you can wear slippers or sandals, but make sure to pack some closed-up shoes for the evening, so you can enjoy the nightlife in Mykonos without getting cold.

What to wear in Mykonos in September?

September in Mykonos is still summer, so if you want to avoid a big crowd and too many people, it’s the perfect time of the year to visit one of the most popular Greek islands.

The average temperature is 23 degrees with 27 at its highest point.

It’s still recommended to wear light and thin clothes, but you will need to be more careful in the evening since it can be very chilly and the possibility of rain is a bit higher than in the previous two months.

Pack light dresses, T-shirts, and blouses, as well as thin jeans and pants.

You can wear shorts and skirts too, and pack some swimsuits of course since it is still summer and the temperatures are high, you can still go enjoy sea activities, like swimming or sunbathing at the beach.

What to wear in Mykonos in October?

In October, the temperature is slowly going down.

The average is 19 and the highest is 22 degrees which are not too high but you can still enjoy outdoor activities.

If you want to walk and explore the country, make sure to bring some comfy shoes and sweat suit, a lot of T-shirts for the day, and hoodies for the night.

While it is still hot during the daylight, at night it can be very different, especially since this area is famous for its wind blowing, so bring some scarf with you for the night walks, and make sure to have sneakers or other closed-up shoes.

What to wear in Myconos in November?

November is slowly, but surely bringing the cold to the area of Mykonos.

The temperature is 14 degrees on average and 17 on the highest and the possibility to rain is high.

If you plan to visit at this time of the year, you may need to bring a rain suit, a winterproof jacket, and boots, because it can get really rainy.

If you like that kind of weather, you need to visit, but remember to dress in layers when you’re going outside for a walk.

Bring a lot of hoodies and thick jeans and pants, winter shoes and of course boots are a must because of the rain.

What to wear in Myconos in December?

December is one of the most beautiful months of the year, but also one of the coldest.

The temperature in Mykonos is about 10 degrees on average and 13 at the highest which isn’t that cold, but it can get tricky because of the wind.

If you are visiting at this time of the year, or maybe you want to spend your holiday in Mykonos, you’ll need to pack a lot of thick and warm clothes, as well as an umbrella and raincoat or waterproof jacket.

Boots are a must and some warm and waterproof winter shoes.

What else to pack?

-If you are visiting in the summer months you may need to bring a bottle of water since you’ll mostly be walking around and be at the beach.

Of course, you can buy it there, but it’s slightly better and recommended to always have one with you because you need to be hydrated and the weather will be too hot.

-If you want to travel around the island, better bring a backpack, because it is easier to carry it around and you may buy some new things. It is more practical than carrying a heavy bag or suitcase.

-If you plan to be outside most of the time outside your hotel room, which we recommend, you may need to bring a power bank for your phone. You’ll probably take a lot of pictures and videos.

-If you are coming on holiday time, you will be able to find a lot of activities to do. Make sure to have warm clothes and boots with you and you are ready to enjoy winter in Myconos.

Have a nice trip!

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