What to Pack and Wear in Memphis For 2023?

Perhaps best-known for the king of pop, Elvis Presley, Memphis is a city that is definitely worth visiting.

Other than Graceland, which is its most famous sight, Memphis has plenty of festivals and monuments to offer for tourists to see and attend.

If you’re thinking of traveling to Memphis for your holiday and are unsure of what to pack, keep reading and you’ll see some of our best tips on what to bring and wear on your trip throughout the year.

What to Wear in Memphis in January?

January is considered to be low season in Memphis, so it’s one of the best periods in the year to come and visit the city if you’re on a budget.

Along with temperatures, the/ prices of flights and hotels go down as well, so you might be lucky enough to get a good deal if you decide to book your holiday in winter.

It is also the coldest month of the year, with an average daily temperature of 6°C, which is typical for wintertime.

The temperature occasionally soars to about 12°C, which is the average high in January, and you’ll get your fair share of seeing both cloudy and sunny days.

Pack some warm winter clothes, made of heavier fabrics, such as fleece and wool, which retain heat and will keep you warm at all times.

A couple of sweaters or woolen cardigans sound like a good idea if you’re vacationing in Memphis in January.

Bring some velvet turtlenecks or dresses, as they make for a both warm and fashionable choice for winter days.

If you decide to wear short skirts, pair them with some trendy knee-high boots, and make sure to wear thick tights underneath.

Top off your outfit by wearing a long elegant coat, a matching beanie, and a scarf.

Men should pack woolen sweaters as well as some jeans or trousers made of thicker material, such as corduroys.

A sweatshirt or a hoodie is a great replacement for sweaters if you’re more on the sporty side.

Bring a warm winter jacket, such as a duck down, because temperatures can sometimes go as low as 0°C.

What to Wear in Memphis in February?

February is the cheapest month for traveling to Memphis, along with November.

This is mostly because it’s not peak season, and the temperatures don’t make it quite an attraction for tourists.

The average temperature in Memphis in February is 8°C, with lows of about 2°C during the daytime.

Go through your closet before you visit, because you’ll need lots of clothing items for winter.

Wear layers in February, because they are good for keeping you warm out in the cold. Besides, they’re easy to remove in case the temperature increases a few degrees.

Cashmere sweaters and turtlenecks are trendy and practical, so they’re basically essential for cold winter days.

Long-sleeved cotton t-shirts can also be useful, and you can pair them with a tweed blazer and jeans to make your outfit look effortlessly cool while being warm at the same time.

Men should also pack some sweaters that they can pair with a cotton shirt underneath for an elegant preppy look.

For those who prefer sports clothes, hoodies are a good option, too, so you can wear them with matching sweatpants and a puffer jacket on top.

February can get quite humid in rainy in Memphis, too, so bring some rubber boots to keep your feet dry in case you find yourself outdoors on a rainy day.

Temperatures can get up to 14°C, so a leather jacket or a bomber would be a good thing to have in your suitcase.

What to Wear in Memphis in March?

Spring is finally here, and you can easily recognize it with the blooming of nature, gradually increasing temperatures, as well as frequent rainy days.

There’s 40% of rainfall every day and an overall 13 rainy days on average. Be prepared by carrying an umbrella in your bag at any given time. Bring a rain jacket and rubber boots.

The average temperature is 13°C, so the weather is mostly pleasantly mild. Bring some layers, in case you feel chilly.

A parka seems like a good option, especially in the morning and in the evening hours, when the temperature drops.

During the day, you’ll probably only need a suede jacket or a thicker hoodie with a puffer vest on top.

Temperatures in March reach their peak at 19°C. If your holiday falls on the warmer days of March, you can pack some short-sleeved t-shirts and jeans, and pair them with sneakers.

Make sure to bring a sweatshirt or a cardigan to cover yourself with, in case you feel a breeze.

This outfit is ideal for sightseeing and visiting some tourist favorites, like the National Civil Rights Museum or the Stax Museum of American Soul Music.

What to Wear in Memphis in April?

If you’re heading to Memphis for spring break, you’ll be welcomed by sunny days and a pleasantly warm average temperature of around 17°C.

For weather like this, you should pack lightweight clothing, but also add some items that will keep you warm if needed.

A light sweatshirt with leggings is a good idea if you’re going on a city stroll or sightseeing.

Skirts and dresses can be paired with blazers or denim jackets and ankle boots, whereas boys can wear long-sleeved tees with jeans or comfy sweatpants.

Temperatures in April can go up to 22°C, so pack short-sleeved t-shirts, blouses, and shirts made of cotton or linen, because they are light and comfortable.

Pair them up with jeans and loafers, and you’ll have a cool and casual outfit.

It does get chilly sometimes, especially at night, with lows of around 12°C, so bring a wind jacket or a light puffer one and some ankle boots or Timberlands.

What to Wear in Memphis in May?

May represents the peak of the spring season, so if you’re heading to Memphis at this time of year, you have plenty of sunny and warm days waiting for you!

The average daytime temperature is 22°C, which is an ideal time for attending the events of The Memphis in May International Festival or going on long walks around the city.

Pack some short-sleeve tees or bodysuits that you can pair with leggings or high-waisted trousers and moccasins.

The temperatures can go up to 27°C in May, so bring some additional lightweight clothing, like crop tops, mini skirts, and sandals.

Men should bring polo shirts, Bermuda pants, and jeans and wear sneakers or loafers to complete the outfit.

It’s mild and breezy in the evening, but pleasant, with lows of 17°C.

Just make sure to have a light cardigan or an overshirt to put on in case it’s chilly and you’re good to go!

What to Wear in Memphis in June?

Being that June marks the beginning of summer, higher temperatures and sunny days are expected in most places, and Memphis is no exception!

Average June temperatures are about 26°C – the perfect weather for outdoor activities, such as sightseeing and enjoying having a picnic on the bank of the Mississippi River.

You should pack your summer attire for the vacation, such as plenty of sundresses, shorts, sleeveless shirts, and sandals.

The temperatures can soar to 31°C, so prepare for the hot weather by packing lightweight clothing made of breathable fabrics such as cotton to keep your body cool and comfortable.

Also, wear a hat and sunglasses which protect you from the sun as well as make you look chic!

The lows in June are about 22°C, so it’s quite mild and breezy. Bring a cardigan or wear a long-sleeved tee and enjoy your stroll around Memphis!

What to Wear in Memphis in July?

July is known as the hottest month in Memphis so, if you’re vacationing at this time of the year, be prepared for a true summer atmosphere and soaring temperatures!

You can enjoy plenty of events in Memphis in July such as the Graceland 4th of July Celebration at Graceland (the home of Elvis Presley), or go to the Memphis Summer Cocktail Festival at Shelby Farms.

The average daytime temperature in July is 28.5°C, with its peak at 33°C, which is unbearable for some, but ideal for other tourists who prefer the hot weather. Whatever activities you choose, make sure to wear comfy and lightweight clothing.

Wear brightly-colored cotton or linen pieces because they don’t retain heat from the sun.

Short-sleeved tees, floral dresses, or polo shirts and shorts are always great options for hot summer weather.

Pair them with sandals or converse sneakers and you’re ready for your summer vacation.

What to Wear in Memphis in August?

Summer months in Memphis are particularly humid and very hot, because of the moisture coming from the Gulf of Mexico.

If you’re looking to visit Memphis in August, be prepared for high summer temperatures as well as large crowds, and an increase in the prices of flights and hotels.

With an average of 28°C and highs of 33°C August stands alongside July as the hottest month of the year.

Be prepared for the heat by packing lots of clothes made of breathable cooling fabrics such as cotton and linen. Crop tops, sleeveless tees, and sundresses make great summer options for girls.

They can wear them with sandals, sneakers, or heels, depending on whether they’re going on a tour around Memphis or having a night out in a club!

Guys should bring tank tops, polo shirts, and linen shirts, and pair them with lightweight trousers or denim shorts.

Due to the high UV rank, always wear sunglasses, and a hat and put on sunscreen. That way you will feel both comfy and chic!

Evening temperatures see decrease to about 23°C, which is pleasantly mild weather, perfect for a night stroll or a dinner with a view at a fancy restaurant.

Throw on a blazer or a shawl over your outfit and you’ll be warm and look trendy.

What to Wear in Memphis in September?

Even though September marks the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, the temperatures don’t seem to follow up.

It is said that the best time to go to Memphis in September, especially due to the pleasantly warm weather.

The average daily temperature throughout September is 24°C, which is an ideal temperature for most tourists.

You should pack some lightweight clothes, which allow your skin to breathe, such as linen shirts and blouses, cotton short-sleeved tees, and jeans of all lengths.

Both men and women should bring a sweatshirt or a cardigan for the evening because the temperature drops to about 19°C.

September is usually dry, with little to no rain, and there’s a chance of experiencing a temperature increase to about 29°C.

In that case, add some more summer clothing to the list, including sundresses, crop tops, and sandals.

Guys can bring denim shorts, linen Bermuda pants, and even swimming shorts in case they want to have a dip in the Mississippi River (though it’s not recommended by locals).

What to Wear in Memphis in October?

Pleasantly mild temperatures continue in October as well, but with a slight decrease in average temperatures.

During the day, you’ll most likely experience 17.5°C temperatures, with highs of 23°C, which is perfect for going on a tour of Memphis or doing other outdoor activities.

For weather like this, bring clothing items that you can layer, otherwise you can easily get too hot or cold.

Guys should pack thinner long-sleeved t-shirts you can wear with a cardigan or a blazer on top. Pair them with jeans and sneakers to put together a casual autumn outfit.

Girls can make use of mild weather to bring leather jackets to wear over a knitted dress, and pair them with flat or heeled knee-high boots

Temperatures in October can go down to 12°C, especially in the nighttime.

Bring an insulated jacket to keep you warm, and wear it over a long-sleeved sweater with jeans and Uggs.

What to Wear in Memphis in November

For those who don’t mind the cold weather, November is probably the best time to come to Memphis.

It’s one of the cheapest months, due to the tourist season being at its lowest, so the prices of accommodation, flights and sightseeing tours are lower, too.

As the winter season starts, the temperatures drop significantly as well. The average temperature in Memphis in November is 12°, which is not freezing, but rather quite chilly.

Pack a few cashmere sweaters to wear indoors with some jeans or trousers.

For outdoor activities, it’s essential you wear a winter jacket or an elegant woolen coat, depending on your style, accompanied by winter boots.

Temperatures reach their peak at 17°C, so packing a leather jacket would be a good idea, though; you should still wear it with a sweater underneath.

The daily lows and evening temperatures are about 7°C and it’s advisable to throw on a duck down or a coat and pair them with matching accessories such as a woolen beanie, a scarf, and gloves.

What to Wear in Memphis in November and December?

Memphis is a great place to spend the winter holidays with your friends, family, or partner.

There aren’t lots of festivals in December, so there aren’t many tourists, but you’ll still see beautifully-decorated streets and Christmas lights.

Along with January, December is the coldest month of the year with a daily average of 6.5°C that sometimes drops down to 2°C.

Duck down jackets and wool-blend coats are key clothing items for your Memphis trip, accompanied by snow boots, woolen scarves, winter caps, and matching gloves.

An average high in December goes up to 11°C, so you might ditch the scarf and the gloves, but you still need to dress warmly.

Pack jumpers, knitted tops, and trousers made of heavy fabrics, which are easy to combine with boots, to create a casual, but fashionable winter outfit that will keep you comfy and warm.

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