What to Pack and Wear in Madrid For 2023?

Spain is one of the top destinations people pick to visit at any time of the year!

Aside from Barcelona, which is usually the tourist favorite, Madrid is on top of the list as well!

The capital of Spain has plenty to offer to its visitors: from its eventful historical monuments to popular hotspots for young people, it’s bound to give you the time of your life if you decide to go for a visit!

If you’re unsure what to pack for your Madrid trip, keep reading, as we offer you some useful tips which can help you stand out in the crowd as well as make your packing process a lot easier.

What to Wear in Madrid in January?

As in the other countries in the Northern Hemisphere, it is the winter season in Spain in January.

January is the coldest month of the year in the country, with average temperatures of 6°C.

Madrid isn’t particularly snowy and there you’ll even be able to catch pleasant, sunny days and bright skies.

There are lots of things to see in Madrid in January, with one of the most popular festivities being the Three Kings Day holiday, where you can witness a glorious parade in the city center.

It is less crowded than at the beginning of the winter season, so you’ll be able to go shopping at the winter sales all around the city.

If you’re fond of cold weather, Madrid is the perfect city to visit in the winter, but make sure to pack properly.

Bring plenty of layers that you can throw on, such as a thermal top, or a long-sleeved T-shirt you can pair up with jeans, a chic blazer, and a coat.

It will keep you warm and make your outfit look stylish at the same time!

Men should also pack warm clothes, such as trousers made of thicker fabrics and a winter jacket, of course!

Bring some accessories to spice up your outfits, such as a cool beanie and a pair of gloves!

What to Wear in Madrid in February?

February is the mildest month in winter with a high of 12°C and an average temperature of 7°C.

The average low is just 2°C, which means it can be quite frosty in the morning and there’s a small chance of light snow showers toward the start of the month.

February is the mid-winter season, but it isn’t as cold as in January.

The lowest temperature is 2°C, usually at night and in the early mornings, so if you’re planning to go outside in this chilly period, bundle up by wearing a warm woolen coat with a jumper underneath and pair it up with a nice, warm scarf.

The average temperature during the day is about 7°C, which can sometimes go as high as 12°C, so you can remove a layer of clothing and enjoy the sunny day.

You should still wear something cozy and warm, though, so it’s advisable to pack thicker T-shirts or cashmere sweaters and some good quality jeans, to make the perfect outfit for going sightseeing in this beautiful city!

There’s also a chance of light snow, especially in the first half of the month, so it’s always a good idea to pack your best winter boots, preferably those that have a thicker sole and fur inside to keep your feet warm.

What to Wear in Madrid in March?

Madrid is located 667m above sea level.

Because of that, it can be influenced by the high altitude which tends to make the weather pretty cold with occasional snowy periods.

Although March is generally warmer than February and January, it’s still quite windy and cold, with average temperatures of about 10°C, so make sure to pack a bunch of winter clothes like woolen scarves and hats, a warm puffer jacket and a coat, if you prefer to be on the more elegant side!

It is likely, though, that the daytime temperature reaches as high as 16°C, especially towards the end of the month, so you might consider packing at least one lighter jacket.

Those made of denim or leather would make the perfect choice for a sunny stroll around Spain’s capital and it’s great for visiting monuments and sights such as its numerous art galleries and museums.

It is mostly sunny during this time of the year, but it does occasionally get rainy, with an average rainfall of 30mm, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring over a waterproof jacket, or a raincoat with some rubber boots to keep you dry!

What to Wear in Madrid in April?

April is one of the wettest months of the year, with an average rainfall of around 55mm, but it shouldn’t get in the way of you enjoying your stay because the temperatures are also on the rise.

Marking the beginning of spring, April is the perfect time of the year for plenty of outdoor activities and sightseeing tours around Madrid, as well as going on endless shopping tours in the city’s most exclusive shops and numerous malls!

If you aren’t fond of the heat and prefer cooler weather, spring is a great option.

You’ll still get lots of sunshine but you won’t feel overly hot or uncomfortable. It’s normally mild and sunny.

As mentioned, there is some rain here and there but we’re not talking heavy rain nor showers, but rather a drizzle.

Still, make sure to have a small umbrella with you at all times, to be prepared in case it starts raining on your city tour.

Because of an average temperature of around 11°C throughout the day, with the chance of it rising to 17°C, bring some clothes that you can layer or remove according to the weather.

Jeans, leggings, and sweatpants are always a good idea if you’re looking for something comfortable yet casually trendy.

For both men and women, cotton T-shirts are essential, as you can wear them with nothing on top if it gets warm during the afternoon hours, but also pair them up with a cool leather or bomber jacket if the temperature drops a few degrees.

For the chilly evenings, pack a parka or a coat in case you want to take a walk or have a drink in an outdoor cafe or a bar.

A nice shirt or a T-shirt underneath will be enough and you can always top off your outfit by wearing a trendy (and warm) scarf or a hat.

What to Wear in Madrid in May?

Marking the late spring and getting close to the summer season, May is an excellent time of the year for those who want to spend their holiday in Madrid.

There’s always a lot to see in the Spanish capital, such as the famous Prado Museum and Palacio Real, and visiting the city in springtime will make your stay much more enjoyable.

If you’re visiting in the middle of May, make sure to go to the amazing Festival of San Isidro and enjoy many of its events and festivities.

It is sunny in most parts of the country, and so it is in Madrid.

The highest temperature in May reaches the pleasant and warm 22°C, which makes it the perfect weather for spending time outdoors and exploring the city!

Pack some of your favorite maxi dresses, or skirts and pair them up with a nice blouse or a plain T-shirt and throw on a denim jacket on top to make it more stylish!

Bring at least one pair of sneakers if you’re going on long walks, and some flats, loafers, or even high heels for visiting Madrid’s best cafeterias and nightlife hotspots!

Men can bring their best spring outfits, including sporty clothes such as sweatshirts and sweatpants if they want to feel more comfortable, but also make sure to pack some lightweight trousers or jeans to go with your elegant shirts and blazers.

The lowest temperature in May is about 10°C, so you’d want to pack at least one warm jacket or a parka in case you feel a bit cold.

Some cool leather boots or ankle boots might come in handy, too!

What to Wear in Madrid in June?

June in Madrid is filled with pleasantly warm and sunny days.

Not being the peak of the summer season yet, it’s probably the best time for your holiday as it’s not too hot and overly crowded.

The average temperature in June is around 22°C, so it’s the perfect time to pull out your best spring/summer outfits from the closet and pack them for your Spanish escape!

Cotton, jersey, and denim are the recommended mixed fabrics as they’re comfortable and also appropriate for variable weather.

There’s a chance of experiencing rainfall, but not as often as you’d have in the spring season, with around 30mm of rainfall for about six days of the month.

Just in case, bring a denim jacket or a light cardigan, and make sure to have an umbrella in your bag.

As for the sunny periods and temperatures as high as 29°C, pack a lot of lightweight clothing items, such as wide cotton trousers, maxi skirts and dresses, and short tops.

Open sandals, mules as well as sneakers are good options for footwear.

The sun in Madrid tends to be intense, so don’t forget to bring a sunhat and you’re favorite pair of sunglasses, both for sun protection and a trendy look!

What to Wear in Madrid in July?

July is officially the hottest and the sunniest month of the year in Madrid, having approximately 13 hours of sunshine a day, which makes it perfect for sun lovers who adore summer weather and being outdoors!

It’s peak season in Madrid, so expect extremely busy streets filled with lots of tourists from all around the world, exploring the city’s famous monuments.

Thanks to its Mediterranean climate, it hardly ever rains in Madrid at this time of the year, with only about 10mm of rainfall, so you won’t have to bring your waterproof clothing or an umbrella in most cases.

Madrid is known as one of the sunniest cities in Europe, so you’re bound to catch plenty of rays.

The temperatures can get as high as 35°C or over so it is essential to put on sunscreen, to keep your skin protected at all times.

If possible, stay indoors between midday and 3 pm, because the sun is at its peak during those hours.

For those who don’t mind the heat and would like to go sightseeing during the daytime, make sure to wear something that will keep your body cool.

Think of breathable, lightweight fabrics, such as cotton and linen, as your best ally.

These do not absorb as much heat from the sun, so you’ll be able to have a stroll under the sun without feeling sweaty and hot.

For women, sundresses and flowy mini skirts with fun patterns are great options, because they are typically loose and allow airflow, so you’ll be able to feel an occasional breeze.

Crop tops and shorts also make a good combo as you won’t wear a lot of clothes and you’ll still look trendy and cute!

As for men, cotton polo shirts and loose, linen shirts are great options for wandering the sunny streets of Madrid.

Bring a few pairs of lightweight Bermuda shorts or linen trousers and pair them up with some nice loafers or sandals to look both comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

What to Wear in Madrid in August?

Like in July, if you’ve decided to spend your summer vacation in Madrid, you’ll enjoy endless sunny days in the amazing Spanish capital.

It is a popular time to visit, as it is warm and bright, but not as hot as in July and you can often feel the pleasant and refreshing breeze coming from the mountains in the north.

You can do pretty much anything while you’re in Madrid at that time, from going on long walks around the city, to visiting museums, and exploring the nearby area.

There’s hardly any rainfall and humidity levels are low, so there won’t be anything to spoil your Madrid excursion!

Temperatures in August are about 25°C, but they can reach 33°C at the peak time of the day, which is midday and early afternoon.

If you decide to step outside in the highest temperature, always wear sun protection on your skin and put on some shades, as well as a hat!

Wear something lightweight, like tank tops, skirts, shorts, or long-sleeved items and trousers that cover your skin, but make sure they’re made of breathable fabrics, such as linen or cotton.

Unfortunately, Madrid doesn’t have a beach, but it does offer plenty of swimming pools where you can go swimming and feel refreshed in the middle of a hot day in August, so pack a few bikinis or swimming shorts with a pair of flip-flops as well.

After about 4 pm, the temperature slowly drops a few degrees, so it’s more comfortable to go outside and enjoy the pleasant, warm weather without risking a sunburn, heatstroke, or exhaustion.

You can throw on a summer top and pair it up with fun denim shorts or a skirt and finish off the outfit with some platforms or flat sandals, depending on your plans and activities.

Men should also wear something they can be comfortable in, such as loose shirts and T-shirts which go well together with denim shorts and linen trousers.

What to Wear in Madrid in September?

Even though the summer season is coming to an end and autumn is getting closer and closer, the weather in Madrid in September typically resembles that of summer days and evenings, only slightly more pleasant than in a previous couple of months.

There’s lots of sunshine, almost no rain at all and the humidity isn’t at a high level.

The days are warm, but not very hot, with an average temperature of about 22°C during the day, which stays pretty much the same most of the month.

For days like these, you can pack short-sleeved T-shirts and button-downs, shorts, and jumpsuits that will make it comfortable for you to take a stroll around Madrid.

Denim pieces of clothing and other heavier fabrics might be a bit too heavy for September, so those are not recommended to wear during the day.

It’s a bit different in the evenings, though, as temperatures drop down to 14°C.

It’s still quite pleasant and nice for spending time outdoors, but it’s advisable to wear something that will keep you warm.

Something like long-sleeved cotton tees with a cardigan or a light jacket on top might be a good option.

As for footwear, bring some open-toe sandals, as well as sneakers and loafers which might come in handy when the temperature goes down a bit.

What to Wear in Madrid in October?

If you’ve got a few days off in October, and you’re very much fond of autumn, Madrid seems like the perfect city of choice!

The summer is now gone, and with it, large crowds of tourists are, too.

It is significantly cheaper than the previous months, so you can find good deals on hotels and other types of accommodation.

Madrid’s weather in October is very pleasant and mild.

It is relatively dry, with occasional rains typical of the autumn period.

However, these are only light showers, so just make sure to have an umbrella and a rain jacket, paired up with rubber boots, to keep your feet warm and dry.

The average temperature is about 15°C, with a rare temperature rising to 26°C.

It is relatively early for a thicker jacket, but make sure to pack at least a lighter one, such as a parka or a trench coat, which will keep you warm, and comfortable, as well as make your fall outfit stand out in the crowd!

Now is the perfect time to pull out your tweed mini skirts and pair them up with fashionable cardigans and knee-high boots.

Top it all off with a blazer and you’ll be good to go!

As for the gentlemen, it’s recommended to pack some long-sleeved T-shirts they can pair up with a denim or shearling jacket on top.

Bring jeans and trousers, as well as some sweatpants if you’re fonder of sports clothes.

You’ll need a jacket in the evening too, or a long coat, because the temperature can go down to 9°C, and it can get quite chilly!

 What to Wear in Madrid in November?

Marking the beginning of winter, November in Madrid is known for cooler weather, cloudy days, and lower temperatures.

Although it might not sound like the perfect time for a holiday, for those who can’t stand the heat and prefer enjoying outdoor activities on colder days, this is the ideal time of the year to visit!

It’s important to pack a bunch of warm clothes because the temperatures don’t normally go above 15°C during the day, with an average of 10°C and chilly nights of about 4°C.

It’s time to take your winter attire out of your wardrobe and start packing sweaters, turtlenecks, and thick denim jeans and trousers.

If you’re more on the elegant side, a warm woolen coat will be a good option, and you can always spice up your outfit by wearing it over a knitted dress, tights and some cool ankle boots or high-knee boots, too!

For the guys, it’s advisable to wear jeans with some winter boots, like Timberlands, which make you look fashionable and keep your feet warm.

Throw on a puffer jacket over a sweatshirt or a cool jumper and you’re ready to go on your Madrid stroll.

What to Wear in Madrid in December?

It’s time for the true winter wonderland!

December represents the peak of the winter season, and you can expect it to amaze you with the beautiful Christmas lights throughout the streets of Madrid, as well as festive decorations and events.

Even though Madrid is relatively mild during the winter, at least compared to other European cities, it’s still quite cold, so prepare your favorite winter clothing items to pack for your Spain trip!

The temperature average during the day is about 10°C, which drops down to 3°C at night, so it’s important to bundle up, especially if you’re wandering the streets and enjoying outdoor activities.

Cashmere is a fine fabric that will always keep you warm, so it’s a good idea to pack a sweater or two.

You can also bring cotton long-sleeved T-shirts to wear indoors, but make sure to pack a winter jacket or a warm coat for when you go outside, as well as some winter boots!

Accessories can come in handy to spice up your outfit, and to keep you warm, so bring a fur collar or a scarf and pair them up with gloves, and a cool cap!

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