What to Pack and Wear in Las Vegas For 2023?

In Las Vegas, the daytime tends to be fairly relaxed.

This is especially true in the summer when sweltering afternoons urge you to wear as little clothing as you can.

People will likely be dressed in attractive everyday attire like jeans, shirts, shorts, dresses, and t-shirts.

On the strip, you may come across folks wearing sunhats and swim coverups.

When night falls, the elegant nighttime outfit is revealed.

When you go out to the casinos, pubs, restaurants, and clubs, this is the time to dress to impress.

You’ll need to arrange for both daytime and evening attire if you intend to participate in both daytime and evening events.

In order to look your best, you’ll need to pack your suitcase for things like high heels, handbags, dresses, suit coats, pants (for men), and other accessories.

Weather In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a fantastic destination all year round because of its generally dry weather. However, there is a noticeable difference in the weather between seasons.

Bring clothing for cooler weather along with your warm-season attire, either for when you’re inside and places are pumping the air conditioning or for the cooler evenings.

You’ll want to be ready for everything.

Las Vegas In Spring

In Las Vegas, spring is defined by moderate everyday temperatures that range between 22 and 27 C.

Pack a couple of lightweight clothing because temperatures drop dramatically when the sun sets.

Las Vegas In Summer

It may get quite warm in Las Vegas in the summer (June to September). The daily high temperature of 38 C is not unusual.

To avoid discomfort while walking around, you should bring a large number of fluids with you wherever you go. You should also pack light, breezy clothing.

The weather tends to be a little cooler in the evening (23 degrees Celsius).

Bring shorts, soft cotton skirts, and t-shirts, as well as other breathable, comfy clothing.

Jeans and pants are OK, but keep in mind that wearing those and other thick fabrics can be uncomfortable in the desert heat.

Consider dressing up a bit if you are going to a show.

Also keep in mind that whenever you walk indoors, the air conditioning will likely be on full blast.

If you want to spend the majority of your time indoors, even while it’s sweltering outdoors, you might want to carry a sweater or cover-up.

Additionally, bring a lot of sunscreens to shield yourself from the harsh sun.

Las Vegas In Fall

The summer heat starts to diminish throughout the fall months. You should still pack for “summer” weather because temperatures are likely to be in the 27 to 32 C.

You’ll need to be ready for the winter chill to arrive as the months get closer to winter (like in November).

Bring several jackets, because it will be chilly at night.

Las Vegas In Winter

You’ll be in Las Vegas during its coldest season if you’re traveling between November and February. At this time, you should bring warm winter clothing and accessories with you.

Despite the cold, Vegas still receives a good amount of tourists, particularly on New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, and the Super Bowl.

Although there is a very small chance you’ll see snow, Las Vegas may get chilly during the winter, especially at night.

There are instances when you’ll need a heavy jacket because low temperatures can drop to – 1 C.

You will need to remove several layers to sit at the blackjack table because the casino will be at a stable and comfortable temperature.

What To Wear In Las Vegas In January?

Early in January, afternoon highs frequently reach 14–15 C, warming only slightly towards the close of the month to reach the low of 16–17 C.

Most of the time, lows at night and in the early morning hours will be about 3 C, increasing to around 4-5 C.

Clothing from the late fall will work well in this area in January, but layer up because the temperature can vary greatly from early morning to mid-afternoon.

A warm coat, comfortable shoes, a few sweaters, a scarf, and gloves are also essentials for those chilly evenings and mornings.

Don’t forget your sunglasses and comfortable walking shoes when there is a lot of suns.

What To Wear In Las Vegas In February?

Early in the month, daytime highs frequently reach about 16 C, but as the month progresses, they progressively rise to the middle to upper 19–20 C.

Early in the month, late-night and early-morning lows will often be around 4-5 C, climbing to the 8–9 C by the end.

Bring a winter jacket, a sweater or an extra cardigan, and a pair of jeans.

Bring ankle boots and socks instead of your sandals.

What To Wear In Las Vegas In March?

Early in March, daytime highs are most likely to be about 20 C, but by the end of the month, they will increase to the mid-24–25 C.

Early in the month, low temperatures at night and in the morning will typically range from  8 C to 10–11 C by the month’s end.

Even though March is slightly warmer, I still advise bringing a jacket.

In Vegas, the weather is frequently very sunny and may appear warmer than it actually is.

It might get extremely cold once you enter the shadow.

Although a down jacket is generally unnecessary for you, a lightweight winter coat is still an excellent idea.

What To Wear In Las Vegas In April?

Early in April, afternoon highs will be about 24 C, but towards the end of the month, they will climb to about 28 C.

Early in the month, low temperatures at night and in the morning might be on the cool side, with minimums of about 12 C, increasing to near 15 C by the end.

Pack your sandals once more because it’s April and the daylight climate is beautiful.

We’d advise bringing a couple of warmer outfits in case of the weather changes, along with a nice jacket to use on chilly evenings.

What To Wear In Las Vegas In May?

Early in May, daytime highs are typically around 29–30 C, but they soon rise to 33–34 C towards the end of the month.

Early in May, low temperatures at night and in the morning will typically range from 16 to 17 C, but they will rise t 19 to 20 C) by the end of the month.

Between the middle of the day and early dawn, temperatures can vary greatly.

For the cooler late evenings and early mornings, a windbreaker or sweater will do, but light summer clothing is advised for the extremely warm to hot days.

In May, there is a lot of suns, so bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and sturdy walking shoes.

What To Wear In Las Vegas In June?

June will see an increase in afternoon high temperatures, going from 34 to 37 degrees Celsius early on to 39 to 40 degrees Celsius by the end of the month.

Low temperatures at night and in the early hours of the morning are often pleasant to warm, averaging 21 C early on in this month, but more likely between 23-26 C towards the end of the month.

Las Vegas summers can be quite hot, yet there is still a lot of variation from the chilly early morning hours to the extremely hot mid-afternoons.

Shorts, skirts, sandals, T-shirts, dresses, and tank tops are suggested for light summer clothing, but be aware that there are different dress codes in casinos, eateries, pubs, and nightclubs.

A good set of walking shoes, sunscreen, and sunglasses are vital.

What To Wear In Las Vegas In July?

This month’s afternoon highs average between 40 and 41 C, with a couple of the hottest days reaching close to 43 C.

Lows in the late evening and early morning are often warm, averaging between 25 and 27 C, with a few of the more pleasant mornings dropping to about 22 C.

Since July is the hottest month of the year, dress simply in light fabrics to keep cool. Tank tops and shorts make the best summertime clothing.

The suggested attire for the evening is dresses for women and loose-fitting, fashionable pants for men.

Bring your prettiest bikinis or swimsuits since July in Las Vegas is spent relaxing by the pool and at pool parties.

What To Wear In Las Vegas In August?

Early in the month, during the day, high temperatures typically range over 40 to 41 C, with a little drop to 37 C by the end of the month.

Early in August, lows in the late evening and early morning hours often hover around 27 C, dropping to roughly 24 C towards the conclusion.

For ventilation in Las Vegas in August, you can wear loose-fitting clothes. You should always wear shorts and a tank top when exploring.

Put on linen and cotton cover-ups if you wish to avoid sunburn. Bring a swimsuit when you go to the pool.

What To Wear In Las Vegas In September?

Early in September, afternoon high temperatures are typically above 37 C, but by the end of the month, they will drop to around 32–33 C.

In the nighttime and early morning hours, temperatures typically range from 23 to 24 °C, but they drop to 18 to 19 °C towards the end of the month.

This month, summer starts to cool off with more bearable evenings and moderate afternoon temperatures.

Although casual summer apparel like shorts, skirts, sandals, T-shirts, tank tops, and sundresses is still advised, bear in mind that there are different dress requirements for different establishments, including casinos, eateries, pubs, and nightclubs.

For the chilly nights later in the month, you should also bring a lightweight sweater.

Be sure to bring your sunscreen, and comfortable walking shoes.

What To Wear In Las Vegas In October?

Early in October, daytime high temperatures typically range from 30 to 31 C, dropping to 24 to 25 C by the end of the month.

Low temperatures during the late hours of the night and early in the morning will begin at 17-19 C but swiftly drop to 12-13 C near the conclusion of this month.

In Las Vegas, you might wear jeans and shorts at the beginning of October.

As the month comes to a close, you’ll also want to bring some cozier fall clothing, such as long-sleeved blouses, a few sweaters, and a lightweight jacket.

What To Wear In Las Vegas In November?

Early in the month of November, daytime high temperatures typically range from 21-23 C but quickly drop to 16 to 18 C towards the end of the month.

Early in November, lows for late at night and early in the morning are typically about 9–11 C, dropping to around 5–6 C toward the end of November.

Consider putting on a long-sleeved top in November and avoiding a jacket. Consider wearing a comfortable cardigan or a plus-size checkered shirt for a daytime walk down the strip.

If you’re going to Vegas in late November, leave the parkas at home and bring a thin jacket instead.

What To Wear In Las Vegas In December?

Daytime highs in December are typically in the mid to upper 15–16 C range early in the month but drop to the mid–upper 13–14 C range throughout the month.

Early in the month, low temperatures for late at night and early in the morning will typically range from low 4-5 C to mid to upper 2-3 C.

Clothing from the late fall will work fine in December here, but layer up because the temperature can vary greatly from early morning to mid-afternoon.

A warm coat, comfortable shoes, a few sweaters, gloves, and a scarf for the colder nights are also essentials for those chilly evenings and mornings.

Walking Shoes For Las Vegas

Avoid bringing too many shoes is my unwavering packing rule as shoes are the biggest thing in your suitcase.

You should bring two pairs of walking shoes. There will be more walking than you anticipate.

Things that are visible as being close together on the Strip are actually quite far apart.

You’ll be walking every day you’re there, so if you can switch out your shoes, your feet will appreciate it.

If you can wear the same pair of shoes all day and then again with more formal attire at night, you deserve a gold star.

Bags For Las Vegas

  • Belt Pack

They’re really useful, particularly for parents who want to be hands-free, and they make you less attractive to pickpockets as you move through the throngs of people on the Strip.

  • Day Bag

When you’re going on a day trip and going sightseeing, you should have a little backpack.

You can keep your water bottle, mobile, or hand sanitizer in it. Keep valuables close to you in a front pocket that is locked.

  • Pool Tote

You can use the same, day bag for this or purchase a bigger one for the things you need by the pool.

  • Little Cooler

If the hotel allows it, bring a small, lightly protected cooler for day travels and to transport drinks and nibbles to the pool.

If you’re able to get away with bringing some drinks and nibbles, this cooler is excellent and large.

However, some pools have restrictions prohibiting outside food and drink.

Other Things To Pack For Las Vegas

  • Liquid IV

After a night of drinking, liquid intravenous therapy is a fantastic method to rehydrate. It’s an electrolyte supplement that you can put in a bottle of water to lessen the effects of a hangover.

  • Moleskin

Blisters are unavoidable due to the amount of walking you will be doing, even if you pack your most comfortable pair of shoes. Moleskin protects your foot much better than Band-Aids.

Sunscreen – Apply sunscreen to your skin every day to protect it from the harsh desert sun.

  • Hand Sanitizer

In the pandemic era, hand sanitizer is a necessity to have in your bag.

  • Water Bottle

Maintaining a full reusable bottle of water with you at all times is another excellent strategy to remain hydrated.

  • Portable Charger

Your phone’s battery can die over long hours and late nights. Your battery will last all day with the help of this small, integrated charger that fits into your purse.

  • Mini Bottles of Alcohol

Alcohol is incredibly expensive and difficult to find in bottles at Vegas hotels and on the strip.

How To Dress For Daytime In Las Vegas

Want to know what to wear while out and about in Vegas? Anything goes, really.

You’ll probably be walking around The Strip, entering and exiting casinos, possibly doing some shopping, or perhaps riding roller coasters.

Vegas daytime attire is quite informal and enjoyable.

In the summer, you’ll see people taking a stroll along The Strip wearing shorts, short sleeve shirts, and sneakers or sandals.

When it feels like over 50 C outside, there isn’t any other option.

Outside of the scorching summer months, jeans, t-shirts, and good tops are the go-to options for daytime attire in Vegas. These items are typically worn with sneakers or flats.

How to Dress For A Pool In Las Vegas

In Vegas, there are two different kinds of pools: resort pools and day clubs with pool parties. These costume suggestions are appropriate for both settings, but  pool parties especially.

The trick to choosing a bikini for Vegas is striking a balance between comfort and glitz.

I prefer bathing suits with distinctive cuts, vibrant colors, and hardware accents.

Find a stylish cover-up for your bathing suit to elevate your pool look. We recommend the midi dress and two-piece set.

We advise purchasing inexpensive flip-flops for footwear so you won’t be concerned if you lose them when you enter the pool.

Depending on the situation, you can be instructed to cover up if your swimwear is excessively exposed.

If you are in an adult pool, there won’t be a problem, but if you’re at a public pool, a staff member might urge you to cover up.

Even though it’s Las Vegas, there are limitations on how much body you can bear.

When entering a hotel pool while swimming, cover-ups are advised (and, in some situations, compulsory) when going from your accommodation to the pool.

Check the hotel’s website before going to the pool as there are rigorous guidelines about what can be brought to the pool.

How To Dress For Vegas Clubs

Going to a Las Vegas nightclub will undoubtedly make you want to dress to impress and look your best.

When dressing for Vegas nightlife, one should also consider the dress codes at the clubs.

However, you should be aware that there are dress codes in Vegas, and you risk being turned away if you’re not appropriately attired.

A formal dress code of cocktail attire is required at the majority of the clubs. Nothing too casual, such as jeans or sneakers, is acceptable.

When choosing a late-night outfit for Vegas, keep bodycon dresses, strappy heels, sequins, and glitter in mind.

Even though women can usually wear whatever they want, evening attire, such as a nice dress and heels, is usually appropriate.

The clothing code is more obvious for guys.

The wearing of jeans, baggy pants, hats, T-shirts, jerseys, and sneakers is frequently prohibited in nightclubs.

Check the dress code first if you are certain of the nightclub you want to go to.

Put on your most comfortable pair of heels and a stunning ensemble. Remember to pack a crossbody bag for all of your belongings.

Having your hands free and your belongings secure is nice.

How To Dress For A Show In Vegas

Stop pondering what to wear to a show in Las Vegas. Basically, you can wear anything you want.

Shoes for the day are very casual. T-shirts go well with pants or shorts. Obviously, no swimsuit. Sneakers or flip-flops are acceptable.

You can wear whatever you like to see a show at night.

If you’re heading to a nightclub or the casino after a good dinner or out for a night on the town, you should dress nicely.

You can dress casually by wearing jeans, shorts, or even sportswear if you’re merely going to the concert after a long day of shopping or traveling.

Nobody really minds what they wear to Vegas performances.

Travel Advice For Las Vegas

Even though the hotels are practically next to one another, there is still a considerable distance to travel.

On the Strip, accommodations during the week are typically less expensive than those during the weekend.

On a Sunday or Monday night, the same lodging that would cost $300 or more per night on a Saturday might only cost $79 instead.

The cheapest time of year to travel to Las Vegas is a week or two before Christmas.

You should probably bring a jacket no matter what time of year you visit Las Vegas.

In the winter, when temperatures can fall as low as 5 to 10 C, you’ll only need a jacket to get around.

During the sweltering summers, air conditioning is blasted in hotels and other interior locations.

If you are sensitive to the cold, you should therefore always carry a lightweight jacket.

Given that many of the resorts are connected to one another, getting from one to the other is easy and exposes you to little of the outside world.

Usually, the lunch buffet is the best value if you want to spend money on a buffet.

You may overindulge at lunch to the point where you feel unmotivated to eat (or desire a quick, low-cost meal). Locate eateries that offer an endless supply of crab and lobster claws.

You desire free entry to nightclubs.

Promoters regularly browse social media platforms. In your Instagram posts before your trip, use hashtags like #Vegas or the name of a hotel, club, or restaurant to draw attention.

Be prepared for comments from promoters or concierges on your post.

Join the players club if you anticipate spending a lot of time in the casino.

The card is totally free and can get you free future nights, cash coupons for your next trip to the casino, and discounts at the buffet.

Avoid buying drinks at the casino bar if you’re going to be gambling—they’re free.

Wait for a cocktail waitress to approach you before ordering. You just need to leave a tip!

In Las Vegas, Friday is one of the finest nights to discover deals on tickets and entertainment.

Choose a Friday to watch your entertainment if you want to save some money.

What Not To Bring To Vegas

Here are a few items that I advise against bringing to Vegas.

  • Laptop

Are you certain that you’ll be working in Las Vegas? You should keep your laptop at home if the response is no.

  • Canon DSLR

Modern cell phones typically have excellent cameras. You generally won’t use your camera gear unless you’re a committed amateur or professional photographer.

  • Toys

A tablet or iPad will do just fine to keep your youngsters occupied when you’re not around.

  • Luxury Jewelry

Don’t wear your pricey jewelry out. Wear your wedding ring if you’re married. Add a shawl and some costume jewelry, such as a bold necklace and a pair of neutral earrings, to liven up your ensemble.


As with all of my packing suggestions, the most crucial tip is to wear whatever outfits you feel most comfortable in.

We strongly advise you to don your sexiest, most glam attire to capitalize on the “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” mentality.

Pack for a pool, nighttime, and daytime attire for each day you are visiting if you are unclear of what you will be doing.

You’ll be prepared for everything you might do if you do it this way.

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