What to Pack and Wear in Key West For 2023?

Key West is a great destination for both US tourists and foreigners.

It’s located in Florida and it’s a place known for its beaches, casual lifestyle, watersports, as well as lively nights out.

If you decided to spend your weekend or long holiday in Key West, you might find yourself not knowing what to pack.

It depends on your style, of course, but also on the time of the year.

Keep reading and you’ll find out about the weather conditions in Key West throughout the year as well as get some tips on how to pack for your trip.

What to Wear in Key West in January?

Even though a lot of places experience snowfall and freezing weather in January, Key West is the perfect place if your vacation falls on this time of year, as the Florida Keys are arguably the warmest places in the continental part of the US in winter.

The average daytime temperatures in Key West in January are about 20.5°C, with highs of 23°C, which makes for pleasantly warm and calm weather.

Casual clothes are what Key West locals are known for so if you’d like to fit in, bring lots of tank tops, short-sleeved t-shirts, and jeans.

As for footwear, sneakers are always a good option, as the weather isn’t so hot to be wearing flip-flops and sandals yet.

If you’re looking for something more elegant and fashionable, for men and women, moccasins and loafers might be the perfect choice for strolling around Key West or going to a fancy restaurant.

Florida is famous for its beaches, so if you’re interested in swimming in Key West in January, you can do so, considering the sea temperature is about 22°C. Bring your bathing suit and enjoy your favorite water sports.

You’d also want to be prepared for the daily lows of about 18°C in January.

It’s not cold, though it is advisable to bring something such as a denim jacket or a cardigan to put over your outfit. That way, you won’t be chilly and you’ll look trendy.

What to Wear in Key West in February?

February is another winter month that does not see cold or rainy weather in Key West.

In fact, it is the month with the lowest recorded precipitation rate in the year with only 38mm of rainfall.

Along with being the driest month, it is also very pleasant and warm, with an average of 21.5°C during the day.

You can attend many different events in February, such as Old Island Days Art Festival, which is a two-day event starting on 25th February, or visit Dry Tortugas National Park and make your stay in February eventful and memorable.

Consider packing lightweight shirts and blouses made of fabrics such as cotton, which provides you with comfort and lets your skin breathe.

Pair them with jeans or mini skirts for a casual, yet chic outfit. Short-sleeved tees and leggings are a good option, too, especially if you’re looking to go on a morning or afternoon stroll or you want to grab a quick lunch in the city.

Guys should also pack cotton shirts and trousers for a more elegant outing.

For casual walks, t-shirts with sweatpants or denim shorts can come in handy as well, especially if the temperatures soar up to 24°C.

If you’re planning to go on sunset sails or some similar activities, bear in mind that you’ll experience some breeze.

You might want to consider packing a cardigan or an overshirt to cover yourself, so that you’re always warm and comfortable, as evening temperatures are a few degrees lower, going down to 19°C.

What to Wear in Key West in March?

Apart from representing the official beginning of spring, March also starts off the peak high season in Key West.

You can expect a great influx of tourists heading to Key West during spring break, so be prepared to face large crowds as well as an increase in the prices of flights and hotels.

The good side of going to Key West in March is the beautiful weather.

The mornings and evenings are quite pleasant with average temperatures of about 20-23°C.

Pack plenty of lightweight clothing items such as cotton t-shirts and tank tops, which you can pair with anything from trousers to denim shorts and mini skirts.

Avoid heavy fabrics and those which don’t let your skin breathe, such as polyester, and opt for cotton and linen. Wear bright colors, as they don’t retain heat from the sun.

Sundresses and flowy maxi skirts are also great options for daytime highs of 26°C.

Pair them with flip-flops or sandals, put sunscreen on, throw on a pair of cool sunglasses and hit the beach, or take a walk along the streets of Key West looking both comfortable and stylish!

Men should pack cotton polo shirts, linen shirts, and trousers, as well as denim shorts and Bermuda pants.

Loafers are great to make your outfit more elegantly chic, whereas flip-flops make it more casual and carefree.

If you’re heading to the beach, pack a few of your favorite swimming shorts, and don’t forget your hat and sunscreen!

What to Wear in Key West in April?

Generally speaking, Key West is a popular destination for vacationing in springtime.

In April, the peak season starts to taper off, so there aren’t as many tourists as there are in March. However, you’ll still see plenty of people enjoying the spring weather, walking down the famous Duval Street, or hitting the beach.

There are also many festivals and events during the month, including Taste of Key West, Afro Roots World Festival, Conch Republic Independence Celebration, and others.

While vacationing in Key West in April, make sure to attend some of these as they will make your stay even more worthwhile.

In April, you’ll enjoy the warm and sunny weather, with average temperatures of around 25°C, which can soar up to 28°C.

When packing for your Key West trip, it’s essential to bring lightweight clothes made of breathable fabrics.

Denim shorts might be a good option for early morning walks as well as in the evening, but it’s not such a great idea to wear them during the hot afternoon hours.

Instead, choose fabrics such as cotton and linen when spending time out in the sun. Short-sleeved t-shirts, and crop tops paired with paper bag shorts, or high-waisted mini skirts sound like a dream daytime outfit for girls. Sundresses are also a great choice and you can wear them for long walks, or over a bikini if you’re going to the beach.

As for men, it’s advisable to pack tank tops and tees made of cotton, as well as plenty of comfortable shorts.

Pair them with flip-flops, or sandals and you’re already prepared for the beach. For evening walks and romantic dinner dates, wear something lightweight yet chic, such as a linen shirt, accompanied by Bermuda pants or trousers and loafers.

The ocean temperatures are warm and pleasant for swimming, so there’s no doubt beach will be on your itinerary!

Pack your favorite swimsuits and make sure to protect yourself from the sun by wearing sunscreen, sunglasses, and a sunhat!

What to Wear in Key West in May?

May is shoulder season in Key West, and you can expect fewer tourists as well as a drop in the prices of flights and accommodation.

It represents the beginning of the rainy season, which lasts until October, so be prepared for some rain showers and storms, especially in the morning hours.

However, there are plenty of sunny days and temperatures go even higher, as summer approaches.

If you’re interested in showcasing your songwriting talent and amazing everyone with your creativity, take part in The Key West Songwriters Festival that occurs in May, or simply enjoy the event by attending it with your family or friends.

The average temperature during the day is 27°C, which is also the sea temperature, so it’s needless to say you can spend most of your vacation days chilling on the beach and having a swim (provided it’s not raining, of course).

Bring your favorite beach attire, including your favorite bikinis and cover-ups.

Boys should pack plenty of swimming shorts as well and pair them with flip-flops. Carry sunblock in your beach bag, put your sunglasses on, and don’t forget a baseball hat or a wide-brimmed hat!

For long walks, sightseeing tours, and other outdoor activities, pack a lot of lightweight and breathable clothing items. Temperatures can get as high as 30°C, so anything made of linen or cotton might work wonders!

Fit in with the locals by wearing casual tank tops with shorts, or skirts paired with sandals and you won’t miss it! Loose shirts and pants are also a good idea to cover your body to protect it from the sun, while still letting your skin breathe under light fabrics.

For lower temperatures of about 24°, especially in the evening hours, wear something light but elegant such as a maxi flowy dress with heeled sandals.

As for boys, bring some polo shirts to pair with linen trousers or Bermuda pants that go well with sandals or moccasins.

What to Wear in Key West in June?

With the hurricane season starting in June and ending in November, most people would avoid having a holiday in the Florida Keys.

Although destructive hurricanes don’t occur every single year, it comes in handy to keep this information in mind if you’re planning to come to Key West in the summer.

Key West is quite humid in June, with a significant amount of rainfall (100mm). Summer storms are a frequent occurrence and there are around 15 rainy days on average.

Although it’s mostly rainy throughout the month, you’ll still get to experience sunny days accompanied by average temperatures of about 28.5°C.

As it is quite hot and humid, it’s not advisable to wear denim and other heavy fabrics, as well as tight clothes, as they’ll stick to your skin and make you feel uncomfortable.

Bring something more lightweight, such as cotton tank tops and t-shirts, loose blouses, and short skirts.

Linen shirts and Bermuda pants are good options for both men and women, as they are breathable and comfy.

Pair them with flip-flops, or sandals and you’ll have yourself a casual summer outfit that is appropriate for such weather.

Girls should also pack some sundresses, but make sure to avoid wearing dark colors, as they retain heat from the sun.

The sea temperature goes as high as 29°C, which makes the water pleasantly warm and amazing to swim in.

On calm sunny days, go to the beach and enjoy having a swim or doing watersports while wearing your coolest bathing suit.

If you’re not into active holidays, lie on the beach and spend your day sunbathing and reading your favorite book, while wearing sunscreen and sunglasses for sun protection.

What to Wear in Key West in July?

July is known as the hottest month of the year in Key West. Just like June, it belongs in the hurricane season, so it’s still quite humid and rainy, with around 15 rainy days and precipitation of 90mm.

Due to the weather conditions, it’s not the most popular time to come on holiday. However, if you don’t mind the heat or the changeable weather, make the most of your Key West trip in July by doing fun activities like the Key West Marlin Tournament.

Average temperatures in July are around 29.5°C, but they reach their peak at 32°C.

While it’s too hot and unbearable for some, it’s ideal for those who enjoy the high temperatures and want to make use of the cheaper prices during the off-season period.

If you’re coming to Key West in July, make sure to bring some lightweight clothes, because that’s all you’ll need.

Bathing suits and swimming shorts are clothing items you’ll see most often, as everyone goes to the beach to freshen up on a hot summer day!

Complete your beach outfit by wearing some flip-flops, or slides, and don’t forget to protect your skin and eyes from the sun by putting on sunglasses and a sunhat.

If you want to go an extra step to look even more stylish, consider wearing jewelry such as ankle bracelets, to make you stand out at the beach!

For evening hours and a slight decrease in temperatures (about 27°C), wear elegant but still breathable clothes.

Men could pack polo shirts and elegant linen shirts paired with Bermuda pants for this occasion, whereas women should bring a fancy dress that won’t sit tight on their skin so that they’re comfortable.

Wear high heels or elegant flats to complete your summer outfit and head to a restaurant with a nice ocean view!

What to Wear in Key West in August?

August is another month in the summer season that consists of both sunny and rainy days accompanied by high temperatures.

Key West is pretty relaxed at this time of the year, as the storm-prone weather doesn’t attract large crowds of tourists.

You can even find a good deal when it comes to flights and accommodation so, if you’re ok with having changeable weather on your summer holiday, Key West is the perfect spot for you.

Key West Whiskey Fest as well as the Annual Key West Lobsterfest are just some of the events you can attend in August, to make your trip more fun!

The temperatures in August are around 29°C on average and they often go up to 32°C. If you’re visiting Key West at this time of the year, make sure to pack as much of your summer attire as you can. That includes bringing beachwear such as bikinis and cover-ups, and flip-flops.

For sightseeing and other outdoor activities, pack something that’s comfortable and cute like patterned sleeveless t-shirts, loose blouses, and crop tops.

Combine them with skorts or a mini skirt for a fashionable twist, or wear them with wide-fit linen trousers for comfort. Avoid wearing tight clothes as they don’t allow your skin to breathe in hot and humid weather.

Men should pack cotton t-shirts and tanks which they can wear with casual cotton shorts.

For the pleasant evenings with temperatures of about 26°C, a nice linen shirt could make their outfit a bit more fashionable and elegant, especially if paired with trousers, Bermuda pants, and loafers or moccasins.

What to Wear in Key West in September?

Even though September officially marks the beginning of the fall season, temperatures in Key West still remain quite high at this time of the year.

Along with the temperatures, rainy days and storms continue to hit Key West in September, making it the wettest month of the year.

There are approximately 19 rainy days during the month with 150mm of rainfall.

It is also the riskiest time to vacation in the Florida Keys as most hurricanes are expected to hit in September and October.

On the other hand, you can get the cheapest prices during this period so, if you rain and the possibility of hurricanes doesn’t steer you away from visiting Key West, book your flight and enjoy your vacation!

The average temperature during the day is 28.5°C, with its peak at 31°C, which is too much for some, but ideal weather for others!

Pack plenty of sheer tank tops, as well as cotton short-sleeved tees, and pair them with shorts or skirts.

The key is to be comfortable during the hot weather, so bring loose clothes that won’t stick to your skin.

Sundresses are also good options for girls, while guys can bring swimming shorts, Bermuda pants, and short linen trousers and wear them with sandals, slides, or loafers.

Despite the frequent rain, there are still sunny days in September so, if you’re heading to the beach, make sure to put on sun protection and wear glasses as the sun is very strong during the noon and early afternoon hours!

What to Wear in Key West in October?

October is low season in Key West so, if you decide to spend your holiday there, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a significant decrease in prices regarding flights and hotels and you’re bound to find a great deal.

Although it still being hurricane season, October is a more popular time to visit Key West than September, mostly due to more pleasant temperatures, so it’s ideal for a family holiday, especially at the beginning of the month.

Toward the end of October is when Fantasy Fest occurs so, if you’re looking for a party town for vacationing with friends, Key West is an ideal place for you!

Average daytime temperatures in October are around 26.5°C, which is more pleasant than the weather in September, though the temperature highs can go up to 29°C.

There is still some rainfall in October, so carry an umbrella with you wherever you go, as chances of experiencing rain storms are high.

Regardless of the rain, it’s still quite warm in Key West and you might want to pack some clothes you’d normally pack for a summer holiday.

That includes bralette tops with high-waisted shorts, floral-patterned summer dresses, and sandals.

In case of rainfall, make sure to at least bring a pair of sneakers, so your feet don’t get wet. The sea temperature is 28°C which is ideal for beach lovers.

If you’re planning on getting a tan, you can definitely do so because there are approximately 8 hours of sunshine during the drier days.

Put on your favorite swimsuit and wear sunscreen for protection!

Men should find packing a bit easier, as they mostly need short-sleeved cotton tees, tank tops, or polo shirts, depending on their vacation activities.

If you’re going on a tour around the town, or a long walk, wear comfortable clothing made from light materials, such as linen, and pair them with sports shoes.

Swimming shorts and flip-flops are essential for a beach getaway and consider bringing something more elegant for a night out such as denim shorts, a long-sleeved linen shirt, and some loafers, as the temperature drops a bit to the pleasant 24°C.

What to Wear in Key West in November?

The hurricane season is gradually coming to an end in November, so Key West is slowly starting to have more pleasant weather, with fewer chances of precipitation.

There are approximately 9 rainy days during the month with 80mm of rain. There aren’t large crowds yet, as the dry season starts in December, but you can find tourists coming to Key West for the pre-holiday season.

If you decide to travel there in November, you can attend interesting events such as celebrating Thanksgiving on the water or watching the World Championship Power Boat Races.

The average daytime temperature in Key West in November is a pleasant 24.5°C, with highs of 27°C and lows of about 22°C.

When packing for your trip, consider bringing layers, because the weather is changeable, due to the sea breeze and humidity. For the average highs, pack shorts and mini skirts, accompanied by crop tops and short-sleeved tees.

It’s also advisable to pack something longer such as jeans, or a pair of sweatpants for the daily lows.

Packing a light denim jacket would be a good thing to have for breezy evenings, as it will keep you warm and spice up your outfit as well.

What to Wear in Key West in December?

The dry season in Key West officially starts in December and lasts all the way till April.

There is significantly less rainfall, with only 50mm of rain and a total of 9 rainy days. The temperatures, however, go down a bit as well, but you’ll still get to enjoy Christmas, or New Year’s Eve in a nice, warm place.

When packing for your Key West trip in December, bear in mind that the average temperature ranges from 20°C to 25°C.

It’s not hot as in the previous months, but it’s much more pleasant and suitable for many outdoor activities.

You should consider bringing short-sleeved t-shirts and lightweight blouses for the daily highs and pair them with linen trousers or denim shorts.

As for the lower temperatures, jeans make a great option for both men and women.

Throw on a lightweight denim or leather jacket if you’re going sailing and you’ll be both warm and chic.

Sneakers are great when it comes to footwear because you can wear them in all weather conditions throughout December and they can make your outfit look casual yet cool!

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