What To Pack and Wear In Houston For 2023?

When someone mentions the state of Texas, you probably immediately think of cowboys, southern accent and the wild west.

However, the era of cowboys ended 200 years ago, but they are still linked by strong symbolism.

Today, Texas is a modern and developed state and does not resemble at all what it once was.

This American state is known for its cuisine, history, and unique culture.

In addition, there is an oil source here, as well as the home NASA’s mission control.

If you are planning a trip to Texas, you must also see the largest city in this state, which offers a lot of rich content and various attractions.

The city that attracts more and more travelers every year is Houston and you should not miss it.

It is the fourth largest city in the United States, and has more than two million people.

Every lover of the underwater world and celestial bodies should visit this city.

It’s really worth seeing because it offers a lot of diverse content, from history to fashion.

In the rest of the text, we will focus on the Houston fashion scene, which undoubtedly deserves the attention of the world.

Some of the most outstanding worldwide desinger call this city home, and their creations can be seen all over the planet.

Houston fashion is very similar to New York or Chicago fashion. Houstonians tend to wear lighter and airier clothes.

They mostly choose materials like cotton and linen.

We’ve established all of the main criteria that will be important to you throughout your time in Houston to help you fit into their style.

Whether you’re travelling for a few days or a longer vacation, we’ll give you some pointers on how to effectively prepare for your trip.

Tips and advice on what to bring in your suitcase are provided below.

What To Pack for Houston?

Every packing is not an easy task, but if you have a list of necessary things for the trip, then don’t worry, everything will be according to plan.

Follow the list so you won’t forget anything. However, every packing depends on the destination as well as the type of trip.

When it comes to Houston, we’ll guide you on what to pack in your luggage to make your stay there more pleasant and relaxing.

Throughout the year, the temperature here is high, and the city is extremely humid, so we recommend you bring light clothes and shoes.

The most important criterion when choosing it is the materials, so we recommend natural fibers, not synthetics.

If you travel to Houston in the spring, it is necessary to bring t-shirts, thin pants, skirts, sneakers, and sandals.

During this period, due to the changeable weather, keep an umbrella handy.

The spring season is beautiful in Houston, make the most of it by visiting the parks, going shopping, or dining.

If you are going to a restaurant, bring a more elegant outfit, shorts, jeans or a cocktail dress.

Don’t miss the museum quarter, but also the famous gallery modeled after the one in Milan.

Summers are hot in Texas, but the nights are chilly.

Our recommendation for this time is good footwear and hiking shoes and water shoes. Bring bright-colored summer clothes.

Don’t go anywhere without a water bottle or hydration pack.

Autumn is cold in Houston, so we advise you to bring a jacket, sweater, and jeans.

Sometimes you also need gloves and a scarf, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have those in your suitcase just in case.

Winter is mild, and not very cold, so pack light clothes, shorts, and light jackets. Bring a bathing suit.

In addition to all the mentioned tips, the most important thing is to take a good mood with you wherever you go.

What to wear and what to not wear in Houston

Packing is the first thing that comes to mind while getting ready for a vacation to Houston.

If you are traveling in the spring or summer, wear lighter, more breathable clothing.

If you are traveling in the fall or winter, wear warmer clothing.

We recommend that you wear a lighter color of clothing.

Avoid dark colors when going to Houston because they attract the sun and you may sweat more than usual.

Houstonians prefer comfort, so let’s say suits are only worn in the workplace, not during everyday life.

You can often see Houston women wearing fashionable flip-flops rather than heels.

Brightly colored cardigans and jeans are a great choice, so make sure you always have them packed.

When it comes to men, it would be best if they wear business casual clothes, shirts, trousers, and shoes or sneakers. Jeans with holes or frayed fabrics should not be worn.

The only sign of Houston’s Wild West past is the ubiquitous cowboy boots worn to this day.

When you walk around town you can see men and women wearing them.

Guys wear them under pants, and ladies with jeans or skirts. You can buy these boots anywhere in the city.

If you’re wondering what you shouldn’t wear in Houston. Cowboy hats are the answer to that. Except at the Rodeo, a cattle show held once a month.

Follow our tips when in Houston and you won’t go wrong.

Dress code

You are probably wondering how to dress when visiting Houston and if there is a dress code.

There are usually dress standards in some restaurants.

For example, hats, thin tops, flip-flops, and athletic wear are not recommended.

A nice collared shirt, slacks, jeans without holes, and comfortable shoes are perfectly acceptable.

As for state institutions such as courts, it is advised to wear business casual clothing.

For everyday wardrobe, Houstonians generally choose workout clothes like yoga pants and training pants that match sneakers in the same color.

However, always wear conservative clothing and lean more toward business casual than casual attire when in doubt.

These tips will help you fit in very quickly.

What To Wear In Houston In January?

This city has frigid weather during January, while temperatures occasionally drop below zero.

Houston’s weather is categorized as humid subtropical with tropical influences.

The coldest month of the year is January, and the temperature is 11.7 °C.

We recommend that you visit Houston during this month because the city’s biggest attractions are best enjoyed during the winter.

If you are planning a visit to this great city, you must also be well-equipped for the trip.

Our advice is to bring at least one pair of pants, a cardigan, and a sweater because it can get cold in air-conditioned buildings in this city.

Pack warm weather clothes for winter in your suitcase, and also bring at least two pairs of pants and a long-sleeved shirt.

Bring a coat to keep you warm throughout your visit to Houston if you want to appear sophisticated.

In addition, you will need gloves and a hat.

What To Wear In Houston In February?

Houston is best visited between November and February. In comparison to the Summers and Monsoons, which are a mix of hot and humid, the environment during this season is rather nice.

In February, the average temperature in this city ranged from a high of 19°C to a low of 9°C.

We advise you to bring light shirts, pants, and jackets for cold nights. If you plan to explore the surrounding areas, bring boots because there is snow in some places.

Don’t forget your hat and gloves you might need during your stay here. You don’t need heavy coats or thick jackets, instead choose light layers, lighter jackets, or sweaters.

The weather often changes during the winter season, so we recommend that you check the forecast before packing so you know what to pack for your trip.

What To Wear In Houston In March?

In this “most diverse” city, the weather is changing, so you can expect sunshine and warm days.

With the arrival of spring, nature changes, everything starts to bloom, the parks are full of greenery and beautiful flowers that are worth seeing.

The daily temperature usually ranges from 24°C to 27°C or more. During the day is 13°C, as well as at night.

The beginning of bluebonnet and crayfish season starts this month, so if you happen to be here, it would be desirable to have that experience as well.

Considering that the weather is warm in Houston, bring t-shirts, thin pants, skirts, and lightweight shoes.

For evening walks, bring a cardigan, a long-sleeved blouse, and a light jacket.

It is important to note that an umbrella is also carried due to occasional rainfall.

What To Wear In Houston In April?

During April, Houston is quite warm. Pleasant weather attracts an increasing number of tourists, so this period is the most ideal for visiting this city.

The average daily temperature is 21 °C.

Lovers of water sports already in April have the opportunity to swim in the sea, because the water is very pleasant, which allows them to enjoy diving, rowing, sailing, or some other sport for a long time.

If you decide on this variant, bring a bathing suit.

For this season, prefer a lighter wardrobe such as t-shirts, tank tops, and short-sleeved shirts but also long-sleeved shirts, jeans, and comfortable shoes.

What To Wear In Houston In May?

One of the largest cities in America is known for its humidity, especially in May and it lasts until September.

In this period, the air is not clean either, and this happens in the transitional period between spring and autumn.

The average temperature is 27 °C. The days are longer and there are plenty of sunny days, while the nights are shorter.

For this time of year, we recommend more breathable clothing such as tops, t-shirts, and shorts.

In addition, you can bring jeans and a long-sleeved shirt because the temperature drops at night. 

What To Wear In Houston In June?

This month is very sunny in this city. In June, summer begins and nicer weather starts.

Although sometimes it is extremely hot in this city during the summer period, so excessive exposure to the sun is not recommended.

The average daily temperature is around 32.8°C, but at night it drops by several degrees.

The best choice of clothing for this extremely hot season is clothing such as t-shirts and shorts but also dresses.

Our advice is to avoid excessively tight things, as well as dark clothes that attract more and more sunlight, so don’t wear it. 

What To Wear In Houston In July?

One of the hottest cities in Texas is Houston. The temperature is very high, but it goes over 34 °C, although it can often vary.

Even this month, it is not recommended to go outside when the temperatures are excessively high.

Numerous festivals are held outdoors throughout the summer, but they can also be difficult because it’s high hurricane season.

If you are planning your vacation here, you must bring the appropriate wardrobe. The best option is t-shirts, shorts, and sandals.

You must always have sunglasses and sunscreen in your suitcase.

What To Wear In Houston In August?

In Texas city, August is considered the hottest month of the year. Although the weather is hot and humid in this period, there are also a lot of tourists.

The average temperature in August is 29.2°C.

If you are planning your trip to Houston during this period, you have the opportunity to see numerous activities, festivals, concerts, and other events.

It is best to prefer clothes made of natural materials. Linen or cotton shorts, lighter-colored tops, dresses, slippers, and sandals are great choices.

The most important thing is that you are comfortable, that nothing constricts you, and then you will feel great.

What To Wear In Houston In September?

The most ideal month to explore the city in September. The autumn season has begun and brings a more pleasant climate.

A transitional period begins, one season ends and another begins.

This fall season also brings a more pleasant climate. The average daily temperature in Houston is 31.3°C.

Our recommendation for this time of year is t-shirts, jeans, and shoes.

For an evening walk, you can choose a more modest outfit, a knee-length dress or shorts, although pants are also a good option.

Put one pair of ankle boots in your suitcase, they might come in handy for walking around the city.

What To Wear In Houston In October?

It is still warm in many parts of the country, expecially in October.

Although the autumn period has arrived, there is no rain and cold period, but sunny days that are unavoidable, which is great for visiting Houston.

The average temperature is around 21°C which is really pleasant weather. We advise you to dress according to the climate.

Pack a few quality items of clothing in your luggage. Choose a denim skirt, T-shirt, and sandals.

With it, bring a long-sleeved blouse, pants, jeans, and a light jacket.

What To Wear In Houston In November?

The cold period in Houston occurs in November. The weather is very changeable, especially in winter.

The average temperature in this month is 16 °C and it’s not that cold.

For this chilly month, we suggest you bring a lighter coat, scarf, hat, and gloves. You will be comfortable and warm feeling great.

Choose sweaters and jeans, as well as boots and leather shoes, are excellent solutions.

At the end of the month, cooler and more stable weather arrives, so we advise you to bring warmer clothes.

When choosing clothes, always keep in mind that you want comfort and convenience.

What To Wear In Houston In December?

The holiday euphoria is felt in December in Houston, which is an ideal occasion for all visitors.

At this time of the year, there are crowds on the streets, especially because of the numerous events throughout the city.

The diverse content includes festivals, activities for children, various exhibitions, and other programs.

The average temperature in December is 10°C and very solid weather.

Prefer a jacket with lighter shades, a thinner coat, sneakers, and shoes, that would be enough for the winter period.

Don’t forget the boots because they are effective, and you will be noticed everywhere and you will easily fit into the soul of the city.

If you want to look beautiful and chic, follow these tips and you won’t mess up.

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