What to Pack and Wear in Guatemala For 2023?

Guatemala is one of the most popular countries in Central America and numerous tourists visit it every year.

As its name itself means, the “land of many trees” is best known for its amazing landscapes, volcanoes, and ancient Mayan temples that are breathtaking.

If you’re planning a short visit or a long vacation in Guatemala, make sure to keep reading as we offer you some useful tips on how to dress and what to pack to make your stay as comfortable and trendy as possible!

What to Wear in Guatemala in January?

At this time of year, the weather in Guatemala is characterized by dry, warm days, with an average temperature of about 26°C to 29°C in most of the country, making it comfortable and suitable for tourists to visit and enjoy outdoor activities such as trekking, volcano climbing and exploring ancient Mayan temples in Tikal national park.

Make sure to pack lots of lightweight clothes to wear during your Guatemala trip, as you’ll probably be spending plenty of time outside.

To feel comfortable, wear breathable fabrics, such as cotton or linen.

T-shirts, shorts, and leggings might be a good option, especially if you go trekking or exploring ancient temples.

Bring a pair of comfy sneakers and a backpack to carry all your essentials on your expedition.

The hottest temperatures are around 31°C on the Caribbean coast, so if you’re going there, you should bring your best summer outfits which keep your body cool but also make you look stylish!

Pack plenty of sundresses, shorts, skirts, and crop tops, and enjoy the summer weather in January.

In Quetzaltenango in the mountains, average temperatures are about 21°C, which allows you to make the most of your trip while enjoying pleasant weather throughout your stay.

Bring T-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans and lightweight trousers, but also make sure to bring warm clothes, as it gets cold at night.

A pair of comfy Uggs, a sweater, and a parka might come in handy!

What to Wear in Guatemala in February?

Like the rest of the countries in the Northern Hemisphere, February is the middle of the winter in Guatemala.

However, it’s not your typical winter weather there, as it has lots of warm and pleasant days, bright blue skies, and picturesque countryside landscapes.

February is an ideal month to visit this country in Central America.

It is not as busy as during the holiday season, so you don’t have to worry about being in large crowds of tourists.

You can make the most of your sunny winter holiday by visiting popular places such as Antigua or going to the Coffee Harvest Festival in Frajianes, which offers you coffee farm tours you’ll definitely enjoy.

The average temperature in the Highlands is about 24°C.

If you’re planning to explore the mountain region of Guatemala, pack some lightweight but comfortable clothes to wear during the warm days, such as shorts and T-shirts.

For the cooler evenings, bring a cardigan and some jeans, with a warm jacket to throw on top, to keep you warm and cozy.

For those traveling to the Pacific Coast, there will be about eight hours of sunshine a day, with average temperatures of 31°C, so you’ll be able to wear your coolest summer attire during your holiday.

Women should pack plenty of skirts, flowy dresses, and light silk shirts, while men can bring some polo shirts, denim shorts, and linen trousers for nice, evening strolls.

What to Wear in Guatemala in March?

March represents one of the hottest months of the year in Guatemala, as it marks the end of the winter season and the beginning of spring.

There’s almost no rainfall and temperatures typically go above 32°C.

For all the fans of hot, sunny weather, March is the perfect time to visit Guatemala’s ancient volcanic lakes, hot springs, or perhaps Chilascó Waterfall, which is one of the largest waterfalls in Central America.

Prepare for your trip by packing the best-looking swimsuits and sandals in case you want to hit the beach and enjoy the summer vibes in March, looking as trendy as ever!

Bring as many thin dresses as you can fit into your suitcase as well as some evening dresses for romantic sunset strolls and heels if you decide to hit the popular Guatemalan nightlife spots!

As for men, pack some elegant shirts and linen pants for the evening and cotton T-shirts and shorts for daily activities under the hot sun! Make sure to wear a hat as well as to put on sunscreen, too!

It still gets a bit chilly in the mountain area, especially during the night, so make sure to pack a vest or a bomber jacket to put on over a long-sleeved T-shirt or a jumper, in case you feel cold.

If you want to go trekking, it’s best if you go in the morning to try and catch the best view of the beautiful landscape before the cloudy afternoons hit.

What to Wear in Guatemala in April?

April is one of the best months in the year to come and visit Guatemala if you want to witness traditional events and ceremonies.

It is popular with tourists during “Semana Santa”, i.e. “Holy Week”, which is the week before the Easter holidays.

During these few days, you can attend plenty of festivities and parades as well as be able to see the beautiful, colorful carpets decorating the streets of Guatemalan cities.

Temperatures in April often go above 32°C throughout the country, with little to no rainfall, as it’s still dry season, so you’ll be able to have a blast on your holiday and enjoy the dazzling, sunny days.

For both men and women, make sure to pack clothes with breathable fabrics, so that you feel cool and comfortable during the day.

Anything loose is a perfect choice, whether it is cotton or silk blouses, sundresses, or modern linen trousers.

As for footwear, bring a pair of sandals, flip-flops, and loafers, as well as sports shoes in case you want to go on a hike.

Because of the hot temperatures and high humidity levels before the start of the rainy season in May, be sure to steer away from dark colors and heavy materials that absorb heat.

What to Wear in Guatemala in May?

Spring season in Guatemala officially ends in May.

It also marks the beginning of the rainy season, so be prepared for a lot of humid mornings and heavy rain in the afternoons, with intermittent tropical storms.

It isn’t peak season in Guatemala when it comes to tourism, so you’re most likely to avoid herds of tourists, but it still has some nice things to offer, such as Lake Atitlán.

The temperature is quite warm and pleasant, reaching its peak at 28°C to 32°C in the Central Highlands and lowlands.

Bring something that makes you feel comfortable, with breathable fabrics, such as cotton T-shirts and blouses.

Also, make sure to bring skirts and dresses (for women) and loose pants so that you’re able to move around without clothes sticking to your skin.

The temperature can still drop to around 8°C at night in the mountain region of Quetzaltenango, so you’ll want to pack a light winter jacket or a nice coat to keep you warm, but still fashionable.

What to Wear in Guatemala in June?

The summer season starts in June, but it can still get quite rainy in Guatemala, so it doesn’t look like your typical summer for sure!

The days normally begin with bright skies and sunny weather, which make Guatemala a perfect place to explore during that time of the day.

If you’re going to the Pacific coast in June, you’ll be able to see the Turtle Nesting Season, when sea turtles go to the beaches of Guatemala to lay eggs, which is an amazing experience.

The temperature average is 30°C, so it is essential to pack anything you’d normally bring to your summer vacation.

Lots of tank tops, dresses, and mini skirts can be good choices for women who can’t wait for hot summer days.

As for men, cotton T-shirts and Bermuda shorts are the perfect outfits for going out and about during the daytime.

In the afternoons, you can expect anything from a drizzle to a long thunderstorm, which is perfect if you love watching the rain from your balcony or the coziness of your room!

It is still warm, so if you don’t mind having an afternoon stroll in the rain, just make sure to bring your umbrella and have fun!

What to Wear in Guatemala in July?

Being in the middle of the summer season, July is the busiest month in Guatemala and there are a large number of tourists every year.

It is also one of the months with the most humidity, which can make it unbearable for some to make the most of their vacation.

For those who don’t mind the heat and the humid weather, or the crowds, Guatemala is the perfect choice to explore and have fun during the summer season.

There are more hot and sunny days than in rainy June, with temperatures of about 32°C.

If you’re visiting Guatemala in July, pack some wide-leg pants, skirts, and dresses that are loose-fitting to stay cool.

Men should also wear loose, linen shirts and shorts in lighter colors, in order not to attract heat from the sun.

In Guatemala City and Cobán, the average temperature is the pleasant 23°C in the daytime, but it can decrease to 15°C in the evening hours, so if you’re visiting this region, bring some jeans and long-sleeved T-shirts, with a sweatshirt or a cardigan to throw on top.

What to Wear in Guatemala in August?

In August, the average temperatures go from 21°C to 32°C across Guatemala.

Depending on the region you’re visiting, make sure to pack properly for your trip.

For warm and pleasant temperatures of about 21°C, pack some short-sleeved T-shirts and jeans that you can pair up with trendy sneakers or loafers.

For hotter temperatures, wear lightweight clothing such as crop tops, loose shorts and trousers, and, of course, a swimsuit.

In Quetzaltenango and the mountain region, temperatures go as low as 10°C at night, so think about bringing something you can layer, like a long-sleeved T-shirt with a sweater to throw on top, along with a puffer jacket or a coat to keep you warm, as well a pair of boots.

Significant rainfall is in the coastal regions, with the possibility of tropical storms on the Caribbean side of the country, which can cause floods.

If you’re planning your trip to Guatemala, have this in mind, and bring some rubber boots and a raincoat, to make sure you’re dry and comfortable in case this happens.

What to Wear in Guatemala in September?

September is the end of the summer season in Guatemala.

Though it’s still technically summer, there’s significantly more rainfall than any other time of the year, which makes September the wettest month, along with October.

If your trip to Guatemala is scheduled for September, make sure to always have an umbrella with you, because high chances of heavy rain.

Also, a raincoat and some waterproof shoes to keep you dry.

The temperature in the tropical lowlands is that of about 30°C, so pack clothes that will keep you cool during the day, such as lightweight T-shirts and blouses, paired up with some shorts.

In the Highlands, the daytime temperature reaches 23°C, which makes it more pleasant and comfortable to spend time outdoors.

Bring casual and comfortable clothes, such as leggings, sweatpants and thinner T-shirts.

Bear in mind that it gets down to about 10°C in this region, so you’d want to pack a parka or a winter jacket to keep your body warm.

What to Wear in Guatemala in October?

Just like September, October is also considered the wettest month of them all with the heaviest rainfall in Guatemala.

Because of this, there aren’t as many visitors, especially at the beginning and the middle of the month, which is good for those who want to avoid crowds of tourists.

The prices are considerably lower too, which makes it a good month to explore the country, regardless of the amount of rain you’ll experience.

The Highlands is still the most pleasant part of Guatemala to visit at this time, with warm and comfortable temperatures of about 23°C during the day, so it’s enough to pack a few T-shirts, trousers, and a vest in case it gets a bit windy.

If you’re going on a trek or doing other outdoor activities, pack at least one pair of sports leggings and sneakers.

It remains hot and humid on the Caribbean coast, with temperatures of around 30°C, so pack some summer clothes to keep you cool.

Keep an eye on the weather forecast before your travel, because tropical storms are still a pretty common occurrence at this time of year.

What to Wear in Guatemala in November?

Officially the best time to visit the country is from November to April, which marks the warm and dry season, or, the so-called “Verano”.

There are more visitors than in September, but it’s still not very crowded, so you can enjoy your November trip to Guatemala with the possibility to attend many cultural events and enjoy the amazing scenery of its nature.

The average temperature is 27°C and it is less humid than a previous couple of months, making it arguably the best time to visit this beautiful country.

Avoid fabrics such as polyester or nylon, as they retain heat and bring something lightweight and comfortable, like clothing made from linen and cotton. T-shirts, shirts and short skirts, and Bermuda shorts are good options.

In Quetzaltenango and the Highlands, it can be a bit colder at night.

In case you find yourself in that area, bring a jacket or a coat and pack a pair of boots just in case you need them!

What to Wear in Guatemala in December?

December is the time of winter festivities and celebrations all around the globe.

It marks the peak of the winter season and everyone enjoys the warm atmosphere of the Christmas holidays.

If you decide to spend your winter break in Guatemala, you’ll be welcomed with warm, dry, and sunny days with almost no rain.

In the mountain areas, temperatures are about 20°C, so it’s perfect for a light, short-sleeved T-shirt and jeans in the daytime, but a warm jacket during the evening hours, as it does get quite chilly.

In the tropical lowlands, temperatures reach 30°C, so make sure to bring out your best summer outfits, bringing lots of shorts, skirts, and loose, comfortable pants and dresses.

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