What to Pack and Wear in Finland For 2023?

Scandinavia is the region in northern Europe that gets everyone’s attention.

Finland is a country famous for its snowy landscapes, winter sports, and interesting history.

If you’ve decided to spend your vacation in Finland, you might be confused about what you should pack for your trip.

Packing itself gets pretty stressful, and having to research the weather can put your spirits down!

Don’t worry – we have you covered!

Keep reading and you’ll get all the important info on temperatures in Finland throughout the year, as well as some of our tips on how to pack for the trip effectively and still look cool and modern!

What to Wear in Finland in January?

For all those who love winter sports or simply want to explore the exceptional beauty of Nordic Wonderland, Finland is the perfect spot for you!

You might even get to experience seeing the Northern Lights, called the Aurora borealis, throughout the country in January, and that is something unforgettable!

It’s the middle of the winter season in January, and you’ll notice that the days are pretty short and nights extremely long (up to 19 hours of darkness in Helsinki).

Temperatures are different depending on where in the country you want to go.

In the southern part, it is significantly warmer than in the north, but it’s still quite cold compared to the rest of the countries in Europe.

The average temperature in Finland is -7°C at this time of the year, but even colder in some places in the Arctic Circle, further in the north, and it is snowy everywhere in the country.

Bring as many winter clothing items as you possibly can, because you’ll put them to good use!

It is very important to know to dress in layers while in Finland, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t deal with cold weather very well.

Pack lots of woolen sweaters, and wear long-sleeved t-shirts underneath. It’s essential to bring a winter jacket, preferably the duck-down one.

Those jackets are a great choice because they are a very good insulator, so they’ll retain heat, and keep you warm.

Bring some good-quality snow boots, because that will be the only footwear you’ll be able to wear, without getting your feet wet from the snow.

What to Wear in Finland in February?

Along with January, February is the coldest month of the year in Finland.

Despite the cold, it remains one of the best periods for Finnish tourism, as people from all over the world come to enjoy its incredible landscapes and do plenty of skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports.

The average low temperature across the country is still -7°C, with its peak at -2°C, so it’s advisable to bundle up whenever you’re heading outside.

A jumper over a shirt sounds like a good way to make sure you’ve put on some layers and still look fashionable.

Jeans might not be the best, but if you wear them with thicker tights underneath, you won’t feel that cold. It’s very important to wear a good winter jacket outside so that you’re always warm and cozy.

For those who don’t mind wearing real fur, a fur coat is ideal because it retains heat perfectly.

Top off your winter outfit by wearing a fur hat or a beanie and some gloves.

Don’t forget a woolen scarf, to make sure your neck is covered in the cold.

What to Wear in Finland in March?

Even though March represents the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, it doesn’t quite look like it in Finland, as the temperatures are still significantly low throughout the country.

It is, however, different from a previous couple of months in this Scandinavian country, because the days start getting increasingly longer, so you’ll have more things to do in the daylight.

You can still do any winter sports you want, such as skiing or going on a snowmobile safari, which can be quite an adventure!

If you’re not into outdoor activities, you can enjoy having a glass of mulled wine, while sitting in a cozy cafe.

The average temperature is -3°, which is slightly warmer compared to February, but it’s still very cold.

Do not put away your jacket and snow boots if you’re intending to visit Finland in March, because those will be your key clothing pieces for any given time of the day.

Skiing pants and jackets are your go-to choice if you’re planning to do some sports, but also for having a casual walk in the cold.

For both men and women, it’s essential to accessorize properly, so make sure to pack winter caps, woolen gloves, and scarves, so that you’re warm when you venture on a stroll in the snowy landscape.

What to Wear in Finland in April?

April is the month when you can experience springtime in Finland, even if it’s for a short period.

The streets are slowly defrosting now, so it’s more pleasant, but there’s still some snow, especially in Lapland.

The temperatures are gradually increasing, with an average in April being around 3°C, and even up to 7°C in Helsinki and other cities in the south of Finland.

Along with the temperatures being above 0°C, it’s much more comfortable and pleasant to be outside, the days are also getting longer, so the atmosphere in the country is very lively and optimistic.

Despite the increasing temperatures, it remains cold, so you’ll still need a duck-down winter jacket, or at least a very thick woolen coat to keep your body warm.

Wear a knitted turtleneck or a cashmere sweater underneath with some jeans or thicker trousers, and pair them up with snow boots, and you’ll have a practical yet fashionable outfit.

As you move towards the northern part of the country, it’s much colder.

In Kajaani, which is in central Finland, expect temperatures between 5℃ and -4℃ with an average rainfall of 14 days.

If you’re traveling further north, you’ll be welcomed by the dark Arctic winter and temperatures below zero, so make sure to wear as many layers as you can so you’re always warm.

What to Wear in Finland in May?

The spring season truly begins in May, with significantly longer days and temperatures that are more pleasant than in the previous months.

If you’re planning your vacation to Finland in May, you will have a chance to experience the famous midnight sun.

Basically, in the north, the sun doesn’t set fully from May to August but merely dips in the sky at night.

This is a unique opportunity to get a glimpse of what it’s like for the locals to have a period in the year when there’s practically no nightfall at all.

The average temperature across the country is 10°C. It’s quite dry in May, so you shouldn’t expect much rainfall.

There is, however, still the need to pack your winter essentials for your Finland trip, as it’s more pleasant, but not that warm yet.

Bring a winter coat or a jacket for when the temperature drops at night, but during the day, you can enjoy the sunny weather and outdoor activities wearing a parka or a lighter coat.

Woolen sweaters and thicker long-sleeved tees are also good items to have, as you can wear them with jeans and boots to create a cool outfit!

What to Wear in Finland in June?

Summer in Finland is short but sweet, and it officially starts in June.

The days are considerably longer than in the spring and winter, so make the most of them on your trip, and enjoy the outdoor activities and the green countryside.

The Finnish people celebrate a national holiday called Midsummer from 20th to 26th June, so if you’ve booked your vacation at that time of the month, you’ll witness the national celebration of the long-awaited summer in the country.

There are traditional bonfires and concerts held across the country, so it is quite an eventful time of the year.

The average June temperature is around 15°C, so the weather is quite mild and pleasant.

You can enjoy the higher temperatures by wearing a leather jacket with a long-sleeved t-shirt and some jeans.

Women can even pack short skirts or knitted dresses to pair up with ankle boots, but it’s still a good idea to wear them with tights because it’s not that warm yet!

Men should pack sweatshirts and cotton t-shirts to pair up with a bomber jacket and some good jeans.

Pack some sneakers as June is pretty dry, and there’s almost no rainfall.

In Helsinki, temperatures can rise to 20°C, so if you’re going there, pack some short-sleeved t-shirts or blouses for warmer weather, but always have a cardigan or a lightweight denim jacket in case the temperature drops, especially in the evening hours.

If you’re traveling to the Lapland region, bear in mind that the northern part of the country is still colder and possibly covered with snow, so bring your winter attire, such as warm sweaters and winter jackets.

What to Wear in Finland in July?

July is the perfect month to visit Finland, especially for those of you who adore warm summer weather and long sunny days!

It’s mid-summer season in Finland, so both locals and tourists get to enjoy some days off and spend them in the lovely nature and fun outdoor activities.

Even if Finland isn’t considered to be the first choice for a summer vacation, and you might think it’s on the cheaper side, you should think twice!

This isn’t a low-budget destination, so be prepared to pay a bit more for accommodation, as well as in restaurants and bars.

Also, you’ll often find yourself in crowds throughout the month, because there are plenty of people enjoying the Finnish summer.

Apart from being the busiest, July is also the warmest month of the year in Finland. The average temperature is 17°C.

You can prepare yourself for the summer holidays, by packing lightweight clothing, such as short-sleeved t-shirts and shirts, ripped jeans, or comfy sweatpants.

Flats and sneakers are good footwear options, especially if you’re planning to go on long walks during the day.

In central and southern parts of the country, it gets even warmer, with temperatures occasionally soaring to 30°C.

In that case, bring some sleeveless tops, mini skirts, and sandals, so you can enjoy the hot weather and still be comfortable and cool.

Men could pack linen shirts and trousers, as well as polo shirts and short denim pants, and pair them up with loafers or sneakers.

Bring a hat and put on your sunglasses, and you’ll have a cool summer outfit!

What to Wear in Finland in August?

The summer season reaches its peak in August in most of the countries in the Northern Hemisphere, but in Finland, this is considered to be the shoulder season.

The country isn’t so crowded with tourists, and you can find hotel accommodations and book tours for a significantly lower price compared to June and July.

Despite being one of the warmest months of the year, temperatures in August tend to go down a bit, so expect an average temperature of 15°C.

Although it’s starting to feel a bit autumny, you’ll still get to enjoy outdoor activities, such as hiking, cycling, or going on boat tours.

When packing, imagine you’re going on a spring vacation.

It’s recommended to bring clothes for mild weather, so cotton long-sleeved t-shirts and blazers on top can be a good combination.

Jeans go with almost anything, and they’re great for this kind of weather because you won’t feel too hot or cold.

For both men and women, it’s advisable to pack a lightweight jacket, so that you have something to throw over your outfit, in case you feel a chilly breeze, especially in the evening time.

A stylish bomber jacket or a suede biker jacket might be a great thing to spice up your attire.

August is wetter than July, so expect some rainfall, and be prepared for it by packing rubber boots, and a rain jacket, and carry an umbrella in your bag, just in case!

What to Wear in Finland in September?

Autumn officially starts in September, and if you’re visiting Finland during this period, you’ll be able to experience it first-hand!

There are no warm, summer days lingering like in other countries.

On the contrary, temperatures drop significantly, with an average being around 10°C.

It’s also quite wet in Finland in September, so be prepared for rainy days and cloudy skies.

You’ll still get to enjoy the fall weather, as it isn’t particularly freezing, and the colors of leaves turn red, orange, and yellow, creating a picturesque landscape many people adore!

For this kind of weather, it’s best to pack a lot of layers.

A puffer jacket might be the perfect choice for outwear because it isn’t very thick but it’s quite good at keeping you warm.

If you opt for a more elegant outfit, choose a lightweight coat you can pair up with a cashmere sweater and a tweed mini skirt with knee-high boots.

Besides packing a warm jacket, men should also bring thicker cotton hoodies and sweatshirts, especially if they’re fond of sporty fashion.

You can wear sneakers or shoes on your feet, but bring a pair of rain boots, because it can get quite wet in September.

What to Wear in Finland in October?

If you’re fond of going on a city break in the mid-season of autumn and enjoying the beautiful fall scenery, visiting Finland in October might be the right choice for you.

Go to the capital (Helsinki), Turku, or Jyväskylä, while it’s not too cold, and enjoy experiencing the local culture and eating traditional food such as Karelian stew and Rye bread, which is Finns’ favorite.

These cities have a lot of history, too, so you’ll see beautiful architecture all around.

The days are shorter and the temperatures are slowly going down to about 5°C.

Make sure to pack warm clothes and fabrics such as wool, cashmere, and corduroy. Bring plenty of jumpers, as well as thicker pants and jeans, and combine them with a coat and some good-quality boots.

In the northern parts of the country, like the Lapland region, you can experience rain that quickly turns into snow, because of the decreasing temperatures, so make sure to bundle up if you’re heading there.

Fur coats, gloves, and winter hats are a must, as well as snow boots. Bring those and you won’t have to worry about feeling cold at any time.

There’s even a chance to see the Aurora borealis again, so that’s another perk of traveling to Finland in October.

What to Wear in Finland in November?

In Finland, November marks the end of fall and the beginning of the winter season.

The days are getting significantly shorter and darker and it’s pretty wet throughout the month, with lots of rain that turn into snow in the north.

Despite being gloomy, November in Finland still offers you plenty of things to do and places to visit.

Depending on whether you’re a city breaker or snow lover, you’ll always find a way to keep yourself entertained in this beautiful country.

In most of Finland, average temperatures are about 0°C, so it’s significantly colder than in previous months.

Pack for a winter holiday, so include lots of sweaters and knitted t-shirts.

Winter jackets and coats are a must because they will keep you warm during cold days and nights.

Wear comfortable flat boots if you’re going on a tour around Helsinki or Tampere, and snow boots if you’re heading toward the north of the country.

Always have a winter cap on, which you can pair up with matching woolen gloves, making your outfit quite practical, but still fashionable enough to stand out in the crowd.

What to Wear in Finland in December?

It’s finally the winter holidays season, and what’s better than spending Christmas in Santa’s mythical home of Lapland?

If you’re up for experiencing a truly white Christmas, head to the north of Finland and you’ll have a winter holiday to remember!

Even though it’s not the coldest, December is the darkest month of them all.

The days are short, with only six hours of daylight in Helsinki and other southern places.

If you’re traveling further in the north, bear in mind that the sun doesn’t rise in midwinter.

However, there’s still plenty to do, because the streets are beautifully decorated with dazzling lights, as people go to the famous Christmas market and enjoy outdoor winter activities and sports.

The average temperature in Finland in December is -4°C in most of the country, but significantly colder in northern Lapland.

Pack layers of winter clothing items, such as fleece hoodies, jumpers, and Courdroy trousers, as they will keep you warm.

Winter duck-down jackets are something you’ll need if you’re going on a trip to Finland in December.

Pair them up with Uggs or snow boots and you will look stylish and feel warm at the same time!

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