What to Pack and Wear in Costa Rica For 2023?

How should I dress when I visit Costa Rica? What to wear and what not to wear?

What to pack and wear if you go to Costa Rica?

This country is considered “heaven on earth” because of its beautiful and untouched nature.

Although a small country, Costa Rica has so much to offer.

We’re sure you can’t wait to see it and experience it your way, and we’ll do our best to help you pack properly and get ready for the trip.

Get to know Costa Rica

One of the most beautiful countries in Central America is Costa Rica.

This exotic destination with picturesque landscapes attracts a large number of tourists every year.

The central valley is the heart of this country, precisely because of its greenery and untouched nature.

This “rich coast”, as it is still called, borders Nicaragua on one side, and Panama on the other.

The Pacific Ocean is to the west of this country and the Caribbean Sea is to the east.

This country is surrounded by greenery on all sides, has active volcanoes, dense jungles, rivers, and lakes, and even 26% of the territory is protected national parks.

The capital of Costa Rica is San José. This city is a big metropolis. Most of the population is of Spanish origin, with some black and Native American influences.

The official language in this country is Spanish, although English is also spoken.

The second largest city in this state is Alajuela. One of the cleanest and safest cities in Central America is this one.

This country has a moderate temperature that ranges from temperate to tropical and is home to a vast array of plant and animal species, including those found in South and North America.

The economy is mostly developing and is based on the export of coffee and bananas. In addition, it exports beef, sugar, and cocoa.

The Spanish navigator Christopher Columbus, who is credited with the discovery of America, first landed in Costa Rica in 1502, this place was inhabited by Indian tribes.

It took the Spaniards over 60 years to settle this territory, and it was not at all easy for them.

Interestingly, this country is the most peaceful in the world, without an army, and it is also known for its long-lived people.

The most democratic and stable nation in Latin America is this country.

Today, the „rich coast“ is still agricultural, but it also has developed tourism precisely because of its numerous attractions, heavenly beaches, and beautiful nature.

Depending on the traveler’s preferences, Costa Rica provides a wide range of experiences, from thrilling excursions to opulent holidays.

The picturesque place has a lot of content, you just need to come and experience it.

Climate of Costa Rica

Every time we go on vacation, we should consider the weather.

One of the attractions to travel to this Latin American nation is the country’s sunny and pleasant climate.

This enchanting country has very warm and humid soil.

Throughout the year, the weather is warm and pleasant, which is ideal for many visitors who plan their vacation here.

The climate of Costa Rica is subtropical and tropical. The rainy season which is called the green season starts in May and ends in November.

It rains every day, but it lasts for a short time, so during this period, you can also expect sunny weather.

The dry season which is called the high season starts in November and lasts until April, and during this period it is more crowded than usual.

First of all, due to low rainfall, especially in the tropics, but also due to the availability of hotels and discounts.

This weather is the best for relaxing on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

This country is classified as a tropical country, but it has no winter due to its proximity to Ecuador.

All in all, it is very warm all year round, with around twelve hours of sunlight which is great for all those who want to visit.

Kostraica’s central region is heavily wooded, and there is greenery on every peak, valley, and river.

However, the climate may suddenly shift from hot and muggy in well-liked locations like Jaco to cool enough to wear a sweater in the Cerro de la Muertes forest.

There are two different climates, one on either side of the weather’s swings.

Evergreen rainforests may be found on the southern Osa Peninsula, but deciduous woods in Guanacaste entirely brown out in the dry season.

On the Caribbean side, there are plunging waters whereas, on the Pacific side, there are high waves and currents.

Because of the country’s beautiful and constantly changing scenery, Costa Rica’s weather prediction varies greatly depending on where you are.

What to pack for Costa Rica?

Considering that Costa Rica has a tropical environment, pack accordingly.

We suggest you simply carry lightweight clothing in your luggage because the temperature is warm all year round.

Make an interesting and diversified wardrobe.

T-shirts, tank tops, shorts, sundresses, bathing suits, and other beach-friendly, comfy clothing are fine to pack.

The weather is nice during the day, but at night it decreases, so you need something to keep you warm.

We advise you to include a long-sleeved shirt, sweater, or sweatshirt.

Depending on where you want to go and what you want to see, you should pack differently.

You will only need one piece of baggage, not numerous pieces, carry-on things, and personal stuff if you are traveling for two or three weeks. If feasible, we advise bringing a small pack as opposed to a suitcase.

For packing, choose lighter clothes, not dark ones, because they are easier to maintain, and besides, they don’t catch the sun.

Breathability is key in clearance, as is comfort.

Choose these outfits if you wish to blend in with the surroundings; you’ll seem stylish and draw attention everywhere you go.

The climate in this country is divided into dry and rainy, and therefore so choose natural fabrics are favored; thus, pick linen and cotton, which are the most comfortable, particularly in the summer.

Do not choose synthetics, they are not pleasant at all, choose fine materials.

What To Wear In Costa Rica In January?

During January there are plenty of sunny days, although there is also some rain on the Pacific side.

This month is ideal for visiting a variety of content across the country.

The average daily temperature is 33 °C. The days are very warm, but the evenings are pleasant.

If you’re traveling in January, don’t miss the Pacific Coast. You will have the opportunity to see rainforests and volcanoes.

We recommend this adventure to true explorers. For this tour, you need comfortable hiking boots.

In addition, we advise you to bring a top, pants, a long-sleeved shirt, a raincoat or an umbrella.

Pack casual clothes for Costa Rica, as they are most commonly worn there.

This style is also preferred by the locals, so we advise you to bring this type of clothing and you will easily fit in with the crowd.

If you are going to dinner in a restaurant, you will need more elegant clothes, although casual clothing is also allowed in some restaurants.

We advise ladies to bring a simpler dress and shoes for a finer restaurant, and for men, our choice is a polo shirt and shorts.

What To Wear In Costa Rica In February?

This period is very sunny and it is best to visit this country.

It’s a great time to check out the stunning beaches and exciting outdoor activities in February.

In Costa Rica, this month’s highs typically range from 30 to 35 °C. There isn’t much rain because it is the dry season.

Frequently, the weather will change, bringing with it sun and showers.

Even though it’s one of the driest times of the year, February has a cold climate, especially in the morning and night.

If you plan to go on a tour of San José, we advise you to wear comfortable and casual clothes.

For walking around the city, we recommend pants, toe pants, and a light jacket or sweater. If you are going to the beach, bring a swimsuit, shorts, a tank top, and slippers.

Although it occasionally rains, this city is warm in February, therefore we advise you to carry an umbrella.

Match your clothes with your sneakers, you can combine a t-shirt and leggings, or yoga pants, it will be nice and pleasant for you.

Have a light jacket on hand at all times because it’s the ideal option for nighttime wear.

If you are an adventurer by nature, then you must bring running shoes and climbing shoes or waterproof running shoes.

This list of things you need to make your trip more relaxed. Follow this list and you won’t go wrong.

What To Wear In Costa Rica In March?

Costa Rica in march offers tourists a wonderful opportunity to experience the pleasant springtime.

You may anticipate beautiful sky and ideal beach weather even though the weather is variable.

This nation is the greatest option for you if you want to take a relaxing vacation somewhere unique. Few visitors and crowds are anticipated.

The average temperature at this time of the year is from 30 to 37 ℃.

Despite March being the driest month, spring days are quite hot.

Even so, everyone who wants to swim in the water has a fantastic opportunity because the ocean is so warm.

Once you get in the water, you’ll want to never get out.

If you want to visit Monteverde, the twelfth canton of Puntarenas province in Costa Rica, you must bring a warm sweater, jacket, and long pants.

Although it is the dry season, expect showers, so you are obliged to bring an umbrella to stay dry.

Additionally, bring waterproof gear and clothing for the rainy season in Monteverde.

This is one of the main ecotourism destinations in the country, so tourists like to visit it.

What To Wear In Costa Rica In April?

Spring is the ideal time to visit this wonderful country.

The warmest part of the year is this month, especially in Costa Rica’s western region.

The sun sets later and the days are longer.

This is a particularly nice time of year since there is no rain. In the “Rich Coast,” the temperature ranges from 30 to 37 °C on average.

Some people might find this to be excessively hot, but as you travel inland, the temperature begins to drop as you gain height.

During this time you need to bring lighter clothes. The best choices are tops, shorts, slippers, and sandals.

Pack swimwear and sundresses in your suitcase.

Do not choose tight clothing, it should be wider and breathable precisely because of the high temperature.

In this country, everyone prefers casual style, so dress like that, you will stand in the middle, but you will be pleasant.

What To Wear In Costa Rica In May?

During this period, it is very warm, the days are beautiful, and the evenings are calm and pleasant.

May is the most ideal month to visit this country.

Although the rainy season starts this month, it’s not that rainy.

The days are sunny with occasional showers.

Given that it is not the beginning of the summer season, you also have a large selection of available hotels, as discounts when choosing accommodation.

We advise you to bring an umbrella due to the changeable weather forecast.

The swimming season starts this month, so, bring a swimsuit, sunscreen, and a beach towel.

The daily average minimum is 23 ℃, while the daily average maximum is 34 ℃ in May.

Shorts, tank tops, and t-shirts should be on your packing list. It is necessary for your stay here.

It’s crucial to be aware that Costa Rica’s rainy season typically lasts from May to November, while the Caribbean is experiencing hurricane season.

Flooding and landslides are both possible, as can strong rains or storms.

We advise you to remember a hat and flip-flops.

You won’t miss your heavier clothes if you wear lighter ones.

At night, prefer to wear long-sleeved cotton shirts, sweaters and linen or cotton pants.

What To Wear In Costa Rica In June?

This month marked the start of summer, and since then, the days have been brighter than normal.

Even if the rainy season begins in June, you may still expect wet, humid, and warm weather throughout this month.

During this month temperatures will continue to vary from 18 to 32℃ the day and about 10 to 15℃ cooler at the night.

Though it is harder to anticipate, the weather in the Caribbean side of the nation is often rainier.

The local population likes this weather, especially after the dry season, but also tourists, of whom there are a lot, especially in this period.

Landscapes become greener and more luxurious than usual.

But if you’re visiting Costa Rica at this time of year, go for comfy clothing made of natural fibers like cotton or linen.

Dresses, blouses, shorts, and t-shirts go in your suitcase. If it’s chilly at night, you can also pack a pair of jeans to wear.

For these beautiful landscapes, we advise you to bring comfortable shoes, they are mandatory, especially for walking in the jungle or on the beach.

High heels should not be worn as they are not suitable for these terrains.

Choose comfortable shoes instead, that is the best option for you.

What To Wear In Costa Rica In July?

One of the hottest months in Costa Rica is July. Due to the rainy season, summer is lengthy and generally pleasant and bright, although it is also rainy.

Even though it rains heavily in the late afternoon almost every day, the mornings and early afternoons are often still gorgeous.

So, you have a unique opportunity to enjoy numerous outdoor activities.

The daily average minimum is 23 ℃, while the daily average maximum is 33℃.

Even though the rainy season is in full swing, Costa Rica normally has a brief mini-dry season in the middle of the year in July and early August.

For three to four weeks, rainfall drastically drops, especially in the northern Pacific.

Due to the constant rain that is unavoidable at this time, you really must pack an umbrella.

The summer season is it lasts a long time, so there is heavy traffic here.

Be prepared for this if you are visiting Costa Rica in July.

We advise you to pack according to the weather conditions, but also to always check beforehand what kind of weather awaits you for the following days.

The dry and rainy season is in progress, so you must choose clothes that are loose and breathable.

We advise you to bring tops, t-shirts, and shorts, as well as slippers. In the evening, wear pants and long-sleeved blouses.

What To Wear In Costa Rica In August?

The “little high season,” often known as July to August, is generally the greatest time to visit Costa Rica since it offers the best, most well-rounded experience.

The weather in this tropical country is wonderful, and there are no crowds, which is great for all those who want to visit it.

The average high temperatures in Costa Rica in August range from 21°C to 32°C.

The “green” rainy season in Costa Rica peaks in August and lasts until November.

While there will be more regular precipitation during this month, you may anticipate cooler temperatures.

Pack the umbrella in your suitcase due to the frequent rainfall this season.

If you are going to Costa Rica in August, we advise you to pack a casual wardrobe made of natural materials.

A beach wardrobe is essential, but also pack long pants and long-sleeved cotton blouses.

What To Wear In Costa Rica In September?

The Caribbean coast is beautiful this time of year, especially in September.

This part of Costa Rica is dry, and the Pacific is rainy, so you should know this when you are preparing to travel to this country.

It rains during this month, but the days are still sunny, so you can take the opportunity to go for a walk.

The average temperature in this country is from 27 to 31°C.

It’s nice in the morning, it’s raining during the afternoon, and the nights are cooler that’s what you can expect in September in Costa Rica.

However, this season is favorable for tourists because there are more choices when it comes to accommodation and prices are lower.

Be sure to pack a rain jacket or light waterproof jacket.

In addition, pack hiking boots, sneakers, pants, and a t-shirt. Sunscreen and mosquito and insect repellent are important for you to bring.

If you like water sports and plan to do them in this country, bring a dry bag, it will be useful.

Water shoes are also essential for those going hiking and visiting waterfalls.

Once you’ve packed all this, you’re ready to go, so follow our suggestions.

What To Wear In Costa Rica In October?

This month is an excellent time to travel because there are fewer tourists.

Keep this in mind when traveling to a „Rich coast“.

The weather is mostly rainy, especially in the Pacific, although there is a lot of rain, there are also sunny days.

It doesn’t rain every day, so don’t worry, they can’t spoil your plans.

The average temperature in Costa Rica in October is 27°C, while at night it is slightly cooler by a few degrees.

You can expect a balmy evening at this time of year.

Pack a raincoat or a poncho if visiting this state, since it should be on your bucket list.

For this changeable weather, we advise you to pack pants, blouses, and sturdy sneakers, as well as light clothes.

You need a few pieces of clothing, don’t wear unnecessary things, stylish clothes, you don’t need that.

Here, relaxed clothing is the most suitable, not elegance.

It’s always casual here, there is no dress code except in some restaurants.

Bring your swimming suit as well because you can swim in October thanks to the warm water throughout the board.

What To Wear In Costa Rica In November?

Costa Rica may be a fantastic destination in November.

Although the rainy season is still present in early November, the dry season has frequently begun by the end of the month.

The typical daily high temperature is 31° C, while the typical daily low is 22°C, which is great for exploring this beautiful country.

The rainy season lasts until the beginning of this month, while at the end is the dry season.

This is normal for this time of year and quite to be expected.

For this transition period, bring hiking pants and shorts.

We recommend neutral colors and comfortable clothes.

We advise you to pack leggings, biker shorts, long-sleeved shirts, tops, and a light romper.

Sportswear is best for this period, but also beach clothes that can wear during the day.

Combine these clothes so that you feel comfortable and warm.

Don’t forget to protect your feet from insects, a product against them can help you with this, so always have it in your bag.

You should always feel comfortable in your skin, regardless of what you’re wearing.

What To Wear In Costa Rica In December?

One of the best months for a tourist tour is this month because the weather is the driest and brightest.

Holiday travel to Costa Rica is most popular between Christmas and New Year’s, but the ideal time to go could be a few weeks later when the crowds have thinned.

The rainy season ends this month, but the trees continue to be lush until the New Year and the beaches are usually blessed with dry, sunny weather.

The average temperature in December in Costa Rica ranges from 22 to 32° C.

Even though it’s winter, it’s warm here, so you can swim on the beach.

Pack a rain jacket, you need it. get a waterproof one, that’s the best solution for you.

Besides, put a poncho in your suitcase and it’s a great piece of clothing in this dry period.

Considering that it is the end of the rainy season, you will need clothes for the beach and those that are a little warmer for the evening.

Always choose a wardrobe that is made of natural fibers and quality materials.

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