What to Pack and Wear In Corfu For 2023?

Greece is known as one of the top vacation destinations in Europe and has been a tourist-favourite for a while now.

Being famous for its gorgeous beaches, delicious food and hospitality of its people, this historically-rich Mediterranean country leaves everyone breathless.

Amongst many activities Greece has to offer, one of the most interesting one is definitely exploring the many of its beautiful islands, such as Corfu.

Why is Corfu so Popular?

Corfu is an island located in the Ionian Sea, best-known for its cosmopolitan Old Town, striking sandy beaches, numerous olive trees and incredible landscapes.

Tourists from all around the world come to Corfu to admire its breathtaking scenery, extraordinary architecture and culture. 

What to Pack for Your Trip to Corfu?

The holidays are finally here and you’re eager to use your days and weeks off work to escape the boring everyday life routine.

Are you thinking about relocating to a place where you can relax, enjoy and have fun? Then Corfu is the perfect spot for you!

You’ve chosen your ideal holiday destination, booked an amazing hotel and arranged the flight.

Now all that’s left is to pack up your bags and hit the road! All set, right?

Well, things can get tricky here as you might be having doubts about how to dress when visiting Corfu.

This vastly depends on the time of the year as well as the temperature.

If you’re unsure, keep reading as we guide you through the process of choosing the best outfits for each season, to top up unforgettable island-escape!

What to Wear in Corfu in January

Unlike most European countries, where the temperatures go below zero during winter season, this Mediterranean country has yet another perk – mild winters.

The average temperature in Corfu in January is around 10°C, reaching its peak at 15°C in the early afternoon hours.

If you’re planning to go on a morning stroll along the beach or to go sightseeing with your friends, family or your significant other in the afternoon, wear something comfortable, but buildable, such as a long-sleeved T-shirt with a cardigan on top with a good pair of jeans and trendy sneakers.

Think layers! It’s always a good idea to bring something with you, just in case you don’t find the weather warm enough.

If you want to show off your chic Corfu outfit on your instagram page, level it up by putting on a cool (faux) leather or denim jacket!

For those who are more on the sporty side, a warm, fashionable hoodie or a sweatshirt is something you can’t go wrong with!

The temperature drops to about 5°C at night, so it is advisable to pack an elegant coat or a winter jacket.

Although Corfu is mostly dry during the month of January (at least drier than December), there’s always possibility of rainfall, so make sure to bring a pair of boots and perhaps a raincoat as well!

What to Wear in Corfu in February

Although February slowly marks the end of winter season in Corfu, it still doesn’t mean it doesn’t get cold here and there.

The average temperature during the day goes up to 13°C to 15° so, most of the time, a light jumper could be all you need.

Women can pair it up with jeans, leggings or a skirt, but make sure to bring some tights with you, as well a parka because, as sunny as it might get, don’t forget it’s still winter and a few degrees down can make a big difference.

Also, humidity in February is at 69% and it can get windy, too. Bearing that in mind, it would be a good idea to take that fancy hat out of your closet and put it to good use!

As for men, put a comfy but stylish outfit together by pairing a nice shirt with a woolen sweater on top with some trousers or jeans.

This could be enough for the hottest time of the day, but it is advisable to pack something warmer, in case the temperature drops.

Lighter winter jackets or popular bomber jackets might be the perfect choice for you!

At nightfall, the temperature drops to a chilly 6°C, so think about bringing a coat – you might need it!

There’s about 150mm of rain, so definitely pack some colorful rain boots to brighten up your day!

What to Wear in Corfu in March

It is almost spring! That means we can finally take a break from cold winter days and slip into something a bit more lightweight, right? Think again!

The temperature does rise a few degrees, the average being 8°-13°, but reaching its peak at 17°C during the day.

Despite that, it is still recommended to pack something for the winter season, as it can get chilly pretty quickly with 32mm of rainfall this month.

The ideal clothes for this kind of weather is knitwear, so take out those cashmere sweaters or cardigans from your closet, because they’ll definitely come in handy!

If you’re more into casual, sporty clothes, pack plenty of sweatshirts, hoodies and heavyweight long-sleeved T-shirts, made of thicker fabrics, such as cotton, which can keep you warm.

For those who plan on venturing out after dark, it is essential to throw on a puffer jacket or a warm winter coat.

Don’t let the pleasant afternoon temperature trick you; the nights in Corfu at this time of year can get very frosty.

What to Wear in Corfu in April

Being that it’s located on the northwest coast of Greece, the weather on the island of Corfu is typical for the Mediterranean; spring’s already in full effect during this month and temperatures are gradually soaring.

Also, rainfall levels are considerably lower than the previous couple of months.

At this time of year, the island is covered with sunshine and you’ll finally be able to enjoy the warmer weather and you won’t have to worry about large crowds, as the tourist season doesn’t start yet.

The average temperature in Corfu is 19ºC, which means you can slowly come out of your winter clothes and pack some of your favorite spring outfits!

For women, ideal things to load their suitcase with are fun T-shirts, blouses and dresses for spring.

Bring a light denim jacket to carry with you during the day in case you need it and definitely put it on in the evening because it does get a bit cooler then.

As for men, make sure to pack some light clothing.

Depending on your style, the right choice might be sweatpants and sweatshirts that aren’t too thick or, if you want to be casual but stylish, bring some fancy shirts you can pair up with some trousers and a blazer or a vest on top.

For footwear, loafers are now a good option, but pack some sneakers as well.

What to Wear in Corfu in May

The average temperature in Corfu during May is 23ºC, so it officially marks the start of the tourist season.

Sea temperature reaches 21°C, which means you are free to pack your beach attire.

If you’re comfortable swimming in springtime and you don’t mind a little breeze, then bring some beachwear on your Corfu trip, including bikinis and beach dresses for women and swim trunks and speedos for men.

If you’re not ready for going to the beach yet and you prefer a stroll around the island, going sightseeing and dining, then pack something chic but comfortable.

T-shirts, tops with a light overshirt are good options for women, as well as both long and short skirts and jeans, paired up with some sneakers, loafers or wedges.

Men should pack some fashionable short-sleeved polo shirts and jeans and also something more casual, such as a tracksuit and sport shoes.

Don’t forget to bring some warmer clothes for the evenings, though.

As sunny and warm as it is during the day, make sure you have at least a light bomber or leather jacket to cover yourself with.

What to Wear in Corfu in June

You’ll get plenty of sunshine if you decide to explore Corfu in June.

Sun seekers are bound to have a blast, because the temperature varies from 19°C, at its lowest, and 30°C at its peak.

Sea temperature is very pleasant, reaching 23°C, so it’s needless to say that summer has officially started!

During the month of June, rain isn’t expected, with an average of only 8mm of precipice.

That means that it’s sunny and dry most of the time, so it’s time for you to sort your wardrobe and pull out all the summer outfits waiting for the holiday to start!

We suggest packing your brand new swimwear fits and lots of lightweight clothing.

Women can finally put all those mini skirts, silk blouses and summer dresses to good use and bring them on their Corfu trip.

For footwear, pack some essentials such as flip-flops for the beach, comfy flat sandals for evening walks and at least one good pair of high heels to go clubbing.

All men need for spending time on the beach is swimming shorts and a pair of slides.

Pack a few basic T-shirts to put together with denim shorts for a causal stroll and also some linen shirts and trousers which are perfect for hot summer days and pleasant evenings.

What to Wear in Corfu in July

July is possibly the busiest month for Corfu.

Being that it is the peak of the season, there are large crowds, so it gets quite touristy.

July is also one of the hottest months of the year for visiting this Greek island, given that the average temperature during the day is about 30°C, reaching 33°C at its maximum.

Apart from packing sunscreen, which is the number one essential, it is also advisable to pack clothing that has a soothing and cooling effect, because you want to feel as comfortable as possible.

Linen, silk and cotton are breathable and lightweight fabrics which can keep you cool even in the highest of temperatures.

Bring lots of sleeveless tops, loose dresses of all lengths and short shorts which you can easily wear to the beach as well as to a local cafe or a restaurant.

As for the male population, pack plenty of T-shirts, as you might be changing a lot.

Also, bermudas, linen trousers and shirts are a must if you want to spice up your evening outfit to hit the clubs in Corfu!

What to Wear in Corfu in August

Similar to July, it is considerably hotter in Corfu during the month of August than the previous months, of course!

Although some may find the heat exhausting, others see it as the perfect weather to start off their summer break!

If you’re planning to visit Corfu in August, bring as much of your summer attire as you can fit into your suitcase.

This includes plenty of crop tops, cute shorts and mini skirts, elegant dresses and blouses, accompanied by sandals, heels and casual footwear, too.

Men should pack sets of T-shirts and denim shorts for exploring the island, and something more elegant, such as trousers and lightweight shirts, paired up with loafers, ideal for dinner with a sunset view!

What to Wear in September

Slowly reaching the end of the summer season, September is the best month to visit Corfu if you’re planning a more peaceful holiday with your partner or your family.

There are still quite many tourists, but not as many as in peak season.

The temperature in Corfu is also more pleasant in September, with the average temperature being 24°C.

Summer clothing is still necessary, as it occasionally gets a bit hotter, so make sure to pack all the things you’d normally pack if you went in August, for example.

However, if you want to play it safe, consider bringing at least one or two long-sleeved T-shirts or an overshirt in case there’s some breeze or a rainy day.

What to Wear in October

October is the perfect month to visit Corfu if you want to get an authentic Greek experience and immerse in the culture of the island.

There aren’t a lot of tourists at the end of the season, so you’ll have more chances of meeting local people than someone who has come to visit.

The temperature in October is mild, the average being around 20°C, which makes it perfect for someone who doesn’t stand the hot summer weather.

You still wear summer clothing, but make sure to bring along a pair of jeans and a light jacket to cover yourself during the evenings, as there’s a chance of it being a bit cooler.

What to Wear in November       

Temperatures in Corfu are amazingly pleasant and mild during the month of November, so it’s the ideal time to visit if you want to go on an early winter holiday.

The average temperature is 19°C, so you won’t make a mistake by packing some of your best autumn outfits.

For both men and women, it is advisable to pack some jeans and trousers, as well as comfy T-shirts and light cardigans.

Since it gets a bit colder in the evening, around 10°C, make sure to pack at least a jumper and a jacket or a trench coat.

As November is one of the wettest months in the area, we suggest packing a pair of boots and you’re safe to go!

What to Wear in December

December officially marks the beginning of the winter season in Corfu, with mild days and chilly nights.

It is considerably wet, with a few sunny periods, so it’s definitely not the time for swimming or going to the beach.

The temperature reaches its maximum of 15°C during the afternoon hours, so you can enjoy the day wearing a hoodie or a thicker T-shirt with a leather jacket on top.

Due to the heavy rainfall in this period, you should pack a waterproof jacket to keep you dry, as well as a nice, cozy sweater and a warm coat if you want to go on an evening stroll, as it goes down to 7°C at night, so make sure to have plenty of layers just in case!

What not to Wear in Corfu

Corfu is a popular destination with tourists from all around the world, so it is pretty casual when it comes to dress code.

In fact, in most cases there is no such thing as dress code, so you’re free to pack and wear whatever you want.

However, if parts of your trip include visiting some of the monasteries in Corfu, it is considered inappropriate to wear shorts and mini skirts for women or short shorts for men.

You should also cover your shoulders with something such as a scarf or simply wear a short-sleeved T-shirt and you’re good to go!

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