What to Pack and Wear in Capri For 2023?

Famous for being one of Italy’s most beautiful and picturesque islands, Capri has won the hearts of many tourists from all around the globe!

Its beautiful sea, nature, and the top hotspots, including the finest restaurants, and clubs have made it very popular amongst both the young and old populations.

Deciding what to bring on a vacation in Capri might be tricky, but if you keep reading, you’ll find out the best ways of making your packing process much easier, as we offer you our best tips for looking fashionable as well as feeling comfortable.

What to Wear in Capri in January?

January is known as the coldest month of the year in Capri, as in a lot of countries, accompanied by plenty of rainy days and grey skies.

The majority of hotels in Capri remain closed until the beginning of the tourist season, but you can choose to stay in Sorrento, where some hotels reduce their prices significantly during wintertime.

Although January isn’t the most popular time to visit this beautiful Italian island, you can get a good bargain and still get to explore its beauty, even in winter.

The average temperature in January ranges from 10°C and 13°C so it’s quite cold at this time of year.

If you want to go on long walks to explore the island, which you practically have for yourself, pack something that will keep you warm at any time, such as a puffer jacket or a woolen coat.

Wear a long-sleeved tee or a lightweight sweater underneath and you’ll get the perfect casual winter outfit!

Make sure to bring good-quality boots with rubber soles to your Capri trip in January, as there is significant rainfall throughout the month.

A rain jacket is another good option because it’s waterproof and it’ll keep you dry.

For both men and women, winter is the time when accessories give you both that cozy and warm feeling as well as make your outfit stand out.

Pack some cool beanies and scarves to add a pop of color to your clothes and brighten up the cloudy days!

What to Wear in Capri in February?

Like January, Capri is pretty cold and wet in February, so it might not be the perfect time to visit for many tourists.

However, if you don’t mind the choppy waters and the cold air, and you want to spend your winter vacation on the island of Capri, here are some things you should have in mind, to know how to pack properly.

The average low temperature in Capri is about 9°C, which means you must pack some warm clothes!

Bring a winter jacket with you, and pair it up with a sweater or a thicker cotton t-shirt underneath. Jeans are also a good idea, as they will keep you warm as well as provide you with a fashionable, but casual outfit for a long afternoon walk around the island.

For girls who like to look modern and prefer elegant clothes, a woolen winter coat might be a better option, accompanied by a knitted turtleneck, a mini skirt, and a pair of knee-high boots.

If you’re wearing a skirt or a knitted dress, make sure to wear tights underneath, especially if you’re spending time outside.

As the month progresses, the days gradually get a bit longer during this month, and the temperature increases, sometimes even up to 14°C in the afternoon hours.

If you find yourself in this weather, it’s advisable to wear light wool, leather, and other fabrics that are not too heavy, but that will still come in handy if you’re feeling a bit chilly.

A leather jacket with a sweater underneath makes a great combo, or a thicker cotton sweatshirt, or a hoodie with a puffer vest on top, and you’re ready to set off on a sightseeing tour.

What to Wear in Capri in March?

The spring season starts in March, and you can feel it in the air!

Nature is blooming, the days are getting warmer and the locals are preparing for the influx of tourists that are to start coming later in the season.

Capri is a good place to visit in March if you like mild weather, and calm places, without large crowds.

The average high in Capri at this time of the year is 15°C, which is typical for the beginning of spring.

Bear in mind that spring brings on changeable weather, so make sure to pack according to the tricky season. During the day, you’ll need not more than a long-sleeved shirt or a t-shirt with a denim jacket or a lightweight coat on top.

Jeans and sweatpants are great if you’re planning to do a lot of walking and spend time outdoors, as they will make you feel comfortable.

Pack sneakers and at least one pair of boots, because the temperature decreases significantly during the evening hours and there’s a chance of rainfall, typical for this period.

In the evening, the temperature drops down to about 6°C, which makes it a bit uncomfortable and chilly to spend your time outside.

However, if you’re fond of evening walks or you want to get to a nice cafe or a restaurant to have dinner, make sure to wear something that will keep you warm.

Layers are important as you can easily remove them and put them back on when necessary.

Sweaters or bodysuits and skirts with thicker tights and boots are a trendy and practical combination, whereas men can wear a shirt with a blazer, or a sweater over it, accompanied by a pair of jeans and some elegant boots or shoes.

A long coat can spice up any outfit, so make sure to pack one for your Capri trip.

What to Wear in Capri in April?

Capri begins to feel alive in April, as it’s almost the beginning of tourist season in Italy.

This means that a lot more hotels start opening again, as well as numerous bars, restaurants, and other places for entertainment!

April in Capri is well-known for its pleasantly mild temperatures, so if you’re spending your spring break there, you’ll be able to enjoy the sunny days and nice weather.

The temperatures reach their peak at almost 17°C, which is perfect for having a walk and a tour around Capri and the beautiful and famous Amalfi Coast during the day.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pack something warm as well.

For the higher temperatures, bring a few lightweight long-sleeved t-shirts and wear them with leggings, jeans, or cargo pants.

It’s usually not necessary to wear a jacket in the daytime, because it is warm, but bring one with you on your outing, in case there’s a slight decrease in the temperature or a chilly breeze.

At night, it can get a bit chilly, with the temperatures going down even to 11°C, so a parka or a light puffer jacket is a great choice!

Boots are not essential in April, but in case there’s some rain, it would be a good idea to have one pair so that your feet are always dry and your outfit stays impeccable.

What to Wear in Capri in May?

May is the perfect month for those tourists who are outdoorsy and enjoy going on numerous field trips and doing other fun activities in nature.

The most popular things to do in Capri during May are boat trips to the beautiful nearby islands, coasts, and cities of Italy.

You can book a ride to the Amalfi Coast, and the Gulf of Naples or visit the breathtaking caves of the Blue Grotto.

With the pleasant and warm average temperature of 18°C, which usually soars to about 23°C, you’re sure to have a great time outside and enjoy the sunny days and bright blue skies.

Pack as many short-sleeved t-shirts as you can, and wear them with lightweight trousers and jeans.

Women should also bring maxi skirts or dresses, as they are a spring essential, and you’ll feel comfortable during long strolls during the day.

Men should pack polo shirts and jeans, which they can pair up with moccasins or trendy sneakers.

If you’re going on a boat ride, make sure to bring a light denim jacket or a cardigan, because you’ll feel the breeze!

There’s not much rain in May, but it can occur, so bring a rain jacket just in case, and make sure to have an umbrella with you at all times.

The average minimum temperature in May is 12°C, which is not considered too cold.

However, it is advisable to bring something like a suede jacket or a fleece, to feel comfortable and warm during the evening hours especially.

What to Wear in Capri in June?

Summer finally arrived in Capri in June.

The locals as well as numerous tourists from all around the world get to enjoy the beginning of the summer season to the fullest.

The beaches in Capri are starting to get crowded, as they are on everyone’s itinerary.

Jun is, by many, said to be the perfect time to visit the island, especially because of its ideal summer weather.

With an average temperature between 21°C and 23°C, you’ll be able to experience warm and pleasant weather with plenty of sunny days.

To pack accordingly for your summer trip to Capri, bring a lot of bright-colored and lightweight clothes.

Fabrics such as cotton, linen, and silk can let your skin breathe in the warm weather, and you’ll feel comfortable wearing clothes like this.

Short-sleeved blouses are a perfect choice because they’re loose and you’ll look like a boho queen wearing them along with maxi skirts or loose linen trousers.

As for men, linen shirts that go with jeans and lightweight pants are always a summer favorite, and you can pair them up with a pair of loafers or fashionable sneakers.

It is quite humid in June, and there’s occasional rainfall, but you won’t need a rain jacket or boots. It’s enough to have an umbrella with you and you can enjoy your walk or cruise without getting wet!

The average sea temperature is 23°C, which is comfortable enough for some people, so if you’re planning to hit the beach, don’t forget to pack your favorite swimsuit along with sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen, to keep you protected from the sun!

What to Wear in Capri in July?

July is the month when Capri turns into one of the top glamorous destinations in the world to spend a summer vacation in.

Tourists from all over the world come to Capri to enjoy sunny July days and balmy and pleasant evenings.

For those who have booked a holiday in Capri in July, you’ll be happy to know that you can enjoy long days at the beach, go on plenty of tours to different islands and coasts by boat, and have romantic dinners under the stars in the open.

It’s one of the hottest months of the year, along with August, with average highs of about 30° C.

This temperature isn’t the best for spending time outdoors doing some tiring activities, such as hiking, because you’ll feel very hot and unpleasant.

If you do decide to venture on a hike or a long walk at noon or in the afternoon hours, pack some active wear, such as leggings or cycling shorts with a crop top, and make sure to wear a hat, put on sunscreen, and always bring a bottle of water with you.

For those who prefer spending the whole day on the beach, having a refreshing swim and a cocktail in the beach bar is the perfect way to spend the summer vacation.

Pack a bunch of bathing suits to stand out on the beach and show off your modern summer attire as well as months and months of hard work at the gym!

Sunblock is a must as the sun is particularly strong in July. Bring a wide-brimmed sunhat and a pair of your favorite sunglasses and make the most of the sunny days ahead.

The average low temperature in July is 22°C, which is ideal for tourists who prefer going sightseeing and spending their day visiting monuments and drinking iced tea in cafes.

This is a very pleasant temperature, so you can pack some shorts, sleeveless tops, and lightweight shirts to wear with sandals, putting together a great casual summer outfit in classic island fashion.

What to Wear in Capri in August?

Summer is at its peak in August, and tourists in Capri can benefit from the plenty of bright and sunny days, blue skies, and high temperatures that make the summer season in Italy nothing less than flawless!

There are lots of tourists during this period, especially in mainstream places, such as the Amalfi Coast, so if you’re not fond of large crowds (as most people), you might get frustrated not being able to find an empty spot on the beach or not being able to take a perfect shot for your Instagram feed.

However, you can have much more fun in Capri, going for a fresh swim in the Tyrrhenian Sea, so make sure to pack your swimming shorts or a bikini, and some flip-flops, as these will be your beach essentials!

The temperatures are usually about 30° C, so you’ll need some lightweight clothing that will keep you dry and comfortable in the heat.

Think about bringing loose mini skirts, and sundresses, which go well together with crop tops and sandals.

Always wear a sunhat, especially if you’re venturing outside at noon and early afternoon hours when the sun is the strongest!

Men should pack sleeveless t-shirts to wear with shorts during the day, and linen shirts and trousers to pair up with loafers at night, as the temperature lowers down to the pleasant 23°C.

Thunderstorms are not unusual toward the end of the month, and they sometimes make the temperature drop slightly in the evening, so a cardigan or an overshirt would be nice things to have in case you need something to cover yourself with.

What to Wear in Capri in September?

Summer’s not over yet in Capri, even though September marks the beginning of the autumn season.

The tourists love visiting the island at this time of the year because the temperatures are cooler than in the peak season but still warm and pleasant enough to swim in the sea and enjoy the beauty of Italy.

It’s not as crowded as in the previous months, but businesses including restaurants, clubs, and hotels are still fully working and they are slightly cheaper than in July and August.

The temperatures in September range between 20°C and 27° C, so you’ll surely have to pack both lightweight clothes and a few items that could come in handy if the temperature drops a bit.

Don’t hesitate in bringing a swimsuit, as the sea is still pleasantly warm to swim in.

For sightseeing, strolling around, and going on a cruise, bring short-sleeved t-shirts, jersey blouses, and linen trousers, and you won’t make a mistake!

Men can wear lightweight pants as well, but should also consider bringing a few pairs of Bermuda shorts, for hotter weather.

For possible rainy days in September, which can cause a drop in the temperature, bring a long-sleeved tee, or a sweatshirt and closed shoes, so you’re comfy and warm, and you’ll be prepared to spend your day in a museum or enjoy a delicious meal in a nice little Italian restaurant.

What to Wear in Capri in October?

As the fall season begins, the crowds are slowly fading on the island of Capri in October.

Many would think that this automatically means that the weather gets drastically colder; it’s quite the opposite.

October is, according to many, the ideal time to visit Capri if you want a more relaxing experience, and you prefer the mild weather over the scorching summer temperatures!

It’s still pleasantly warm, with an average high temperature of up to 23°C.

Even though it’s not very hot, the sea is still warm enough for you to swim in, so if you’re planning to include the beach in your to-do list in Capri, bring a bikini, or swimming shorts and make the most of your vacation.

Because of a slight drop in temperatures, it’s advisable to pack clothes such as jeans, cardigans, and lightweight jackets, especially if you get caught up in the rain, which is frequent toward the end of the month.

Despite it being warm during the day, expect a drop in the temperature in the evening hours, with an average low of about 16°C.

You won’t need a coat and a scarf by any means, but a lighter puffer vest over a sweatshirt or a bomber jacket with a long-sleeved t-shirt underneath is a good outfit option for both men and women.

What to Wear in Capri in November?

If you like having an island virtually all to yourself, visiting Capri in November isn’t such a bad idea as some might think, after all!

It’s practically free of large crowds caused by numerous tourists in previous months, so you can spend time meeting the locals and enjoy wandering around the island and getting to know the culture and the beautiful sights of Capri.

Most of the businesses are closed, though, as the season officially ended in October, so you might be luckier finding accommodation in Naples or Sorrento, rather than in Capri, but you can always book a boat ride to come and visit the island.

The weather isn’t ideal, at least for those who prefer sunny, warm days.

The temperatures go from 13°C to 20°C, so you should pack clothes of mixed fabrics, to adapt to the weather.

For colder days, it’s advisable to wear knitted sweaters and cotton hoodies, with a jacket or a lighter top coat.

Jeans and thicker sweatpants are good items to have, too and you should also pack a pair of rain boots because rainy days are a frequent occurrence in November!

For higher temperatures, bring a couple of short-sleeved t-shirts, but still make sure to have a cardigan or a vest with you, in case of the weather changes quickly!

What to Wear in Capri in December?

The winter holiday season represents the most magical time of the year all over the world.

The streets are beautifully decorated and you can feel the festive spirit in the air!

Capri isn’t an exception, so if you’re going to visit the island in December, expect to have a great time, despite it seemingly not being the best destination for a winter vacation.

The lowest temperature is about 10°C, so you definitely won’t be welcomed by freezing weather and snowy streets, but it is quite chilly, and you should pack accordingly.

Both men and women should bring warm clothes made of thicker fabrics, such as cashmere and wool, so you can pack some cozy winter sweaters, but also look trendy.

Pair them up with good-quality jeans or trousers, and winter boots, and you’ll have yourself a great winter outfit!

Some days, the temperatures reach 15°C, so it is more pleasant and you won’t need a woolen coat or a winter jacket.

A combination of a lightweight sweater with a leather jacket might work wonders, or a knitted dress paired up with a trench coat, which is always trendy!

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