What To Wear For Coffee Date?

If you have a dilemma or are not sure what to wear on a coffee date, you should remember three unwritten rules.

First and foremost, you should have in your mind that you want to feel good and comfortable in what you wear; second, you want to look good in it, which means choosing clothing for your body type; and third, you need to pick casual pieces of clothing.

Naturally, you want to make a good first impression so the key point is to have a natural but attractive look on a first date, wherever you go – fast food restaurant, coffee bar, café, restaurant, pastry shop, or even a nightclub, with an aim to win the sympathy of your partner.

Of course, since you will dress up according to weather time, and seasons so it’s important to tailor the accessorize to your clothes so you can put on an interesting or impressive belt, a scarf, and jewelry.

In that case, your clothes should be simple without many details and colors so it is preferable to decide what you want to highlight in your dress.

Even though a coffee date is informal and doesn’t call for a specific outfit, you should never allow yourself to look untidy, so wear clean, ironed clothes and have nice fresh hair.

Even if it seems that people don’t notice the “small things” that can damage their opinion of you, you must pay attention to every detail, including your nails, brows, hairstyle, clothing style, etc.

If the first date is very important to you and you want to impress the guy or girl you like but you are not sure what to wear, you can always take a look into fashion blogs and magazines for some outfit suggestions, but remember to never strictly comply with that.

You should wear clothes that match your personality and clothing style.

If your dressing style is sporty, it is not a good idea to wear high heels and a blouse and skirt because you send the wrong message and give a fake impression to your dating partner.

Let’s find out what’s appropriate and catchy for casual “dress codes” for coffee dates on various occasions, in diverse locations, and in different seasons.

An outfit guide for a coffee date in the winter

In the wintertime, when it’s cold outside or it’s snowing besides an effective coat, jacket, and hat you can’t make mistake with jeans and a plaid or monochrome shirt, an impressive belt and anklets, or boots, and you are ready for a date.

Straight-cut velvet trousers or a sweater with interesting motives or a turtleneck with a scarf and boats are also good choices on cold days.

Bell-bottom pants with a wide sweater and anklets give you a modern and attractive look.

If you have a body with curves you can also wear a sweater close to your body to highlight your waist.

Because you can remove them if it gets warm inside, you can wear a poncho or cardigan underneath a coat or jacket on extremely chilly days.

Both a poncho and a cardigan are necessary winter apparel items at the same time.

Knitted dresses, velvet skirts worn with the appropriate tights, and boots with wide heels are all examples of fashionable attire.

Depending on the style of dress or skirt you’re wearing and your sense of style, you can choose from cowboy boots, chunky boots, or duckbill boots, for instance.

One more thing, you should have at least two blazers in your closet, which you can combine with pants and skirts, t-shirts and shirts if you want to have a stylish look.

Although dark colors are preferable in winter you can select bright colors that can efficiently highlight your face on gloomy winter days.

Wearing a water-repellent puffer coat or jacket, a long quilted jacket, or a parka with wind and water protection, along with a wide scarf, a wool or polyester hat, and Martin shoes or deep boots is the best option on really cold and snowy days since you certainly don’t want to be wet and get cold.

Aside from that, you can easily pair black or beige Martin shoes with jeans, pants, skirts, and even velvet, denim, or knit dresses in the winter.

Martin shoes are very fashionable and can be worn with a variety of outfits, making them an excellent choice for the winter.

As we already mentioned it’s important to feel comfortable and good in your clothes, especially in winter, when the multi-layer dressing is necessary.

For the first date in winter, men can combine jeans or casual pants with a sweater or a t-shirt and a denim or bomber jacket.

If you prefer a more formal look, wear a coat with a scarf and pants or a denim shirt.

Still, if you are a sports type, you can wear a sports jacket and semi-deep sneakers with a sweatshirt and jeans.

The preferable and acceptable outfits in winter are those that don’t have too many colors, too many pearls, glitters, and prints.

Although these clothes attract the attention of people wherever you show up it is more appropriate for sunny spring and summer days.

Advice for a coffee date in winter is to dress in layers since it can be too cold outside and too warm inside.

If you have a t-shirt underneath, you can always remove a cardigan or zip-up hoodie.

It’s the best option if you don’t want to sweat excessively and feel uncomfortable about it.

Once more, don’t forget that you look like you feel so comfortable and casual clothes are a must.

Outfits suggestions for a coffee date in spring

In spring, you can wear various outfits depending on your dressing style and the weather, since rainy and cloudy days but also sunny days are characteristic of spring.

So if it’s raining outside, you can wear a trendy one-color trench coat or printed trench with anklets, cowboy boots, or Oxford shoes, and with different kinds of pants, skirts, dresses, shirts, and blouses.

You can complete your spring outfit with a trendy bag or some other accessories.

For a really casual spring look, you can pair fashionable sneakers with jeans and a t-shirt with a modern print underneath denim, sportswear, or a leather jacket.

Women can also combine sneakers, especially All-Star sneakers, but also other fashionable sneakers, with mini, midi, or long skirts, then with t-shirts, shirts, and dresses, so there are plenty of spring outfits.

The advantage of spring outfits is a much greater possibility of combining different pieces of clothing and fashion styles, so it’s up to you what you like to wear and what is comfortable for you.

A Tweed jacket combined with high-waisted, straight-leg blue jeans, a simple white shirt, a mini fashionable bag, and Oxford shoes or fashionable sneakers is a trendy outfit for the first date in spring.

Another attractive outfit for the first date can be a long-sleeved top with high-waisted jeans combined with anklets or high-heeled shoes, a leather jacket, and a mini-stylized purse.

A shirt or blouse with a floral print, light-washed jeans, and a white, light-yellow, or beige jacket combined with a fashionable bag and moccasins or high-heeled shoes is a tried-and-true spring outfit for women who like to highlight femininity.

In the spring, many young people decide to go on a coffee date in a park or some other peaceful place in nature.

Simply put, they don’t want to be in a crowd and in a closed space, especially if it is a nice sunny day.

If you choose this kind of coffee date in spring, you can wear a sweatsuit if you want a casual look and to feel really comfortable.

Still, many women want to be attractive wherever they go, so in this case, they can combine trendy or sports leggings with sneakers, a t-shirt closed to the body, a zip-up hoodie, or even a leather or denim jacket.

Naturally, a backpack, rather than a purse or a fashionable bag, and a cap or sunglasses are the best choices for these occasions.

In this way, you can look trendy and casual at the same time, so it is the preferable outfit for a coffee date in the park if your aim is to highlight your attractiveness.

One more appropriate outfit for the first date in a park but also in a coffee bar, café, or fast food restaurant is a mini or midi denim straight-cut skirt or an A-line skirt, which you can pair with a shirt or t-shirt, leather or denim jacket, and sneakers.

A plain white tank top under a rainbow-colored cardigan combined with light-washed jeans, flat shoes, and a trendy bag is a flirty outfit.

You can also wear a floral-printed tee under a one-color cardigan.

A plain tee can be worn with a printed flowy midi skirt, or vice versa—a printed tee with a one-color flowy midi skirt, flat shoes, and a casual small bag.

You can also wear a plain tee with a floral maxi skirt and a tied-up or down-button shirt with a knitted bag.

For a first date, wear a veiled blouse with a maxi or a midi flowy skirt, a mini floral bag, and loafer shoes for a romantic look.

For a more sporty look, you can wear a striped tee with ripped jeans and All-Star sneakers.

On a sunny spring day, both women and men can wear trendy slim-fit jeans or pants with casual shirts and t-shirts with various prints.

Women who want to highlight their body curves and have an urban look should wear high-waisted trousers with a t-shirt or shirt close to the body and a modern purse, which can be combined with Oxford shoes or fashionable sneakers.

A stylish, but not classy, spring outfit for men is chino pants with loafer shoes and a casual shirt or polo shirt underneath a cardigan.

For those who prefer sports outfits, a trendy printed slim-fit t-shirt or a basic one-color t-shirt combined with light-washed or dark regular-fit jeans or cargo pants and sneakers is a good choice.

These are some of the many outfit suggestions you can wear for a first date in the spring.

What to wear for a coffee date in fall?

Autumn outfits are distinguished by characteristic colors such as khaki, olive, grey, beige, camel,  brown, dark green, dark orange, dark purple, ocher, and bordeaux, but also by bright colors.

For a cold and rainy day, a monochrome or printed trench coat is the best solution, combined with a wide scarf, a fashionable hat, Martin shoes, or anklets.

Trench coats can be worn with jeans, trendy and sports pants, and even modern leggings, as well as various styles of skirts and dresses. Maxi or midi knitted dresses are great choices for autumn.

Knitted jumper dresses are very casual, and you can combine them with Martin shoes or deep boots, an effective belt, a scarf, or a vintage neckless.

High-waisted midi A-line skirts are a great choice if you wear a cropped sweater or a turtleneck sweater, but they also look great with casual shirts and cowboy boots in beige or light brown made from velour.

Leather clothing is popular in the fall, so you can wear a trench coat made of leather, as well as leather pants and midi or maxi leather skirts, which you can pair with basic t-shirts, casual shirts, long-sleeved tops with prints, turtlenecks, and sweaters. You can choose black or brown leather clothes, but also dark green, beige, Bordeaux, or some other color you prefer.

A long-sleeved, relaxed-fit blazer in black or beige is the perfect choice for trendy outfits in the fall.

For instance, you can combine these blazers with jeans, pants, and midi skirts, then with printed blouses, shirts, tops, and t-shirts, and with anklets, deep boots, and different shoes.

If your dressing style is more sporty, you can pair cuffed cargo trousers with basic t-shirts, sweaters, or turtlenecks.

With this, you can also wear Martin shoes and a boxy puffer jacket or a hooded puffer jacket.

Men can also combine different pieces of clothing in the fall.

For a first date, they can wear jeans with a trendy long-sleeved t-shirt or a basic sweater combined with athletic shoes and a leather or denim jacket.

Those with a sporty clothing style can combine cargo pants with trainers, then with a trendy sweatshirt under a boxy puffer jacket or a sports t-shirt under a zip-up hoodie.

For men who prefer a stylish look, the perfect outfit is velvet pants with a turtleneck sweater or a trendy sweater.

Also, a casual velvet suit paired with a plaid shirt and a casual coat in a dark color is a very fashionable outfit for autumn.

Chinos with a basic t-shirt under a sweater or cardigan and a rugged cotton coat are appropriate outfits for fall.

One more great and casual outfit is dark blue jeans and a dark blue denim jacket, paired with chocolate shoes and a brown basic t-shirt.

With dark blue jeans, you can also combine a navy blue basic t-shirt underneath a plaid shirt made from flannel.

With velvet pants or dark jeans, you can also wear a sweater or a turtleneck under a quilted bomber jacket and black or brown semi-deep shoes.

A jacket made from brown velour is one more great choice that men easily combine with dark blue jeans and pants, sweaters, plaid shirts, and turtlenecks.

An outfit guide for a first date in summer

Summer brings us a lot of various outfits since we can combine so many colors, fabrics, pieces of clothing, footwear, and accessories.

For a first coffee date in the summer, women can wear different models of dresses, skirts, jeans, pants, Bermuda shorts, shorts, t-shirts, tops, tees, shirts, and blouses.

Summer clothing is mostly casual because everyone wants to be comfortable on hot days.

No one likes uncomfortable clothes, especially when it’s too warm outside.

We suggest a midi or maxi flowy dress or skirt with floral or some other colorful and interesting print. You can combine floral flowy dresses and skirts with knitted bags and hats, sandals, or flat shoes.

Preferable are dresses, and t-shirts with short sleeves or with kimono sleeves, but you can also wear a tank top with a flowy skirt or a dress with straps.

You can choose flat sandals, lace-up sandals, sandals with heels, and loafer shoes, but also All Stars sneakers depending on the model and color of your dress or skirt and top.

You should know that sequined tops, blouses, and dresses, and almost all pieces of clothing with pearls, glitter, tulle, or lace highlight a flirty and attractive summer look, so you can combine a sparkly t-shirt with jeans or a flowy one-color skirt.

Also, a shirt with lace or a veil can be a trendy and romantic outfit with a floral skirt, hat, or bag. So use the power of sparkling and veiled pieces of clothing and fashion details to be fashionable, sexy, and attractive.

Jeans are also a good choice for a first date in the summer, so you can wear light-washed, ripped jeans with a printed top or t-shirt and white sneakers for a more sporty look.

A straight-cut denim mini skirt or a denim dress with suspenders can be a good outfit with a white tee, a brightly colored top, or a printed shirt.

All-Star sneakers and flat sandals are always a good choice with denim pieces of clothing in the summer.

Denim Bermuda shorts combined with a printed tee or tied-up shirt, sneakers, and a backpack are a casual summer outfit for a coffee date outside.

Also, mini or midi cotton dresses that are close to the body or have a straight cut are casual and comfortable outfits paired with sneakers or sandals and with accessories such as sunglasses, trendy bracelets, or chains.

Summer outfits for men that are casual and comfortable include jeans, a printed short-sleeved cotton tee or basic tee, and All-Star sneakers or a lifestyle pair of sneakers.

Sports types can combine t-shirts with sweatpants and trainers.

For those who choose a stylish look, our suggestion is chino pants paired with a polo shirt and loafer shoes or sports shoes.

For a first date outside, in a park, on the beach, or next to the beach, men can easily combine Bermuda shorts made from jeans or polyester with a printed or basic t-shirt, but also with a polo shirt and a casual shirt.

Useful advice for men and women who don’t know or are not sure what outfit is appropriate for the first date, wherever they go on that occasion: Remember that the most important thing is to feel comfortable in your clothes, besides the fact that you look good in them, so wear what you like and what is appropriate to your dressing style and your personality, according to fashion trends, of course.

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