What To Wear For a Spray Tan?

Those who love to visit Spray Tan salons claim that they are great for your skin, as they are completely natural, they give such Excellent results and a beautiful, tanned complexion, without any harm to your skin.

On a contrary, some of it can be extremely good for it as there is a composition that feeds your skin, making it glowy and wonderful.

And we can agree that all of us look better (and thinner) with darker skin, and all of this could be achieved with a simple visit t the spray tan salon, in just ten minutes you can change your appearance.

Of course, there are some rules to follow if you want to have a spray tan. A good result can easily be missed if you do not follow some of the basic rules that must be followed before the treatment itself.

The goal is to achieve a suntanned complexion that will look completely natural, and unfortunately, some mistakes are possible due to which the tan will not turn out the way we imagined.

There are also common mistakes that ladies and some gentlemen have when they do this beauty regimen – the problem of shade, and the marks it leaves on the clothes.

Some ladies do the process of self-tanning by themselves, with different self-tanning cremes, but this would involve a certain amount of expertise.

Why Spray tan and not tanning salons

In the seventies of the 20th century, the ozone hole was discovered and it was discovered that it is precisely this hole that is connected with the increase of white people from melanoma. And suddenly we have a solarium, with which we will get a perfect tan for the upcoming season.

People began to use it en masse even in winter, to stimulate the production of vitamin D3 in their bodies and to stand out from the “pale faces” during snowy days.

In the beginning, we had solariums with UV rays, and later UVB rays were introduced (turbo solarium) in which we tan quickly.

The consequences of using a solarium are only known to the general public today, as it happens otherwise “we are always the last to find out”.

Unfortunately for some people, this knowledge came too late, because today it is known that exposure to these rays can damage a person’s immune system, make them more susceptible to infections, damage their eyesight, develop endometriosis in women and finally develop melanoma of the skin.

Sunbathing in a solarium is particularly harmful to women for this reason, because if a woman develops endometriosis because of the solarium, the chance of getting skin melanoma is even 20 percent higher, which you will agree is not a small percentage.

If we take into account that nowadays people are only looking to make money at any cost, we also have to ask ourselves if the solarium is correct, if the lamps that emit radiation have been serviced and replaced, and a handful of other things that can damage our health.

Fewer and fewer people use solariums and salon owners are slowly but surely putting them out of use because they have proven to be a not-so-naive means of achieving a tan.

Solarium or health? Choose yourself.

In the 21st century, people started to take care of what they eat, who they buy groceries from, read the ingredients on the packaging of everything they buy and make sure that it is something of organic origin.

Because of its harmful effect on us, people don’t even think about tanning beds anymore, but they have turned to an alternative way to get a great tan, which is Spray Tan.

Numerous salons offer this service and what is best of all, you get the desired tan and you can choose the shade you want, one treatment is enough and it does not have a bad effect on our health.

Of course, there are risks there, and they arise in cases when colors of organic origin are not used.

That’s why you need to take into account where you will undergo your Spray Tan treatment and pay attention to the colors that are used for you.

Preparation before the spray Tan

Before anything else, there is a preparation for the treatment itself as this is the mandatory part of this beauty regimen.

Since it is associated with the skin, it needs to be prepared – and this means exfoliated.

So, in the first place, it is the almighty exfoliation.

Your job before the appointment is to exfoliate the skin so that you can remove all the dead cells from the surface so that the applied color can “stick” to it easily.

When you have removed all dead cells from its surface, then it is a good idea to hydrate the skin, but do not make it by means oily, as this will make it repel the Spray Tan.

All of this will provide a smooth base for applying the Spray Tan.

In this sense, always pay extra attention where you go to have a Spray Tan, as this is truly important – to make sure that the salon you are going to is using natural, organic, and high-quality ingredients in their spray.

So, if you have done all of this, then you are making sure to prepare, adn it will remain on dry, dead cells, which is why the skin can appear colorful, and the color will fade quickly.

Additional advice here is to, and this is advised to do, ideally, one day before the Spray Tan treatment, as it a necessary to exfoliate the body.

In a case, you are doing, for example, if you do waxing or shaving, the same should be done the day before the treatment.

Never, ever do it on the day of your appointment, as you will ruin the spray tan for sure.

Before the treatment itself, the skin must be clean and dry, without body milk and makeup.

So, avoid going on this treatment with any makeup, even mascara or lipgloss is not a good idea, as it will smear and ruin the Spray Tan.

And, this is the advice that not many know – if you are going on a spray tan, you should paint your nails the day before the treatment.

Now, you may wonder what this means, and what kind of connection this may have with the Spay tan.

It has – so paint your nails, even if you do not love to do it, and even if you are not a true fan of painted nails, be sure to coat them with nail polish before going to the treatment.

Now, this is why – if you paint your nails, even with the shine itself, not with the color, then this is the perfect way to protect them, they would not be harmed from the Spray tan, and what is even more important the color from the varnish will come off the first time you wash your hands.

What to Wear to a Spray Tan Session

So, we can agree that the Spay Tan is one of the beauty treatments that is so adored by women and men all over the world, who want to feel sun-kissed instantly even during the winter or before some important event.

It is highly recommended to all who think that solarium is the only effective way, and these results prove the opposite.

Do not do it!

Also, there are some other rules, that are equally important, regarding wear that you should have during the spray tan – ok, during the treatment you’re naked, or only in your underwear, depending on what you want to “paint”; but you need to go home in something, and that something must not ruin the experience.

Shoes do matter – and on this occasion, you have to wear something suitable. It is not ok to wear anything tight, too small, and closed.

A spray Tan is reserved for comfortable shoes, and where there is no pressure.

Nothing must rub your feet, and make feet rub against each other, as it will ruin the tan.

To bypass the smear, pick loose shoes, like for example, sandals, or something like flip-flops, or with open toes in some salons, they are given to the customers, but in some, this is not the case, so take your own.

Take or come in your slip-on that does not have any heel, and what is even better choose flip-flops, they are the best choice.

Additional advice is not to wear anything else on your legs like socks, or even worse, to wear tights.

Even if you came in them, do not wear them after the session is over and you have a fresh tan on your body, or feet!

If you come to your Spray Tan appointment, then you are maybe advised not to wear any jewelry.

It is not permitted, and it does not matter how beautiful your gems and all those necklaces, rings, and bracelets are, do not wear them. Put them safely at the house when you come to the salon.

All jewelry must go – earrings, cuffs, bracelets, rings, necklaces, or any other kind of jewelry. Anything that can force a Tan solution to smudge on the wrong places.

When it comes to the clothes on your body, then the main advice s to keep them relaxed.

When choosing what to wear to a spray tan appointment, consistently select loose clothes that won’t irritate your body, and that will leave your skin to breathe.

Good advice is to wear some dresses that are not skin tight, and that is very flowy. Opt for loose clothes and dresses, maybe loose trousers or jumpsuits Avoid any materials that have elastic in them.

All those ladies who feel ok with it can avoid wearing any underwear, and this is particularly food if they can be without a bra.

Or you can choose all of this, just for this “special” occasion, when you have one dark bra, that is more like a sports bra, but wearing a loose dress without anything underneath is the way to go.

Of course, and you may know it yourself – when you go to the Spray Tan always choose to wear clothes that are dark colored.

It does not have any relevance to following any of the previous rules, but you have to wear dark clothes.

Now, when we say dark we mean black, as the perfect choice any other color may still stain, and you would not want it to happen.

Anything lighter can pick up the Spray Tan, and in this way, you will ruin not only the color, but you will ruin your clothes. If you must wear underwear then you have to wear a black one.

After the Spray Tan

Now, when you have done with the appointment, there are some simple rules to follow, so that the Spray Tan last longer.

This type of care is very important – to maintain your skin hydrated and bronzy.

Maybe after the appointment, you would need to go and take a shower, but, do not do it.

Fight this urge, as you can ruin the entire experience.

After fake tanning – care is truly important as well as before it.

Maybe you would want to take a good long shower, to relieve the stress, but do not do it, your skin would not want it, and the tan will fall off.

Maybe you would even want to work out, but do not do it, because, you have to wait, ideally one day, and at least for a couple of hours.

So, anything that has to do with too much water must be avoided – just like taking a long shower, taking a warm bath, going to the sauna, or sweating in any way.

Anything that will make you produce moisture is a no-no.

Also, do not exfoliate after the treatment itself – in this sense, you must avoid rubbing your skin; to take off that Spray tan that you just put on, that looks so fresh.

This is ok, until the next appointment.

Hold on, to the moment before the next appointment, and then you can exfoliate.

Also, we can say that you should avoid using anything oily – if you are using moisturizer, use one that does not have any oil in itself.

You should moisturize daily, but without any oil, or fragrance. It must be pre moisturizer.

And, one thing, and many make this mistake – is to move or cross, their legs and arms, and they ruin the Spray tan and ruin it.

If you cross your limps a lot, try to restrict these functions to stop the spray tan from smearing all over the place.

In the end, after the spay-tan appointment, you must avoid using any harsh chemicals, as they can ruin your color.

Harsh elements, that can harm your skin, just like, like chlorine and acids, are a certain way to strip the Spray Tan off your body.

So, by all means, you should evade chemicals, or any skincare products created for the exfoliating process must be avoided.

Also, be careful when you go to the bed after a self-tan, as it can leave some marks on the sheets, which is not nice.

For this – wear dark clothes, and also lay some darker sheets on the bed, some people like to put sheets just for that occasion the dark one.


Spray Tan is a much safer and faster way to get a beautiful tan than a tanning bed.

The color after the Spray Tan treatment lasts about ten days and is therefore ideal if you want to darken your complexion for a festive occasion and stand out from the crowd.

And that they are dermatologically tested and will not leave spots after the treatment.

But you also have to follow some important rules and instructions so that everything goes well.

Two or three days after the treatment, you should wax or shave so that the airbrush machine can do its job properly and without obstacles.

On the day of the treatment, hygiene is mandatory and you should not apply any kind of cream to your skin, or apply perfume or anti-deodorants in order not to prevent the color from being applied to your skin.

It is also very important to exfoliate the parts of the skin that are dry, such as elbows, knees, and heels, because the better you exfoliate, the more even the color will be and the longer it will last.

Dress comfortably, with a loose t-shirt or dress, if possible old things.

The treatment itself is carried out while you are in a swimsuit or a two-piece costume.

When the treatment itself is finished, dress carefully, taking care not to remove the color, and skin care after the treatment itself is also very important so that the effect itself lasts as long as possible.

The rule is no bathing after the treatment for the next 3 to 4 hours and you should not sweat.

So if the salon is not close to your home and it’s hot outside, be sure to arrange for air-conditioned transportation to your home to avoid sweating and possible removal of the color under the mask.

When 4 hours have passed, it’s time for the first shower, with which you remove the protective bronzer from your skin, and only after that, when the water pouring off you become clear, you start bathing with a bath.

After bathing, apply the obligatory body milk to hydrate the skin. If you otherwise have a drier skin type, pamper it often with body milk, so that the color stays as long as possible.

The color itself lasts up to about ten days and starts to come off like when you peel off from natural tanning.

So, Spray Tan, the salon that you have chosen that is approved, and that uses the right, organic spray, is the way to go.

In an instant, you have the color of your dreams but follow some simple rules.

If you wear underwear, pay attention to which one you will wear.

Many don’t wear anything, but if you do wear underwear, it should be an old, worn-out bathing suit bottom.

That way you won’t be left with a difference you don’t want.

If you are not satisfied with the intensity of the color immediately after the treatment, know that after a few hours the color will be much darker.

This is important to know if you are worried about the color.

After taking a shower, a few hours after the treatment, do not wipe yourself with a towel by rubbing it against your body, but only pat it, and avoid bath sponges.

After the treatment, it is necessary to wear something wider and more comfortable, so that tight clothing does not create spots on the skin.

Most self-tanners contain ingredients that dry out the skin.

That is why you must apply hydrating creams every day, which will preserve the moisture of the skin, and therefore the color will be more permanent.

Just follow these simple rules, and you can have a dark, summery tan during the whole year, and at the same time, your skin will remain hydrated and glowy, and you do not have to ruin your favorite clothes.

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