What To Wear For A Massage?

Massage has incredibly positive and healing properties for our bodies, and there is virtually nothing that can replace it.

Massage is a natural procedure or a method that is proven to have an amazing impact on a body of a human being, and that certainly makes his health status better.

The foundation of every massage treatment is based on movement, with the touch of a hand.

It is exactly connecting body-hands, that has a real favorable healing effect.

Scientific examination has confirmed that in complement to bodily advantages, massage also has an effect on feelings in a human being.

It is not known exactly where it came from, but there are records that people used it for healing even before the birth of Jesus Christ himself.

It is an ancient alternative method of healing and relaxation that can be practiced by anyone.

In today’s time, which is full of stress and a fast lifestyle, massage should be practiced at least once every two weeks, to bring our body into balance.

If you have the chance to do it, then you can even have it more often, if your therapists have said it.

It improves circulation, alleviates pain, accelerated the flow of lymph through our body, is healed, and relaxes, and has a handful of other benefits that it can provide us.

There are so many benefits that come from a massage, that we want you o wonder when is your next massage appointment scheduled.

Also, there are old and new ways of a massage, but there is a common belief, that is true, that having a massage by a trained professional, that is done by hand, primarily, and then with some other tool, is the best way to go.

It is a wonderful stimulation for your body, soul, and mind, and if you have done it, just remember that feeling you had after the appointment, many describe it as a one-of-a-kind feeling, where you seem like all problems have gone, and you are completely relaxed and calm.

When was the last time you had a nice, calming massage that lasted at least half an hour, or ideally forty-five minutes or an hour?

Maybe this is your sign to book one.

What to do before a massage?

When you decide to go for your first massage, it is very important to choose a therapist who has at least basic knowledge of the anatomy of the human body and experience in the work he is doing.

In every other way, you will make more problems to your body, then you will have benefits.

There are several types of massage that you can have, and the basic ones are: relaxation massage, sports massage, therapeutic or deep tissue massage, Ayurveda, Lomi Lomi, hot stone massage, partial (only back or legs, arms, head) or whole body massage, couples massage and many others.

It seems that this area is a very creative area of work and that each month some new trend appears.

When you schedule a massage for the first time, it is truly important to discuss with the therapist which massage would be the best choice for you personally.

Inform the therapist if you have any health problems and which ones.

He will suggest the message that will be best for you.

If you are involved in some kind of sport, a sports massage will be a good choice for you because it uses stretching and manipulation of the joints, which will prepare you for the training itself, or with the action of this massage after the training, you will additionally stretch the tendons and ligaments, blood the muscles to fed better and that the inflammations would be less and more tolerable and the recovery period would be shorter.

If you are under major stress, then a soothing massage is the best choice, and if you want to light some fire with your lover, then a couples massage is the way to go.

Before the appointment, of course, shower, do not apply any cremes on your body, and wear appropriate clothes.

What To Wear For A Massage

The wardrobe in which you will arrive for the massage should be comfortable and depend on the type of massage you are going for, but the general rule is to wear something comfortable.

Also, the massage is best performed when the client is naked, then the therapist can do his job, and approach the client from all sides.

It is understandable that some clients do not feel comfortable when they are at the massage, and they do not want to bear it all.

For all those who do not want to take it all off, and be naked at the massage; it is ok.

For ladies who do not want to take it all, they can be in their panties and a bra that they will unbutton when they lay on the bed. They should opt for a comfortable bra that does not have any wires in them, so there is no accumulation of oil beneath it.

For gentlemen with an issue taking their clothes off, they could freely stay in their briefers and a shirt that they will pull when the masseuse is massaging a certain part of their bodies.

Therapists are educated in a way that they know how to do it, with care and nonchalance. They can even wait in another room while the client takes their clothes off, and in the same way, they can dress up when the appointment is over.

If, for example, you are going for a back massage, you need to wear a loose-fitting t-shirt and not a brand new one, but an ordinary old t-shirt.

Because various oils are used during the massage, the excess of which the therapist removes from your skin with a towel after the end of the massage, but it still cannot be removed 100%, and you don’t want to stain your favorite mother with oil, do you?

As for the lower part of the wardrobe, it should be a comfortable tracksuit.

We advise you that even though you are only doing a partial back massage, during it you will only be in your underwear and the therapist or masseur will cover you with a larger towel so that your legs are not uncomfortable or cold.

The tracksuit is easy to take off before and easy to put on after the massage, that’s why we advise you to use an older one, if possible so that you don’t feel bad if it gets greasy with oil.

Again, the choice of wardrobe also depends on the season in which you go for a massage. If it’s winter, she wears an older T-shirt and sweatshirt, a tracksuit, and the obligatory long warm jacket and hat.

It is warm in massage parlors and the massage itself will warm you up by itself, and it would not be good if, when you leave the parlor, cold air cuts you off.

Hot stone massage can be varied and depends on the skill and skill of the therapist, and his knowledge of anatomy, and this massage can be both relaxing and therapeutic. The stones used for the massage are mostly of volcanic origin and can also be Himalayan stones that have healing properties.

Stones are placed on specific points on our body and at the same time they are manipulated and incredible benefits are achieved. This type of massage is usually a winter massage.

Because who would want this kind of massage, if it’s plus 40 degrees outside, right? Since it is winter, it is understood that you come dressed warmly and comfortably in loose clothes and preferably older ones, because during this type of massage a lot of oil is used, so that the therapist does not irritate your skin with the stones.

So a lot of warm oil will be applied to your body and the skin will shed the excess from the salon to the house, so we advise you to wear comfortable, warm and old clothes.

If you do everything right, the deep tissue massage will be very tolerable, and over time it will even become a pleasant pain.

For this type of massage, comfortable clothes are recommended in the summer, as warm as possible in the winter with a mandatory long hot bath when you arrive at your home, for the muscles and tissues to relax further from the stress on the part of the body that you have treated.

With Ayurveda massage, which is based on your face and scalp, it is important that you dress comfortably and that nothing constricts you. It is a massage that increases the flow of energy through your body, and after it, you will feel very relaxed and a little groggy.

Lomi therapists use long strokes with their palm, palm edge, fist, and elbows to release that pent-up energy and allow your body to heal. Traditional Lomi Lomi massages even use prayers and dance to allow and establish the flow of energy through our body and restore balance.

When you have Lomi Lomi massage you will be dressed in a bikini, and most salons also have paper underwear for one use so that you don’t get your underwear dirty. Lomi Lomi massage uses natural coconut oils that are organic.

After massage care

When you get home, you can shower with warm water and take a bath to wash off the oil left on your skin.

After that, wear a wardrobe that is also comfortable and does not constrict you.

Choose comfortable materials, that are made out of natural elements, like cotton, on the market you can find numerous comfortable lounge sets, that are perfect for such occasions.

Tracksuits are also a good choice, and for ladies, leggings and simple T-shirts are the way to go.

There are cases when we go to work right after the massage, and for many, this dictates what you can or cannot wear when you go to the massage.

In that case, you should ask whether the salon where you will have the massage has a bathroom where you can take a shower after the treatment.

This is a big plus in massage parlors because you will save time and be able to wash off the oil after the massage and get into your suit, tie and get straight to work.

But we advise you to schedule and plan the massage so that after it you can relax in the warmth of your home and additionally soothe your body, especially if you have done a massage with “hot stones”.

This message is for which it is desirable that you “teleport” to your home after it if possible.

It is very pleasant and has a relaxing effect on our body, it warms us up and we are in seventh heaven after it.

In case when you have your own car, be sure to bring it to the front of the salon because it’s cold outside and you’re very warm.

If you don’t have a car, mandatory wear a warm wardrobe with a cap without exception.

A therapeutic massage can also be done with hot stones, by using its edges to act on knots caused by effort and stress and thus prevent a good flow of circulation through our body, and this is what causes tension in the trapezius and frequent headaches.

By breaking them, we get rid of those problems but remember that just one massage is not enough to feel the improvement.

A full body massage is the best thing you can afford because it will relax your entire body and relieve you of accumulated stress and acid.

A full body massage includes a set of extremities, abdomen, back, pectoral girdle, hips, gluteus muscle, neck, and head, to put it simply, it includes everything except the genital region.

A full-body massage is an excellent choice if you don’t already have a specific problem to deal with.

For example, if you have a problem with your back, you will not schedule a full body massage, but only a partial back massage, so that the therapist can focus on your problem and devote time to it.

A partial message takes an average of 30 to 40 minutes and depending on the salon.

And a full body massage lasts 50 to 60 minutes, so we believe that if you already have a problem, a partial massage and focus on the pain and problem is a better choice.

And when you solve the main problem, then you can include a full body massage and thus have an additional effect on the prevention of the previous problem you had.

In any case, having a massage should be a regular routine in your life, as it can save you from many unpleasant health problems, not only physical but also mental.


If it’s summer and very hot outside, we recommend wearing an old wide-brimmed shirt or dress, an old wide-brimmed shirt, and mandatory sun protection in the form of a hat.

So, the general rule is to wear comfortable and not too tight close to any massage, and maybe to wear more layers so that you can wear them if you are going to work right after or in a case, you are having some other activity afterward.

The clothes you are wearing to this occasion, and it does not present any relevance to what kind of message you are having, you will probably be nacked, cover only with the towel, for the best possible experience.

In this way you are allowing the therapist to do his job, to approach you from all sides; and having anything else than the towel or maybe panties, would not be a good idea.

Anything restrictive is not a good idea, and you must avoid it by all means.

Also, a very important and indispensable item is a mandatory bottle of water next to you.

It is even better if it can be unsweetened lemonade.

Lemon is an antioxidant and it will help us to expel more easily the acid that the therapist has initiated to leave our body through urine.

Therefore, do not be surprised if after the massage you will often go to the toilet to urinate.

When you do a deep tissue massage for the first time, be prepared for the fact that it can be very painful, especially the first time.

It is a massage in which the strong pressure of the therapist’s hands reaches the deeper layers of our tissue, to break up knots and accumulated acid.

For this purpose, the therapist can use strong pressure with the thumbs, and the edge of the palm, and can also use the elbow to reach deeper into the problem that is bothering you.

It is very important that before a deep tissue back massage, for example, you do at least two relaxation massages of the same area, to get used to the pressure and bear the pain of the deep tissue massage more easily.

If you start suddenly with this message, you will have severe inflammation and back pain for the next two days.

The therapist should know that he should introduce you to this massage gradually.

If you are married or in a relationship, you can schedule a special type of massage for you and your loved one, which is a massage for couples.

When a couples massage is done, you and two therapists are in the room. One therapist will massage you and the other your loved one.

Therapists should coordinate the duration of the massage so that both begin at the same time and end at the same time.

During this massage, you can occasionally hold hands with your partner because you will each be on your massage table but next to each other but not together because the therapist sometimes has to change the side from which he approaches you in order to perform some movement.

After this massage, you and your partner will be in seventh heaven and on the same wavelength.

We advise that it be a massage with hot stones and not too strong so that you can both relax.

The choice of wardrobe is comfortable and warm clothes and shoes if it’s winter and lighter if it’s summer.

Lomi Lomi is a type of massage that originated in Hawaii and it is one of those that hardly anyone offers and knows how to do.

Lomi has many benefits for our body, especially for our nervous system.

Lomi Lomi therapists believe that our memories and problems, traumas are stored not only in our brain but also in every cell in our body and that a certain part of our body may hurt because we are under some stress or because of some trauma from the past.

Whatever type of massage you do, you must tell your therapist if you have any health problems based on which they will assess whether you can afford a massage or not.

Because people suffering from cancer should not get a massage, because during massage the flow of lymph through the body is stimulated, and it has been scientifically proven that it is precisely through this that cancer spreads throughout our body, that is. metastasizes to other organs.

So the process would be accelerated with a massage and it is not worth the risk.

You must tell your therapist if you are in a different state because then there are only certain types of massages that you can give yourself. Strong pressures and treatment of certain parts of the body can lead to miscarriage, so keep this in mind.

If you suffer from claustrophobia or epilepsy or have any allergies, you must communicate them to your therapist, so that he can adapt to you and your health problem.

And don’t forget to always go to proven places, because there are many trained therapists, who can only damage your health condition with their ignorance, instead of helping you.

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