What to Wear After Nipple Piercing? 

Since ancient times, various ways of decoration of the body have fascinated people who wanted to show their desires, affection, relation to events and people, or as an articulation of rebellion.

There were many ways how people could do it, but tattoos and piercings were just one of the ways.

Both piercing and tattooing are considered a form of ancient, but also contemporary art; and now there are truly remarkable things that could be done with them.

Traditionally, the ears, nose, and lips are ‘pierced’, while in recent years piercings are increasingly found on hidden, intimate parts of the body, including nipples or even genitals for those who love it.

It is maybe for some surprising to know that both males and females are piercing their nipples, and for some, as they claim, this type of piercing can be seen as a condition of sexual stimulation specifically, while certain people decide to have them just for aesthetic motivations.

They love how it feels and not just how it looks, and it is ok, everyone has the right to do with their body whatever they want.

Piercing is jewelry (a piece of jewelry) that can be placed in the desired part of the body, including the various parts of the head, and nowadays we can see a lot of creativity in this area, having in mind; that people are pushing borders daily; in body modification.

Piercing is seen as an aesthetic detail on a person’s body, and also the confirmation of the authenticity of the person wearing it.

Now, there are some rules to follow if you want this experience to go without any problems, regarding your health, and you want it to take care of your piercing in a proper way, and this also includes a proper wardrobe, both during and after you have done a nipple piercing.

Before you do a piercing

It is very important to check the position of the jewelry and the tightness of the skin every day so that the jewelry does not fall out during the healing process.

This is important to see before the piercing itself, as there are no two same skins, and someone’s skin will react in one way and the other will react differently, so you should check your skin before the appointment.

You must be sure what you want to pierce, but unlike a tattoo, you can simply just take it off; so making this mistake is not the end, but either way, you must take care of it.

But, here the matter of hygiene is the most important issue of all, before, during, and after the appointment.

The hygienic conditions of the studio have to be at the highest level, and this is something that you must check by all means.

Also, you must check if the jewelry and disposable needles are sterile, as this is truly a matter that must be done, otherwise, you put your life at risk.

Also, and we must emphasize this, the jewelry pieces that are used for piercings are made solely of surgical steel and can only be changed after the tissue has healed.

All of this must be checked before you do the procedure.

Experts say that the pain experienced during nipple piercing is immediate and its intensity varies from person to person, so this is also one of the things that you must be prepared for if you want to do a nipple piercing.

How high or low your level of pain, can determine whether can you or cannot do a nipple piercing.

For some, this is simply too painful.

The majority of all of us consider nipples to be an incredibly sensitive part of our bodies, and just the idea of this decoration is unappealing and even very distressing.

They are extremely sensitive due to a large number of nerves, and the earring itself is positioned shallowly, so the degree of discomfort and pain is greater.

But experts assure that the intensity of the pain also relies on how mentally trained you are for this procedure, that is, how bad do you want to do this type of piercing, and how far are you willing to go.

In any case, it hurts, but the pain levels are truly individual, and there is not one common rule, you have to see it for yourself.

After you have done all of these, you are certain what you want and you have chosen the parlor where you want to do it, then you should not some additional advice.

Before doing a nipple piercing, you can boost your immunity system with vitamin C and organize everything you require for piercing care before you have done the piercing.

Care after Nipple Piercing

Now, after you have gathered the courage to this interesting procedure, you must know and follow certain rules, because inadequate care is a call for a disease and a lot of health issues, infections, etc.

So, the first thing you need to know is that, unlike facial piercings, the ones performed on the nipple are not revealed to air, and this implies that the healing can be a bit more problematic.

It is not a big problem if you follow the necessary steps – in the case of the nipple piercing the healing process is relatively longer and demands much more care and attention.

When you are in a recovery period, the nipples are usually extremely sensitive, so even just a cotton shirt and bra can be an issue.

Proper care for the nipple piercing and healing of the treated part of the body lasts from 4 to 12 weeks, so you need to be extra patient if you want to track all the steps.

Do not hurry and do not rush into anything, the skin and the wound take some time to heal and it is ok because you can endanger yourself if you do not follow all necessary steps.

Now, if you have noticed that you have something going on there, and if you just suspect that there is an infection, do not wait for any second, but report and call the doctor, do not wait, because you can make more trouble than you think.

Also, after the procedure, which is not complicated at all, it is not advised to sleep on the piercing as much as possible to avoid the movement of the jewelry piece; so that the skin can heal properly and that any keloids do not form.

Also, during the first month of piercing, it is advisable not to swim in any water, and this includes swimming pools and lakes, and you should also avoid taking long baths.

Opt for the showers, and in this case, you will not be exposed to the bacteria and chlorine that can harm the piercing.

The thing that is ok to do is to swim in salty water, like sea or ocean, as it can even assist the process of healing.

This is due to the natural saline solution that is found in the water that is, and this is another thing, clean water.

So, swimming in the clean sea or the ocean is a good thing for a nipple piercing.

Also, it is not recommended to use any antibiotic creams, hydrogen, or even an alcohol solution to treat the place of the piercing.

This must ot be done even if there is no infection since all of these mentioned could slow the pace of healing.

What To Wear After Nipple Piercing

At the same time, after the piercing, there is a period of mandatory recovery, and thinking of what kind of clothing you should wear after the nipple piercing having in mind that the skin needs time and air to heal.

When clothing is worn over the pierced place, or the nipple, in this case, those who opt to do it, should keep many things in mind in order not to further rub or even hurt the nipple.

So, the choice of clothes is truly an important matter – it is normal to assume that this kind of procedure is a bit harder for ladies, as they can be hurt just by the touch of anything, even cotton, or a bra.

So this implies that ladies right after the procedure should leave this breast without anything, so it can breathe.

Some of them may opt for wearing a pure and light cotton shirt, and there they should cut the part the breast nipple is found.

Also, for those who have somewhat sensitive skin, a lymph liquid can appear on the nipple.

But, do not worry this is completely normal to occur right after you have a nipple piercing, so do not be alarmed regarding the increased sensitivity to touch is normal during the first couple of weeks after this procedure.

So, the majority of ladies are taking a long time to recover from this type of piercing, and this is also true having in mind the fact that their breasts are connected to their hormones, as they are connected to all changes in the female body.

Here we can see that changes are coming from PMS, also when a woman is in her period, and also when her immunity system is down.

This by itself can be a bit unpleasant but this also implies that a female breast discharges a lymph liquid, as completely normal; but be careful, because if this discharge is excessive, a larger amount of the liquid, then you should speak to the doctor because there can be an infection in the center of it all.

If this happens three or four weeks after the nipple piercing, then maybe the lymph has leaked and this is an issue to deal with.

A bra – But, all of this raises a question should you wear a bra after the nipple piercing, there are no distinctive rules that can tell you to wear it or not; it all depends on the state of your breast or the nipple.

But if by any chance you choose to wear one, as you may feel uncomfortable without it; then choose the one that does not have any wires, that is washed with antibacterial soap, and that is made out of cotton.

If you can be without the bra, it is also ok, but if you feel uncomfortable wear one, but the proper kind.

Also, we must say that this is much more comfortable for males.

A sports bra – is one big recommendation, so this is truly something that will allow your skin to breathe and heal, and it will soak up the sweat.

Push-up bras must be avoided by all means.

So the verdict is to wear a comfortable sports bra and a light cotton t-shirt on top.

A T-shirt – if you want to wear a T-shirt, then you must choose one that is easy to unbutton so that your new piercing can breathe.

Skin that breathes is truly important when the skin heals from a piercing in such a tender place.

So, ladies can wear a braless top or a thin shirt.

You can also put a cotton bandage on the nipple so that you do not stick the clothes to the piercing.

Tight clothes are a no-no – it is something that you must avoid by all means, because then your skin cannot breathe and the infection is likely to occur.

Nothing that can rub your skin must be avoided, not only because of the infection but because of the damage that can occur to the piercing itself.


Piercing is a type of body modification that is done for both aesthetic and other reasons, some of them maybe even sexual, as some take pleasure in it.

It belongs to the category of ‘body art’ and in recent years it has experienced popularity thanks to the breaking of the taboos that followed this practice, its availability, and also the increasing number of public figures who practice this type of decoration.

Nipple jewelry first appeared in the Victorian era and, interestingly, it was widespread among both men and women.

So, even in those ages, nipple piercing had its purpose, not necessarily always the esthetical one.

Our society, however, still speaks with discomfort about this type of jewelry and considers it inappropriate, vulgar, and simple.

Why is nipple piercing still a taboo subject it is partially because it is an intimate part of our bodies, but it does not matter, those who want to do it, will wear it proudly.

There is room for exhibitionism.

If it’s for your comfort, nipple piercing is not the most painful place, and it’s quite obvious which one is the most painful.

However, it happened that both guys and girls who have nipple piercings do not describe the pain as ‘devilish’, but it is enough to remember that the stimulation of this area leads to a high level of sexual excitement, so it is easy to guess how sensitive it is.

The incentive to endure that, we repeat, momentary pain can be the fact that later the level of excitement can even increase.

However, some experts point out that piercing does not guarantee stimulation and may even have a counter-effect.

Either way, nipple piercings just require a little will, desire, courage, and a mind free of the need to be approved by others as part of their crowd. Only then can you see all the beauty of the subtle glimpse of jewelry under a shirt.

No, this shouldn’t become a trend or a habit, but it just shouldn’t be a cause for alarm either.

Why shouldn’t everyone be an artist who creates their own body? We always vote for art.

So for health reasons, do it in a sanitary place, and take care of your skin properly.

In case of infection, report for control, don’t wait!!!

React immediately – and this is particularly true for ladies because breasts react because of the hormones.

There are no clear rules concerning wearing a bra, it is only necessary that it is sterile, cotton, and does not push the piercing.

Avoid any clothes that can rub or press the piercing, take care of it, and you will enjoy it.

You can always opt for a sports bra that will soak up the sweat and not rub the nipple, and also a light T-shirt on the top.

For gentlemen, this is a much easer task.

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