What Colors Not To Wear To a Wedding?

Before attending the wedding, you should first learn about the dress code for this formal occasion.

The style of the wedding guests’ attire is significant, as is the color.

For example, wearing black clothes to weddings is such a faux pas. White is also on the list of colors you should avoid wearing at weddings.

The last thing you need at the wedding is an inappropriate outfit that can cause unwanted reactions from the wedding couple and guests.

The rules for wedding outfits were changing, and some are still in use today.

Although the black color isn’t a preferred choice, it can be acceptable today as part of some outfits.

The most appropriate wedding guest attire colors are those that are not too eye-catching.

It means you should avoid using bright and sparkly colors and patterns that will draw the attention of your wedding guests.

Keep in mind that the focus at the wedding is on the bride primarily, and then on the groom, so don’t spoil their best day.

There are colors you should ignore when you open your closet to find the ideal outfit for a wedding.

If you don’t want to feel like a guest who stayed at the wrong event, skip all pieces of clothing that are not good choices for the wedding.

White isn’t an appropriate color for wedding guests since the spotlight is on the bride.

White can be a good choice for the rehearsal ceremony if you want to achieve a monochrome look.

People today are more open-minded, so traditional wedding dress codes are pretty relaxed than before.

Some brides even wear elegant pants and shirts instead of the wedding dress, and others choose evening gowns or fluffy dresses for their wedding.

Grooms also make exceptions today by wearing pastel suits instead of the standard black or grey tux.

However, because the wedding is a formal occasion, you should not wear your favorite jeans, basic cotton dresses, t-shirts, or other too-casual outfits.

You must take care of “prohibited” colors for wedding guests’ outfits. Black and white are unacceptable colors.

Of course, it is acceptable for women to wear colorful clothes, for example, a white or black dress with a floral or some other print.

If you don’t want to become the target of gossip because you wore the wrong outfit to the wedding, read the instructions for choosing appropriate colors and clothes in the text below.

Wearing white at weddings

Many people think that wearing white to a wedding is outdated. Still, the fact is that the couple and their families may take offense if you wear white to their wedding day.

Remember, wearing white at weddings is a big fashion faux pas.

The point is to avoid wearing anything white or off-white, even any gown that reminds guests of a wedding dress.

If you are wondering why the answer is simple: you don’t want to hurt the bride’s feelings. Just imagine how you would feel at the bride’s place.

This rule, as previously stated, does not apply to white dresses with colorful prints such as floral.

Still, you can see women at some weddings wearing white floor-length gowns with lace and tulle that remind you of wedding dresses, and this is an awful mistake you should not allow yourself to make.

An all-white outfit is the most undesirable outfit at weddings.

So, anything white, including shades like ivory and beige, the colors champagne and cream, and details such as lace and tulle, are on the list of prohibited outfits for wedding guests. These hues are very similar to white.

Naturally, a bride has to stand out from the crowd by wearing a white wedding dress. So, a guest who wears a white outfit

can give the wrong impression that he wants to be the center of attention and that place belongs to the bride and groom.

Keep in mind that that wedding day is not yours.

The purpose of your coming is to show respect to the newlyweds.

Still, you don’t have to dispose of the white color completely.

For instance, you can pair some white pieces of clothing or white details with other colors, but if you don’t want to be wrong about that, it is best to avoid white.

If you are a fan of bright colors, you can always choose pastel colors like light violet, light pink, light blue, and others that can provide you with a stylish and romantic look.

Traditionally, white is the color of the bride, and if the guests wear white clothes, it can come off as rude and offensive.

Remember, the wedding day is reserved for newlyweds. It would be unpleasant to ruin their most beautiful life event by wearing a white outfit.

What about black outfit at wedding?

Black at weddings is considered impolite. A must-have little black dress has become the new trend in wedding guest attire.

If you choose all-black clothes, make sure they look classy and fashionable. You don’t want those other guests staring at you because you look like you are at a funeral.

It’s known that every woman must have a little black dress. It is an excellent choice for nights out, cocktail parties, and similar occasions. In recent years, it has become a sought-after outfit for weddings.

Be attentive in black clothes. It’s better to wear some other dark shades that can be very elegant, like dark green, maroon, dark purple, and dark blue. It’s up to you what you wear, but try to avoid black for weddings.

Remember, one of the most important rules when you attend the wedding is to avoid wearing black.

Weddings are happy events celebrating a new life chapter and love, so wearing black is on the list of forbidden clothes.

People say it brings a stroke of bad luck.

Wearing black to a wedding gives newlyweds and guests the impression that you are unhappy because the couple is getting married.

Some cultures consider black to be the symbol of death and mourning. So, black is a clear sign of bad luck, and people can think that you disapprove of the newlyweds’ love.

It doesn’t mean that you can wear black at all. The truth is that you can, but you must be very careful when choosing clothes.

So, a little black dress is not always an ideal choice for classy occasions, especially weddings, since people could think that you are in mourning for someone or something.

For instance, you can wear a black gown with a bright print, a black skirt, and shirt, or a blouse in a light hue.

Men can wear a black suit with a light shirt and tie.

Ignoring the wedding dress code can be very irritating for newlyweds and guests.

If you ask why, well, if you don’t choose an outfit according to the dress code, you show that you don’t respect the newlyweds and that their wedding means nothing to you.

Even if you do not agree with these attitudes, try to avoid wearing all-black outfits to weddings.

Simply put, many people can form incorrect impressions and opinions about you.

It is preferable to have fun and be in a good mood at a wedding than to endure negative comments and reactions and have people stare at you.

Of course, you shouldn’t be disappointed if you like dark clothes. You can always wear a dark green, brown, or navy blue dress.

The varied palette of dark colors and hues can help you choose the clothes you like.

The most important thing is to feel comfortable and fantastic at the wedding without offending the couple and guests.

What about dressing like the bridesmaids?

Some guests research the wedding outfit color palette and select clothes accordingly. You have to be cautious when selecting a color for your attire.

For instance, if you wear the same color as the bridesmaids, it may seem that you are unsatisfied because the bride didn’t choose you for that role or because you want to grab attention.

Of course,  some guests wear attire of the same color as the bridesmaids. In that case, guests may consider them posers.

We advise you to ask the bride what color of dress the bridesmaids will wear. You have to be sure which color to exclude.

If you don’t know the bride, your second option is to look at the invitation card for guidelines on outfit color or, if there are no dress codes, pick clothes according to the colors of the wedding invitation.

Remember, there is no excuse not to wear the colors of the bridesmaid dresses, although you didn’t know what colors they were wearing.

Also, check the wedding theme in the invitation because many couples have a theme for their wedding day.

In this case, you can easily pick an appropriate outfit that matches the event.

The good side is that you avoid wasting time thinking about the ideal attire for this special occasion.

Keep in mind that you are going to the wedding to have fun. After all, it is a unique chance, finally, to wear that stylish gown.

A big no for neon colors at the wedding

As we already said,  anything that steals the spotlight from the bride isn’t an appropriate outfit. So, neon-colored clothing is a no-no because it draws attention to you in a crowd.

Of course, you shouldn’t be imperceptible, but you should pick attire that is not too conspicuous.

All eyes will be on you if you wear a neon green or orange dress.

You will be too visible in wedding photos, drawing attention away from the newlyweds and toward yourself, which is inappropriate and offensive.

If you like green, choose a pastel green hue instead of neon. In this case, it is a much better option.

Also, a substitute for bright red can be dull red or burgundy, although the red color isn’t a good choice for weddings.

The reason for this is the fact that red is a traditional bride’s color in  China and India.

Keep in mind that a wedding isn’t an 80s party, so keep away the neon hues because the newlyweds are the main characters of the wedding.

Save the neon-colored clothing for other occasions, such as night outs and parties. It is an ideal outfit for nightlife.

Remember, you should have an elegant and classy look at weddings, but neon-colored attire can’t provide you with that.

Even if the neon colors are trendy, you can’t wear them at a wedding. Outfits that are too shiny and sparkly are appropriate for nightclubs and discos but not at weddings.

Too-sparkly or metallic colors aren’t a good choice

Remember, wearing sparkly attire to a wedding isn’t appropriate, although it may seem like a good idea.

The guests may consider your outfit an attempt to grab all their attention.

You can wear a glittering dress at the wedding but choose one with glitters that are not very striking and too shiny.

Although you have in your closet a beautiful sparkly gown that you have never worn before, it is better to take something else that is not so shiny and eye-catching.

A floor-length dress completely covered with sequins is not an acceptable piece of clothing for a wedding day.

Even if you enjoy wedding photography, remember that the focus is on the bride and groom, so avoid wearing anything too flashy.

Although the wedding theme and dress code allow you to wear attire with sequins, you must keep in mind that your look can’t be too stunning.

Simply put, the wedding isn’t an appropriate reunion for the disco-ball effects of glittering outfits.

Still, the glitter is an impressive fashion detail that you can perfectly combine with many pieces of clothing.

For instance, you can wear a mini or midi sparkly skirt with a one-color shirt or blouse.

Our second suggestion is a glittering bag and shoes with a midi or floor-length one-color gown.

There are a lot of outfits with glitter that are perfect matches for a wedding dress code.

If you like sparkly things, don’t give up on glitter attire because you can wear it on many classy occasions.

We understand that the wedding is not an everyday event for you and that you want to impress all guests with your incredible outfit but save the full-body glitter dresses for night outs, cocktail parties, and a bachelorette party.

Today, in the internet era, you can find many fashionable outfits for weddings on social networks like Instagram and Pinterest, as well as in fashion blogs and online magazines.

Aside from the glitter, metallic colors are also too shiny, so be aware when you buy a gold or silver dress for a wedding.

There are many metallic colors, but silver and gold are most common in formal clothing.

Wearing metallic dresses that cover the entire body is a bad idea for a wedding because they have a bright glare that is noticeable.

The truth is that the use of metallic outfits should be limited.

So you can pair a gold shirt with a maroon A-line skirt or silver and navy blue pieces of clothing.

When you arrive at a wedding in a floor-length gold gown that completely covers your body, people may misinterpret it.

Still, if you like to wear gold and silver outfits, you can be glamorous by wearing sparkly jewelry such as a gold necklace with zircons or beautiful earrings.

Our recommendation is to avoid full-body glitter and metallic colors. Instead of it, you can combine sparkly pieces of clothing with simple one-color skirts, shirts, and classy pants.

The conclusion and main tip are to reduce shiny outfits as much as possible.

Denim at weddings is a big mistake

There is no place for denim at weddings unless the bride and groom order guests to wear jeans and a casual outfit which is almost impossible since weddings are classy once-life events.

In some cases, newlyweds can organize an after-party. In that case, denim is acceptable for that occasion and maybe for a bachelorette party, depending on your wishes.

Everyone expects a classy and stylish look at weddings. It is wrong even to consider any outfit with jeans.

Remember, denim at weddings is a huge mistake.

People stare at you if you wear jeans at the wedding since it is inappropriate attire.

Remember that too casual and too sparkly and shiny outfits attract attention at weddings.

If you wear denim at the wedding, guests can consider you a frivolous person that doesn’t care about the wedding day and newlyweds.

If you let the guests and wedding couple misinterpret your casual look, they can get the wrong opinion about you.

We know that jeans are comfortable and easy to combine with many colors and pieces of clothing, but it may seem rude and disrespectful to others when you arrive at a wedding in your favorite denim outfit.

If you go to a less formal wedding, you can wear a casual outfit without jeans.

For instance, you can pair stylish pastel pants with a floral shirt or a fluffy gown.

The fact that you want to look your best at a wedding is opposite to the idea of a jeans outfit at that classy event, even if the wedding theme is casual.

Red outfit for a wedding isn’t good idea

As we already mentioned, you should avoid red outfits if you attend a Chinese wedding since red is the bride’s color in China and India.

Aside from that, red is a symbol of love and passion. It is a striking color, and because of that, you should avoid it at weddings anyway.

A big mistake at weddings is an eye-catchy bright red dress since the bride is the center of happenings.

You admire red. Calm down and pick the dark red shirt with the complementary one-color skirt.

At the end main tips

When you go to a wedding and want to choose an appropriate outfit remember that it can be rude if you stand out from the crowd.

Pick classy outfits which are not too sparkly, shiny and conspicuous since the focus is on the newlyweds.

You can wear outfits with glitter, metallics, and neon colors, even white and black colors, but these clothes must be reduced which means not covering your body completely.

You should choose an outfit according to the dress code and wedding theme.

Still, you can look impressive and glamorous if you wear some shiny and bright accessories like a gold or silver necklace, glittering shoes, a bag, and many other details and pieces of clothing.

There are a lot of outfits you can easily find in fashion blogs and magazines and on Instagram.

Just take a look at the internet and in your closet, and you will find the ideal outfit for you.

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