Switzerland In September 2023: Things To Do, Weather & Temperature

Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure this fall?

If so, then we suggest you visit Switzerland, the land of chocolate, watches, and cheeses.

This country has so much to offer in September.

Switzerland is full of beauty, so be sure to visit the lakes, mountains, and cities that are divine in this period.

Unspoiled nature is at every turn, be sure that it will inspire you wherever you go.

Whether you want to enjoy the diverse architecture, or you want to hike long peaceful trails, this destination is the right choice for you.

Although there are only a few months left until autumn, start slowly to prepare in advance for your trip to Switzerland.

Book your tickets and find accommodation in time, and we will do our best to show you all the important things to see this fall in one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.

Introduction: Traveling to Switzerland in September

The long warm summer has gone into oblivion, and autumn has begun and put on its most beautiful colors, from gold to copper, everything looks magical in Switzerland.

Vivid landscapes and amazing sights are everywhere, you just have to come and experience them.

The first signs of autumn bring a new climate, so in September the weather is pleasant, use it wisely when you come here.

Temperatures vary with altitude, so lower cities will experience mild to warm weather this month.

In this period, the average temperature in Bern, Geneva, and Zurich is around 19 °C, which is slightly lower than in July and August.

The Alps are around 7°C, which is not much different from the early summer average.

Visit Switzerland in September, because it is the beginning of the low season, there will be fewer other tourists, the hiking trails are uncrowded, and the accommodation will be affordable.

Think about this!

Besides, numerous manifestations are held in this period when it is the time of harvest for vineyards and fruit trees.

Celebrations can be seen everywhere, both in cities and in villages, so there is a lot of joy and merriment.

Switzerland in September offers something for everyone, and it’s up to you what you do first when you come to this beautiful country.

This is a great time to visit this country because you have the opportunity to enjoy many things, starting from cheeses and wines, through music and to the culture and traditions of this place.

A common fall ritual in Switzerland is cheese sharing, in which the cheese is handed to farmers and is manufactured in the mountains in the summer from cow’s milk.

This is held every year in various cities across the country.

Fine cheese complements good wine, so if you pass through Vale, this country’s wine area, you may take a walk through the vines or savor superb wine, both of which are highly recommended.

Autumn in Switzerland provides tourists with a wealth of choices.

For those who are looking for adventure, there are quiet winding paths, climbing them you have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful view of the surroundings.

The mesmerizing Alpine beauty becomes even more captivating in September as the leaves change colors.

You will have a unique experience if you take the train from Zermatt to Saint Moritz.

One of Switzerland’s more famous cities, Zurich is great for exploring at this time of year.

Here you can see museums, galleries, and various cathedrals.

Geneva is also a great option for visiting the lake which is beautiful in September, but also other cultural attractions and facilities.

In addition to these destinations, don’t miss Switzerland’s capital, Bern, which is home to the famous Zytglogge clock tower.

Beautiful cities with medieval ambiance are worth every attention.

Also visit one of the natural wonders, the glaciers in the Alps, which are unique and especially attract climbers and mountaineers to see them.

Swiss lakes adorn this country not only with their appearance but also with their function.

Many come here to take a break from everyday life and enjoy the beautiful scenery and nature.

Put it on your priority list of must-sees.

We recommend you visit lake Lucerne, Thun, and Lugano.

Here you can walk along beautiful paths or take a boat ride on the lake.

Someone will like fantastic castles, and someone will like beautiful nature, whatever you choose, you will have a great time this fall, be sure of that.

Visit Geneva in September because Jeune Genevois and Thanksgiving day

The national holiday called June Genevois, which means the Geneva fast, is held in the canton of Geneva.

During this fast, it is customary for the local population to eat prune cake.

Fasting was practiced in Swiss cantons as early as the 15th century.

Sabor, a cantonal parliament that functioned until 1848, established days of penance and gratitude.

Each canton had to decide how these positions would be organized.

The first fast began in Geneva in October 1567 after the repression of the Protestants from Lyon.

Fasting has been considered a moral and religious act since 1640 and became an annual ritual at the initiative of the reformed cantons.

It was seen as humility and solidarity with the lowest members of society.

Once upon a time, this cake was the only meal of the day, and today it is served as a delicacy.

Well, here’s your chance to try a specialty that the people of Geneva make in September.

Another holiday is held here, a federal day of thanksgiving, repentance, and prayer.

This is an interfaith festival and begins on the third Sunday of September.

Expect to find most stores closed and streets deserted over the holidays, but everything will reopen after the holidays.

Take advantage of this and visit the nearby restaurants and bars, there are plenty of them for everyone’s taste and pocket.

If you want to go shopping, we highly recommend it because there are so many places where you can shop well.

The real symbol of this city standing on Lake Geneva is the Jet d’Eai fountain. Do not miss this experience.

Take the opportunity to go to the Cathedral of St. Pierre, which dates back to the 12th century.

The archaeological tour of the cathedral offers visitors interesting facts not only about the origins of the cathedral but also about Geneva’s pre-Roman location.

From here there is an incredible view of this beautiful city and its lake.

The Palace of the United Nations, the former seat of the League of Nations, is a must-see, it is one of the main attractions here.

This is worth seeing precisely because of the chairman’s hall, the library, the paintings, and the landscaped garden.

The old town deserves all the attention, visit the townhouse with cannons in the small square, Rousseau’s birthplace, and numerous antique shops.

Do not bypass the headquarters of the United Nations.

Here you can see and find out how it works and according to which system.

Whether you visit Zeneva individually or with a guide, it will undoubtedly leave a great impression on you.

There are many events in Zurich: Check out the pumpkins at Jucker Farm, and the Museum’s Long Night

Zurich is a great place to visit in September!

Various events are held at the beginning of the month.

Jucker Farm is starting its pumpkin display at several of its locations.

If you are coming here with your family in September, don’t miss this.

Every year there is a different theme, the pumpkins are displayed as exhibits and look like real works of art.

Here you can enjoy pumpkin cakes and ice cream, but you also have the opportunity to buy some things.

It is also a perfect opportunity to visit the long night of the museum and get to know the museum scene of Zurich.

This event starts every first Saturday in September.

The limitless variety of Zurich’s museums is especially well explored during the Long Night, when exhibitions, collections, and a varied accompanying program transform night into day.

In addition, the fun music and radio festival Rundfunk is an excellent choice.

This event has become very popular among locals as well as tourists, and it lasts until the beginning of September.

Art lovers will be able to attend the international festival for theaters, culture, and art Zurcher Theater Spektakel is attracting more and more attention and lasts until the beginning of September.

The biggest vegan festival in Switzerland takes place here.

This event is not only to display food but also to indicate the content of the product.

Here, you have the opportunity to try healthy and delicious cuisine from all over the world.

In addition, various art exhibitions, markets, and art exhibitions take place in Zurich, so here’s an opportunity to visit some of the activities here.

Considering that Oktoberfest is being held in Munich and across the country, there may be big crowds, so book your accommodation in time if you are here.

The city boasts an efficient public transport network, so you can experience this too and uniquely experience parts of Geneva.

For those who want an adventure, we suggest visiting the Uetliberg mountain, which is located above Zurich and offers an incredible view of the city, the lake, and the Alps.

From beautiful nature to museums and galleries to rich nightlife, Zurich has so much to offer in September.

Explore every corner of the city and enjoy every moment this autumn.

Visit Bern, enjoy the magical music and the Musikfestival

Musikfestival is one of the largest Swiss festivals Musikfestival of contemporary music takes place in Bern every September.

At this festival, you can hear different styles of music from ancient to contemporary music.

Apart from this, it also includes experimental and electronic music.

Every year this festival tries to introduce innovations in its program, so the concerts and formats where the music is performed are very unusual.

Bernese musicians, but also international performers, perform at this festival.

Visit Bern this September and listen to great music.

The capital of Switzerland, which is built on a sandstone ridge, offers so much, here you can enjoy a beautiful alpine valley as well as numerous cultural attractions.

If you are here in September, you can visit Bear Pits Park and the Bern Cathedral which is the largest church in Switzerland built after the Middle Ages.

Visit it is interior and then climb to the top to enjoy the view of the city and the Alps.

The Einstein Museum and the Bern Historical Museum are both worth a visit.

You will learn something new about Switzerland’s capital while also getting acquainted with Einstein’s work and life.

Namely, a famous scientist lived here at the beginning of the 20th century, which is an interesting fact for all visitors who are interested in his work.

There are a lot of events happening in September in Bern related to music and art, so take the opportunity to see as many things as possible.

This city is worth a visit, so explore it up and down and enjoy every moment of it this autumn.

If you are here in September, walk the streets of the city as much as possible, that way you will get to know Bern the best.

Visit markets, and local shops, and try some specialties and of course chocolate.

Buy some souvenirs to remember, take pictures, record the surroundings and absorb all the atmosphere of the city during this trip.

Visit some of Switzerland’s most beautiful lakes this September

September is perfect for visiting the beautiful lakes in this wonderful country.

If you need an autumn vacation, our recommendation is to come here and enjoy the stunning lakes, of which there are many.

This Alpine country has over 1,500 lakes.

There are small and large lakes, but all are wonderful to visit and relax in nature.

Some of them are located near the borders with neighboring countries, so they are not entirely on the ground of Swiss territory, while others are on the ground of this country and are mostly located near mountains.

Given that there are so many of them, it is not easy to single out the most beautiful ones because each one is beautiful and authentic in its way.

Most of the lakes are easily accessible precisely because of the excellent traffic in this country.

Although there are some lakes tucked away far from the others.

However, they are all unique and beautiful and offer numerous contents.

We will present you with the most famous ones that you can visit in the fall when nature turns into beautiful golden shades.

One of the most famous in Switzerland is Lake Geneva.

Recognizable by its crescent shape, it represents the border between France and Switzerland, so its surface is divided between these two countries.

Take a walk along the shore of this lake, you will see palm trees, small coves, narrow streets, and incredible architecture.

The whole area is a very large open space for you to experience.

You can rent a bike and go for a ride or take a boat and sail on the lake they call the mirror.

This is because not only does it have clear water, but because the water is calm during the day, and everything is reflected in it.

We are sure that the autumn colors will be best reflected in the lake, which is impressive.

Lake Zurich belongs to the group of the most beautiful lakes in this country.

It is located southeast of the city of Zurich, in the canton of Zurich, and most of it belongs to this city, and it extends over three cantons.

There are also many other charming towns and villages to visit, including Rappersville, a medieval town.

The North Shore is known for its luxury homes and villas, as well as its stunning beaches, so if you’re coming here for your autumn holiday, explore this side too.

Caumasse is another lovely lake and is located near Flims, a small town in the canton of Grisons.

It stands out from the rest because it is much smaller.

However, that is why it is special in its way.

If you like to hike, there are plenty of trails nearby that you can explore.

Apart from the trails, there are also plenty of rocks where you can sit, relax and enjoy the warm autumn colors.

The water of the lake is so blue that it looks unreal.

You will want to jump into this water, although in autumn it is cold to swim in the lake, in summer it is pleasant to swim.

There are a lot of pine trees around Caumasee, which makes it a unique lake.

It is worth the attention, so come here and relax.

In addition, visit Lake Thun, which shines brightly in September.

This lake in the canton of Bern offers tourists numerous attractions, starting from enjoying the picturesque landscapes and ending with the castles that are located around it.

You can take a whole day and go to a castle near the lake.

If you want to spend some quiet time, take the opportunity to take a walk along the beautiful paths or take a boat ride on the lake.

On the list of the most visited lakes in Switzerland, among these two can be added the one in Lugano, which has the same name as the city, and is surrounded by mountains and wonderful nature.

One part of the lake is on the territory of Italy, and the other is on the territory of Switzerland.

You can get to this place by railway, but also by two cable cars that lead to the viewpoint from where there is a fantastic view of the lake and the mountains.

It’s always warm and sunny in Lugano, just like in autumn, so make the most of it when you come here.

You can go to the top of one of the mountains near the lake.

The view from Monte San Salvadore is fantastic.

Top tips for traveling to Switzerland in September

To keep you nice and comfortable during your stay here in September, we advise you to bring a layered wardrobe.

Bring a mix of summer and fall clothes in your luggage.

Pack in your luggage hoodies, jeans, a transitional jacket, and a denim jacket that is perfect for this time of year.

It’s pleasant here during the day, so it’s important to bring appropriate clothing that you can mix and match according to the weather.

You will need this kind of wardrobe for this transitional period.

In the evening temperatures are low and it gets chilly, so bring a light sweater, jeans, and trousers which will be ideal for seeing all the main sights.

Casual clothes are the right choice for your holiday in September.

As for footwear, we advise you to pack hiking boots that will serve you well when you hike the wonderful trails, and leather boots are great for walking the winding streets of the beautiful cities of this European country.

You can also add some nice details to complete your autumn outfit.

Add sunglasses and a nice scarf or purse to match your outfit.

When you have made sure that you have brought all your clothing, check that you have also brought your travel documents.

Make sure you pack your passport and travel documents.

It would be best to make a list of things for the trip and be guided by it because that way you won’t forget anything.

Your packing will also depend on what you have planned during your stay here, whether it is an adventure or just a touristic tour.

However, this season, although it is warm, there is also rain in the lowlands and snow in the mountains, so make sure you pack clothes for these two seasons.

For mountainous areas, you will need a warmer wardrobe.

You have to be prepared for snow in September in the Swiss Alps, but also for the sharper wind, especially in the higher areas.

In any case, bring enough clothes, so that nothing will thank you during your stay here.

Be prepared for autumn, but also for winter in the mountains.

Follow these tips and you won’t have to worry about anything.

When you arrive in this beautiful country, be sure to try the chocolate and fondue.

Enjoy the amazing nature and the gorgeous palette of shades this autumn.

Magical landscapes will take your breath away wherever you go.

Enchanting Switzerland is waiting for you, are you ready to explore it this September?

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