Is Zodiac Signs Haram or Halal In Islam? 

Astrology in its beginning was the original investigation for facts—an endeavor to discover in the roles of the stars and planets some meaning for men that strength helps them to anticipate the future as if that future were noted, in the stellar designs that grow each night, attending to observers.

Horoscope and Zodiac signs and the trust that people put into them are something that the majority of us have, and this is especially true when it comes to Western societies.

And there is no doubt, many of us would agree, there is something written in the stars, that we aligned in a certain way in the moment of our birth.

But not all religions look upon this with the same feelings and approval, in most cases, they look upon this with a sense of disapproval, since here all that one religion is based upon falls down the water.

The same case is with the Islamic religion, as people are forbidden to look into the stars and to believe that there is someone or something that can successfully look into the past, which only Allah can do.

From this, we can see how the Zodiac signs and Horoscope, in general, are seen as haram.

But the real question is there anything in this that could be seen as halal, and there especially younger people can find their way to live with modern views.

We know that there are those Islamic scholars that have milder opinions than some others.

In the most general sense, reading horoscopes is not permitted, just as it is not allowed to believe what is written in them.

Muslims believe, based on many arguments, that the future – the unseen, is unknown to anyone except Allah Almighty.

Many statements demonstrate the mentioned fact – that only the Almighty Allah knows the unknown, this is established by the words of the Highest: “In Him are the keys of the mystery, only He knows them, and He alone understands what is going on in this Earth and beyond, and no one should deal with it, but Him.

Is Zodiac Signs Haram or Halal In Islam? 

In the beginning, there were two divisions in astrology. There was something that was called hourly astrology, and it was concerned with calculating the motions of the stars and planets and thereby heralding their position.

That unit finally shifted into astronomy.

Hourly astrology was the basis for the performance of another type, court astrology, a popular aspect that offered – and continues to offer – predictions to clients.

This is the problematic part of the Islamic faith (and many others).

Some Islamic schools say that there is a rule that must be followed when it comes to this religion and its opinion and rules regarding Zodiac signs.

It is said that those Muslims who follow the horoscope can be roughly classified into three groups according to belief and condition.

The rule of a Muslim who follows and reads the horoscope and believes or does not believe in it depends on his belief and condition.

Some read and follow horoscopes through newspapers, magazines, books, television, and the like and believe and are convinced that the stars, planets, and the universe determine the life of all beings on this planet.

It is believed that these forces are influencing the behavior of the people on the planet, and more than that, it is said that such action influence what happens to people.

ThHen, according to the Qur’an such people are not considered to be true believers and they are praying in vain.

Why is then Zodiac signs and horoscopes in general are haram lies in the fact that such beliefs are based on the idea that the determination of the character traits of people is related to the position and movement of the heavenly bodies.

And based on the Islamic rules this cannot be true, as only Allah is in charge of it; and on top f this there is a conviction that the heavenly bodies influence the character of people and what happens on Earth, and all this represents pure haram.

Based on the Islamic religion, the Almighty Allah did not give the heavenly bodies the power to influence the events on Earth, but they were created for other purposes.

All of this is clear in the Qur’an, and several verses speak of it.

For example, it was said that all heavenly bodies and including stars were made to be landmarks and guides for movement at night and day on Earth.

In some way, they were created to be embellishments in the heavens and they are sought by the devil, and this is something that people have to take care of.

So thinking that Zodiac signs and horoscope is nothing much and that you can believe in them and lead a life based on these insights is haram.

The idea is that a person born in a certain sign will have such and such character traits, which cannot be known to people, this is something that is known only to Allah.

It is also said that it is not good for people to believe in a horoscope, some gypsy fortune tellers, in a cup, beans, and spoons, and they don’t believe in what the Messenger of Allah told them, who does not speak according to his whim, but it is a revelation from Allah.

Allah is the one who can see the unseen and not some gypsy women etc.

Are Zodiac signs ever Halal?

So, we have concluded that Zodiac signs, Horoscopes, or any kind of fortunetelling are not permitted based on the Islamic religion, as only Allah can see the beyond, seen and unseen, the unknown.

The Almighty Allah is the only one who knows what will happen in the heavens and the earth.

Predetermining the character of people with the help of the stars enters into the matter of crates, and no one can do it, except for Allah, since he is the one who governs this Universe and no one else has influence in it except that He has caused each to influence the other.

It was said that he is the only one who knows how this world will end and how it came to be, he is the one who is informed about the world and who knows it all.

Some say that they are just looking into this topic through newspapers, magazines, books, and television, but these are the people who are convinced that Allah made and defined that the stars, planets, and the Universe affect the life of creatures and their behavior on Earth.

This is, maybe a milder version, and whoever commits this sin, cannot expect to pray for forty days, in fact, the Almighty Allah would not accept it.

But others say that there is no little haram and big haram, but there is a difference in the interpretation of Sharia texts.

It was said that Allah did not do or decree that the heavenly bodies affect the lives of people, their destinies, and their character, as indicated by many Sharia texts, as we have mentioned.

And the view that it is a significant sin is the prohibition of astrology and the use, monitoring, and creation of horoscopes in general, which came in the hadith in which the Prophet, has said that whoever uses and takes this information is committing a sin.

Also, there are those who follow such information, but who do it just because they are curious and have that kind of habit but the accent is that they do not believe, and are not convinced that the stars, planets, and the universe influence the life of all beings and their behavior on Earth.

Still, such behavior is still seen as sinful, as that person is spending a lot of time reading and learning even if do not believe it, and this is also sinful.

Such a person is said that should spend more time reading Quran and memorizing it, instead of Horoscope.

One Islamic scholar has said that anything that has to do with this topic, claiming that the positions of the stars have an influence on people and events on Earth, is truly the speech of prophets and sorcerers, which Islam see as false attribution to oneself of knowing the future.

Only Allah can tell.

Predicting the future – divination, is strictly forbidden, which certainly includes horoscopes, looking into the cup, looking into the palm, etc.

It was said in one hadith that the person who visits a fortune-teller or a prophet and believes in those words, has been denied from what has been said to Muhammad.”


Horoscope signs and dealing with the horoscope is something that has become the daily life of man.

In the morning, over coffee, she reads her daily horoscope to older people in the newspaper, and based on that, she has certain expectations for that day based on what she has read.

People who study horoscope signs believe that each of us is born under a certain star and planet, which has an influence on our energy and personality.

There are many people who are engaged in this and who live and earn from it.

However, in Islam, even reading horoscopes is Haram, because it is considered that only and exclusively Allah is responsible for what happened to us and that only he can know what awaits us in the future and what is our destiny.

In Islamic literature, there is a lot said regarding this topic, and in the majority of cases, it is forbidden.

It can be said freely that dealing with horoscopes in Islam is considered a type of witchcraft and that anyone who touches a horoscope should seek redemption from Allah for his sin.

If an Islamic believer believes in Allah, he should believe only and exclusively in Allah and nothing else.

Astrology is something that tells us something about our future, and believing in it and practicing astrology is a great sin for an Islamic believer and has its own consequences.

Some Islamic believers believe that if you read your daily horoscope, your prayers to Allah will not be answered for the next 40 days from the day you read the horoscope and that you should seek redemption from Allah and forgiveness for your sins.

Dealing with the zodiac and astrology is fortune-telling, which is considered a form of clairvoyance or even witchcraft, and is Haram.

It was said clearly that people of the Islamic faith must be always aware that there are liars around them – prophets and visionaries, who abuse their ignorance.

A Muslim is not allowed to go to the Prophet, nor to ask him about anything.

Therefore, according to the condition of the person who believes in the horoscope, who believes in Zodiac signs and the idea that knowing your Zodiac sign can reveal more about your personality and the future in particular is a great sin and therefore it is haram.

It is the action that leads a person of this faith out of it and makes his worship in vain, or it can be a small sin (those who read it for fun and do not believe in it), but it does not lead him out of faith but causes that person not to accept the prayer 40 of the day.

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