Is White Gold Haram or Halal In Islam? 

We can all agree, even if we are not want to wear any of the jewelry pieces or if we are not fans, that the piece of gold jewelry is an item of timeless value, and it seems that this would be the case even in some later years.

It is something that will always be in style and additionally, we know that throughout history, gold, and precious metals in a general sense have served as currency and means of payment.

Nowadays we do not maybe pay in this way, since we have money, but most certainly, gold has remain its value, and even these days, to a certain extent, gold is also used as a base or security foundation for printing money.

Now, there is no doubt that gold, as one of the precious metals, has been used for paying, and of course, as a wonderful metal for the creation of the most wonderful jewelry there is, and that still till this day has remained its monetary and esthetic value.

It has its value for sure, and gold has been used, with some other components for the creation of jewelry since ancient times.

This was the practice in the oldest civilizations, and to this day it is the most popular and valuable material for making jewelry, especially symbolic pieces intended to last for many years, such as engagement rings and wedding rings.

Nowadays, in modern times, gold and especially white gold has become popular and more, and younger people are creating new celebrations and events where they can gift each other with them.

Now, there are many different kinds of gold.

Gold can be found in a variety of colors, the most common of which are yellow and white gold, as they are the most popular around the world.

People are people, and they wear jewelry no matter what, but the question that arises here is this – does the Islamic religion one of those is known to have many rules for its believers, are they allowed to wear gold jewelry, in this case, we specifically ask, can they wear White gold?

And, right away one additional question comes to our minds.

Is the situation different between men and women that belong to this religion?

Are there some rules that are applicable to males and that are not applicable to females that belong to Islam?

Is White Gold Haram or Halal In Islam? 

Taking care of the body in the sense that the person of the Islam faith wants to be elegant, to take care of itself is totally justifiable and it is allowed in the Islamic faith.

And this is the rule that applies to men and women in Islam – but there are some exceptions to this rule, and this is strictly written in Quran.

There are two kinds of embellishments (to make a person more elegant) that are not allowed for Muslim men to sport – and at the same time, they are allowed for women.

The first thing that women are entitled to wear, and men are not, is gold jewelry, and the second thing is silk clothes.

These two will often be found in Quran, in many places.

It is said that Messenger have hold some silk clothes as well as gold, and this is when he had set the rules for what is haram and what is halal.

It was said that the Messenger holds silk in his right hand, and he held the gold jewelry in his left hand, and he said that this jewelry and silk are not permitted for men and that they are halal only for women to wear it.

In Heavens, it is said that all people could wear it when they reach it, but when it comes to this life, for men it is haram to do so, but, those who dare to wear it in this life, will not be given a chance to do it in the next life.

They should not wear anything that could make them resemble women.

Now, this does not mean that men could not wear any rings, but they cannot be made out of gold, not any kind, white or yellow gold.

Men are enabled to wear rings for example, which are made from some other material, but gold is out of the question for them, as only women can wear it.

So, this is a general rule that must be followed – since in the spirit of the Quran, it was forbidden for Muslims to indulge in the consumption of anything questionable.

Not only did he forbid men from wearing gold and silk, but there are also some additional regulations.

For example, it was said that based on Quran it was also forbidden for all, women and men to use gold or silver utensils.

We will add just one note here, that we think is very important – have in mind, that these prohibitions also have some financial concerns.

Having in mind that gold is considered to be the universal mean of exchange, using it to make household items or men’s jewelry is pointless from an economic point of view.

Can men carry anything that is made out of gold?

Some might ask, what will happen when a man wears something else that is made out of gold, like carrying a gold watch, gold braces, or for example a gold pen?

Is then this halal in this way?

No, it is not, is the answer, and the only thing that was allowed was for men to wear silver rings for example.

Some other metals, such for example, iron, there is no word that such metals, and jewelry that is made out of them are forbidden.

There is no prohibition regarding this matter.

Silk is then allowed when a man should carry it when he has a health problem and he must be in silk.

This is the only scenario where men could wear silk and gold as well.

More about White Gold

Yellow gold, is, as we gave said one of the favorites for thousands of years, worshiped and adored, used as a means of payment, and also used for the decoration of the body and as well as houses.

Nowadays, we can say that trends are changed, and there is a fact that today red or rose gold is also more common.

It is understandable since as time passes, trends in the fashion industry and the jewelry industry have changed, so in recent decades, white gold has been more sought after for jewelry making, due to its neutral color and easy compatibility with other materials that are used for the creation of jewelry.

Wedding and engagement rings in particular.

White gold has been a fan favorite for many years, but it has its differences from yellow gold, and there are some tips and tricks on how to recognize the quality of white gold by its markings.

White gold is one of the most famous gold alloys.

Have in mind that gold is a precious metal whose structure is soft and elastic, so by itself, it is not optimal for making jewelry, which is why it is combined with different, more enduring metals such as copper and zinc, which affect its power, persistence, longevity and – dye.

White gold is, therefore, gold combined with some white metal, which affects its texture, making it harder, and at the same time affects its characteristic and recognizable whiteness and shine.

To create white gold, undiluted gold is mixed with metals for example silver, palladium, and nickel, with a rhodium finish.

It is very nice and suitable for the creation of nice and durable jewelry.

White gold is coated with rhodium, to further strengthen it and to give white gold an additional, distinct final shine, which additionally influences the final price of white gold jewelry.

There is also a difference in price, in favor of white gold.

You have probably noticed that white gold jewelry is slightly more expensive than yellow gold, rhodium is one of the reasons, and also the increasing demand for white gold.

As we mentioned, pure gold is in any case combined with different metals to improve its longevity and durability.

In this way, there is no difference in quality between white and yellow gold, however, they differ in composition, since different alloys are used in production, which also entails a further method of exposition.


Right away we will tell you that, as you could have seen for yourself, men are those that are not permitted to wear gold jewelry, since this is only reserved for women.

And this includes also white gold, which is still gold.

So, men are not allowed to wear gold, and this is haram, based on the words of the Messenger who said that silk and gold are allowed only for women.

In this sense, men are prohibited from gold regardless of its type or color, white or any different kind of gold jewelry.

They cannot wear gold rings.

But, for those who want to know – is it halal for a male to make a piece of gold jewelry that someone else will wear, the answer is that it is allowed.

The Prophet has said once that when he once saw a gold ring on the hand of a certain man, and then he immediately took it from him and threw it, and he has said that it is not permitted for men to sport such jewelry.

The same prohibition that applies to a gold ring also applies to other gold items that we can see in luxury, for example.

This is not something that anyone should strive for in life.

By introducing these two prohibitions that apply to men, Islam seeks to achieve educational, moral, and noble goals, and wanting to obtain some luxury is not what is recommended for a person who sees himself as a true believer.

Indeed Islam – as a religion of jihad (struggle) and strength – seeks to protect the masculine qualities of a man from any form of weakness, passivity, and lethargy.

And wearing gold jewelry, any kind, and silk would not make him more masculine.

Allah has distinguished a man with corpulence of stature and harmony of muscles; unlike a woman, it is not appropriate for him to imitate a woman in wearing fine fabrics and highlighting expensive costumes and jewelry.

So, there is no doubt that wearing any silk, or like in this case, any type of gold is seen as haram for men.

In addition to this, there is also a social justification for this ban.

Banning men from wearing gold and silk is part of a wider Islamic program that seeks to suppress luxury in life – so not only that a man should not do anything to look like a woman, he should not strive to obtain luxury.

And in the end, from the point of view of the Quran, a luxurious life can lead toward eventual downfall; luxury is a kind of social injustice because only a small number of people can afford it.

This will make people struggle and have many conflicts within society, so therefore it is not remedied to look and wear gold of any kind, for this reason.

This also includes white gold or any other gold that we spoke of.

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