Is Swearing Haram or Halal In Islam? 

Swearing can be called a part of our lives, and this is the case since man learned to speak.

And this is not just a trait that is related to poor people or those who are not well-educated.

It is a known fact that intelligence is a complicated ability and there is no perfect way to measure it.

Swearing has become a part of our everyday lives and looking at things from a religious perspective, all human beings can speak, and it is generally seen that when you curse you abuse the gift of speaking in nice manners, and doing something that will benefit society and your soul.

But, sometimes it is very hard not to do it, as people say this is the only way we can express feelings we have inside of us, and this is the only way, we can say “How angry I am”, or “Go away, I am mad”, and this is something that all of us could agree that it is true.

When we curse, we express something that we have compressing for a while inside of us, and therefore it can be healing.

But, if you curse when you intentionally want to hurt a person, or make him or her feel bad about something, in that case, cursing is just one of the ways we are hurting someone we love, and this is the worse part of it.

It is also important to know that individuals and different cultures have a certain degree of tolerance for swearing.

One study that was conducted has shown that when they compared the effect of swearing on pain tolerance in English and Japanese people showed many more similarities than differences when it came to bad words and their effect on relieving pain or tension in stressful situations.

So swearing is in some way, a very universal thing – we all do it but are we aware that we are doing something very bad, and even sinful?

In the Christian faith, it is said that the human being is made to look like God and was given the ability to speak, and this is something that is given to all human beings, unlike some other beings on this planet.

It is also said that when a man curses he abuses this wonderful gift, and that a man loses his dignity when he or she curses and becomes less than any other being on this planet.

It is the worse thing someone could do, to have a god-given something, and then to lose it.

But what happens when cursing is seen through the prism of the Muslim faith, Islam?

Is there also a sin to curse, or is this faith has a different view on things –

is it the fact that man can lose dignity and becomes something that is very close to an animal when he or she swears?

Does by the rules of the Islamic faith something change when that cursing is directed toward something that is seen as sacred?

Almighty Allah is the Creator of everything.

And he does not look good upon people who are swearing and who are speaking the bad words, and the ultimate sin is to speak swear words directed to Allah – and the question is, can He, the Almighty, forgive those who have done it?

Is Swearing Haram or Halal In Islam? 

So, Islam claims that the almighty Allah is the creator of everything that exists.

Allah is gentle and forgiving, and people should Love him, as well as He has made Man glorify Him.

Now, when we know that Allah is perfect, and only those who are quite ignorant can curse in the name of Almighty.

This is the ultimate sin, based on the Islamic faith.

It must be added, as Islamic scholars say that two types of people do this type of behavior – some are small-minded people or people who are under Satan’s rule and who are his slaves. They love to curse in Allah’s name.

In some parts of the Quran, it is written that cursing in the name of Allah is heavy all over the world, and in the heavens, and that Allah says that that person has done something disgusting.

For this act, the heavens will fall apart.

This means that the person who curses is not a believer and that he will not find mercy when he or she dies, but that he or she will find no rest after they have passed.

Now the real question is – can a sinner repent for his or her sins and will he be allowed to avoid punishment?

Is Swearing ever Halal In Islam? 

The fact is that the Islamic faith does not recognize the word cursing that is said as a joke or it is said as something completely else, or if the person who is cursing sees it as cursing or not, and thinks of the fact is this allowed or not.

Even if the person who was cursing said that he or she was just having fun, it is not halal, and it is seen as mocking in the name of Allah Almighty.

It is relevant for every Islamic believer not to think that they could make excuses, because they are not allowed to do so, and then they become

disbelievers, who are calming that they are believers.

And those who curse him will end their lives, and you may wonder in what way will end their lives?

Those who curse Allah, insult Him, but they cannot harm or harm Him.

In Quran, it was written that they who curse Him cannot harm him in any way – his law and rule that such offenders will be punished in this world before the Hereafter.

Should the one who curses be punished?

It is said that those who curse Allah will end their lives in blood and that they are deserving to die, they should be killed.

On the other hand, the one who has absolutely no power, reputation, or acquaintance with those cursers, and has neither the physical strength with which to scare them nor with which to defend themselves from their attacks, is not obliged to criticize them, to forbid them, except to somehow try to he advises them with a kind word and plays the “card” of feelings (“Why do you curse the One Who created you, provided for you, Who defends you, heals you and keeps you alive?”).

And may Allah have mercy on the one who tries to stand in the way of that cursing, with his hand (force) or word (rebuke), and is insulted or beaten on the way.

Although he was not ordered to do it, he did a great thing. Blessed is he who is beaten for the sake of Allah, the Faith, and the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace.

Otherwise, any shameless and shameless speech is forbidden in Islam and the believer should avoid it and carefully guard his language against that which has an ugly and lewd meaning.

The Prophet of Islam, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, clearly emphasized the need to protect the tongue from all that.

Some Islamic scholars have stated this: may God bless him and grant him peace, narrates a tradition in which the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, clearly defined a believer: A believer does not insult, does not curse, is not shameless and shameless.

If someone slips up and utters ugly and lewd words, the rule is to ask Allah Almighty to forgive him for that sin, but whether will that happen is not on us to presume, as believers.

It is clear that people who see themselves and act as true Muslim believers will never swear.

More about swearing?

We have said that swearing to someone or something is an inability that is connected to the language, and this is immanent to the majority of people, and even kids (when we see them how they say bad words, it could be even cute), but there is a difference, primarily in intention when we swear.

So, we could agree that swearing is generally an ugly habit, a taboo that exists in every culture and is an integral part of everyday life.

And here comes the fact that we have spoken before – there are many different ways how a person can swear.

There is even a different intent when we do it – was it part of the moment, or do we want to hurt a person and this is why we are saying offensive and hurtful things to that person (this is far worse, but in the eyes of religion, there is nothing good in swearing, and Islamic religion proves this).

Swearing can be rude, ugly, and funny, but for some, it can be a part of their intelligence, as people like to say that smart people curse the best, as some studies have shown.

Another theory says this – in the past years, in some research, swearing has been linked to pain relief, tension reduction, and even some personality traits such as honesty and level of intelligence.

It is known that swearing could be seen as a clear expression of dissatisfaction, in certain stressful situations, giving some people a good feeling of relief.

Some academic studies consider swearing as an evolutionary adaptation, which reduces the risk of physical conflict – we just say it and we never get into a bigger fight or an argument, and there is no need to enhance the conflict.

It has also been talked about that swearing is a way to build emotional intelligence and social bonds, but none of these hypotheses have been proven.

And, even more, religions around the world, including the Islamic faith speaks of this topic, as well as many others, as it touches all matters that are relevant to all of their people, and it does not look at it with approval.

Even more, we must speak of this because it will put into context all that we want to say regarding swearing, even in the context of the Islamic faith, and the importance it has for its faithful believers.


So swearing is not allowed in the Islamic faith and it is seen as disbelief and apostasy – and this is not all, curding Allah is a far worse thing to do as an Islamic believer than anything else, just as consumption of alcohol or robbery.

In Quran, it is written that all those who curse, are cursing Allah and that they are not thinking about what they have to say – they will be cursed in the name of Allah.

And if Allah is merciful can he forgive a person who was swearing – and the one that cannot prevent himself from doing so?

Does it matter when the cursing occurred – maybe in his workplace, on the bus?

In any case, it is said that the Islamic believer is obliged to do everything he can to he doesn’t listen in a way that will change that society, workplace or class (or even school), or mode of transport.

If this cursing of Allah Almighty mostly happens on the street and it is such a frequent occurrence that the believer feels disturbed, tempted, crushed, torn between the desire to beat the swearer and the inability to do so (every day or several times a day), he would have to decide to move to another, smaller city (where this happens less or not at all) or, even better, to a rural or natural environment.

Allah has promised that He will accept every believer who has repented himself, regardless of what kind of sin it was.

Allah is Merciful and calls those who, by insulting Him, attributed their wife and children to Him, to repent and renounce that.

Cursing God is one of the most serious sins that lead the perpetrator out of the faith.

It is such an obvious provision that it is common knowledge to every reasonable believer.

Believing in God and cursing God are mutually exclusive opposites.

That’s why we advise you to sincerely repent for the sin committed, renew the martyrdom, and firmly decide not to do it again.

Whoever sincerely repents, Allah accepts his repentance.

In the end, we can remind you of how people, in general, are prone to swearing, and maybe inherently they are not being aware that they are doing something very bad, and according to some religions something very sinful.

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