Is Smoking Halal or Haram In Islam? 

Cigarettes are something from which about 14,500-1,500 people die daily, which means that approximately, according to statistics, 10 people die every minute as a result of tobacco smoke.

This is a devastating statistic, because today, when so much is known about cigarettes and their harmful effects on the human body, it does not stop people from starting to smoke cigarettes, and it is even more difficult for them to wean themselves from them when they become addicted to them.

Cigarettes are the most widely used legal drug in the world, and quitting them is comparable to quitting drugs like heroin and cocaine.

They have terrible consequences for human health, as well as for the very quality of life of the individual who consumes them, and not only for their health, but also for the health of the people around them.

The World Health Organization strongly advocates and fights for a life without tobacco smoke.

Therefore, many countries have introduced a ban on smoking indoors and in some even outdoors.

In Australia, a law has almost been introduced that people under the age of 2027 will not be allowed to consume cigarettes at all by law, and we believe that this is the law that will eradicate this legal drug in Australia, the consequences of which both young and old people die in the worst agony.

There are different methods of quitting cigarettes, from drugs, gums, anti-smoking patches, and even hypnosis, which have shown even enviable results in recent years.

It is not easy to leave them, even though it is a dirty habit, which we ourselves are aware of how harmful it is for us, and many people, apart from goodwill, need professional help to quit, because, unfortunately, they cannot imagine their life without tobacco smoke.

Cigarettes will cause you a mental and physical crisis when you leave them, and you have to be ready for that.

But keep in mind that, in addition to tobacco itself, it contains a lot of harmful ingredients, which will additionally affect your health and life.

As for specifically whether smoking cigarettes is Halal or Haram in Islam, we think you already guess what the answer to that question is, right? Of course, the answer to him is that cigarettes are Haram in Islam and are strictly prohibited!

Is Smoking Halal or Haram In Islam? 

In the holy book Quran itself, it is written that cigarettes and all tobacco products are Haram and must not be used in any form.

All tobacco products such as chewing tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, and electric cigars have been banned by the Islamic community because, among other things, it is mentioned in the holy book, the Koran.

Given that the Muslim faith promotes a healthy lifestyle, this ban should not surprise us at all.

Not only is the law prohibiting them from consuming tobacco products, but faith itself and the writings from the holy book of the Koran also prohibit it.

Can you imagine a Muslim who is not allowed to drink alcohol and eat pork because it is unhealthy, to smoke?

It would not have any logic and everything else that was written to make them a healthy nation would fall into the water because there is nothing worse than a cigarette.

The Muslim faith propagates a healthy way of life, which includes a healthy diet and healthy habits, and cigarettes cannot be included in that group.

Given that the world is already aware of how harmful these products are, it is completely unclear why young people, despite all the education and examples, still engage in the enjoyment of tobacco smoke.

Every year, the prices of tobacco products are raised in the hope that the people will say that enough is enough and that they will no longer pay to poison themselves, but even that has not borne fruit as expected, and the tobacco industry actually profits the most from these excise taxes, which is in their interest that there will be as many addicts as possible, who will buy their products and that they will get rich based on that.

Therefore, we can freely say that cigarettes are the most widespread legal drug used by billions of people around the world, and we believe that they should be banned once and for all, but this obviously does not benefit certain people, and it is unlikely that this will happen in this century.

Given that cigarettes are Haram in the Islamic faith, every Muslim should stay away from tobacco smoke and its harmful effects whenever possible.

There is also something called passive smoking, which is when you are locked in a room with a person who is consuming a cigarette, and therefore you inhale their smoke into your lungs, and scientific statistics have shown and proven that passive smoking also kills and may be considered and more harmful than hearing itself.

Because the smoke that an addict throws out of his gutters is perhaps even worse than the smoke that goes through the filter cigarette itself.

So this matter should also be taken into account and smoky rooms filled with tobacco smoke should be avoided.

Muslims who study abroad often encounter this problem, because other religions do not strictly defend the ban on smoking, and it is up to the person to decide whether they will literally “take drugs” or not.

While in the Muslim faith, it does not depend on the person and his free choice, because in this case there is none and smoking is strictly Haram and will remain so forever.

We hope that the time ahead of us wants to pass some laws that will ban smoking and in that way eradicate it in every sense of the word, so that future generations can breathe with full lungs

If, in addition to consuming cigarettes, you also live in a polluted city environment where there are factories, traffic, etc… The combination of cigarettes and smog in the air is a winning combination for some serious illnesses.

Are some kinds of cigarettes allowed in Islam?

Quitting cigarettes is considered a great success in life, because it is a struggle that is not at all easy, and actually only a few people actually quit cigarettes without ever thinking about them again and not be tempted to light a cigarette again.

That’s a decision you have to make and no one else because if you give up cigarettes for someone else, you’ll never actually give them up because you’ll have experiences and crises from time to time.

The Muslim community managed to save its people from the evil eye, because from the moment when tobacco began to be rolled and smoked, it was something that was forbidden for them, and now we see that this is the reason why there are no smokers among the true Muslim believers and followers of Allah.

It is an unclear fact that despite everything that is known today about cigarettes, people still refuse to kick the habit.

It is unclear because smoking is like Russian Roulette and you never know at what moment you will get sick from smoking and yet you cannot shake yourself and leave them.

Among other things, not all the ingredients and chemicals contained in the cigarette pack are written down, and one of the reasons besides the fact that you wouldn’t think of buying them is that they wouldn’t even fit on A4 paper, let alone on the back. packs of cigarettes!

The average person is not even aware of what, in addition to tobacco smoke, he brings into his lungs and bloodstream through tobacco smoke, and if he were aware, he would probably never start smoking.

Its harmful effects are widely known, and people are still convinced that cigarettes calm them down, when in fact they do something quite the opposite, which is that they actually make us nervous.

The Muslim community is lucky that cigarettes are something that is Haram and that children are not surrounded by smokers from an early age and are taught that it is something that is bad for them and their health and the health of the people around them and that it is a great sin.

It is a big shame because it is forbidden in the holy book Koran and also because Muslim communities propagate a healthy way of life because Allah gave them a body and it is their duty to protect and nurture it as best as possible.

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Young people who grow up with parents who are smokers will also be prone to the same vice during their adolescence because they have seen it from their parents and do not consider it as something that bad.

There are often exceptions, but according to statistical data, it is a fact that is not negligible.

Therefore, if you want your child to consume cigarettes tomorrow, you will continue to smoke, and if you want to reduce that risk to a minimum, you will stop smoking for the sake of your child.

Don’t be selfish, but deal with your vice and realize that by doing so you are endangering everyone around you and you are setting a very bad example for your children, with which they can endanger their health tomorrow.

Once you enter the vicious circle of tobacco smoke, it is very difficult to get out of it.

We can freely compare that addiction to heroin addiction and we are not exaggerating one bit

So if you want your children to take drugs tomorrow, you continue to set a bad example for them.

Cigarettes can further introduce a person deeper into the world of addiction so that tomorrow they will also be tempted to try marijuana, and when they try marijuana, they are exposed to drugs like cocaine and heroin, which very quickly ruin the life of the person who takes it and the lives of all the people who they love her from the bottom of their hearts.

Heroin will ruin you very quickly, and cigarettes will do it slowly but surely.

You can’t buy heroin every day on the street, but unfortunately, you can, and that’s something that should be put in the way so that all countries emulate the Muslim community in this matter.

New Zealand, as we said, will be 2027 a country where a new generation will begin to grow, a generation without tobacco smoke, and we think that all countries should introduce this law, because only in this way will the consequences of cigarettes on human health be prevented.

The state should think about its people and not about how much it will spend on tobacco products, which destroy our health.

Older generations did not know what we know now, which is what one cigarette contains and how harmful it is.

This is due to long-term statistical data and information collected over the years, and it is known exactly how many people die in percentage due to tobacco smoke.

That’s why we can understand the elderly because then it was not known how much tobacco harms our bodies, but now that young people can get all the data related to the bad effect of cigarettes on human health, it is not clear why they still reach for this dirty and unhealthy habit?


In the interpretation of the holy book of the Koran, nowhere does it clearly say that cigarettes are forbidden, but it also says that eating a Muslim believer must not knowingly do harm to himself and also must not spend his money in vain, and must not harm others with his actions.

So, with common sense, one comes to the conclusion that cigarettes are Haram because, in that way, a person does harm to himself and others and damages health in every sense of the word.

The next item is that you are spending your money in vain and on something that is not healthy for you or others because you are knowingly causing harm to others in that way.

Therefore, if we carefully read the holy book Quran, we can clearly understand whether something is Haram or Halal, and we only need to use sound logic and nothing more.

In certain regions of Islamic communities, the use of tobacco was allowed until recently, even to the displeasure of schoolchildren.

However, now that it is known exactly how much damage cigarettes cause to the human body, they intend to introduce a complete ban and this will be something that will soon come into force because it is known what cigarettes contain.

Opinions differ from scholar to scholar, but as time goes by, everyone begins to see its toxicity and the harm that tobacco smoke causes us.

We hope that future generations will live free and without this easily available drug, which unfortunately managed to ruin millions of lives all over the planet, and that generations will begin to grow that will only be able to read about cigarettes from textbooks about how naive the people were using cigarettes.

The more modern thoughts on the issue of smoking and also cigarettes of any kind are a little bit tricky, as it is said that in Quran there are no explicit words on this topic, as it is of course, known that smoking in the term we know it today is a somewhat modern habit.

We know now, these days that smoking maybe not be so much, but cigarettes (of various kinds) could be considered to be a somewhat recent creation and were not to be seen anywhere at the moment of the disclosure of the Quran.

Consequently, there cannot be found any verse in the Muslim Holy Book Quran, based on the Prophet Muhammads’ words, that smoking is haram.

Nevertheless, there are many examples where the Quran provides its believers and followers of the Muslim faith, a somewhat all-around direction and summons them to be guided by their reason.

It calls them to be guided by their intellect, and to pursue direction from Almighty Allah to learn of good and bad in their lives, and this also includes smoking and all sorts of “sins”, more or less.

In Muslim tradition, Islamic thinkers utilize their understanding and assessment to make people of this faith see for themselves that some things, like drinking, smoking, and gambling are not good for them, and they advise them not to consume these in any way.

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