Is Shifting Haram or Halal In Islam?

How many of you have heard about shifting, and have you wondered how to do it?

Maybe shifting is not for everyone.

And it is ok, some things should be done when we are ready for them and not before when our mind, body, and soul are ready for such an intense experience.

Maybe you have not heard of it yet, but if you have been on Tik Tok you have probably heard of it.

And maybe for some, this is something that is out of this world, while for others, this is just one of the ways people can improve their lives for the better.

It is similar to visualization, but it is much more complex and there are many ways how you can do it successfully, and there are also numerous tutorials that can lead and guide you in the real shift of reality, as this process is called at times.

Now, we want to look at whether is this acceptable for the Islamic community, and whether is there anything in their rules and laws, Quran, that opposes this.

Now, there is no chance that in this old Holy Book of the Muslim people, there is a mention of this, as this is something that only has been spoken of in these, modern times, but the fact is that Muslim communities all around the world are living in these modern times, and in the era of Tik Tok, Instagram, and Youtube, and they need to follow Islamic rules, but also to live “normal” lives, and this is so true when it comes to younger people.

Is Shifting Haram or Halal In Islam?

So, we have spoke of the process of shifting realities, and it is what occurs when our subconscious mind and is an event that occurs in our mind, and we can speak here of the fact, is this real or is another part of us, in our minds really, but the point stays the same – you have only moved in a different reality in your mind, as you have imagined it.

Of course, this world in our minds, can be a dream-like event that has a feeling that is real, just like what occurs when we are dreaming, and we are wondering what is going on, and how can this feel so real.

But it can, and it is a process that is quite similar to vivid dreams where you have a feeling that things are real, and you think that it is real life and that you have the power (in a dream itself) to act like in real life, but here there are not any limits at all, and anything is possible.

Simply said, this occurs in times when our grasp actually permits them to sense a feeling of control and it is like you are playing a video game, and you are acting in the first person.

It is a feeling when you almost dab into the apparently infinite potential of consciousness itself.

And, as some like to say, shifting is the way you can find new ways to open opportunities to access inventiveness, rehearse specific talents, and operate on emotional problems that have been stopping you from achieving your full potential.

Now – what does the Islamic faith has to say regarding this issue – is it maybe something that is seen as witchcraft or magic, things that are not permitted in the Muslim community, and on the contrary, they are seen as strictly haram?

Some Islamic scholars have said that the Muslim faith provides people to do shifting, as one way they can enter into some reality they want to be a part of.

Nothing wrong has been done when you are shifting and it is all works of Almighty Allah – and it is all done as He has allowed people to do.

And just like when people are sick, Allah is the one that is making them feel better, not the medicine, in the same way, this is performed.

Those who oppose these statements have said that shifting is not allowed, as it has got to do with demons, but this is something that is not being confirmed by many, and unlike for example Astral projection that some people say it is the same, or similar, this is not the same or even similar, as it has nothing to do with the human soul.

Astral projection is strictly haram – here, in shifting, there cannot be any spells used or any form of spiritual guides, there can only be called by the name of Allah.

Of course, this is something that must not ever move you away from the Quran or any form of praying that you have to do regularly.

This is maybe true for all those who perceive shifting as one form or reality that you can dream of.

We can say that opinions on this topic are not united.

More about shifting

But many of us do not know what this shifting means – and we can freely say that for some, this is just sometimes the other word for shifting realities.

It can be said that this is some kind of practice when your unconscious mind enters a completely new reality and this is something that is a product of modern times.

It has become popular now, especially in times of Tik Tok and also Reddit where people are constantly speaking of it.

More and more people are speaking of it, and have been doing it every day; most likely since it has become one of the most popular viral things right now.

The question is how you do it since this is not something that the majority of us can do, while in fact, you should do it in a way that you lie down and relax completely, and alternatively, some people simply close their eyes and do it.

They do it, as they are fantasizing about the reality they want to live in, and during shifting, you have the feeling that is actually going on, like for real.

It is like you’re moving into some completely different and alternate reality, where you have everything you want to have, and you live the life you desire to live.

Make a difference in how you feel those moments – you can feel, maybe some type of nausea or feeling that things have become blurred, maybe even a bit of dizziness this is common, and when you are shifting and if you have these additional elements that are making you feel a bit uncomfortable then you need to be as relaxed as much you can.

This is all recommended for the best experience possible.

The reason why people do it is that they want to make something better out of their lives maybe they are in some form of the desperate need for a change, for some it can be their job to find another place to live.

There are many things why people want to make a shift in realities, and all of them are certainly justified.

In fact, it is recommended to do it, as it is maybe most similar to the process of visualization, so people truly can change if they put their mind to it – some like to change their school, others want to change their friends or whatever they want to change in their lives it is all justifiable, but it is important not to harm anyone, during the process of shifting.

While they’re shifting feel that they have lost weight and a feeling like that is floating in the air.

Some people feel that they are heavy and that on them there is a weight, something very hard has fallen on their shoulders at that moment, and some other people are feeling like they’re gonna leave their minds behind and enter a certain realm that is not being known to them until this moment.

We must add that when shifting some people are having flashes, while others are experiencing some sounds and very often they hear some voices etc.

Some people see flashing lights, but if you have fear of these elements, but you still want to take a part in shifting, then online you can find many different tutorials and explanatory videos, and articles on how to do it properly.

But maybe there is no proper way to do it, maybe the way is the way you want to feel and the way you are the most comfortable with.

Of course, you need to be careful because some people who are not experienced can have panic attacks or even worse they can experience heart attacks, or such an intense experience can make them feel a bit depressed, etc.

In some cases, people can have problems while sleeping, so you need to be careful when you do it, because, after such an experience, you may have a problem sleeping.

Some people are wondering if can shifting change their health status and the answer is maybe – there are some problems associated with it so you need to be educated in what you’re doing and you need to be careful as we have said.

People say shifting is very hard and it is because you experienced something truly remarkable in terms of the human mind there are many ways of shifting, and there is a way to master it if you show a certain interest in it.


So, we have said; shifting, even if it may sound like a modern cult, a game, or new ways of a new age philosophy, for many is more than that, and for them, it is the perfect way you can basically explore the options that have been given to you, and you can find the answer to – what would it feel like if I do this instead of this.

A very interesting way how you can explore your life.

Now, all people, and they also include the Muslim community, that has a part in the viral online community, just like Tik Tok, where shifting has taken massive popularity, are showing interest in this.

And people of the Islamic faith that have been active on Tik Tok have been posting videos also regarding this topic, and therefore we can say that when you do it in a certain way, shifting is seen as halal.

It is not against any religion, and when you know why you are doing it, you are aware that Allah is the only that truly rules.

And as some would like to say, this is not like taking matters into your own hands and manipulating the soul, which would be a complete haram, this is in fact just imagining what would be like to live life in a different way, and it just falls under the realm of fantasy, and therefore it would not be seen as haram.

But, even while you do, you need to watch that you do not commit some other sin while you are doing it, as this is something that is truly important – your intention.

Do you shift into a reality where you want to hurt someone, where you are doing things that are forbidden based on the Islamic faith?

Then they would be excluded here also, and seen as haram, but the shifting itself, as a part of some kind of meditative state, where you experience something that is most similar to the vivid dreams, then, there is no reason, according to the many Islamic believers that is completely halal to do so.

And, in the end, it is relevant to know that, as all Islamic people know, Quran provides the rules, but there are some parts of our lives that are changed with the modern times, and the online era, so, it is at times hard to know is something haram, or halal.

But when you educate yourself a bit and read or ask for the answer from Islamic scholars then you learn what to do.

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