Is Roblox Haram or Halal In Islam? 

There is no way that people in modern times can escape from all that modern times are offering, like fashion, social networks, trends, etc.

There is no way a person can escape it, and therefore, it is even harder for younger generations, that are born and are living with such trends, it is simply the way that they are used to living, and it is very hard to say to you kid that he cannot have anything that all of his friends have.

And, it is the same way when it comes to video games, which are now available to be played on smartphones, that look more like computers and less like phones.

And it is true for that matter, that smartphones and gadgets have become their and our window into the world, and not being online, for them means that they are not, in fact living anywhere and that they cannot be a component of modern society, and this is something that we must agree.

Games that are now everywhere, online, take, with their something sinister, besides good things (among them, many people are making serious money by playing games and participating in tournaments and of course, socializing and being creative), there is something bad like an addiction.

This is not something that is under the realm of maybe, it is true, that games online are very much addictive, and every parent must be aware of it when he places a game into his child’s hands.

Now, many authoritative figures, and knowledgeable people are warning people regarding this matter, and religious figures are some of them.

But, does religion allows playing games, concretely, we are talking about the Islamic belief, which has a set of rules for its people.

Where does this realm fall into, is it haram or halal under some circumstances?

Here, specifically, we are speaking of one game that is very much popular around the world, you have probably heard about it, it is called Roblox, as your child has probably played it.

Is Roblox Haram or Halal In Islam? 

First of all – we must mention that Rolblox is not just one game this is a platform that hosts games created by other users, and there are many to choose from, and many say that precisely in this there is such popularity regarding this game.

There, there are games of different genres – platformers, role-playing games, virtual worlds, and many others. Precisely here lies the danger, and the answer to the question, is this game permitted for people who belong to the Islamic faith?

Since it is not just a matter of the addictive element of this game, which is undoubtedly there, here we can see the game itself when you do a role play – in what way Islam observes it?

What they (all types of different games which are part of Roblox) all have in common is that they are on the Roblox platform and are mostly aimed at a larger number of users, that can play them together.

Now, there is a general rule in the Islamic religion, and it comes down to the rule that in some general way, video games, and this also includes Roblox, are halal.

But, nothing is so simple, as here there are many elements which must be taken into the account.

Those who enjoy playing some online games, which could be games that have a war theme or some that are non-war games are permissible when it comes to the Muslim faith, as this could be witnessed as a general rule, but there are several components to take care of, so it stays in the realm of halal.

ut only as long as playing games does not lead the person who plays them into some kind of sinful behavior.

This is something to know when you are allowing your child to play something that seems so innocent, like Roblox, is that here, during the many different games, and while playing, there can be some inappropriate behavior, which is perceived as haram in Islamic tradition.

While a person plays the game, he or she cannot curse, have any bad words, or think of committing any sin that is seen as Haram in the Islamic religion.

For example, if someone plays some form of a war game, he or she cannot think that is playing war games as preparation for jihad, because those games are not a type of war weapon used in war.

So, in general, we can say that playing Roblox is halal, but with caution, as many things can come out of it, that is a great haram based on this religion.

Nevertheless, all parents must be careful about how their children in the first sense, use their time as they are responsible.

Playing too much of any game, including Roblox, is seen as a waste of time.

This is another part, of why playing games like Roblox, can be perceived as forbidden, as too much time spent on this platform can be a true waste of time, as true Muslim believer will take all of his or her spear time and use it on the game, while other obligations can be neglect.

Such an element could make, in some cases, playing this game, become haram.

But the important part of our story here is that there is nothing that concretely forbids playing Roblox, but what can make it become haram, is what can come out of it, in a sense, that those things can lead to bad behavior, to sins, and therefore playing games is not allowed.

More about Roblox

Roblox games can be played online, and your child has likely played it before it could talk, at the moment when he or she had his phone and online access.

For playing Rolblox, you only need a computer or smartphone and internet access.

While playing the game, Roblox players can see, socialize and collaborate with other players; and this is something that those who defend playing games, saying that while playing games, people can develop their creativity and that it is good for them to socialize with others.

This mostly had its height during the pandemic, when people were around their homes a lot.

Roblox is mostly played by children and young people, and here comes the dangerous part, having in mind that starting to play any game, and this one also implies Roblox.

Because the fact is that this game is made in a way that it can never be boring, as there are many different varieties to choose from.

There are a large number of Roblox games, and some of the most widespread in the world, and here are Adopt Me, JailBreak, Royal High, Murder Mystery, then one of the fan favorites Tower of hell, and MeepCity.

All of these are very interesting and popular among kids.

The question that probably worries parents the most is whether Roblox is safe for children, as they are the ones that play it the most.

And here we come to the part, that does not include the game itself, but it includes something else, and that is the ability to speak with other players (and you do not who they are, as they have only avatars and nicknames).

There is a chat window on the Roblox platform, and all users like it, and if parents are scared, they should not be, as the good part is that there is automatic filtering of sent and received messages.

The system, to a certain extent, deals with these messages and eliminates those that are threatening.

Messages that the system recognizes as an attempt to reveal personal information such as real names and addresses will be removed, so this is one way to feel at least a bit safer when it comes to this game and your child playing it.

Regardless of this possibility, it is recommended that you always talk to your child about not sharing personal data with “friends” in the game. Also, for children under the age of 13, the chat window should be turned off completely.


In today’s time, the time of technology, a man tries in every way to spend his life in the virtual world.

Today, instead of visiting each other, friends write to each other via Facebook, Viber, or something similar.

Unfortunately, as much as technology can be used for good – good, I think there are many more ways to use it for evil.

But the matter of playing games does include one moral dilemma, as Islamic scholars like to point out – is it suitable for a Muslim, as a grown grown-up and competent person, to consume most of his unrestrained moments on games that have no worth mentioning, neither in this world nor in the hereafter, in addition to so many more priority things: education, or spending time in reading the Holy Book?

From this point of view, spending so much time playing Roblox is not seen as permittable, as it is, maybe, not as bad by itself, but most certainly, it is very wrong, in the matter of distraction from true values, like for example reading Quran.

Or maybe spending some quality time with your family, and your community, or just doing something for it, or spending some good time in prayer.

Things that are distracting from it, are seen as haram, and you should not engage in them.

Playing Roblox is highly addictive – having in mind that there are so many games to choose from, and there is a ranking system that puts people in a certain place, which also can be seen as wrong.

Many Islamic teachers are saying that playing games, even something naive like Roblox (some simple games of the building), are never just games.

They may come to kids especially like some kind of drug, it’s up to every believer to stay away, if not, you will likely become addicted not only to that game but to every game that comes your way under the arm.

So, because of that, you could start to leave out religious obligations, obligations to yourself, your health, your parents, obligations in school, etc.

Then Muslim believer seeks justifications for themselves about something in which there are many bad things, and we have just mentioned some of them, and often times there will not be anyone who will say to the kid, do not do it, or to a teenager, but there must an idea that anything that distracts a true believer from his faith is not allowed or recommended.

Some say that you can ‘become smarter’ by playing games (whereas if we read, for example, how much we play games, we would probably be much smarter than we would achieve by playing games), but with hands-on heart, there is much, much more to it evil, but good.

Evil from playing games, in this case, Roblox, can be a lack of attention, inability to concentrate on a certain thing for a long period, and wasted time.

It is said that these games can be something that is completely in the opposition to Islamic teachings, and this is the reason why people, especially younger crows who are not developed yet, should avoid them.

Not letting themselves into temptations and possible sin, as this is the place where Satan lurks, hidden behind some common things.

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