Is Piano Haram or Halal In Islam?

Listening to the piano, or playing this divine instrument, certainly has a great impact on our bodies and minds, and it is truly so comforting and relaxing, not only playing it but listening to classical music has many benefits for people.

Thanks to its historical development, the piano is an instrument that does not belong to just one group of instruments, and this just makes it even more special.

The way the tone is produced in the piano illustrates the appearance of the piano in different groups of instruments, so since the piano’s tone is received by hitting felt-covered hammers against the metal wires, it could be said that the piano is a percussion-string instrument that has a keyboard.

And many of us played this instrument when we were children, and we learn of those who are virtuous on this wonderful instrument regarding them as some kind of wonders, and they truly can make music become just like magic.

But, may this be as it is, in certain regions, for example in Islam some rules can restrict listening or playing a certain instrument, in this case, we are talking about the piano.

And you may, with right wonder, how can it be, having in mind that listening or playing a piano can only bring good; but things are not as simple.

More of it comes from the fact of what can come from listening to some music and what can lurk behind it, as many temptations could be hidden, as Islam sees it.

This is why music and musical instruments can be regarded as haram.

But let us start from the beginning.

Is Piano Haram or Halal In Islam?

Just like we have pointed out at the start of this text, music in general, and this also applies to the music instruments, is seen as haram, just like the music itself, besides some exceptions that we will discuss later.

So based on the Islamic instructions, we can say that the piano, as an instrument, both regarding learning how to play it or playing it actively is seen as haram.

Some may ask, does it make a difference when I play the piano alone, in my home, where no one can see me, the answer is that even in this case, the piano is seen as haram.

Duf is the only instrument that is permitted in Muslim society, and this is mostly during wedding ceremonies and similar.

Duf is an instrument that is in fact like a small drum, it can be made out of metal or wood.

Piano playing or learning is haram. Whether you play it in public or private, it is considered haram.

Regarding any musing instrument and this also includes the piano, they are all haram, except for the Duf instrument which is halal.

Yes, education and playing the piano are forbidden in Islam.

It is the case since the Prophet has said that instrumental music, including Piano and haram, so there is no reason why people should learn about it, and learn how to play it.

Why Piano Haram In Islam?

To answer this question we have to go back and find out why music in general is mostly seen as haram in the world of the Islamic religion.

The inquiry of whether or not to allow music is one of the most repeatedly asked questions and a topic that many people in the Islamic community are talking about.

It is also examined by those who do not have the right to do so due to insufficient knowledge of the sources of Sharia, so different positions are taken – from permission to strict prohibition.

What is the truth here, and how can we find the real answer, and then maybe, that rule applies to the specific musical instruments, here in particular we are speaking of the piano.

It is no mystery that among Islamic teachers some of them are strictly forbidding any kind of music, considering it haram.

Those who forbid it, also ban the use of television or turn off the radio and TV receivers when something like this is heard, or even in some cases they can cover their ears so that the sounds of music or songs do not reach their ears.

This is how they think that the music is haram, and that should not come to the believer’s ears.

But, this is not the entire story – we have, on the other side of the specter, Islamic thinkers who enjoy music and listen to it with joy, thinking that there is nothing wrong with it.

When talking about the permission of music or song, we must directly say that there are certain events or situations in which all Islamic authorities have a unanimous position on the subject of the ban.

It is this – in general, music that provokes a person to sin, that exhilarates and supports the urges that are in a person so that this individual chooses to sin, and therefore step away from the Islamic teachings and all that has been a part of Quaran, he is making a sin and therefore what leads to sin is considered to be haram.

Furthermore, when we are speaking of music, for example, a song in which it is glorified and praised alcohol, immorality, or some other sinful things and behaviors, and that is escorted by dancing and playing around naked women and men or pornographic settings, is haram, and there cannot be any discussion regarding this topic, and this does not have to do with any instrument in particular.

Any music that holds the noted components is strictly haram, and it is said that none of the Islamic jurists permit it, and the cause for its banning is obvious.

It is not music, but a competently designed and staged state of struggle against morals and religious matters, which in this way want to criticize, and humiliate, just to ensure a person that he or she can be free or happy, and this cannot be done without Allah.

The preliminary basis for the ban on musical tools in Islam is that the Prophet has stated that music (instrumental) is haram, which also includes the mentioned instrument, the Piano.

And when the Prophet has announced something to be forbidden, it is adequate to express that the action of dealing with it, playing it, or learning how to play is haram.

Likewise, it is stated that when people listen to this kind of music are led to some bad and sinful emotions and then they are moving away from Allah.

Islamic thinkers acknowledge the only acceptable music is one where there is recognition of Allah and promotes people to turn to him.

Furthermore, certain Islamic thinkers think that when you play a certain instrument you are just showing off, and you stop being modest so it is not a good idea to do so.

Muslim believers should opt to read more Quran and try to memorize it as much as they can.

They should also discover a unique skill or hobby, like a new sports game, and it is easier to stay away from those who play this instrument.

More about the piano

A piano is a widespread musical device utilized in multiple various genres and types of music.

And the similar case is just with other musical instruments, it has reached a ban in the Islamic religion as to whether or not it is acceptable.

There are two types of acoustic pianos: the concert piano and the piano.

The concert piano is used in the performance of classical music, chamber music, and contemporary music, and is also often used in pop and jazz concerts.

A piano that is much more miniature than a concert piano is the most sought-after type specifically because of its compactness, which causes it the most appealing option for all those who want to use the piano at house, either for playing or rehearsing.

Of course, not all people can learn how to play it, but by listening to it most people has something special, and thanks to various artists it has found its place in modern music, for sure.

Also, when you listen to some of the classic works made for the piano from centuries ago, you will see how timeless that music is, and we could enjoy it.

Some even claim that when you listen to it, you improve your memory and ability to learn new things. It is even beneficial when played for infants in their mother’s wombs or to flowers (they blossom better).


So, the conclusion regarding music, and subsequently musical instruments, is that truly is haram if it includes something that is banned or enables a person to sin, and if it does not include something that is prohibited and does not promote sinful behavior, but enables a someone to do more positive things, to make them more relaxed, then that person is not pulled away from Allah, there is nothing incorrect with it and it is acceptable.

Also, this is something that should be done, as it should be especially drawn the attention of people of the Islamic faith who do not seriously take haram, for whom the term is easy, that it is a difficult term and that it means completely denying someone the right to something and punishment for what they do if they do, and that is he cannot do it based on one’s personal belief or wish.

If something is haram, then it is for a reason, just like any music that leads to sin, and sinful behavior, as Islam teaches its believers that this is where Satan lurks, and in the idea that we are free and happy.

The piano, a musical instrument adored in many parts of the world is seen as haram, and it is not permitted among Muslims, as the Prophet Muhamed has strictly forbade it, saying that the only instrument is Duf, that could be used during some celebrations, like for example weddings.

Everything else is haram, including the piano.

To complete, playing or learning how to play the Piano, or even just educating someone on how to do it, is seen as a sin.

It is haram in Islamic law – it does not follow Islamic instructions and can direct individuals away from honoring Allah.

This could occur when they are not listening to the Almighty Allah, and do not follow orders written in Quran.

To evade it, all Muslim believers are suggested to concentrate on actions that will aid them on their journey, and this maybe suggests even not being close to those who are playing this instrument.

Doing halal things, that make a person think and act more positively, and read Quran more, even wanting to memorize it, is one way to go.

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