Is Lying Haram or Halal In Islam?

Are you lying? If the answer is no, think twice… have you just tried to hide the truth?

Research shows that the average person stacks one to two times a day.

By lying, you can, but you don’t have to, cause suffering to others, loved ones, and less loved ones. However, you are harming yourself.

No, your nose will not grow, as they scared you in your childhood, but (otherwise unnecessary) processes will take place in your body which, especially if lying becomes a habit, can endanger your health.

Now, when it comes to religion, the question is can a Muslim person lies?

Is it allowed, and if yes, in what cases?

What does the Islamic faith say about this?

Is Lying Haram or Halal In Islam?

Is lying Haram or Halal in Islam?

Lying has always been considered bad, not only in Islam but also in Christianity and other religions.

It has always been a sin and it is common knowledge that one lie leads to another and that with it you enter a vicious circle from which you can only be saved by repenting and correcting the lie.

In Islam, lying is considered a great sin, especially lying, like perjury, when we say that someone has done something bad but is innocent.

Also, lying that, for example, Allah said that something is Halal, but it is Haram, and we deceive a person with that lie, is considered a great and mortal sin, and when the day of judgment comes, the liar will have a black face and it will be known that he lied by using the name of Allah.

In Christianity, there is a custom that on the first of April, people lie (lie) at each other’s expense and deceive to make a stand and cause a reaction from the other person.

In Islam, even fat that is untrue is frowned upon and considered a lie, and is, therefore, a sin and Haram.

Every member of the Islamic community is aware of this and therefore you will not hear falsehoods from them, not even in the hall.

In Islam, even “white” lies are forbidden and it is believed that the truth must always be told, even in cases where it will hurt someone.

If a person of the Islamic religion lies in any way, it does not mean that he is no longer a member of the Muslim religion, but it means that he will be marked as a liar and that hell and fire await him at the end of his life.

A member of Islam who is labeled as a liar will have problems in his life because he will be labeled as someone who does not tell the truth and people will not believe him, which will greatly complicate his life in the Islamic community because people will not know if he is lying or not. he speaks the truth and will not be trusted in the future.

If a person constantly jokes and it becomes part of his personality, we will never take that person seriously and will consider him a charlatan.

Therefore, children should be taught from a young age to tell the truth and only the truth, no matter how painful it may be for someone’s ears.

If you have done something bad and someone asks you if you did it, even then you should tell the truth to atone for the sin you committed during your life, so that you will not be tormented afterlife.

The soul is what is most important in us and all that remains when we end up in this world, and while we are among the living, the face is what is very important, and the face is lost very easily.

No one ever liked liars in any religion, not even in Islam.

Lying has always been considered a mortal sin, but over time, unfortunately, people have neglected it.

On an everyday level, the average person tells at least 100 lies without even realizing it.

If we take into account the fact that we lie and deceive ourselves daily, then that percentage is much higher.

If a person lies and convinces himself that he likes something, but he does not, that is also considered a kind of lie.

If a person convinces and lies to himself that he likes to do something, but he actually can’t stand it, that’s a lie, isn’t it?

And because a person lies to himself in that way, he will be unhappy and self-destructive, because he goes against himself and his nature, and that is not good for him or the people around him and leads him to ruin.

If a lie is deeply embedded in the human heart, he can believe in it and loses the concept and essence of the truth.

Therefore, lying is a very dangerous and very sinful act, which opens the gates of hell for the souls of liars and inevitable torment.

If someone who is a member of the Islamic community falsely testifies that, for example, he saw someone steal something, but he is not innocent, this is a great sin and Haram.

That person can be held accountable for an act he did not commit by giving false testimony, and that is a great sin.

An Islamic believer will never lie, only those who are not sincere believers and servants of Allah do that.

Liars are considered cursed because lying in Islam is a greater sin than drinking wine, which is Haram in Islam.

Alcohol is strictly forbidden in Islam and every Islamic believer must respect it, and if the consumption of alcohol is a mortal sin, then you understand what a lie is in Islam, if a lie is a greater sin than the consumption of an alcoholic drink itself, such as, for example, wine.

If an Islamic believer drinks wine, he has committed a mortal sin, and then you can imagine how much of a sin he has committed if he has lied to someone.

Because when he drinks wine, he harms himself, and if he lies, he harms himself and another who has done nothing wrong, and that is why he considers it an even greater sin.

A lie can take a person under its wing so much that it can grow into a pathology and it is considered a healing herb.

That is why a person must refrain from lying because if it becomes a habit, a person will no longer even notice that he is not telling the truth.

He will lie about events that didn’t even happen and tell stories that aren’t true just to make a point.

People who are not satisfied with their life and what they have achieved in them are usually prone to this, and then they start inventing events and situations that never happened.

This is a problem that can be treated, and a person can deal with this condition only if he makes an effort to admit the truth to himself, which is that he is not satisfied.

I am happy with myself and if he makes an effort to work on himself and achieve something in life worth mentioning and talking about.

That is why lying is strictly forbidden in Islam and is therefore considered a great sin.

Because it drives a person from lying to lying and from one sin to another.

Is Lying ever Halal?

It can be in some situations for example lying in war, as it can be a means to something.

An example is when an enemy asks you where are your soldiers hidden, you will ot tell him the truth.

It is permissible in such a situation.

At times telling a lie can become similar to an obligation, for example, if some unjust person, then one that has done some bad deed, is looking for a Muslim believer in your home.

Will you tell the truth or lie?

In a case, you speak the truth, it would be haram because he would cause innocent blood to be spilled by that vicious villain.

Sometimes, the truth is forbidden and a lie is allowed.

Lying is halal, when it serves the purpose of reconciliation – when you are in such a position to help those who are fighting then it is ok to use some lies.

Since you are protecting them from something that could become negative, and the person who conveys the news word for word to the person to whom that news concerns something truly unacceptable because it represents a great sin.

That person will not be able to have an entrance into Paradise, and when looking at things from a different perspective, a person who lies to reconcile others, restore love between them, and unite them, does not count as a lie for him.

In marriage, it is acceptable to lie, cause at times telling the truth can ruin the marriage – and even when it is that home there is no love, there can be respect and integrity, and people could live happily in Islam.

Is Lying halal when it is a joke?

No, it is not halal then.

Lying is banned regardless of the motives, and even to make people laugh (making up jokes, and not having a bad intention when it comes to telling such a joke. T

It was said that whoever speaks lies just to produce laughter and fun, even for dates such as April 1st, is not acceptable by all means.

Lying for fun and as a joke, like an April Fool’s lie, is inappropriate and seen as haram.

Some individuals call it a white lie, but according to the Islamic faith, there cannot be any color when it comes to lies.

It has no color, a lie is a lie.


So, not only that lying is not good for you from a moral standpoint, researchers say that it is not healthy to do so.

When you lie, the brain immediately goes into overdrive, and it is struggling.

After this, you will start feeling bad, and even angry, and if you have to decide during this period, the situation becomes even more complicated.

The resulting pressure is most often manifested as anger, which lasts for about ten minutes.

After the previous, immediate reactions, if the lie is more significant, discomfort and concern follow, both for the consequences and for the possibility of the truth being revealed.

Individuals begin to behave inappropriately – they become unusually kind to the person they lied to or, on the contrary, excessively blame them for certain actions, thus justifying the lie to themselves as necessary.

So, do not lie, as lying is, if you belong to the Islamic religion something that is a great sin, that is to a certain extent connected to hypocrisy, seen as the worst disease that destroys.

Hypocrites are the enemies of Allah and sworn enemies of believers. And the main code for hypocrisy is lying.

Islamic scholars have said that lying is the opposite of belief.

Liars are especially those who produce lies and then spread them to others.

At first, a person begins to lie a little, then a little more, and so on until it becomes a habit, and in the heart of every true believer must be truth, as lies lead to hypocrisy and this is a major sin.

One Islamic teacher has said – it is up to all believers to speak the truth, because the truth leads to understanding, and it leads to Paradise.

As long as a person speaks the truth and seeks it, he will be enlisted with Allah as a true person.

Beware of lies, because lies lead to sin, and sin leads to Hell.

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