Is Lucid Dreaming Haram or Halal In Islam?

This is one of those things that most of us probably experienced during our lives, even if for whatever reason we were not aware that this is the case.

And we have to say that this is a relatively new phenomenon, that scientists have recently explained.

So, we all dream during the night, even when we do not that we do it, or we cannot remember that we have dreamt.

We all sleep during the night and during the day (yes, we are talking about very nice naps, and then we can experience some of the weirdest dreams possible) and we all have it regardless of whether we remembered that dream or not, we dreamed it in that part called deep sleep or REM phase.

But have you heard of a phenomenon called lucid dreaming?

This is another dimension, and you have likely done it, but you did not know that this is called lucid dreaming.

Nowadays it has become a very popular phenomenon, even if you don’t know its real name and what it represents.

This is the moment when you wake up during a dream and you do not know what is going on, and it is the moment where you are wondering and thinking was I dreaming, or is this real life?

A feeling is as if you have experienced it, but when you come to your senses you come to the realization that this was “just” the dream.

Through lucid dreaming, you first enter the middle of the unconscious where absolutely everything is possible, where absolutely everything happens, something that you could never think could be real.

This is the place where you can create experience life as if, what would it be like not to have any limitations, boundaries, both physical and mental, and emotional.

But unlike ordinary dreaming, here we come to see the component that differentiates this type of dreaming from anything similar, and this means that the person who has a lucid dream can control and manage all those things that happen in the dream.

It should also be noted that experts recommend that this type of dreaming be used for therapeutic purposes as well.

But just like every part of the lives of Islamic believers is regulated by laws, the same case is with lucid dreaming, and the question we want to answer today is – does Islam allows this or not?

The answer is not as simple, as in some other matters in life, as this is one of the phenomena of modern times, but there is an answer for sure so that people of this faith know what to do when they experience it.

Is Lucid Dreaming Haram or Halal In Islam?

First, we need to define a dream.

What are dreams?

Do they come from the core of the subconscious, something that is above us, and more than our reality; or maybe the thing is that we have control over them?

Do they tell us something important that we can use in our wake life, or we are maybe in a dreamy playground, where we are in a position to control them?

Those that we can control, and some people do this regularly, with or without intention, therefore completely consciously in some cases, and when this occurs these dreams are called lucid dreams.

Of course, the concept of the decision to dream is not known in Islam as such, nothing is written about it in the Quran, of course, because at that moment when it was written, this phenomenon was not known and explained as it is today.

But, just because something is new, does not mean that Islam does not have anything to say about it; every religion must accommodate new things and follow the modern age.

It has to do so, that modern Muslim believers know what they do when they face it during their lives.

There is no doubt that they are dreaming, that is, even lucid dreaming is a phenomenon that they, of course, know about and probably practice.

The question is here, are they doing something that is allowed or is it haram?

You can be surprised when we tell you that it is allowed and considered halal, of course, in some limiting ways.

Answers are drawn from the context and explanations of Islamic teachers, as in Quran nothing was written on this topic, as we have said.

When they dream of something that is completely forbidden, then lucid dreaming is considered Haram, then it means that you are doing something sinful.

This is not allowed, since in a lucid dream you are doing it on purpose, and you are aware of and then encourage it.

But also if you do something good for yourself, in a lucid dream you are doing some good deeds; use this moment for a so-called spiritual growth, then something like that is allowed according to the Islamic religion.

It is recommended that you should avoid doing anything bad to others, even during sound sleep, and that you try to be all the good things you can bring to yourself.

When is lucid dreaming Haram?

There are situations when it is considered forbidden, and when it becomes an obsession in a life of a person, and that person cannot live without it.

It is haram also when, in this way, a person who has lucid dreams is completely separated from reality, from their family, and everything that awaits him in the real life of a person and a Muslim believer.

You simply have to live in reality and you must not run away from it.

They want and need to do this. Instead, during the night, that is, before going to sleep, praying, and reading the Quran, one should focus on positive thoughts, and then things would be better.

It is believed that this is an impressive and wonderfully newly explained phenomenon that is used by many people in the world, including those who belong to the Islamic faith, but the Quran itself does not say that the explanation is correct, whether lucid dreaming is allowed or not.

But if the person who is doing it is focused on positive things in the growth of an individual,l and is done by the man who is not completely detached from reality as it is but lives and fights in it no matter how difficult it is focused on seven dreams to make his life good.

However, if the dreamer does bad things that lead to sin (even if this is just the dream), how much he is focused on other people doing evil, or if lucid dreaming is addictive, then it is considered haram.

More about lucid dreaming

It should also be said that during the night on average, a person dreams for a maximum of two hours, and when people enter the state of lucid dreaming, they enter intending to fulfill something they want in real life, so some people in lucid dreams obtain happiness.

Some people like to use these types of dreams to meet with the dead, or to see people who they miss or who have passed away.

Others try to find a way to get rich and so on, to find the cure for a certain disease, etc. Some may be for a solution to a problem.

That thing is that you have control here and not only have control you might be doing you have no limits on what’s going to happen.

Yes, they say that almost every person in this world who tries hard enough and learns this method can master lucid dreaming and that it can be a great therapeutic method.

Numerous studies have shown that, for example, people who play video games have much easier control and have more frequent lucid dreams. This is because they are used to such a way of life while playing games.

They manipulate the virtual world, which is very similar to what happens while dreaming.

There is also a developed method of how to become a master of lucid dreaming.

One of the ways you can do this is to lie down, like normally in the evening, just before that, you need to wake up a few hours later and write down everything you have dreamed, and then go back to sleep.

Then you should imagine yourself in that dream that you interrupted, maybe you won’t succeed the first, but a few tries later, you will be at the point to think about the dream you had just before that.

However, it should be said that lucid dreaming is generally seen as harmless, but since there are some tips to have the highest quality dreams, in general, you need to make sure that you have the highest quality dreams, you should not consume coffee, and alcohol, and avoid stress.

People of the Muslim faith should dedicate themselves to prayer and reading their Holy books.


Lucid dreams in Islam are not something that is Haram and we have already established that.

But considering that he is lucid and that the individual is aware that he is in a dream, there would be no reason for him to try to do something that he would not do in waking life.

For example, it is Haram to eat pork and if an individual eats pork in a lucid dream, it is something that is not good, because he used that lucid dream to do something that is Haram and which is forbidden in reality.

First of all, let us mention that if a person is aware of his actions and consciously commits a sin, it is Haram.

The second is when a member of the Islamic religion has a normal dream and dreams that he ate pork and it is not Haram.

But if the dream was lucid, which means that the individual was aware of his action, then he sinned.

Lucid dreams are very rare, and for someone to have one, they have to practice and work on it.

But if you happened to experience it just like that, think about why you have awareness and control over that dream.

It is very possible that you were given it to be put to the test and to see if you can resist certain temptations and deepest desires.

This is something you need to understand and experience as something that is there to strengthen you in your faith and to strengthen you in a certain way so that you become better for yourself and for others.

In a lucid dream, you are in control of your actions and you should look at it as in reality.

If you do something Haram in that dream, you yourself will feel after waking up that you have sinned and need to repent for what you have done.

If lucid dreams begin to occur to you often, try to understand and discover why this happens to you.

Lucid dreams must never become your obsession, because that would mean that you are looking for an escape from the reality that you are exposed to in reality.

In this way, you can lose yourself and this is quite dangerous for your soul and it is Haram.

In order to stop having such dreams, you need to find strength and face what is bothering you in reality and strengthen your soul.

It is very possible that you are afraid to face a situation or a person from your life and that you do it only in a lucid dream because you know that you are safe.

But you have to understand that courage is not the absence of fear, but that you push forward despite it and don’t think twice.

That’s why we believe that lucid dreams appear as a channel, through which you may be trying to comfort yourself, and that is some form of your emptying and escape from reality, and that is Haram.

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