Is It Haram To Work In a Bank? 

When we are thinking about all the different ways we can expand and explore our careers, the one sector that was always connected to big salaries was financial.

And this is the case, as well as hard work hours, and a lot of stress.

People who choose this career must be prepared for a stressful environment, client services, and a corporate hierarchy that is not meant for everyone, for sure.

But those who choose to work in this sector can expect from the other side of the story, money, and other benefits.

Many people could not deal with such work and have some ethical issues as well.

And in some cases, work in such institutions can be in opposition to the religious beliefs, here more concretely with Islamic rules and regulations, as this is the religion that has so many of them which are rooted in the Quran.

Is it allowed to work in banks or is it haram?

We will answer this question, but right away we can detect one major issue, and that lies in the fact, that all banks are working on providing a service for interest, and this is something that is strictly prohibited in Islam.

Is It Haram To Work In a Bank? 

Numerous matters regarding money are interesting to look at from the Islamic perspective, as there are reasons why it is forbidden, if in any case, there is a personal interest, and the funding with the money is associated with sins, like alcohol which is strictly forbidden.

When it comes to jobs, or a matter of working in a bank, whether the workplace is directly involved in interest transactions or not, it is forbidden.

This is one situation where working in a bank is completely forbidden, and it is explained by the fact that it is not allowed to work as a security guard or driver in such institutions, so what can be said about the one who works at the counter or has a position higher than that, where he is a direct participant in interest transactions, which are haram?

So, the general answer to this question is that working in banks, from an Islamic point of view is not permitted.

It was written in the Quran, where the Messenger of Allah, has said that all those who give or take on interest or are witnesses will be cursed, as all of them are the same, and will take the blame, as taking interest is a major sin.

It is the case since the preponderance of interest and the satisfaction of those who take it is by no means a justification, and it should be done.

It was said in the Quran that the duty of all of us is to assist others and show goodness for all.

All Islamic believers are told that the Almighty Allah is pleased with people, but that all have to remember the threats that Allah sent to those who entered into this evil, as they will be touched by Satan, as in this case taking interest is the same thing as trade.

All those who see themselves as true believers must never take any interest.

Now, we all know that when you work in banks you are working precisely on that, you are working in a financial system that is established on the interest.

This is the case for the majority of banks that are operating these days, everywhere in the world, and when you are working in them you are taking part in such a system.

Therefore, it is haram to do so, woking in banks is not allowed because it is direct work on the consumption of interest, which is prohibited according to the Quran, Sunnah, and teachings of Islamic scholars, with the only difference in the sin of those who work according to the work they do in the bank.

Is working in the bank ever halal?

So there is no doubt that the greatest weight of sin lies in those who fall under the hadith documented by Muslims, it was said there that all those people will be cursed, meaning all those who consume interest, and also those who give it, and also witnesses as according to the Islamic religion they are all equally guilty and take the same amount of sin.

But, for those who are working in banks, on some, we could say lower positions, and are just helping there, just like guards, drivers, cleaners, then what is the amount of their sin?

It is, according to Islamic beliefs not not exist, but it is not big like in the case of other workers in the bank.

So where from their quilt comes?

It comes from the fact that they are doing something forbidden, something that is haram, as their work in the bank s aiding and encouraging sin.

Here, we must add that Allah Almighty has forbidden aiding and abetting sin.

Also, it should be added that it is not allowed to work even in the departments within the interest bank, even though those departments do not work on the interest-related business, because all those departments make up the bank that works based on taking an interest, and this is the part where the major haram lies.

And, there is the matter of salary – the compensation that a worker earns by working in a bank that operates with interest is also haram.

This is because the money as a salary that he takes home for his work, is also haram, as it comes as a result of work that is haram.

Those who know that working in a bank is haram are obliged to get rid of that haram property by giving it as charity to those who have less, who are poor.

This money, if it is found in the hands of a Muslim believer should be given to the indebted, for a common cause that will do good for the entire community.

And there will not be any reward from Allah for this deed, but there will be no punishment.

So, we have seen here that working in banks is not permitted by Islamic rules, as an individual who earns a certain amount of money while he works in the bank, and after learning that working in a bank is haram, is able to leave his job and repents, in such case, the possessions he earned before that and took into his hands is not haram property and he is allowed to is used with it.

This is just the case, if the person repents, then Allah will deal with him, but if not, then he will stay in Hell permanently.

The only way you could work in banks is the one that you know is Islamic banks, the one that does not work on an interest system.

Work in such banks is offered not just to Muslim people, but also to all others who are not belonging to the Islamic faith.


Working in a bank, as seen here, based on Islamic laws is seen as haram, as banks are systems that work on taking interest and this is something that is not permitted for Muslim people.

If a person has something gained in this way must give it back to those who do not have anything and who are poor.

Also, in the end, we have to say that Islamic scholars have a divided opinion about the permission to use that possessions, although the aforementioned verse can also refer to this case because in the verse no distinction is made between the one who took the money and the one who which is not.

Also, he is not permitted to work in a bank that deals with interest, even if he would not take a salary, like an intern, because the one who works in a bank that deals with interest either instantly consumes the interest by giving it and recording the interest contract or helps in that haram.

This person also participates in it and does haram in any way in whatever form, and so the banking institution is a place of great haram in which one of the greatest sins is committed, so the one who does anything in it cannot be sure that he will not be hit by the curse with which Allah threatens those who take interest.

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