Is It Haram To Shave Your Beard?

For many years, hundreds of years, the common rule was that a man who is not having/wear a beard or at least a mustache could not be considered to be a real man.

The cult of wearing facial hair was also noticeable in numerous historical figures.

Even to this day, a beard has remained the symbol of masculinity, and in some cultures and religions, it has been an obligatory part of daily life and something that can separate a believer from a non-believer.

Wearing a beard is one of the practices in the Muslim faith and the followers of Islam, and it has been the case, since the beginning of this faith.

It is said that Allah’s Messenger ordered all men to grow their beards and to cut their mustaches short, as this is what needs to be done so that they become true believers of this faith.

It is worth saying that growing a beard is said to have come in the imperative and it says for itself that growing a beard is completely mandatory, so it is not only a strict order but here it is considered that this work is something you can brag about.

The beard is allowed to grow, but it is shortened when the beard is shortened or shaved, so that it would be like that, she says outside the face and therefore it is not allowed, also some Islamic teachers say that I don’t know that there was ever a time and anywhere that shaving the beard is allowed, but it is a big Haram.

Is It Haram To Shave Your Beard?

All of this must be put primarily in the bigger context, not only to relate it to the Islamic faith and its believers but also in a much wider context.

We know as we have said that the beard is seen as a symbol of masculinity.

In some cultures, a man who had a completely shaved face, and if his face did not have a single hair was perceived as a joke and is regarded as a man who was completely on the opposite side of a real man.

Of course, times change and in some religions, with different movements, there are always some rules about it, that can be more or less strict.

They are dedicated to explaining what a true believer should look like.

Maybe that’s where the biggest problem here is with younger people who don’t want to participate like this in the regulations, as they believe that they belong to the modern times, where the rules, even religion have changed.

It is believed in Islam that the Prophet Muhammad strictly ordered that all believers of the Islamic religion wear a beard in order to be distinguished from all those who are not believers, and this is something that they would be recognized.

Also, the principle of the beard is also seen in this – it is such an important stage in the life of one human being when a boy is about to become a man.

Having a beard means that the boy has matured and that he is grown up and independent, and that he can create his own family and his own home. He takes on the responsibility as a real member of society.

After all, for male believers of the Islamic religion, facial hair, or specifically, a beard on the face is one thing that shows how dedicated they are to their faith in Allah.

The aspect of Muslim believers and how important it is, is to the certain part related to hygiene, as it is very important for the Muslim community, as there are many rules that speak of this matter.

This menas that rules that are related to beards must be strictly respected.

We strongly said that mustaches are basically something that should and is allowed to be shaved and that this is a decision of every Muslim man, but when it comes to the beard it is not allowed.

Interestingly enough, you can find text where you can see that it is allowed for Muslim men to dye their beards a red and yellow hue, as this is the easiest way to be separated from Jews and Christians.

Beard in Muslim men is very important as you could see – there is even great importance in how that beard should be, at least the length of a hand.

Islamic teachers are saying that they are seeing Muslim people who are wearing beards as it is fashionable at the current moment, but this is not aligned with what the Prophets have said about it.

So, it is haram to shave a beard according to Islamic laws.

Also, and this is something that is worth saying – mustaches are not allowed, while the beard is – and it is said that all those who want to obey Allah’s words, must cut mustaches and let the beard grow.

It is narrated that people who shave their beard have no Allah’s mercy, and therefore they should never shave it, as it is considered haram.

Islamic scholars say that those who dare to shave their beards will be punished, as this act is seen as a sin. Some also call it mutilation.

Some go as far as saying that a person of the Muslim faith who does not have a beard could not be perceived as a real Muslim.

When is halal to shave a beard?

It is halal in times when a man has done it if he had some trouble regarding it, or when he is in grief.

Islamic scholars have, as it is written, beards that were long as one hand or in some cases even longer. But the proper way is to maintain it to the length of one hand.

Also, it is said that those men (who have both male and female organs or are hermaphrodites) can be allowed to shave their beards.

Shaving is also allowed when the beard is overgrown and it is longer than the hand or a fist, then it is halal to shave it (shorten it to the proper length).

More about beards

Maybe we think that modern times have brought some different standards in beauty when it comes to males, but in fact, recent studies have shown that women love to see a beard in a man, saying that they perceive them as more masculine, somewhat wild, mature, dominant, and they see these man as the most desirable lovers.

In the 21st century, where there are no barber shops where men around the world can take care of their beards, they have the technology that can help them to do just that.

Modern men have at their disposal different types of razors and fine trimmers with a considerable amount of styling extensions giving them the privilege to form all sorts of beard and mustache types that transmit a specific message to the setting they find themselves in.

It is believed that a long beard is worn by men who do not take care of the rules, and who love to be free and wild.

Also, it is said that men who are very self-confident love to wear a beard that frames their faces.

They are the ones who are keeping things under control, who love order, and who have self-control.


We also have to say that in this way, the beard becomes something more, it is a clear symbol in the Muslim faith, that distinguishes the one who believes in Allah and the one who does not (who is not a true believer in Allah).

Wearing a beard shows that the man has fulfilled what Allah has prescribed, and in this way, the men get closer to him because it works according to the Prophet Muhammad.

For example, and this is interesting to mention – in some parts of the Middle East there is a test exercise where men had their beards examined and those who passed, who have proper bears are proclaimed as true believers of the Muslim faith.

In the end, we have already mentioned that the coloring of the beard in a yellow or reddish shade is also halal, and it is seen as a way to distinguish themselves from members of different faiths.

It is also allowed only for the warrior who leads jihad, to color his beard black and in this way he speaks about his intentions.

About who he is and what he is.

It should be bear in mind that, as we have already said, this very order, which is binding, is therefore not a recommendation and is certainly only a matter of recommendation, and any violation would lead to the development of sin.

It is only permissible to shave the beard if the “man” in question is a hermaphrodite, i.e. both male and female organs, and in case the man is sick and has to shave his beard because of that.

Some people ask what happens when there are men who just don’t grow beards and if they should be scared because of that it is – the answer for them is not to worry about it.

The most worry goes to the Western world, which the Muslims are looking into, while the Quran and hadiths have clearly said that people must obey what Almighty Allah has said, and he said that people of faith must never refrain from things that He has made forbidden.

Those who dare to do so are going to be punished.

It is said that those who shave their beard are committing a major sin; and

hence, it is not suitable for Muslim men to obey the traditions of others and for that purpose to shave off their beards, but they are obligated to let the beard grow, at least the length of the fist.

It is mentioned that the Messenger of Allah, had a big beard and that He was the most attractive creature and had the most pleasing look.

So, Islamic scholars agree that there is not a shred of doubt that shaving a beard is haram, and all Imams share this thought.

Following the Sunnah is the way to go when it comes to the Muslim people, and copying the Prophet’s life in everything that he has done.

And this does not include only the matter of worshiping it, but copying the life he had lived, in all daily activities.

One of those practices is when people of the Muslim faith accommodate appearance – to submit to the Almighty Allah, and one of those things is to let the beard long, to be the size of a fist. Also, it is permittable to cut the mustache short and the beard must be long.

Hence, it is a duty to grow the beard long and it must not be shortened, but the majority of scholars allow the beard to be trimmed that surpasses the length of the hand, while anything less than that is prohibited.

Shaving a beard according to Muslim teaching is regarded as a major sin – and it is said that nobody is allowed to shave it, and this is seen as a bad deed.

By doing so, men are disfiguring themselves and do not do good.

Shaving a beard is a disfigurement and it does not befit a reasonable person to do it.

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