Is It Haram To Not Get Married?

Islamic religion regulates the entirety of the lives of its believers, as it tackles in all details, bigger or smaller, specified as the food they are consuming, but also regarding numerous major things just as who can a person marry.

These are the aspects that are important for every human being, and it does not matter what religion he or she belongs to.

It is the decision that will direct your life in a certain way, in one way or the other, and it is not something to take it lightly.

But, there are some additional aspects that we should look into it, and it usually comes from the impact of the family, as they are the ones that are pushing younger people to marry, and nowadays this is a decision that many of them do not want to be rushed into.

They take their own time, and what is noticeable, these people are even taking their time, and not rushing into it, even choosing not to ever get married.

And additionally, in certain religious communities, there is something even greater, there is a traditional and long-reaching impact that comes from the religious community, and it is particularly obvious and strong within the Muslim community.

But the question we want to ask here is, are things a bit different or are they stayed the same for centuries, and are not likely to be changed, even though we know that younger people are trying to find their way and to live by the modern times, and which of these two is stronger.

So, here is the question we want to answer.

Is it haram not to get married and what are those situations that are allowing it?

Is there any hadith regarding this important matter, not just for the Muslim community, but for all?

And what are the exceptions to this rule?

Is it haram to not get married?

First of all, according to the Islamic religion, getting married is, in general, a commendable and recommended act, as people who belong to this religion are inspired to do so.

Such an act is following the Quranic recommendations and the Sunnah of the Prophet.

We can find in Quran these words – that unmarried should marry as this is an honor, and Allah will give them abundance.

Also, we can find words from the Prophet, who spoke of younger men whose obligation is to get married and perform their marital obligation.

In this way, they would be calmer and they would lower their gaze and never look at anyone else wives.

Now, this is something that is recommended to all Islamic believers, but is it a sin not to get married?

However, depending on the situation and condition of each person individually, marriage can be obligatory (wajib), recommended (mendub), tempted (makruh), or even forbidden (haram).

Islamic religion highly looks at the institution of marriage, as it is something that has so many values for men and women.

And not only marriage is mandatory, fact, but it also is a strict irrevocable duty – for every Muslim of legal age, mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy, who has the financial means to support his wife.

It is an obligation to all those who will behave nicely and humanely in marriage, and who certainly would not be able to control their passions and urges, so without marriage committed fornication.

This is something that must be remembered, but there is another important and justified level in all of this.

We are talking about marriage as a bit lighter duty for one who fulfills all the above conditions and is not completely sure of controlling their passions and urges.

This would be the person who is probably not sure of his deeds and can control his character so this is the person who will commit fornication outside of marriage.

If this is the case, this is the person who has a lighter duty regarding marriage.

Now, we can see that marriage is Sunnah since the Prophet has recommended to every Muslim who has a moderate nature and can control his passions and urges, to get married as this person, a man meets all the conditions for marriage.

On the contrary, it is not a duty for a Muslim who due to his nature, is not sure that he can treat himself well and behave in marriage, and in addition, he is in a weak financial state and cannot meet household needs.

This man should not be married, as he cannot meet the rules and needs that are demanded in a proper Islamic marriage.

When a marriage is a haram and for who?

Marriage is haram for an impotent man and an incapable frigid woman, they should not be married, and for them being married is just like committing a major sin.

The Quran instructs poor Muslims who meet all the conditions for married life, except for the possession of property; this would be a wrong reason to be married, and it is seen as a major sin for them.

Considering that the property situation changes, the Quran advises poor young men to temporarily refrain from marriage while they are completely poor, and at the same time instructs wealthy Muslims to help them financially.

After this, these poor Muslims, who find a better situation, with the help of other Muslims in their community, get married, when the time is right.

This is also something that shows how marriages are important in Islam, virtually something that the entire community takes part in, and also something that has bigger and more important value, not only on the individual level but on a bigger, social level.

When is marriage obligatory and when is haram?

It will be obligatory when a person is capable of marriage, has a great affection for persons of the other sex, and is afraid of fornication if he does not marry.

It will be forbidden (haram) for people who are sure that if they get married, they will cause harm to their spouse through a

communicable incurable disease or something else, they are also not allowed to get married.

And marriage is forbidden (makruh) for people who assume that they will cause harm to their spouse due to their difficult nature which can cause violence and problems in the family.

This is also true for all those who at the same time do not have a great passion for people of the opposite sex and they are not afraid that if they do not get married, they will commit fornication.

For all other persons who wish to achieve the pleasure of the Almighty and obtain virtuous offspring, marriage is a recommended deed that is following the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah, and his recommendations to young men and women.

Of course, there are some exceptions to when not marrying is allowed, but all people within this community should make a choice whether their marriage is obligatory or not, and they should assess which category they belong to and conclude whether marriage is obligatory for them or not.

If not marrying for the rest of their lives would lead them to the path of

immorality and fornication, then giving up on marriage would be forbidden (haram) and seen as a sinful act.

Islam sees fornication as something bad in this life, and that also leads to punishment in the next world.

Fornication causes many bad consequences in this world and punishment in the next world and is one of the great sins.

If you are sure that not entering into marriage will not lead you to

fornication, and that at the same time, you are a healthy person who is ready to fulfill the obligations of marriage according to your personality, it is not a sin for you not to enter into it, but by doing so you would be acting contrary to what is better, which is also recommended as a

sunnah – a deed that is reflected in getting married and having children.


Emphasizing the institution of marriage, the Quran highlights that Allah creates women so that men can find peace with them, and stop any attempt to commit any sinful behavior or act.

In this sense, a man can not live without a woman, just like a woman can’t live without a man; they are necessary one to another, and this is why marriage, according to Islamic beliefs and tradition is needed.

And people who belong to this religion should have real Islamic marriages.

Islamic marriage is the only real, human-worthy, and appropriate choice for people, both men, and women, between celibacy and all forms of fornication.

Consistently implemented celibacy as a principle and behavior means the end and disappearance of the human species, and this is the reason, one more why marriage is needed.

All people, with some exceptions, should get married, and not doing so is seen as haram.

So, who should get married – all people?

Based on the religious teachings of Islam, those who are capable and meet all the conditions are obliged to marry and enter into marriage.

Now, we have said that some reasons are understandable and that are exceptions to this rule.

Under precisely defined reasons based on religion, morality, and Sharia-legal regulations, marriage in Islam can be disbanded.

The fact is, as many Islamic scholars say, that this region strengthens marriage in every way and preserves its purity with all its regulations, but it allows under specific conditions can be broken.

Islam as it is seen from the inside, is the religion of truth and reality, it does not allow any utopia, fantasy, or idealization of reality, it allows divorce in justified situations.

The Quran command and recommend marriage, and condemn and severely condemn celibacy for no reason.

In any case, Islamic schools recommend that Muslim people, men, and women think carefully and try to follow the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah, through getting married and having children, unless you have some reason that makes it prohibited for you to enter into it.

And, also and this is never a bad idea to consult family members (parents) in this regard.

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