Is Chicken Bacon Halal or Haram In Islam? 

When you think of bacon, people usually think of pork first.

However, bacon can also be made from meat from other animals, although it is mainly pork.

The point is that the origin of the meat doesn’t determine the term bacon but the production process.

Making bacon involves the processes of salting, drying, and smoking the meat to obtain a specific taste and recognizable texture.

These processes can be carried out in different ways, but they all have the same goal and result.

Bacon is an integral part of many dishes, and people consider it a delicious addition to breakfast or other meals.

When consumed in moderation, bacon is healthy but should not be overdone as it usually contains high amounts of salt and unhealthy fats.

With the variety of non-pork bacon available on the market, such as turkey bacon, beef bacon, and chicken bacon, many people have wondered if these kinds of bacon align with the dietary rules prescribed by Islamic law.

In the following, we will try to answer whether chicken bacon is halal or haram in Islam.

You will find out what conditions chicken bacon must meet to be considered halal, what ingredients it must not contain, which types of bacon are halal, and which are haram.

Is Chicken Bacon Halal or Haram? 

Unlike pork bacon, which is always haram because it is made from the meat of a pig, which is an illegal animal for Muslims, chicken bacon can be halal, as long as it does not contain any haram ingredients and the meat comes from a verified halal source.

What does it mean? 

All people who practice a halal diet know that pork is haram.

Pigs are considered impure animals in Islam, so Muslims never eat them.

Muslims also do not eat anything that contains any ingredient of pig origin.

For this reason, Muslims are also prohibited from eating bacon because it is mainly made from pork.

However, the situation changes if the bacon is not made from pork but from chicken.

Chicken meat can also be salted, dried, and smoked to become bacon.

This type of bacon is less widespread and famous but is also on the market.

If no haram ingredients have been added to chicken bacon, such as pork products or alcohol, it is not haram.

However, chicken bacon must meet another condition to be considered halal.

The chicken meat must be from a halal source for the chicken bacon to be halal.

It means that the chicken must be raised and slaughtered per Islamic law’s rules.

According to Islamic law, all permitted animals (including chickens) are considered halal only if raised humanely, fed without antibiotics and hormones, and slaughtered per specific halal practices.

Halal slaughter is a type of ritual religious slaughter.

This type of slaughter involves killing the animal in one quick stroke so that all the blood drains from the body.

Also, according to Islamic law, a Muslim can only perform this slaughter.

It is also the most problematic requirement that chicken bacon should meet to be considered halal.

It is not difficult to determine whether chicken bacon contains haram ingredients, but deciding whether it comes from a halal source is a big challenge.

The most reliable indicator is the halal certificate of the official organization that deals with the assessment and confirmation of the halal status of food.

If chicken bacon has a halal label, you can be sure that it meets the criteria of a halal diet.

However, if the chicken bacon is not marked with a halal certificate, you must contact the manufacturer and ask about the product’s halal status.

Ask the manufacturer if the meat for the chicken bacon comes from a halal source, and they will provide you with information that will help you decide if this product meets the requirements of your faith.

What is Chicken Bacon? 

Chicken bacon is a frequent substitute for pork bacon in many dishes.

People use it when they don’t eat pork for religious reasons or want a lower-calorie, lower-fat option.

Like regular (pork) bacon, chicken bacon is made by cutting the meat into thin strips and then processing it by adding salt, drying it, and smoking it.

Chicken bacon is generally drier than traditional pork bacon and has a slightly different texture.

However, the taste is close, and the chicken bacon does not lack the pork bacon’s crunch.

You can use chicken bacon for all traditional dishes that are prepared with the help of pork bacon.

Chicken bacon is an excellent ingredient in sandwiches, omelets, salads, soups, and some cooked dishes.

You can prepare it more or less the same way as pork bacon, but you may need to adjust the cooking time slightly to prevent the bacon from burning or drying out, as it is lower in fat than pork bacon.

Where to Buy Halal Chicken Bacon? 

If you want to be absolutely sure that your chicken bacon is halal, it is best to look for a halal-certified product.

Organizations that issue halal certificates follow very rigid rules.

Therefore, the halal certification mark is reliable proof that the meat fully complies with the requirements of the Islamic faith.

Also, a reliable way to find halal chicken bacon is to look for a local butcher who only sells halal meat.

In such butchers, the meat usually comes from only one source, and it is reliably known that it is halal.

Also, these butchers sometimes have a halal certificate that confirms that all the products they sell are halal.

Are Other Types of Bacon Halal or Haram? 

Similar to chicken bacon, for other types of bacon, it is crucial to which meat they come from, whether they contain illegal ingredients, and whether the conditions required by halal food production are met.

One bacon you can always be sure of is haram, and that is pork bacon.

Pigs are explicitly mentioned in the Islamic holy book as animals that Muslims must not eat.

Pigs are haram, so the conscious consumption of pork (including pork bacon) is a great sin for Muslims.

The only situation in which Muslims are allowed to eat haram food knowingly is when their life depends on it.

However, bacon can be made from various other types of meat.

Beef bacon is sold and eaten all over the world.

Beef belongs to halal food, but again under the condition that the animal from which the meat originates was raised and slaughtered according to halal procedures.

Accordingly, beef bacon is also permitted for Muslims if the meat comes from a halal source.

The situation is similar with turkey and duck bacon.

These animals are halal in Islam, so the bacon made from their meat is also halal, but only if it meets the conditions of halal production.

There are also alternative types of bacon, such as bacon made from fish and bacon of non-animal origin, suitable for vegetarians.

These types of bacon are also halal and are a good substitute for classic pork bacon because they are healthier and have the same distinctive crispy taste that people love.

Vegetarian bacon can be made from various ingredients such as soy, coconut, and wheat.

Vegetarian bacon is halal because it does not contain any haram ingredients and does not include meat, so there is no need to worry about the animal origin.

These types of bacon often taste just as good as meat bacon and are made from vegetable proteins that are flavored to resemble real bacon.

People sometimes also wonder if bacon-flavored food is permissible in Islam.

You’ve probably seen products like bacon-flavored chips or crackers in stores.

Although these products do not contain bacon, some of them contain ingredients derived from pork.

Therefore, these products are haram and are not allowed for Muslims.

However, if the flavoring of bacon does not come from pork but from artificial flavors, it is generally considered halal.


Whether chicken bacon is halal or haram in Islam is often asked.

Many people think this bacon is haram, but that may not be true.

The confusion mainly comes from the fact that most people equate bacon with pork since bacon is primarily made from it.

Pork bacon is unequivocally haram, but other types of bacon, including chicken, can be halal.

Chicken meat is halal for Muslims, provided it is raised and slaughtered by religious laws.

Therefore, chicken bacon is halal if it comes from halal meat.

The safest way to choose halal chicken bacon is to buy a product with a halal certificate or from a reliable butcher selling only halal meat.

If you are unsure whether chicken bacon is from a halal source, contact the manufacturer or supplier and ask.

You can ask your religious leader or authority for additional guidance on purchasing a proven chicken bacon product.

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