Is Astrology Haram or Halal In Islam? 

Throughout the history of mankind, from the beginning of the world until today, people have tried in every way to find out about future events and to understand what “destiny intended” for them.

Astrology, and generally all ways we can look into the future and explain or predict events in our lives, became a part of our lives, as something that we either look into just for fun, or we look at with the firm belief that there is something written in the stars.

But, you will hear many times that multiple religions are opposing any form of predicting the future, as it is something that is not holy, and that is aligned with God, it opposes him, and for many, it is part of satanic practices.

In the same way, Islam looks upon reading horoscopes and generally astrology; but here we will explain why it is ot permitted, and whether there are some cases when it is allowed.

Is Astrology Haram or Halal In Islam? 

As you can guess, reading horoscopes and astrology is not permitted in Islam, and also by all means it is haram to believe in any part of it, it is not allowed for Muslim believers to accept what is written in them.

Why is this the case?

It is based on the belief that all Islamic people should believe, and this is based on many arguments, that the future is unknown, and that not one person can know it.

The future is unseen, and the only one who can know it is just He, the Allah Almighty.

There are many arguments that confirm the mentioned fact – that only the Almighty Allah knows the secret, and this is seen in the words written in Quran.

It is said that He is the one who knows the secrets and that He is the one who knows it all, what will happen, seen and unseen.

Islam claims that all those texts and all those people who claim that certain positions of planets have a deep impact on people, do not pose any relevance to Islamic people, since only He knows it, and no one else.

People of the Islamic faith are guided in a way that they must be at all times aware of any contact with magicians and astrologers and they need to watch what they have to say to us.

They are the ones who say that they know what is happening in the world that is considered to be the unseen world.

People of this faith are said must never trust those who put horoscopes in newspapers and magazines where they talk about happiness and unhappiness, as this is something that they could not know.

The only one who knows it is the Almighty Allah since the knowledge of the unseen world belongs only to Allah.

And Muslim believers who are firm devotees and do not want to do anything that could compromise their faith are obliged not to approach these things.

It is known that the Muslim believer who acknowledges Allah does not ask another Muslim what is in the horoscope, nor does he read the horoscope, nor does he hear about it.

Any Muslim who permits the words of an astrologer to change his way of life should pursue forgiveness from Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace, and repair his faith.

And if by any means, a person of Muslim faith has been engaged in these activities, must repent.

They are advised to sincerely repent to the Almighty Allah and ask for forgiveness for the sins committed, then to fully rely on Allah, the Exalted, in all matters while accepting the cause-and-effect factors.

They should completely leave these things and be as far away from them as potential, and not come into communication with people who haggle with it and not acknowledge what they say under any possibilities.

Is astroloogy ever halal?

Everything related to astrology is completely forbidden: visiting an astrologer, listening to what he says, buying books on astrology, or reading horoscopes. Since astrology is usually used to predict the future, people who practice astrology are considered fortune tellers.

Anyone that says that it can predict the future is not permitted here, and will never reach Heaven, and the reason is that only Allah knows what will occur, and anything or anyone else who does this is not going to be right, as no one can do it, only He.

Astrology is based on the belief that people’s personalities are defined by the stars and that all their futures are written in the stars, and at the same time they claim that they are able to read about the knowledge of the unseen in already created forms.

And, when observing this issue, the position of the Islamic faith is this –

the future events and the unseen are not known by anyone except Allah Almighty and advocating knowledge of the unseen world is considered disbelief. Allah is the only one who knows all the secrets and he holds the keys to them, and no one else, and all who do not believe this are wrong.

The punishment for such actions can be that his or her prayer will not be accepted for 40 days, or that he or she will be denied what was revealed to Muhammad.

More about astrology

Horoscopes, Astrology, and the interpretation of birth charts have always intrigued people.

And this is the case, even these days when people are knowledgeable more than ever, but at the same time, these people are still looking for the answers.

First, in the past times, people have asked for answers “from the heavens” when it will rain, whether it will be a fertile year, then they would like the “higher powers” to “tell” them why their youngest daughter is not getting married and whether the older son can have children.

Religions and astrology were born almost simultaneously.

On the contrary, I like to say that, from my point of view, there is one fact that unites them, and that is faith.

On social networks, and wider, there are many who carefully watch videos of astrological forecasts, and then negatively comment on what they have previously carefully listened to, referring to the fact that religion excludes astrology.

Now, those who deal with astrology will often say that they do not do any witchcraft and that it does not belong in the context of superstition.

The church is a pillar of religion, a place where people unite with God, and dispute astrology, and its existence.

And this is not just the case when it comes to the Islamic religion, but many others, as they see it as a religion that is in opposition to religious values, and that Astrology is a work of the devil and witchcraft, and that people should not deal with such activities.

Astrologers, on the other hand, say that they are not witches and that they are not doing anything to make someone unhappy and miserable, as they use, as they say science.

They use precise mathematical and physical calculations, and they deal with the courses that are written by one date, one place, and time of birth of someone or something (as you can find a horoscope that is related to a country even, and much more).

So they say that they just look into the position of the planets and their mutual interaction, and based on that they give information not just regarding the future, but the past.

But, of course, like in all works, and especially in some form of alternative, here also we can meet many fraudsters that want to harm people and this is something that must be said also.


As our everyday life is not at all cheerful, escaping from reality and dreaming about a better future become an inseparable part of our lives.

Hence, various types of fortune-telling have become extremely popular in modern society.

Unfortunately, people so blindly believe in such prophecies that they often completely change their lives in accordance with them.

Many Muslims also fall under the influence of social trends, so they read daily horoscopes in newspapers and openly show their interest in them.

Many do this because they do not know the position of Islam on the matter at all.

Predicting the future of any kind is not allowed by all means, and this includes any form of it, we are speaking of divination, which is strictly haram by Islamic law.

All of this, of course, induces astrology, but all other ways of predicting the future – horoscopes, looking at stars, beans, spoons, cards, looking into the palm, etc.

It was written that all those who go to a fortune-teller or a prophet to see the future, and who also believe in what he has been told, are by all means committing a terrible sin.

It is said that the future is known only to Allah, and no one else and that people should not ever visit any other person who will speak of the future because this is something that only He knows.

And also, all Muslim people are advised to beware of liars – fortune-tellers, and prophets, who abuse their ignorance.

A Muslim believer is not allowed to go to the Prophet, nor to ask him about anything, and all those who will do are committing sin.

If we look at those who call themselves Muslims, we will see that they believe in soothsayers and prophets more than they believe in Allah’s Revelation, they believe more firmly in what they read in horoscopes than they believe in the hadiths recorded by Bukhari and Muslim.

Instead of reading the words of Allah (Qur’an) and the hadiths of the Prophet, it is better for them to spend their own time reading horoscopes out of “curiosity”.

Believing in astrology and reading horoscopes is against the spirit of Islam.

Those who live in ignorance think that they can change something if they supposedly know what will happen to them and that in this way they can avoid bad things and ensure good things for themselves.

There can be a great punishment for those who are speaking to astrologers and who want to learn something about the future – and this is a major haram, even if you are going there with doubts, and there are a lot of suspicions when it comes to the words that come out of their mouth.

So as you can see visiting and reading horoscopes is out of the question for all people of the Muslim faith.

It is also good to know that there are a lot of fatwas regarding this topic, and many Islamic scholars mentioned that reading horoscopes falls under the concept of going to fortune tellers, and it is forbidden.

They ask Almighty Allah to protect people from such people.

Nevertheless, if a person believes in the reading of his horoscope, whether it is said by an astrologer or written in astrology books, this is the person who subsequently does not believe in the Islamic faith and the words and truths which were revealed to Muhammad.

And some people may be confused since here there is a mention of fortune tellers, but astrologers in fact fall under the category of this and this is something that opposes the Islamic faith.

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