How To Remove Gel Nail Polish With Sugar? 

All of us love when our hands look nice and clean, and the rule is that no manicure will look good on hands that are dry, rough, with cracked cuticles.

Our hands and the skin on them are almost as sensitive as the skin of the face, but at the same time, they must be very durable because we use our hands all the time.

Hand and nail care are of key importance for the overall impression of care within the manicure treatment.

Hand and nail care should not be neglected.

Have in mind when you are putting anything on your hands that the skin on the hands can be very fragile, and is subject to high sensitivity and premature aging.

If you look at any proper care for the hands, it begins by first removing the old nail polish.

At a time when it is necessary to change the way of care and beautification, each of us can become a kind of manicurist.

We are sure that you have enough free time for that now.

It is important to be patient and careful, to master the basic techniques and little secrets of great manicurists.

Have you ever tried to remove gel polish from your nails yourself?

Proper care of hands and nails

First hands are immersed in warm water with an oil bath or essential oil, to soften the skin of the hands and cuticles.

When the hands are dry, a thin layer of some cuticle softener is applied to the cuticles, which works for 20 seconds.

After that, the cuticles are pushed with a metal pusher or a wooden stick.

The treatment continues with the processing of the free edge of the nail – shaping and polishing with files of different grain sizes.

Since the skin on the hands does not have enough subcutaneous tissue, it cannot regenerate itself – it needs intensive hydration.

For hydration products to work deeply, it is necessary to first remove the layer of dead skin cells, which is especially pronounced in dry and rough skin.

Here applying some form of a hand scrub sounds like a good idea.

For deep nourishment of very dry hand skin, it is recommended to apply a hand mask, which nourishes, tones, restores elasticity and softens the skin.

Masks are usually thicker in texture and rich in nutritional ingredients like shea butter, vegetable oils, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

The mask is kept for 10-20 minutes, after which the excess is absorbed with a towel.

If the skin and nails are normal and not overly dry, then this step could be missed out.

When the hands are hydrated and cared for, you can move on to nail care, and this is what interests us the most here, as we are looking to provide many alternative and healthy ways of removing nail polish, as acetone can be very aggressive or even damaging on nails and skin around it.

After being pushed in at the beginning of the treatment, while the hands are wet, the cuticles are best hydrated with cuticle oil, which is dripped onto them and then gently rubbed.

Applying the nail polish

We are sure you are familiar with that feeling when after painting your nails, and admiring their flawless appearance, no matter how much quality nail polish you used, it soon begins to peel off, and you hide your hands from others’ eyes.

Cracked nail polish is not a look that the ladies strive for, and that’s exactly why a large number of them opt for gel polish or gel nail polish.

Does this mean that it is an impossible mission to paint our nails with ordinary nail polish that will last us more days, and that we do not have to use aggressive and damaging chemicals on our nails?

There are many ways.

But first, note this – the nail polish lasts longer on shorter nails, so it would not be a bad idea to consider the option of shortening them a little to achieve the desired goal.

Also, before you put your nail polish it is mandatory to wash your hands with lukewarm water and mild soap to prevent them from drying out. Avoid hand sanitizer gel because it contains alcohol, which will certainly harm the longevity of the nail polish.

A great trick – before painting, wipe your nails with a cotton ball dipped in ordinary alcohol vinegar – this way you will remove all the remains of dirt, other products, as well as natural oil from the nail, which are all factors that make the nail polish last shorter.

Be precise, and do not paint the cuticles – you can smear them with vaseline so that the nail polish does not “stick” to them if you make a mistake.

If you want you can use the base color so that the nail polish can last longer.

Now, we know that nowadays many ladies prefer to use gel nail polishes as they last longer.

But there are some warnings that they are not so harmless.

And this is something to think about, even in those days when you know that you will continue to have such nails but with the thought that you will take care of them afterward.

As many experts warn, no matter how high-quality they are, i.e. from renowned manufacturers, nail gel still contains numerous harmful chemicals, among which formaldehyde and xylene toluene are the leading ones.

These substances are also absorbed through the respiratory system and are bioaccumulative, which means that, in addition to damaging the quality of the nails, they also accumulate in our bodies.

On the other hand, these elements are also present in many ordinary nail polishes, which should be taken into account.

In any case, if you do not want to stop using Gel Nail polishes, you can substitute the ways of removing that kind of polish from them, for healthier and organic ones.

How To Remove Gel Nail Polish With Sugar?

Gel nail polishes have earned a lot of favor in recent times and the majority of ladies truly love to use them, as they last longer and there is a variety of colors to use, and also many designs that are truly looking wonderful on our hands.

In many nail parlors, these gel nail polishes have nearly entirely substituted traditional nail polishes that we have used for decades.

Because of this, the products of the manicure stay perfect for many days, and the paint stays the same as the day you have been to the salon.

But, at times we want to do it at our homes, for various reasons, and the price is one of them, we decide to do it at our homes, and for example during the corona various when a lot of ladies could not visit any beauty and nail salon, and they had to do it at homes.

This was the moment when we switched our routines.

The smallest thing we are able to do now is to delay visiting nail salons for some time.

Nevertheless, we cannot stop nail growth.

If you are among those ladies who love to use Gel nail polish, at least once or many more times you were in a position to remove the polish by yourself.

To crack the situation of bad-looking nails, we give you straightforward teachings for dismissing polish in a couple of easy steps.

The entire process can take for an hour, maybe a bit more, counting on your craft and the efficacy of the elements you utilize.

If you want to do it in some easy way, and you do not want to use acetone, or you do not have one, this may be your solution.

Want to change the color of your nails but don’t have acetone to remove the old color?

Learn how to remove nail polish without acetone.

There are many ways you can do it, and nowadays removing nail polish with the everyday item that your home – sugar!

It is not uncommon for regular granulated sugar to be used as a cosmetic “tool” most notably for the exfoliation of the skin.

And we have said that the care for nails and skin has this exfoliating step in itself, so is it possible to use sugar to remove old nail polish?

The answer is yes, most definitely it is possible.

First of all, we must remind you that acetone is a clear, transparent liquid with a specific smell that evaporates very easily at room temperature and is probably synonymous with nail polish remover for most women.

It can easily dissolve varnishes, both nail varnishes, and other varnishes and paints, as well as numerous plastic and synthetic fibers and glue.

Not only does it dry out the nails, but in some people, it can cause contact dermatitis – skin irritation caused by contact with this substance.

That’s why nail polish removers have been created that are oil-based and do not contain acetone.

Here is how you can do it with just a little bit of regular sugar.

First, you should take two tablespoons of granulated sugar and put them in the coffee blender or some kind of blender that you must certainly have at your home.

Then blend or grind that sugar for a couple of seconds, and put the sugar in a bowl.

After that, you should place carefully your nails into the mixture, do it as gently as possible, and then rub your nails with the cotton pad that you have put into the sugar mixture.

Then start rubbing them, and when the sugar starts to dissolve, then you should apply more sugar on cotton pads, and continue to rub the nails until they do not have any polish on them.

You can even use some cuticle oil afterward.

The benefits of using sugar in this way are amazing, as sugar is an efficacious component because of its unique cosmetic effects, which many people have no clue about.

Sugar can be used for the exfoliation of the skin, and softening hands and feet.

It is amazing for the process of removing any dead cells from your body, any part of the skin, and it is great for the activation of the regeneration of the skin as the biggest organ in our bodies.

Also, it is amazing for antiaging, it makes the skin so smooth.

Additional ways of Removing Gel Nail Polish

Some of these methods can be good when you are in a hurry. Hairspray and an extra layer of nail polish proved to be quite effective.

Most will give you a lot of trouble though and require a lot of rubbing and persistence and time.

In some places, you’ll lose 10 minutes just keeping your nails submerged in water, and at least that much more taking them off.

That’s fine if you don’t have a choice, and you need anyway to get rid of polish without acetone.

Then when you’re in a rush, it might still be better and faster to just pop to the first store and buy some nail polish remover or acetone.

Here are some additional ways you can do so you remove Gel Nail polish.

You can use deodorant for this purpose.

We all have them, and not only one, but many of them, and this is a very multifunctional product.

The process is quite simple, but do one nail at a time.

Open the deodorant and spray a small amount on the nail – and when the nail is still wet from the spray you can use a cotton pad and remove the nail polish.

Some like to spray deodorant on a cotton ball, and then repeat the process a couple of times.

Not all deodorants are the same and always use natural and organic deodorants.

The second one is to use a hair spray – in most cases, it has elements that are utilized in commercially known nail polish removers.

Since it dries fast and is sticky you must act fast and clear the nail polish.

Some have even tried to use perfume for this process and they have succeeded – perfumes are more potent than deodorants.

The process is the same as in the case of deodorant and hair spray.

Some ladies like to use lemons for this process – it is natural and organic;

you will do it, in a way that you should cut lemons in pieces, and after you have put your hands into the lukewarm water then take those slices and rub the gel nail polish. Watch where you do this cause it can squirt all over the place.

Use apple cider vinegar – as it is already known omnipresent natural cleaning element that all of us have inside of our homes.

Mix it with lemon juice and use cotton pads to remove the nail polish.

This method is effective, as the acid from the vinegar and lemon should liquefy the polish and rush up its reduction.


Finally, we can conclude, according to those who are experts in this topic, that practicing gel as a manicure technique inevitably leads to dehydration and a marked weakening of the nail plate, as well as the skin of the hands in general.

Now, if you want to continue to use gel nail polish and you still want your hands to be young and elastic, and look elegant and healthy then you should not harass them with an additional product that can ruin the health of your hands and nails forever.

Using sugar for the process of removal of a gel nail polish can truly be a great idea, as you can clean the nail polish and exfoliate hands all in one.

It is also relevant to know not to change your gel nail polish too often, and to avoid failing them too much, as this is something that ruins the nail the most, as you remove the natural oils from the nail and also think the nail very much.

As a consequence, the nails are becoming thinner and thinner.

And in the end, the process of removing the Gel Nail polish with the sugar that you already have in your home is an easy and organic way of self-care that you can do at home.

You need sugar, a blender and cotton pads, a bit of warm water, and that is it.


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