How Many Days Do You Need in Mykonos 2023?

An ancient country with a modern lifestyle

What is your first thought when you think of Greece?

I guess it could be long sandy beaches, sunny weather, and delicious and authentic healthy Mediterranean food.

Greece is known as a very attractive tourist destination for visitors from all around the world due to its astonishing landscapes, affordable prices, and unique geographical features which makes this country the perfect place for a long summer vacation, mostly because it has almost two hundred and fifty sunny days per year (approximately three thousand hours).

Every year more than thirty million tourists decide to choose Greece as their vacation destination.

If Greece is your choice too, you should be prepared for the very hard task to decide which location is perfect for you according to your preferences, lifestyle, budget, and mood.


The country has a conical structure/shape with a rugged coastline with a lot of reefs and islands.

The most famous and biggest islands are:










The majority of the islands are uninhabited, only around two hundred islands have citizens, and just seventy-eight islands have more than one hundred inhabitants.

Mykonos, Cyclades pearl

Mykonos is one of the Greek islands which is inhabited and it certainly deserves your full attention.

It is located in the center of the turquoise Aegean sea and it’s part of the island group named Cyclades.

These islands look alike pearls scattered around the sea, and each of them grabs attention with its untouched and unordinary beauty.

Mykonos is also known as the Island of the winds because of the strong winds which blow on the island.

There are around ten thousand habitants which make the island the perfect place for family vacations, but it also has well-developed nightlife attractive for the LGBT community.

The local community is mostly oriented toward growing and cultivating tropical fruit and olives, besides tourism and fishing.

This destination is perfect for hedonists, people who like to enjoy life and be noticed.

It is considered one of the most luxurious destinations in Greece.

Everywhere around you can see exclusive yachts.

Hotel rooms are mainly booked by younger people who came to experience the wild nightlife, take a few drinks more and maybe even meet new friends and make connections for life.

How to get there?

You can get here by plane directly from Athens, by ships that start their journey from Port of Piraeus, or other nearby Cycladic islands.

The other option gives you the possibility to perceive all of the beauty of these Mediterranean jewels.

If you are wondering how to organize your trips around the island, don’t worry! Mykonos has a well-structured road connection: you can get almost anywhere by bus.

Almost every beach has its own bus station and you can get on the bus during the day or in the nighttime.

Caiques are picturesque fishing boats that are becoming taxi boats during the tourist season.

It is one more way you can get to some of the beaches.

If you’re adventurous and have time to spend exploring, the best practice (resident recommendation) is to walk around the island without a map.

Some people find this more interesting. Furthermore, they would say that the greater charm is to get lost.

If this sounds attractive to you, bring your backpack, a lot of water, and good company and you are all set!

How does it look?

Recognizable Greek architecture, old archeological sites, unique climate, labyrinth-shaped streets (made like this on purpose to prevent pirates from attacking the town), miniature city squares, and kind faces of residents make Mykonos the tourists and globetrotters epicenter.

Streets and houses are built of stone in the medieval style.

Mostly white small one-story houses are spread through the narrow clean streets.

This white color creates the perfect contrast between blue doors and windows, colorful blooming flowers, and an endlessly blue skyline.

On the other hand, this contrast makes a composition whose colors always remind us of the harmonic Greek flag.

Most common question: Mykonos or Santorini?

Mentioned characteristics aren’t only Mykonos’ significance: not so far is Santorini island (approximately three hours by boat), very similar to Mykonos.

Santorini is the better choice for families with children and couples in love, while Mykonos has better beaches – shiny, bright, gold sand makes those beaches breathtaking (in Santorini they are mostly made of black volcanic stone).

How to spend your day in Mykonos?

Mykonos is a small island but it has a lot to offer.

You won’t need much time to visit all of those sites, but you should know that every visit is valuable and priceless.

Use your time to get in touch with culture and learn something you maybe didn’t know.

Here are some significant landmarks we recommend you visit:

Delos. The archaeological site known as the birthplace of Artemis and Apollo is included in UNESCO’s list of World cultural heritage.

It used to be a sanctuary in ancient times.

There are only a few statues left untouched and unmoved from the moment they were found: impressive lion statues from the sixth century B.C. are resisting the ravages of time.

Apollo statue is one of the most interesting statues on the island – you can see it in the island’s museum.

This island was also uninhabited for a long period of time. According to the last known information it has only fourteen habitants.

Little Venice. The bohemian area is attractive to painters or couples who like enjoying romantic sunsets.

The area is built in Italian style in the eighteen century, containing many cafes and bars where you can relax simply by drinking coffee and forget about everyday problems.

The quart has really colorful houses that used to be fishing houses a long time ago.

Wooden balconies have astonishing views pointed to the sea from where you can watch waves dancing.

Petros the Pelican is an old pelican named by a fisherman who found and saved him around sixty years ago.

It was the first pelican ever seen on the island. Petros was the friendly bird. He used to walk around the neighborhood and grab food from local sailors, passengers, or market traders.

Unfortunately, Petros, the Pelican passed away in the eighties, but the locals found his replacement to save the memory of Petros.

Armenistis Lighthouse is a functional lighthouse located on the northwest side of Mykonos and it was built in 1891. made to prevent ships from sinking.

View from the lighthouse toward the narrow passage between Mykonos and Tinos makes this place worth visiting.

Archaeological Museum of Mykonos is a neoclassical building from 1905. also known as one of the oldest museums in Greece.

Parts of the museum’s collection are marble sculptures, jewelry, and pottery discovered in Delos, Rheneia, and Mykonos.

You must pay attention to the most famous item in the museum: the old vase from Tinos which shows a scene from the fall of Troy.

Ano Mera village is the biggest village on the island after its main town Chora.

It’s quieter than the main town, doesn’t have a lot of tourists, and can provide you with peace and relaxation that you cannot find in crowded Chora.

Only church bells from the monastery of Panagia Tourliani will drag your attention from harmony and nirvana reached immediately after entering the village. It’s located eight kilometers away from the main town.

Ten Mykonos windmills from the sixteenth century enriches Mykonos’ panorama with their white walls and straw roofs.

Located on hills where winds are strongest, they’ve used to mill flour until the late 20th century.

This purpose is lost over time so they stand here as a reminder of previous times, converted into museums or houses for local people.

Municipal library dates from the eighteen century and contains over 8.000 books, photographs, coins, stamps, and other documents. Many of these items are from Cycladic times.

Folklore Museum is placed in one of the oldest houses on Mykonos.

There you can find different jewelry pieces, vintage furniture, pottery, marble figures, ancient tools, historical photographs, traditional musical instruments as well as nautical items like anchors, and maps.

Museum has an imposing painting collection.

Lena’s house used to be a private residence from the 19th century.

Like many other historical buildings on the island, it is converted into a museum with well-preserved vintage furniture. On this tour, you can gain insight into how rich local families used to live a century ago on Mykonos.

The entrance is free.

Aegean Maritime Museum was opened in 1985. by George M. Drakopoulos. Museum’s collection contains a variety of ship models, antic coins (some of those coins are more than two thousand years old), old fishing maps, nautical documentation, and tools.

If you’re looking for souvenirs for dear people, here you can buy them books about nautical history or nautical posters, as well as ship artwork.

Panagia Panaportiani (The church of Our Lady) is an old church that dates from the 15th century.

Built under Byzantine influence, it’s one of the most impressive buildings on Mykonos. It used to be beside the old fort but was demolished in the 16th century.

Panagia Panaportiani, a complex of five connected churches painted in white, looks like an iceberg that raises above the breathtaking blue sky and sea.

This construction is an unavoidable attraction on your Mykonos tour if you are a fan of taking photographs. The entrance is completely free.

Vamos a la Playa

No matter with whom you came or why you chose this destination, Mykonos can offer joy for everyone’s needs: families with children, nudists, romantic couples or peaceful souls who love nature and loneliness, and also people who enjoy partying day and night.

Beaches on Mykonos are famous for their golden sand and crystal clear sea.

Also, several sports and tourist contents make a day on the beach even more interesting.

Most of the beaches are on the southern side of the island. All of them are sandy and protected from strong winds blowing.

Because of this, they are full of swimmers during the season.

Beaches on the northern side of the island are not that well organized, and that is the reason they don’t have that many visitors, which makes them perfect for people who like a peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

The most famous beaches on Mykonos island are Paradise and Super Paradise because they organize the best parties on the beach.

Here is the list of some beaches we recommend you visit.

Super Paradise beach

This beach is located on the southern side of the island.

This pleasant small bay is characterized by a calm sea and natural environment.

It’s well known for nudism and homosexuals.

The music is very loud and in one of the nearby bars you can find the swimming pool and that is the main reason why this place is so popular and one of the favorite spots for tourists craving fun.


Beach is located on the southern side of the island and it’s one of the biggest on Mykonos.

You can get here by bus from the center of Mykonos and also by boats that set sail from Ornos.

The beach is sandy; the water is crystal clear and blue, but, that is not the main reason why this beach is so popular: there are beach bars along the entire length of the beach and each one of them is specific in its own way.

Here, parties are unforgettable; they start in the early afternoon and very often they last until the morning hours. Here, you can meet young people from all around the world.

The most popular club on the island is Cavo Paradisa. In this club, you’ll have the opportunity to listen to the world’s most famous DJs, dance all night, and enjoy the sunset.

If you are a fan of parties and nightlife, there is no doubt that you’ll feel like you are in heaven.

Lia beach

It’s located fourteen kilometers away from the main town of Chora.

Like other beaches, this beach is also sandy, surrounded by crystal-clear blue seawater. Divers and snorkelers just love it!

There are not many ways to get to Lia beach: you can get there by car, motorbike, or taxi – buses and boats don’t go there.

Nearby you can find only two fish restaurants and beach taverns.

Many tourists prefer to spend time on Lia beach because you can get sunbeds for a small amount of money, but it’s not mandatory; there’s a lot of space for tourists who came only with a towel.

Elia beach

One of the biggest and longest Mykonos sandy beaches allows you to enjoy different activities like water skiing, parasailing, or windsurfing and this wide range of water sport activities make this beach pretty attractive for adrenaline junkies.

On the other hand, if you like spending your time absorbing the sun’s rays there are many peaceful parts on this really long beach: massage can be a perfect upgrade for your laziness.

You will never get enough of Elia ‘cause this beach has it all: you can stay here from sunrise until sunset and never get bored.

Platis Gialos beach

One of the most visited beaches because of the nearness of a large number of hotels and private accommodations.

Sunbeds and umbrellas are spread all over the sandy shore.

You can get here very easily by local transportation.

This beach offers you a wide range of restaurants and cafes.

You also won’t make mistake if you come here for “Reef Waters Sports Club”, one of the best on the island due to its great offer of water sports.

Psarou beach

Based next to Platis Gialos we can consider this beach as a VIP beach. It’s almost impossible to find an unoccupied sunbed or restaurant table – everything is reserved even before it comes to your mind.

Psarou beach is a paradise for wealthy, influential, and famous personas who are part of the world’s jet set: Hollywood actors, singers, sheiks, social media influencers, etc. The list can go on.

It’s not affordable to regular people and not recommended to go there on a family vacation because of the loud music from cafes and clubs in the evenings. Everything’s about partying here.

Agios Ioannis beach

Located on the southwest side of Mykonos, partially isolated, and named by an interesting small church nearby, this beach offers you the numerous sunny days that last the longest and a magnificent view of nearby Delos island.

Agios Stefanos beach

This beach is the closest to the main city of Mykonos.

It’s protected from wind and makes the perfect place for active and passive vacations on the beach.

During the summer season, it’s really crowded, but there is always free space nearby.

Agrari beach

Agrari is small but its importance is huge: Elia beach makes the southern coast coherent.

Its unique location and appearance are suitable for good swimmers (not recommended for non-swimmers and small children) because of the sea depth and also for visitors who are looking for a different kind of experience.

The peaceful environment is most suitable for people who don’t like crowds and noise.

You can always find an unoccupied sunbed and umbrella.

Paranga beach

Located on the southern side of the island, very close to Paradise beach. Paranga beach is very lively, with very small, almost white sand and one small rock that’s about fifty meters away from the coast.

The beach is very well organized, with sunbeds and umbrellas along the whole length of the coast.

On the left side of the beach, you can take a drink or have a meal in Tasos Taverna.

Locals claim that food (mostly fish specialties) here is always fresh. The tavern is open ‘till 1962. It’s well known for its pleasant atmosphere.

Besides that, younger people who are looking for lounge types of cafes can go to Kalua bar.

DJ starts playing music in the late afternoon so the party can begin earlier than usual, so you can always have at least half of your day filled with good vibrations.

How many days to spend in Mykonos?

As you can see, Mykonos may not be the biggest Greek island, but its offer overcomes its size.

It may look like you’ll need a lot of time to see and visit all our suggestions listed here, but it’s not an impossible task.

Organize your time efficiently, and take the time to create a proper itinerary so you can find a perfect balance between taking tours and enjoying spare time in any way that suits you best.

So, you must wonder how many days to stay in Mykonos? We’ll tell you: it really depends on what are you looking for, what are your intentions, and also on the company that you’re bringing with you.

We’ll try to help you with this decision. Have in mind that this island is one of the most exclusive in Greece, so fill your wallet with cash and you are ready to go!

If you are bringing your family to Mykonos, the optimal time for staying is about seven to ten days. Be sure that kids will surely ask for more.

They wouldn’t get enough of making sand castles with this extremely soft golden sand.

If you are coming with friends craving parties and nightlife you will never get enough!

You’ll have an opportunity to meet many celebrities, and drink a lot of alcohol in numerous bars, discotheques, and clubs.

Well-developed nightlife will fulfill your days and nights during the whole stay.

If you are an explorer interested in learning about local culture and history, five days will be enough with good organization.

Take an informed tour guide who will aim your attention on the most important cultural spots and archaeological sites to receive good quality information and interesting stories from older times.

If you are a couple looking for romantic walks, enjoying stunning nature and irresistible views of the Aegean sea, the optimal time will be seven to ten days.

Even by walking, you should be able to visit a few places per day.

Leaving footprints in the sand, watching the moon rising above the sky, and enjoying a sunrise from cute balconies facing the sea will make this vacation memorable and leave you speechless.

Those will be the memories you can pass on to your children.

No matter which type of traveler you are, staying in Mykonos will be one of the best decisions you can make.

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