Florida In September 2023: Things To Do, Weather &Temperature

September is one of the most attractive months to visit this Sunshine State, as it is often called.

Between avoiding heavy downpours and potential hurricanes, Florida still has a lot to offer.

If you are well prepared, but also open to change, this country is the right destination for you.

Expect everything and be ready for the unexpected, that’s how it is here in September.

However, this time of year is the best time to visit Florida as it is less crowded and much more affordable than usual.

The weather during this period is usually warm and humid with occasional rainfall, but don’t let that affect your plans.

You just need to organize yourself well and plan your vacation.

We’re sure you can’t wait to come here and enjoy the wonderful beaches, experience all the outdoor activities, and numerous attractions and facilities.

Whatever you choose, from corn mazes to haunted houses and fun festivals, you won’t be disappointed.

There is something for everyone, you just have to come to Florida in September and experience it.

We will be your tour guide and will best lead you through this tropical paradise.

From weather forecasts to exciting events, you’ll be up to date with all the information this autumn.

Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure in the Sunshine State during September?

If you haven’t already, start thinking about it now since time flies.

Florida is full of surprises during September, especially when it comes to the weather, come and see for yourself, we’re sure you’re in for a unique experience.

Florida weather in September

September is considered the main month of the year that Florida has hurricane warnings.

In addition, this month also marks the start of the rainy season, so there is a high chance of tropical storms during that period.

Although overall it is still hot and humid weather.

Instead of high temperatures, at this time you can expect more pleasant and chilly weather than usual.

Furthermore, the tourist season is coming to an end, making September one of the ideal months to visit this nation.

Precisely because of cheap flights and the availability of accommodation, this period is the most attractive for tourists.

When it comes to the weather in September, it is very warm, even when it rains.

After showers and clouds, the sun appears and shines almost the whole day.

However, if you are visiting Florida this season, be aware that hurricanes and tropical storms are quite dangerous, so you should take all precautions and be fully prepared for this.

To begin, you should always keep hydrated and wear sunscreen with an SPF.

The average temperature in September in the Sunshine state is from 30 to 32°C.

This type of weather is heavily impacted by hurricane season, precipitation, as well as heat, and humidity.

Precipitation decreases significantly during this month, averaging 4.2 – 5.6 inches.

Rain, tropical storms, and hurricanes usually occur in the afternoon and early evening.

This country is also called the “lightning capital of the world”, so if you have planned something in this period, be sure to check the weather forecast beforehand.

Lightning is common during thunderstorms and hurricanes that have the potential to cause flooding and high winds.

In this case, it is important to take all precautions.

Most precipitation occurs in the southern and southeastern regions of Florida, but it decreases, especially at the end of the month.

In addition to precipitation and potential hurricanes, heat and humidity are typical for this period.

The weather in September is usually wetter in the mornings, although hurricanes and tropical storms can also affect this.

This month’s average humidity ranges from 58 to 91 percent.

The highest percentage of humidity is around 4 a.m.

Cities like Miami, West Palm Beach, and Key West have the most humidity.

The climate is changeable in September.

In the morning, the weather is humid and warm, before noon there is a downpour, rain, and thunder and this lasts until the evening.

However, in the late hours, it is nice and fresh.

Things to do in Florida in September

This month is great for visiting, precisely because of the smaller influx of tourists but also lower prices, and that in some of the best hotels in Florida.

In September, you have the opportunity to visit beautiful beaches along the coast and see theme parks and numerous events, although you may encounter unpleasant weather during your stay here, so be prepared for that.

If you want to avoid too hot weather and storms, don’t go to the southern part, but to the north, it’s better there in September, and you won’t encounter unpleasant weather conditions.

Yet there is so much waiting for you to see this month. We will present the suggestions to you in order, and you follow the list carefully.

Tour Tampa Bay

The heart of Florida’s gulf coast is Tampa Bay. It consists of three cities, namely Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater.

These cities are great for a holiday in September, they are diverse and rich and each of them offers numerous activities and attractions.

They are located at a distance of half an hour or forty-five minutes which is great news for all visitors who plan to visit them.

We advise you that if you are traveling through the USA and visiting Florida up and down, make sure to take time for these cities as well because they are worth seeing.


The largest city on the bay is Tampa and it differs in many ways.

First of all, it is the only city without a beach, but that’s why there are other activities, mostly on the water, such as kayaking, rowing, or fishing in the bay.

It is well-known for its ancient Cuban culture in Ybor City, the annual Gasparilla flotilla, and the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Here you have the opportunity to enjoy excellent cuisine and numerous specialties.

In addition, the nightlife here is guaranteed, and it takes place in the restaurants and pubs on Howard Avenue.

If you’re coming here in September, don’t miss Hyde Park Village, a modern oasis for all shopaholics, visitors, and locals alike.

You can also try delicious food and enjoy outdoor activities.

All in all, you’re in for a good time in this village, whatever you choose.

Take a break and come here, the offer is varied and you won’t go wrong.

Lovers of the underwater world have the opportunity to visit one of the best aquariums in the USA, located in Florida.

On offer is a wide range of aquatic and terrestrial animals including sharks, sea turtles, lemurs, otters, and many other animal species.

Don’t miss the 2.6-mile Tampa Riverwalk.

Tourists and locals can walk, bike or scooter down the Rickerwalk.

Besides, they can take a break and have a drink or lunch in one of the restaurants or bars located near the promenade.

If you are coming here in September and you are interested in science and industry, visit MOSI (museum of science and industry).

As part of this, you have numerous exhibitions, exhibits as well as workshops for the youngest visitors.

If you are coming here for a family vacation, bring your little ones to learn something new about science and technology.

An animal theme park with world-class thrill rides and entertainment at every turn.

In addition, to the exciting adventure in this park, there is also free beer waiting for you, which comes in handy, especially in warm weather.

Saint Petersburg

This city is the fourth largest in Florida.

St. Pete is known for its beautiful beaches and urban atmosphere.

Unlike Tampa, this city has a more substantial and rich nightlife.

It also has a more relaxed approach to life and entertainment that can be seen in some places, especially in the center of St. Petersburg.

If you come here and you like art, don’t miss the Salvador Dali museum located in the city center.

Make the most of your time and visit this museum dedicated to the famous eccentric Spanish artist Salvador Dali.

Your trip will not be complete without seeing Fort De Soto Park.

This park spans five islands and 1,136 hectares in Tampa Bay’s Gulf of Mexico.

There is a historical fortress and a museum here that you can see.

The top of the stronghold has guns, but it also has a wonderful view of the bay.

There are many possibilities, fishing, boating, cycling, camping, and much more.

Experience these shores at their best.

One of the best attractions and activities in this city is the Sunken Gardens.

This 4-hectare botanical garden has more than 500 species of tropical and subtropical plants, along with ponds and waterfalls.

The gardens are available to the public for educational programs, tours, special events, weddings, and other occasions.

Make this attraction on your priority list when you come here.

We are sure you will enjoy it.

Pier St. Pete is one of the most beautiful places in this city.

In addition to walking and enjoying the magical scenery, you can shop, bike, dine or drink, and much more.

One thing is for sure, good fun awaits you here.


The city, which is known for its white sand and crystal clear waters, is a great family destination.

If you come here with family or alone, visit the beaches of this city, which are considered one of the best.

Shopping, good entertainment, and excellent restaurants await you here, the casual and relaxed atmosphere is present almost everywhere.

Live an unforgettable experience at the clearwater marine aquarium.

This non-profit organization deals with the rescue and rehabilitation and release of marine animals.

They care about the preservation of the environment and ecology while inspiring people all over the world. Here you can learn a lot about delphintopia, the science that studies dolphins.

In addition, you can see dinosaurs in their n natural size and learn all about them.

This place is ideal for families, so if you are here in September, visit it.

Honeymoon Island is one of the favorite places in Florida.

Sandy beaches and pristine pine forests adorn this location.

Eagles and owls and other types of birds, as well as animals such as raccoons and gopher tortoises, can be seen on the island.

In addition, popular activities such as fishing, swimming, and cycling can be practiced in this area.

One of the untouched islands in the sunny country is the Kaladesi Island State Park.

If you want to visit it, it is possible only by boat, but it is worth all your attention.

Walking along the beautiful beaches of the island or paddling a kayak through the forest is the perfect choice for your vacation in September.

In addition, here you have other possibilities like swimming, camping, fishing and picnicking as well as other things.

The best beaches to see in Florida in September

It is known that this country has the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Whether you’re coming for a quiet vacation with the family or a party, Florida has something for everyone.

However, when it comes to September and the beaches at this time of year when it’s hurricane season, keep in mind that it’s not overcrowded just because of that.

Usually, most beaches will have heavy rainfall, especially in the south, while the situation is better in the north because there is a better chance to avoid hurricanes.

Below we have prepared for you which beaches you could visit if you are here in September.

First Coast

The oldest coast in the Sunshine State is the First Coast.

It offers tourists the historical aspects of the coast as well as the beautiful peaceful beaches that they can experience in this period.

Near the First Coast, is the Atlantic Ocean.

In September, the water temperature is the coldest at 28.4°C.

St. Augustine, Jacksonville, and Amelia Island are the most prominent historic towns in the area.

The oldest city in the USA, St. Augustine offers visitors significant historical tours as well as beautiful restaurants where you can take a break and enjoy delicious food.

As for beaches, our recommendation is Flager Beach and Jacksonville Beach.

These are ideal places for families or those who want to be alone, away from the city noise.

Besides, the coast is on the north side, so you don’t have to worry about hurricanes.

Emerald Coast

This Coast got its name from the clear emerald-green color of the water.

It is a favorite among tourists because of its sandy beaches and pleasant atmosphere.

In addition, the water temperature in September is 28.3°C.

If you are here, visit Destin Beach, Pencalona, and Panama City which are perfect for relaxation.

Emerald Coast is also the closest beach to Tallahassee.

When it comes to hurricanes, you’re safe on this coast, however, no region of the state is fully clean.

Sun Coast

This area, located in the western and central peninsula of Florida, is very popular among tourists.

If you come here in September, you can swim and enjoy diving because the water temperature is 29.2°C.

Clearwater, St. Pete, and the island off Dunedin are our recommendations for this season.

For those who want to get away from city life, we advise them to see Caladesi Island State Park and Honeymoon Island State Park.

One of the last areas hurricanes pass through is Tampa Bay.

Paradise Coast

If you come here with your family or with your partner, Paradise Coast is the best place for you in September.

This coast is located on the southwest side of Florida and is a favorite place for family and old alike.

The peaceful environment and beautiful beaches are the most attractive, especially to pensioners, because a relaxed lifestyle is practiced here.

In this period, waters are warm and reach up to 29.8°C.

Marco Island, Naples, and Fort Myers are the biggest here, but also more appealing to the older population.

However, in this area Hurricanes can be a problem, so be prepared for that.

Cultural Coast

South of the Sun Coast is the Cultural Coast.

The ocean temperature in September is up to 29.2 °C, so we highly recommend this place.

Anna Maria Island, Longboat Key, Captiva, Sanibel Island, and Siesta Key are must-sees.

A lot of different content can be seen on these islands.

Firstly, on Anna Maria Island, you can swim with dolphins in a kayak, while Longnoat Cai has larger beaches and luxury accommodations.

In addition, you have the opportunity to enjoy excellent shopping and fine-dining restaurants.

The islands around Sarasota provide activities for people of all ages.

During this time, hurricanes are less likely, but if they do, they will have an impact.

Space Coast

On the Atlantic side of the country is the Space Coast.

Named after the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, it is also home to the famous Ron Jon Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach and the Daytona International Speedway.

The water temperature is 28.8 °C, which is slightly cooler than usual in Florida which has warm water.

We recommend you visit New Smyrna Beach or Merritt Island.

Since the Space Coast is on the Atlantic side of Florida it has a chance to be hit by hurricanes.

Treasure Coast

This coast is beautiful for a holiday and is not very crowded during September.

The water temperature is warmer and is 29.3 °C.

This coast is located above the beaches of Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

If you are planning your vacation here, visit West Palm, Delray, Pompano, Palm Beach, and Boca Raton.

You have different facilities everywhere, so if you are a fan of diving and the underwater world, visit Pompano Beach, and if you like shopping and golf, go to Boca Raton.

Delray is more art-oriented and cultural.

This coast has a chance of being hit by a hurricane.

The Florida Keys

A popular destination among tourists is the Florida Keys, both in September and throughout the year.

At this time of the year, it is not very crowded and the water temperature is 29.7 °C.

Here you have many places that you simply must see.

Visit the most beautiful beaches in Key West, Key Largo, and Marathon, if you are here on vacation.

Don’t miss Bahia Honda and Dry Tortugas National Park either.

Hurricanes, tropical storms, or thunderstorms may spoil your plans.

Think about this when you come here, and do everything that is expected of you in case of accidents.

Gold Coast

On the southwest side of Florida is the Gold Coast.

It consists of the Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas.

The Gold Coast is on the Atlantic side and the water temperature in September is 28.9 C.

There are not many crowds in this period.

Our recommendation is to visit the most popular beach Miami Beach, South Beach, and Fort Lauderdale.

Miami is usually the hottest and most likely to be hit by a hurricane or tropical storm.

However, if you are coming in September, expect warm weather, and Miami will be hot and rainy.

This city is always popular to visit at any time of the year.

Top attractions in Florida in September

In September, don’t miss the local attractions in Florida.

Although the weather is hot with unpredictable showers and it is hurricane season, the parks and resorts are less crowded, so the prices are more favorable.

See below for a list of the best attractions in September.

Walt Disney World

This is the biggest attraction in Florida.

The popular vacation capital consists of four theme parks, Magic Kindom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom.

In addition, there are two water parks Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon.

This amusement park is located in Lake Buena Vista.

During September, there are not many tourists here and prices are cheaper than usual.

Many programs are organized in the fall at Disney Springs, as well as at Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.

Mickey’s Halloween Party takes place in the Magic Kingdom, as does Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival in the largest park on the site.

Universal Orlando

The popular attraction consisting of two theme parks Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure along with Volcano Bay Water Park is located on the outskirts of Orlando.

Visitors can enjoy movie-themed roller coasters, rides, and numerous attractions, as well as resorts.

September is usually hot and rainy, so use your time wisely. Before planning a tour, be sure to check the weather forecast.

During this period, take the opportunity to visit Volcano Bay as it is less crowded in the autumn period.

Universal Orlando will host a horror Halloween night, so if you’re a fan of this kind of “scary” entertainment, visit this too.

Busch Gardens

The northern part of Tampa is located near the largest theme park, Busch Gardens.

Known for its huge coasters like Cheetah Hunt and Kumba, as well as themed wildlife habitats where visitors may encounter wild creatures.

They will be hosting Beer Fest in Tampa Bay, so here’s your chance to try beer and some other goodies.

This location hosts Busch Gardens’ Halloween event, Howl-o Scream, in late September.

The themed evening is different every year.

Events like this here are most suitable for teenagers and older people.

SeaWorld Orlando

Lovers of aquatic animals and marine life must see the most popular attraction here, SeaWorld.

Famous for that, as well as coaster shows and slides, it provides incredible entertainment to all tourists.

It is located very close to Universal Orlando so you can take the opportunity to visit it and spend a fun day here.

This place is visited throughout the year, but there are not many people in September.

The SeaWorlds Spooktacular event held during this period is a great Halloween alternative for kids.

Usually, this event is visited by local people with their families.


The newest amusement park in Florida is Legoland, located in Winter Haven.

This theme park is based on the popular little toy blocks that inspired movies, slides, and water attractions.

In the middle of Central Florida where it is located there is also a Lego resort where you can relax.

It is ideal to visit this park in September because there are not many people or children considering that the school year has started.

This is your chance to enjoy this attraction in a peaceful environment.

Aquatica & Discovery Cove

The last warm month is September and it’s great for visiting water parks.

So take advantage of it and enjoy the different adventures that these parks have to offer.

Aquatica is great for family people and kids.

This water park is located in Orlando and has a variety of water features.

All ages can enjoy it here, as there are so many slides and pools.

There are also areas with cabanas and umbrellas, and even artificial beaches and a wave pool.

The high-speed water slide Dolphin Plunge is the most popular here.

Close to Aquatica is Discovery Cove, famous for its dolphin encounters.

Here you have the opportunity to hang out with dolphins, but also to dive, swim, and much more.

In addition, within the facility, there is also a certified center for autism and beaches where children can have fun.

September events in Florida

Although the weather is cloudy and rainy, and it’s also the fall season, a lot of events take place here in September.

The experience you will have at this time of the year is worth the visit.

Here are the events that are famous in Florida and take place in September.

Key West Sunset Celebration

Key West’s famous Mallory Square, a favorite site to view the sunset, offers an annual festival for everyone to enjoy.

In addition to popular attractions, you will have the opportunity to enjoy music, delicious food, and numerous activities.

It is an interesting fact that Ernest Hemingway’s house is located here.

Today, the house is a museum, but it is privately owned.

Miami Spice

A two-month program dedicated to good cuisine.

It aims to showcase the unique culture and cuisine of Miami to all interested visitors and tourists.

Miami Spice is especially interesting in that it gives guests special prices on multi-course meals at some of the best restaurants, cafes, and bars.

Orlando’s  magical dining month

This event is organized by restaurants from all over the city.

Many people attend this festival every year.

The best dishes for everyone are served, and guests have the option to purchase dishes starting at $35 at any restaurant that serves these dishes.

Part of the money is donated to local charities.

Flavor Palm Beach

This is another popular event here in September with over 50 restaurants participating in the surrounding towns as well.

A large number of restaurants offer guests menus that include three-course meals.

Every place where you try this food is different and offers something new.

In conclusion

Whether you’re here for tourism or business, you’ll find plenty to do in Florida this month.

From beautiful beaches to Halloween to interesting events, there is something for everyone.

Although the weather is wet and hurricane season is in full swing, September is wonderful for those who are ready to suffer severe weather and still have a good time.

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