Florida In February For 2024: Things To Do Weather & Temperature

Florida is in the middle of the dry season in February.

The temperatures are spring-like, and the air humidity is much lower.

In February, prices are lower, there is a greater choice of accommodation, there are no crowds at the amusement parks and National Parks, and the water temperature on the beaches of South Florida is pleasant for swimming and diving.

The days are sunny, and it rarely rains.

February is the best month to visit natural springs and parks.

Florida has over 14,800 kilometers of trails for walking, biking, and horseback riding.

One hundred seventy-five state parks, historic sites, trails, Eleven National Parks, and thirty-seven state forests comprise nearly eight hundred acres of Florida land and one hundred miles of sandy beaches.

In Florida’s “spring season,” a tour of these unique natural sites will be a hit.

Florida in February: Weather & Temperature

Florida’s nickname is The Sunshine State. February’s sunny days best illustrate why it is called that.

From June to early October, the rainy season in Florida lasts.

However, in February, the percentage of air humidity is lower and much more pleasant. And the hurricane season has long passed.

The skies over Florida are sunny in February, but temperatures vary from north to south.

Central Florida

In Central Florida, February is the month of spring.

In Orlando, the average daytime temperature in February is 74.66°F, and the minimum measured at night is 52.16°F. After such cool nights, daytime minimum temperatures rise to reach 60°F.

Orlando has an average of seven rainy days in January. 2.4 inches of rain falls during the entire month.

Ten are completely sunny days, and eleven are partially sunny days. Sunlight in February lasts for 11 hours and 12 minutes a day on average.

February on the Atlantic coast of Central Florida is pleasant, with plenty of sunny days. Daytona Beach’s average maximum temperature is 72°F, and the minimum is 52°F. Seven rainy days with 2.3 inches of rain can be expected.

In February, you can expect nine days with completely clear sunny skies. The average ocean temperature is 59°F. In February in Daytona Beach, the sea water is the coldest.

Low surface water temperature in February in Daytona Beach is not recommended for swimming. Water temperatures below 69.8°F  swimming in those conditions is not considered safe, making it more difficult to control breathing. A day lasts 11 hours and 10 minutes.

February is a bit windier than other months in Daytona Beach.

The sea temperature gets higher As you go south from Daytona Beach. In Cocoa Beach, the sea temperature is 71.24°F which is a pleasant temperature for swimming.

The average maximum temperature is 71.6°F, and the minimum temperature is 64.4°F. Two rainy days with 1.4 inches of rain are expected.

February on the Gulf Coast of Central Florida is pleasant, with plenty of sunny days. In Clearwater Beach, the average minimum temperature is 58°F, and the average maximum in February is 66°F.

February in Clearwater Beach is a month with few cloudy days. No February day has less than seven hours of sunshine.

The average sea temperature is 64°F, so it is not recommended for swimming. Four rainy days can be expected during the month.

South Florida

In South Florida, in February, summer is still going on. On the Atlantic side of South Florida, the average sea temperature is above 75°F.

The hottest city in Florida in February is Miami. In Miami, the average high temperature in February is 75.2°F, and the average low temperature is 69.8°F.

The maximum sea temperature is 74.1°F. Miami in February can expect two rainy days during which 1.7 inches of rain can fall.

The average ocean temperature in Fort Lauderdale is 73.94°F. In clear and sunny weather, the daily high is 74.8°F. In Fort Lauderdale in February, you can expect two rainy days and 1.77 inches of rain.

In February, swimming conditions at beaches in the Florida Keys archipelago are pleasant. The average sea temperature in Key Largo in February is 74.12°F, and the weather is mostly clear and sunny.

The average maximum temperature is 73.76°F, and the minimum is 70.52°F. iI February, on average, there are three rainy days, with 2.16 inches of falling.

The Florida Keys are the southernmost part of the continental United States. The third largest living coral reef that is in the world surrounds this archipelago.

North Florida

February sea temperatures in North Florida on the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico are too cold to enter the water.

In Jacksonville, February is another pleasant winter month after January.

The average temperature ranges from a high of 67.5°F to a low of 51.4°F. The average relative humidity is 73%.

In addition, 1.46 inches of rain fell on 10.4 rainy days. In addition to January and February, the ocean temperature drops below 69.8°F.

According to long-term measurements, the days in February in Jacksonville are eleven hours and eight minutes long.

On February 1, the sun rises at 7:17 a.m.; on the last day of the month, it rises six minutes earlier at 6:53 a.m.

On February 1, the sun sets at 18:03, and at the end of the month, you can enjoy the sunset around 18:24. There are an average of 7.6 hours of cloudless sunshine daily.

On the Gulf of Mexico coast of North Florida in Fort Walton Beach, the mean sea temperature of 63.5°F is even lower than on the Atlantic side.

The water can only get as warm as 68°F on even the hottest days, and the lowest February sea temperatures in Fort Walton Beach are around 58.64°F!

The average temperature ranges from a high of 65.66°F to a low of 48.2°F. Therefore, nine rainy days with 5 inches of rain can be expected.

Florida in February Things To Do: Festivals and events

Artfest Fort Myers

Artfest Fort Myers will be held in Fort Myers on February 3 and 4, 2024, where 200 works will be exhibited.

Admission is free, and visitors will be able to see a variety of artworks, from ceramics, sculptures, glass objects, and works in mixed media.

Fort Myers is located on the Gulf of Mexico in Lee County, South Florida. Tourist attractions in Fort Myers include Thomas Edison’s Seminole Lodge and Henry Ford’s The Mangoes.

There are two airports near Fort Myers. Southwest Florida International Airport, the 45th busiest airport in the United States, is a small Page Field airport where smaller aircraft land.

Mount Dora Arts Festival

This Central Florida town got its charming name because it is located on a plateau 184 feet above sea level.

In flat Florida, even the hills surrounding Lake Dora, next to Mount Dora’s location, look like mountains. Mount Dora is located in Lake County, 33 miles from Orlando.

Each year, 250,000 visitors visit the Mount Dora Arts Festival. The festival is free, and in addition to top-notch art, visitors can have fun with rich accompanying programs and enjoy delicious food.

A two-hour boat ride on The Harris Chain of Lakes and Lake Dora is one of the attractions offered.

The tour also includes sailing the famous Dora Canal, described as “The most beautiful mile of water in the world.”

On the shores of Lake Dora is the oldest hotel in Florida that has been in continuous operation since its opening in 1883.

The first guests of this hotel were real adventurers because, at that time, it took almost a week to travel from New York.

To get to the hotel then, it was necessary to come from Jacksonville through the Harris Chain of Lakes and the Dora Canal by lake steamer.

Scottish Highland Festival

In February, the Scottish Highland Games are traditionally held in Mount Dora at Donnely Park. The sound of bagpipes brings the Gaelic spirit to Central Florida.

Following the centuries-old tradition, the descendants of the highlanders from the Scottish Highlands compete in shoulder throwing, archery, and other disciplines.

Border Collie sheep herding is demonstrated, traditional dances are performed, traditional dishes are prepared, and whiskey is tasted at the end.

South Florida Garlic Fest

The South Florida Garlic Fest began in 1999 as a parking lot party in Delray Beach. Later the festival was moved to Wellington.

In just five years, the South Florida Garlic Fest has grown into a serious music event attended by more than 2,000 visitors yearly.

It has been jokingly called “The Best Stinkin’ Party in South Florida.” So far, Garlic Fest has featured many famous musical names, such as Buddy Guy, The Wailers, Dark Star Orchestra, Expendables, Bad Fish, Stephen Marley, Collective Soul, and Steel Pulse.

The South Florida Garlic Fest is held annually in February at the Village Park Athletics Complex in Wellington.

Wellington and Delray Beach are located in Palm Beach County. If you happen to be at Garlic Fest, you can take the opportunity to visit the Everglades National Park because it is right next door.

After a big party in Wellington, you might enjoy an airboat ride or a walk on the trails through this beautiful park.

You can reach Lion Country Safari from Wellington in about twelve minutes. Visiting this reserve is possible only in closed cars. Convertibles are prohibited because more than 1300 animals are free and outside cages.

Five hundred hectares of this safari park are divided into indigenous regions. Lions, elephants, rhinoceroses, American bison, buffalo, and many other animal species will freely pass by you or rest somewhere.

Mounts Botanical Garden is located about 11 miles from Wellington. More than 7,000 species of tropical and subtropical plants grow in this oldest and most extensive botanical Garden in Palm Beach County. Mounts Botanical Garden is divided into twenty-five separate units.

It takes you eighteen minutes to get to Okeeheelee Park from Wellington. A two-and-a-half-mile hiking trail runs through approximately ninety acres of pine flatwoods and wetlands.

The Apoxee Trail is nearly eleven miles from Wellington. It is a unique experience to walk along the 4.7-mile-long trail, which combines boardwalks, natural surface underfoot, and crushed limestone.

The difficulty of hiking the trail depends greatly on the water levels.

Since you’re in Palm Beach County, you might as well visit some of the fantastic beaches there, as the temperature of the Atlantic Ocean in February averages 73.4°F, which is pleasant for swimming.

Delray Beach

After the Garlic party, start your tour of these beaches from Delray Beach because that’s where it all started.

The beach in Delray Beach is one of the best in West Palm Beach. Delray Beach waterfront is close to downtown Atlantic Avenue and Pineapple Grove.

Atlantic Avenue is the main street of Delray Beach. It has antique shops, art galleries, restaurants, souvenir shops, and clothing boutiques.

Pineapple Grove is the Arts District, with many galleries, murals, sculptures, and Artist Alley.

In addition, there are many restaurants and shops in Pineapple Grove. Delray Beach Municipal Beach stretches over three hundred acres of golden sand.

John D. MacArthur Beach State Walk

John D. MacArthur Beach State Walk is located north of Singer Island. This beach is two miles long and is home to numerous birds.

You can fish, dive, swim, snorkel, canoe, or kayak on it, and there are well-maintained hiking trails in the park next to the beach.

Lake Worth Beach

Lake Worth Beach is between West Palm Beach, Lake Clarke Shores, Palm Springs, and Lantana.

In addition to the beach by the fishing pier, Lake Worth Beach is worth visiting for the Historic Shopping District of Old Town.

You can snorkel and swim on the beach at Lake Worth Beach.

Juno Beach

On Juno Beach, you will be surprised by the beauty of colorful shells scattered on the sand.

The water is azure, and the sunsets on this beach are memorable.

Peanut Island

Peanut Island is located in the Lake Worth Lagoon near Phil Foster Park, the City of Riviera, and the Port of Palm Beach.

There is a ferry to Peanut Island. There is an eighty-acre tropical park in which, in addition to numerous opportunities for recreation, there is also a camp.

The beach at Peanut Island is among the most beautiful places in West Palm Beach. Behind the wonderful sandy beach are tall coconut palms and lush greenery.

Shoals of tropical fish and stingrays swim near the coast, and manatees visit these waters in February.

Although it is only a ten-minute boat ride away from the mainland and the urban environment, Peanut Island will make you feel like you are on a secluded tropical island.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is the easternmost city in Florida, known for its glitz and glamour. According to official data, in 2022, Palm Beach was visited by 9.1 million tourists, which represents a record visit.

The city is located on the island of Palm Beach, separated from the mainland by the Lake Worth Lagoon.

The long tradition of a popular resort in the winter months has created an atmosphere of luxury in the architecture of legendary resorts and ornate mansions.

The best way to get around Palm Beach is by bike. The five-and-a-half-mile Lake Trail passes many architectural gems from the city’s so-called golden age.

Palm Beach has three public beaches. Midtown Beach is where urban Worth Avenue meets the ocean.

You should be careful in February and listen to every advice of the lifeguards. From January to March, sharks migrate north and look for food along the coast.

Florida State Fair

The Florida State Fair will be held at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa from February 8 to 19, 2024.

Almost half a million visitors visit this fair every year. The fair was held for the first time in 1904 at the same place where it is still held today.

It wasn’t immediately called the Florida State Fair but has been held continuously ever since.

There is also an unusual Cracker County museum within the Florida State Fairgrounds.

This museum depicts life in rural Florida in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Thirteen buildings were built in the period from 1870 to 1912.

They are mostly private houses, but there are also public buildings like the Terry Store and the Okahumpka Train Depot.

It is a curiosity that all employees are dressed in clothes from that time. The Florida State Fairgrounds is seven miles from downtown Tampa.

Tampa is the seat of Pinellas County. You can visit Zoo Tampa at Lowry Park, Busch Gardens Tampa, and the Ybor City neighborhood in Tampa.

If you are in Tampa for Valentine’s Day, walk along the Tampa Riverwalk, past romantic parks, restaurants, and hotels.

Visit the Tampa Bay History Center, Tampa Museum of Art, and Florida Museum of Photographic Arts.

Tampa Museum of Art

The Tampa Museum of Art was founded in 1979. The museum is located on the banks of the Hillsborough River in downtown Tampa.

In addition to classical antiquities from as far back as 2300 BC, the museum’s permanent exhibition includes over 2000 pieces of modern contemporary art.

The Florida Museum of Photography

The Florida Museum of Photography is hosted in the architecturally significant Cube Building. It was founded in 2001, and over sixty large photography exhibitions have been organized there.

The museum’s permanent exhibition includes works by Harold Edgerton, Len Prince, Judy Dater, Ruth Bernhard, Burk Uzzle, and Bud Lee.

Tampa Bay History Center

The Tampa Bay History Center is located on the waterfront in the Channelside District.

The building in which the museum is located has three floors where permanent and temporary exhibitions are held. The permanent exhibit spans 12,000 years of Florida history.

It includes information about the peoples who inhabited Florida before the arrival of European settlers and stories and exhibits that explore figures from Florida’s recent past.

At the Tampa Bay History Center, you will learn many interesting things about, for example, the infamous pirate Jack Rackham, but also about the hard-charging Teddy Roosevelt.

Museum of Science & Industry

The Museum of Science & Industry has over four hundred fifty interactive and hands-on activities, such as drones, robots, 3D printers, and a planetarium.

Busch Gardens Tampa

Busch Gardens Tampa is packed with attractions from cheetah races to safaris and guided adventure tours.

In addition, there are numerous restaurants, shops, and bars within the park. Busch Gardens Tampa is a world-renowned theme park operated by SeaWorld Entertainment.

Ybor City neighborhood

Ybor City Museum State Park is located northeast of Tampa’s downtown.

Ybor City was known as the “Cigar Capital of the World” at the turn of the 20th century. The museum is located in the 1923 Ferlita Bakery building.

Cortez Commercial Fishing Festival

The Cortez Commercial Fishing Festival is held annually over one weekend in February.

Before it became a tourist destination, Cortez was a small fishing village. The fishing boats and pier are still in operation.

Locals claim that Cortez is one of Florida’s last true working waterfronts. That’s why plenty of fresh seafood will always be at the festival.

A weekend in Cortez will provide great fun in a cheerful atmosphere with plenty of good music and beer.

Cortez is located in Manatee County, about fifty miles from Tampa. The waters around Manatee County are known as a haven for manatees in winter.

In February, Anna Maria Island is the best place to see them in Manatee County. Then these gentle giants approach the coast in search of warm waters.

When you’re in Cortez, take the opportunity to stop in Bradenton. Bradenton’s hiking trails stretch along Manatee County’s mangrove-lined shoreline and wooded uplands along the Manatee River.

Little Manatee River State Park has picnic pavilions overlooking the river. There are two hiking trails on the north bank of the Little Manatee River, a three-mile and a six-mile trail.

The third trail is the most popular, six and a half miles long, called the Little Manatee River Trail Scenery.

In addition to hiking trails, Little Manatee River State Park also has a twelve-mile horseback riding trail.

In addition to hiking and horseback riding, you can also canoe or kayak on the Little Manatee River.

Navarre Beach Mardi Gras Parade

Navarre Beach is known as “Florida’s most relaxing place.” It is located in northwest Florida in Santa Rosa County.

The Navarre Beach Mardi Gras Parade is attended by more than 35,000 visitors annually.

Sanford Porchfest

Sanford hosts a unity music festival every year. Approximately 70 bands were performed on seventeen verandas.

Visitors can walk or ride bicycles in the historical quarter in the shade of tall oaks and enjoy good music.

Sanford Porchfest will be held on February 24, 2024. Sanford Porchfest is a free charity festival.

Sanford has preserved beautiful and charming Victorian houses from the 19th century, and the downtown promenade has many antique shops. In addition, the RiverWalk features gazebos, swing benches, and several miles of hiking trails.

Sanford is located in Seminole County, about thirty miles from Orlando, and about the same distance from the Atlantic coast and the beaches around Daytona Beach.

Sanford lies on the south shore of Lake Monroe and is an ideal location from which to set sail on the historic and beautiful St. Johns River.

From Sanford to the mouth of St. Johns River is about 200 miles. This sailing is a trip back in time on the St. Johns River.

On the way, you pass bustling metropolitan ports and quiet wild passages. A century and a half earlier, elegant steamboats plied the St. Johns River, transporting adventurers through the exotic wilderness of Florida,

The first location to visit after passing Lake Monroe is Blue Spring, State Park. In February, more than 200 manatees find refuge in the waters of Blue Spring. The park is also the habitat of many endangered animal and plant species.

The best way to explore the park is to walk the four-and-a-half-mile-long path they call the Pine Island Trail. Kayaking or canoeing is also possible.

Next to Lake Beresford is a Park with excellent hiking and biking trails.

The next lake is Lake George, the second largest in Florida. On its shore is the Silver Glen Springs Recreation Area.

The trails around Lake Georg meander through the woods for about three miles, and the popular Jody’s Spring is reached by the 0.75-mile Spring Boils Trail, which passes under palm trees.

After Lake Georg, the water surface narrows and curves. There are many tributaries to Palatka, and flora and fauna are abundant.

Palatka is located in Putnam County. The city in the mid-1800s was a busy port with seven steamboat lines.

As a result, many buildings from that time have been preserved. You can go fishing, boating, kayaking, and camping in Palatka.

The annual calendar includes several festivals: Florida Azalea Festival, St. Johns River Catfish Festival, Bostwick Blueberry Festival, and Blue Crab Festival.

You can walk and bike on the maintained trails and visit the birding cities listed in the Great Florida Birding Trail.

Green Cove Springs is about halfway between Palatka and Jacksonville in Clay County. St. Johns River is located in Spring Park, lined with Spanish-moss-draped oaks. The park features a 135,000-gallon spring-fed pool.

Near Green Cove Springs is Camp Chowenwaw Park. The park covers 160 acres on Black Creek. In the camp, you can fish, ride a kayak or canoe, walk on well-maintained trails, and a special offer is an accommodation in the popular treehouses.

The next port of call is Jacksonville. But before that, you could take a short cruise from St. Johns River and 4.2 miles before Jacksonville enters the Ortega River. Perhaps you will see more marinas than in St. Johns River to Sanford.

The Urban Park system in Jacksonville is the largest in the United States. It has 400 city parks, seven state parks, two national parks, and one national reserve covering 80,000 hectares.

Even the art museum in Jacksonville is called The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens. But it’s not just about the name of the institution.

The museum building is in the middle of a beautiful environment, an exhibition space of landscaped gardens. Olmsted Garden, English Garden, and Italian Garden are the names of these gardens. They are located on the very coast of St. Johns River.

The original Olmsted Garden was created in the early 1930s. During the construction of the Olmsted Garden museum building, it was partially damaged. Based on archival material, a complete restoration was carried out, which was completed in 2013.

Olmsted Garden consists of four areas. The plan for the English Garden was made in 1903. Already existing rows of oak trees are included in this Garden.

The Garden received its rectangular design, with brick paths, as it is today, in 1910. Ellen Biddle Shipman designed the Italian Garden.

Two long reflecting pools frame views of the ficus-covered gloriette. The inspiration for this Garden was the water gardens at Villa Gamberaia in Tuscany.

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