Dubai in November 2023: Things To Do, Weather & Temperature

Do you want to travel somewhere warm in autumn?

If your answer is “yes”, then we suggest Dubai as the most ideal destination for your vacation in November.

Get ready to enjoy warm temperatures, the beach, swimming, sunbathing, and shopping, as well as various festivals and outdoor activities.

The ideal time to visit these emirates is in November because the heat is not so great and the weather is pleasant.

Dubai has a lot to offer, from tourist attractions to magnificent beaches to an actual historic area.

This city is the most desirable place to visit in the world, especially in recent years.

It is up to you to come and explore every nook of this enchanted area.

This city is warm all year round, precisely because of its desert climate.

At the end of autumn and the beginning of winter, it’s a little fresher, because the air humidity is higher, but even then you can sunbathe and swim. Which is great, isn’t it?

However, if you’re an adventurer at heart, you can always hike and explore Dubai, but in November it’s tolerably hotter than usual, so take that chance.

Pack your suitcase and come to this wonderful city because there is so much to see.

Introduction: Traveling to Dubai in November

The chilly season in Dubai implies that the weather is excellent for sightseeing.

Visit the capital of the emirate in November because the sun is milder and the nights are pleasant.

Humid air and mild temperatures are ideal for all tourists who are eager to experience this city in the best possible period.

This city is known for its extreme heat, yet November is slightly cooler.

The maximum average daily temperature is 31°C, and the lowest is 18°C.

It is mostly sunny and warm, although you also have two or three rainy days a month, which is great.

Since it’s warm during November, you’re sure to spend most of your time outside on the beach.

Although, you have other options like dune bashing, skydiving, or hot air ballooning.

This month, you have the opportunity to see the many festivals held in Dubai.

Some of them are the International Film Festival, DP World Tour Championship, Fitness Fest Festival, Italian Opera, Dubai Watch Week, Inauguration of the Burj Khalifa Art Exhibition, Dubai Frame, and other events.

Take into note that the peak tourist season in Dubai is around November.

Take this into account when it comes to the most fascinating attractions in the world because it can be crowded during this period, but also keep in mind that the prices of accommodation and flights are higher than usual.

This luxurious destination has something for everyone, and it would be a pity not to visit it at least once in your life.

Best Activities in Dubai in November

During this month, the climate in Dubai is mild, which is a great opportunity to explore the most visited place.

Whether you are going to this city for business or as a tourist, this kind of weather suits you, and this month is the best for sightseeing.

This city is known in the world for many things, first of all for its unparalleled elegance, architectural gems, beaches, various attractions, entertainment, and, of course, shopping.

The capital of the emirates is sure to give you an unforgettable time this November, and it’s up to you to choose what to do first and where to go when you get here.

Below we have prepared a list of famous places that you must see in Dubai in November.

Follow our list of attractions and your vacation will be carefree and relaxed, be sure of that.

Burj Khalifa

The most famous and impressive innovation is the Burj Khalifa.

It is not only the tallest skyscraper in the world but also an architectural marvel.

If you are looking for a unique experience, simply climb to the top of this skyscraper, which is as high as 828 meters, from where you can enjoy an incredible view of the city that leaves you breathless.

Our advice if you are coming to Dubai, book your ticket for this magnificent building in advance so that you don’t miss out on this unique experience.

A ticket for this pleasure costs around 40 to 100 euros.

Everyone interested in this adventure has the opportunity to choose between two types of tickets, the basic ones are cheaper and take tourists to the 124 and 125 levels, while the premium tickets are more expensive and take visitors to the 124, 125, and 148 floors.

The optimum times to see the world’s largest skyscraper are early in the morning from 10:00 to 12:00 and in the evening before closure.

The Dubai Fountain

In addition to the magnificent building, you must not miss the Dubai Fountain.

Fans of musical fountains and amazing dancers have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see such a spectacle.

The Dubai Fountain is almost 300 meters long and is placed inside the Burj Khalifa Lake in the middle of the Downtown Dubai complex.

This fountain is one of the most famous tourist attractions, and visitors can enjoy the music and the show every day.

The nozzles are intended to propel water up to 75 meters in height, and the intriguing array of lighting effects will leave you dumbfounded and enthralled by the performance in front of you.

Desert Safari

A desert safari is an integral part of any trip to Dubai.

Something like this is worth trying, especially in November when the weather is pleasant and you won’t be hot at all.

You have the opportunity to ride a jeep or a quad bike in the desert. Apart from these activities, you can also try sandboarding.

Beautiful sandy areas and massive dunes make people want to conquer them, whether on a board or in a vehicle.

When you find yourself in the middle of a beautiful desert, you can also ride camels.

This is similar to riding a horse, so relax and enjoy every second of this unique experience.

Especially when they take you to a small oasis where Arabic food specialties are served.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to enjoy music and belly dancing by beautiful dancers.

Dubai Frame

The largest frame in the world is worth a visit.

This architectural wonder is an observatory, museum, and monument, located in Zabeel Park in Dubai.

Dubai Frame is an impressive building that connects the past and the future of this city, that is, connects Old and New Dubai.

When you look through the frame, you can see the old part of the city on one side, and the new, more modern part of the city on the other.

The admission fee is generally approximately 15 euros, but if you go in November, you may save up to 80%.

At the top of the building who is high as 150 meters, there is an observation deck, with truly amazing glass floors.

As part of Dubai Frame, there is also a museum depicting the city’s past and a multimedia installation predicting the city’s future.

This building is one of the most beautiful and important landmarks of Dubai.

Dhow Cruise

If you are in Dubai at this time of the year, do not miss the Dhow Cruise.

The best way to experience this city is to sail through the Dubai Marina lagoon.

Through this experience, you have the opportunity to see all the architectural wonders and how this city comes alive at night.

As part of this cruise, you have a welcome drink, but also the opportunity to try continental and Arabic cuisine and enjoy oriental music and live performances.

The pleasant weather during November will make this cruise unforgettable.

Dubai Aquarium

The largest aquarium in the world is located in the shopping center of Dubai and you should visit it.

Tourists can take a trip around this aquarium and learn about the aquatic environment. There are almost 33,000 aquatic creatures in the aquarium, including huge sharks.

The aquarium has thick durable glass and a capacity of 10 million liters of water.

Lovers of the underwater world and animals simply have to see this.

Dubai Safari Park

In addition to the underwater world, you have the opportunity to enjoy other wild animals.

Animals from all over the world are found in Dubai Safari Park and this is another attraction in the series that you should visit especially in November when it is pleasant.

The park has over 3,000 animals, including lions, bears, elephants, foxes, and more.

In this park, you have the opportunity to get close to these animals, and to feed some of them, part of the special tour is feeding with rhinos, birds, and giraffes.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Lovers of flowers and greenery must visit the Miracle Garden. The largest flower garden in the world with over 150 million exposed flowers is worth attention.

Decorated from all sides, it leaves everyone who passes by breathless.

Beautiful floral constructions of Disney characters, the Burj Khalifa, the Airbus A380, and many more can be found here.

This is a garden of paradise for all flower lovers.

Jumeirah Mosque

There are so many attractions in Dubai that you need a few days to see them all. One of them is the Jumeirah Mosque.

It is the only mosque open to non-Muslims.

It is possible to visit this sacred building with a guide, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

If you are interested in the Islamic religion and want to learn more about it, this is the best opportunity for you.

When you come here, you have to dress appropriately, you have to respect the dress code because this is how you order this temple, like the others in the Emirates.

In November, it is enough for you to bring a scarf, the same applies to men and they must dress modestly.

Wherever you are in this city, be sure to cover your hands and knees because that’s how you respect the culture you’re coming to.

Aquaventure Waterpark

The largest water park in the world is located here, so don’t miss it.

Adventure tourists must see it. This water park has over 105 slides and attractions.

You can swim with sharks, dolphins, and sea lions, or surf the waves. In addition, they can enjoy some water sports.

Various programs can be explored within the aquapark, and it’s up to you to choose what to try first.

There is a wide range of information for all ages available here.

If you want to get away from the excitement, you have a kilometer-long private beach where you can sunbathe or swim, the sea temperature is ideal in November.

Ski Dubai

The biggest things in the world are right here, and one of them is the ski slope.

Ski Dubai is an indoor ski facility located within the Mall of the Emirates and is the best place to spend the day.

Winter sports can be practiced here, skiing, sledding and zorbing and much more you can try.

You may also meet King and Gentoo penguins here, which is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Burj el Arab

The most luxurious and expensive seven-star hotel is the Burj al Arab.

Many tourists take pictures in front of this hotel and it is a tradition that has lasted for years.

If you don’t take a picture here, it’s like you haven’t been to Dubai.

On average, the price of a night in a hotel is two thousand euros.

The hotel looks like the sail of an Arab ship, and it became globally popular when tennis stars Andre Agassi and Roger Federer played a tennis match on top of the hotel’s heliport in 2005.

The Dubai Mall

The best opportunity for shopping is in November. The Dubai Mall offers a variety of brands and fantastic discounts.

This shopping center is located next to the Burj Khalifa and is the second-largest shopping center in the world.

The Dubai mall features 1200 stores, 120 restaurants, a luxury hotel, and 22 movie theaters. In addition, it has other fun features.

As the weather is chilly in November, visitors can visit different markets in Dubai whether it is day or evening, the weather is cooler, so you can browse all you want.

Dubai events in November

As we mentioned these many tourist attractions in Dubai are worth visiting.

In addition, you have the opportunity to see some other events that take place here in November.

Take advantage of the lower temperatures and more pleasant weather to enjoy the arrivals announced for this period.

However, first of all when you come here make sure you get to know the city in the best possible way.

Walk along the Dubai Marina, visit the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, and experience the Dubai Safari and others that this city has to offer.

You certainly don’t have to worry about the weather, because you will be comfortable all the time, especially in November.

The temperature is one of the advantages of traveling to Dubai this month.

In addition, you also have discounts on cultural activities, use them to visit museums and art and music events.

Dubai Design Week

Talented designers and architects have the opportunity to showcase their creations at Dubai Design Week.

This event takes place in mid-November, so all design lovers should visit it.

This festival is the most important in the Middle East and lasts for six days, and showcases various creations from architecture, furniture, interior design, and much more.

Dubai Design Week is completely free of charge, which is great for all visitors who can enjoy the many workshop content as part of the festival.

This event has two notable sub-events: Grad Show, which shows the top 100 student ideas, and Abwab, which showcases the most acclaimed pieces of art from the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.

Fitness Fest Festival

This festival gathers all athletes, nutritionists, and all those who lead a healthy lifestyle.

The event takes place at the beginning of November at Skydive Dubai and is completely free.

To attend this festival, you must first register on the event’s official fitness website.

After this, you will have the opportunity to participate in numerous interesting things related to sports and healthy food.

Fitness Fest Festival is attended by popular personalities from around the world.

In addition to all this, you will have the opportunity to see how delicious and healthy meals are prepared on the spot by great by and nutritionists.

DP World Tour

This festival is intended for all golf lovers and is considered one of the best in the world.

The event brings together about sixty golfers from all over the world.

The DP World Tour takes place at Jumeriah Golf Estates.

If you want to try this sport, you can freely and for free.

Italian Opera in Dubai

An Italian opera is an event worthy of attention, attended by the greats of Italian opera.

This festival takes place in November at the Centerpoint Theatre.

In addition to enjoying the opera, you will also have the opportunity to meet well-known figures from art and music.

Fans of opera and glamor should not miss this event.

Dubai Watch Week

If you want to buy someone a nice gift, be sure to visit Dubai Watch Week.

This festival has a diverse offer and you can find watches for everyone’s taste.

You will have time to choose the right watch for you or your better half because the event lasts the whole last half of November.

Like almost all events held in November, this one is free.

The festival is being held at the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC).

Inauguration of the Burj Khalifa Art Exhibition

The Dubai Art Exhibition held at the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa is also held in November and is free.

All important works of art can be seen in this place. This manifestation starts this month and lasts until February.

It is also interesting that many exhibitions held in November in the most famous building will be free to encourage art in Dubai.

IMG Worlds of adventure

If you are an adventurer at heart, and you are planning a trip to Dubai in November, then you must not miss IMG Worlds of adventure.

The closed theme park in the world is the largest in terms of area and offers many attractions based on popular cartoons.

In November, the park has the biggest discounts and is open every day. In addition, it is designed for both adults and children.

The Speciality Food Festival

This event brings together exceptional food and beverage items, as well as multinational companies with distinctive ingredients.

The event takes place in the first half of November and is hosted by the Dubai World Trade Center.

The Specialty Food Festival lasts for three days, which is a great opportunity for all food lovers who are in Dubai in November.

There is no entry fee for this event, but you must email the organizers via the official SFF website to confirm your participation.

Dubai Sail Grand Prix

Another event in November that you should not miss in Dubai Sail Grand Prix.

You have the opportunity to see how the F50 boats compete against each other in the seventh season of this championship.

In this competition, eight teams compete in five fleet races, the prize is one million dollars.

Venue of the Event at Queen Elizabeth 2 Hotel.

Tips & tricks for visiting Dubai in November

In Dubai, there are always crowds and a lot of diverse content, especially in November.

To make your trip more relaxing, plan your time and book tickets for all attractions in advance so you don’t have to worry about it.

Since the weather is ideal for outdoor activities, take the opportunity and enjoy it.

Pay attention to the dress code, especially when it comes to temples, and always cover your knees and shoulders.

In public places, you can wear a swimsuit, shorts, or a tank top, while in religious institutions it is not allowed.

Don’t show affection in a public place and don’t take pictures of locals without their permission.

Also, women should not shake hands with local people unless they allow it.

How to dress in Dubai in November

During this month, the temperature is very pleasant. Since it’s chilly November, you should wear light clothes for the day and at noon.

Although, during the night you will need a jacket due to the cooler weather.

In Dubai, the Islamic faith prevails, which should be respected especially in temples and in certain places.

Dress appropriately for the temperature, but wear clothing that covers your shoulders and knees.

Do not wear provocative and tight clothes, they are not desirable. This rule applies to both men and women.

Ladies should wear long dresses and skirts and tops that cover the shoulders during the day and sweaters and jeans at night.

Men must be decently dressed, short-sleeved shirts and shorts are allowed on the beach, but not in the temple. Guys should wear cultural clothes when visiting religious buildings.

The tourist guide for getting to know Dubai in November is in front of you, follow it and you will experience an unforgettable trip. Are you ready?

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