Dubai In February 2024: Things To Do, Weather & Temperature

What are the best things to do in Dubai in February? What is the weather like in Dubai in February? What are some tips for traveling to Dubai in February?

While February may be extremely cold in some areas of the globe, it is one of those months in Dubai that has exceptionally pleasant weather.

This allows both visitors and residents to experience some of the city’s fascinating sights and activities.

Dubai in February can enthrall you in more ways than you can think, from music and culinary celebrations to exciting events and retail extravaganzas.

Plan your days appropriately so that this month will be one to remember, and even though it is winter, there is no need to be completely wrapped in warm clothing.

There are numerous benefits to visiting Dubai in February, and the temperature ought to be the primary factor.

February in Dubai has the kind of weather you long for.

Clear clouds and brilliant but gentle winter sun.

The weather calls for a variety of outdoor pursuits, and the city offers a lot to see and do.

The abundance of events, including the Dubai Food Festival, the Dubai International Jazz Festival, and the Dubai Tennis Championships, would be another factor.

You will also notice that some of the services offered by the city’s sights have been updated to keep visitors entertained.

You will never run out of things to do and see while traveling to Dubai in February, that much is certain.

Continue reading to learn why this month is one of the finest to visit and experience Dubai!

Get to know Dubai

The center of the Emirate of Dubai and the most popular city in the United Arab Emirates is Dubai.

This city has developed over time to become one of the most distinguished and well-liked tourism destinations in the world, luring travelers from various industries to its shores to take advantage of what the “must visit” location has to offer.

It’s not shocking that visitors swarm to its coasts to take in its great exploits and accomplishments because the region is known for superlatives like the biggest building and largest mall in the world.

Some of the largest and most opulent hotels in the world can be found in Dubai, providing visitors with five-star experiences while they are there.

Depending on what they are looking for, tourists have the option of lodging in various parts of the emirate, so a person could travel the region repeatedly and still learn something new.

The emirate can provide tourists with the ideal fusion of a modern metropolis and conventional elements of the local way of life.

No matter where you go in Dubai, whether it be to see amazing fireworks shows or tour local markets, there is a sense of energy and good spirits.

Dubai has something to offer everyone, including a variety of entertainment choices and classic restaurants offering regional cuisine.

Places to visit and things to do in Dubai in February

In February, Dubai experiences pleasant weather that makes it possible for both visitors and residents to enjoy their time while enjoying all the sights and events the city has to offer.

Here, we’ll detail some of the best places to visit and things to do if you travel to Dubai in February.

Therefore, before going, continue reading to learn more about each of them.

Places to visit and things to do in Dubai in February:


One of Dubai’s most well-known sights is the Burj Khalifa, and one of the best ideas when visiting Dubai in February is to begin your explorations at the magnificent Burj Khalifa.

Dubai is renowned for its stunning contemporary building, and the Burj Khalifa is one notable example.

The Burj Khalifa has nine of the most opulent hotels in the city, and there are about two platforms that offer the two most breathtaking panoramas of the city.

The Burj Khalifa, which is still the highest building in the world, provides a perspective of Dubai like no other.

Get to the viewing platform and take in the beauty of this city as the nice February clouds add to its beauty, making it one of the finest times of the year for breathtaking vistas.


For a trip like a Desert Safari, the weather in February is simply ideal.

One of the finest tourist attractions in Dubai to experience the allure, serenity, and peaceful emptiness of the desert is Desert Safari.

The best location to sample regional foods and see a bit of the Bedouin culture that existed in the area before the city became a popular tourist destination is Desert Safari.

Bumpy camel treks, animal viewing, a dance performance with barbeque, sandboarding, and the delight of dressing up in traditional clothing are all part of an exciting night in the desert of Dubai.

A desert tour in Dubai is a memorable experience thanks to the varied encounters and nonstop fun.


When Dubai recovered the land going into stretching the Gulf of Persia, Palm Jumeirah became one of the finest locations to explore in Dubai in February.

Sand from the water was used to build the Palm Jumeirah, which was constructed on sand that was obtained from the sea.

The Palm Jumeirah was praised as one of Dubai’s very first construction initiatives.

From higher elevations, the Palm Jumeirah appears to be a palm tree encircled by a circle.

You can access the Palm Jumeirah via a broad trunk that leads to a bridge that links you to the continent.

A second bridge also originates from the trunk and leads to the spine of the Palm Jumeirah.


Get ready to be mesmerized by an infinite expanse of some of the best premium brands in the world as well as a range of fun things to do with friends and family.

Many Dubai Mall stores go above and beyond to meet your requirements, whether you’re looking for vintage jewelry, a new signature fragrance, sneakers, haute couture apparel, handicrafts, or are simply seeking to update your outfit.

To sate all of your desires, Dubai Mall has a wide variety of eateries.

There is something for everyone there, whether you’re looking for a fast meal to eat, a cool smoothie or coffee, or a formal eating experience.

To meet and welcome stunning undersea species like sand sharks, you should also go to the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.


There is no disputing Dubai Marina’s allure in terms of places.

Luxury yachts wait calmly for their upcoming excursion alongside skyscrapers that are positioned along the winding waterway.

One of the busiest neighborhoods in the city, the region includes Jumeirah Beach Residence and stretches from Al Sufouh Road.

There are many things to do in Dubai Marina, but a cruise is one of the finest methods to see this lovely waterside community.

Captain Jack will take you on a tour of Dubai Marina’s canals in a traditional dhow.

The large ship enables passengers to spread out on bean bags as it meanders through the area, showcasing its amazing architecture and scenery, before making its way to Palm Jumeirah’s periphery.


One of the biggest water fountains in the world and one of the most magnificent coordinated waterfalls ever created, the Dubai Fountain is situated on nearly twenty-four acres of ground close to the Burj Khalifa.

The height of the swaying waterfall is approximately one hundred fifty meters.

The finest Arabic classics and various internationally famous music numbers are synced to it.

The performance begins in the evening, and due to Dubai Mall’s approximately one point five million lumens of light, it offers the greatest view.

A once-in-a-lifetime chance to submerge yourself in a mesmerizing water, sound, and light experience is provided by the Dubai Fountain, so you must visit Downtown Dubai in February to see the highest moving waterfall in the world.


A market and amusement park combined, the Global Village in Dubai offers a variety of shopping, leisure, and recreational opportunities.

The numerous buildings that are home to various nations from around the globe are the location’s main draw.

You can purchase native goods as well as learn about the history, customs, and culture of the area.

The Carnaval is another opportunity to experience some of the traditional amusement park activities and attractions.

Daily shows of music, dance, street art, etc. are all held at Global Village Dubai, and the spectacular pyrotechnics that takes place every weekend is another option.

Don’t pass up the chance to check out this site if you’re traveling to Dubai in February.


The biggest natural floral garden in the world, Dubai Miracle Garden is situated in the desert metropolis of Dubai.

The Dubai Miracle Garden’s entrances always reopen as the weather turns chilly at the start of winter.

Since it first opened nearly nine years ago, appropriately on Valentine’s Day, with more than one hundred fifty million blooms in full blossom, this paradise has evolved into one of the region’s most picturesque, sweet-smelling locations.

The way the flowers are organized is what makes a trip to the Dubai Miracle Garden so unique.

At the Dubai Miracle Garden, get set to be captivated by flowery peacocks, floral palaces, a floral clock, etc.

Some of the most unusual flower constructions there are Mickey Mouse and Floating Lady.

Best beaches to visit in Dubai in February

Visiting Dubai’s breathtaking beaches in February is one of the most popular things to do, as tourists adore Dubai’s immaculate white sand beaches.

Chic waterfront stores and strolling paths border the picturesque shoreline, where you can relax with your loved ones while taking in the views of the ocean.

Here, we’ll outline some of the best beaches to explore in February when visiting Dubai.

Best beaches to visit in Dubai in February:


At Jumeirah Beach Residence, the beach is expansive, well-liked, and busy.

There are four plazas on the beach area, and it is surrounded by soft, powdery, clean sand that makes for an ideal strolling path.

The majority of the oceanfront is taken up by opulent hotels like Sheraton and Hilton, and amenities like parking, shops, and amusement services are offered there as well.

Jumeirah Beach Residence, one of Dubai’s top beachfront, is conveniently located near the Dubai Metro and Dubai Tram and is only a short stroll from the Dubai Marina.


You can get an excellent picture of the famous tower at Umm Suqeim, a large, flat, sandy shoreline that is close to the Burj Al Arab.

Because it’s a lovely spot to sit and observe the sunset, it is also called Sunset Beach.

Although this beach doesn’t have as many stores or dining options as some of the other beaches in Dubai, it does have restrooms and bathrooms.

As one of the few beaches that have illumination after dark, Umm Suqeim allows swimming past sundown rather than just until dusk.


Kite Beach, a section of the Umm Suqeim shoreline is appropriately called and devoted and is well-known for its kite-surfing.

Due to the beach’s exposure and potentially windy conditions, both visitors and residents can be seen kitesurfing on the waves.

Kayaks and paddle boats can be rented by visitors for some entertaining water sports.

Children might appreciate gathering shells because there are many of them and the ground is more coarse.

Due to this area of the beach’s appeal, a lot of food trucks congregate here, especially at night.


Due to its location between two opulent houses, Al Sufouh Black Palace Beach is also known by the more enigmatic moniker Secret Beach.

Although it might feel like snooping, the beach is open to the public and you are not charged to explore the fine beaches.

There are no amenities there, it’s just a shoreline.

If you intend to remain for a while, use the restroom before heading there and bring plenty of water and snacks.

However, it’s worthwhile to go because the shoreline has a gentle slope so you can relax and take in the breathtaking aquamarine seas.


Mercato Beach is a tiny beach with soft, golden sand that is opposite the Mercato Mall and is popular with residents and young families because it is situated in a domestic area and has a more laid-back atmosphere.

There aren’t many amenities, but there is a library right on the shore where you can get complimentary book rentals.

There is a lovely promenade and bicycle path along the shore if you feel like working out.

The adjacent Jumeirah Fishing Harbour has a decent variety of cafés and restaurants where you can catch some lunch.

Events in Dubai in February

Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year are two occasions that make February well-known.

However, in addition to those, there are a lot more events that are taking place in Dubai in February.

So, keep reading to learn more about each of them before visiting!

Events in Dubai in February:

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day, the most amorous day of the year, is approaching in February.

Numerous locations in Dubai will host amorous events, making it simple to organize a date night with that special someone.

On Valentine’s Day, Dubai will play cupid with romantic afternoon teas, sampling meals, and candlelit banquets.

You can celebrate this holiday in some of the finest locations in Dubai, including Lapita Resort, Amazónico, The Birdcage, and many others, allowing you to take full advantage of the occasion.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year can occur in late January or February, but it typically occurs in the second month of the year.

At dusk on the same day in Dubai, it is observed at the Burj Khalifa.

On Chinese New Year, you might observe the holiday if you chance to be in Dubai.

Dubai’s parks and resorts participate in the big day by providing amusement and a festive ambiance.

The Great Temple Fair, where you can explore Chinese customs and experience a singular yearly event, is the most peculiar, though.

The Tennis Dubai Duty-Free Championship

The Tennis Dubai Duty-Free Championship typically begins in the middle of February and lasts for fifteen days.

Booking a ticket on the event’s official website is essential if you want to watch the performance, however, tickets will only become accessible as the event draws near.

It is important to note that this tournament is well-known among lovers of the sport, and Dubai and Abu Dhabi, a city close to Dubai, are two of the locations where this alluring sport is most frequently played.

Dubai Food Festival

The fantasy of any foodie is this event.

This amazing culinary event will be available to you starting in the third week of February.

The greatest thing about the Dubai Food Festival is that it happens all over the city and is a fair where many eateries alter their regular menus to offer customers excellent food at reasonable rates.

Enjoy delicious treats from a variety of foreign foods as well as street food, opulence, and tradition at this event, which has it all.

Dubai Gulfood

A yearly trade exhibition called Gulfood takes place at the Dubai World Trade Center in the middle of February.

Even though the event primarily draws seasoned professionals from the food and beverage industries, anyone can attend for free as long as they register on the official website.

In the Persian Gulf, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Oceania, it is regarded as one of the biggest food and beverage trade shows.

Make sure to stop by because the quantity and variety of drinks, foods, and meals on exhibit will not disappoint.

Literature Festival

The Dubai Literature Festival pledges to unite individuals purely based on their passion for literature, regardless of their age.

You can’t overlook it because it always takes place during the last two weeks of February.

Additionally, since there are books for all tastes, languages, and topics, you can take advantage of the chance to purchase a book that attracts you.

Eminent writers, musicians, filmmakers, and artists from around the globe are featured at the event.

The conference is jam-packed with discussions, contests, performances, and shows.

If you have a creative bent, you must not skip this.

Dubai Jazz Festival

Mid-February sees the three days long Dubai Jazz Festival, which features both national and foreign jazz and blues performers.

The Dubai Media City Amphitheater, a location fit for the caliber of this yearly event, hosts the Dubai Jazz event.

You can already get a general idea of the type of gathering we’re talking about just by hearing that people like Tom Jones, Kool & The Gang, or Mariah Carey have performed on stage.

So, if you enjoy jazz or blues music, make it part of your Dubai itinerary for February.

Weather & Temperature in Dubai in February

Are you considering traveling to Dubai in February and curious about the weather there?

You are in the right place because we are going to discuss the weather in Dubai in February, the usual air temps, and the sea temperatures.

A visit to Dubai in February is highly recommended because there are fewer visitors and fewer people at popular sites, the sun is beaming and the sky is a brilliant blue, and temperatures have cooled down.

In Dubai, February is also the wettest month of the year, however, don’t fret, because showers are brief, and only one rainy day is predicted for the entire month.

Early in the morning, Dubai is frequently enveloped in a delicate white cloud that gradually dissipates.

February in Dubai is the ideal month for viewing the Dubai Miracle Garden or going on a Desert Safari.

The major roads are often covered in sand, and occasionally the desert breeze will drive the sand toward the city.

Dubai’s average weather in February is 20.5°C, and it usually ranges from 16°C at the low to 25°C at the high.

The usual water temperature on Dubai’s beaches in February is 22°C, which may deter many people from swimming in the water.

Although most visitors, particularly those from Europe, Australia, or North America, find the water temperature quite tolerable, residents consider the sea in February to be quite chilly.

The majority of resorts and lodgings, however, have heated swimming areas where you can relax and feel more comfortable.

Tips for visiting Dubai in February

You might have some concerns about the journey if this is your first time visiting Dubai in February, so we’ll go over some helpful tips for visiting Dubai in February so you can plan the ideal getaway and make it simpler for you to get ready for your journey.

Keep reading to learn more!

Tips for visiting Dubai in February:

What to wear in Dubai in February

Even though it is February, the weather is warm enough to allow for year-round wear of spring or summer clothing.

Since February is the wettest month of the year in Dubai, you should expect showers, so remember to bring a raincoat or an umbrella.

To experience the magic of Dubai at night, such as having dinner on one of the typical wooden boats that sail on Dubai Creek, it can be useful to pack a pullover and a few sweatshirts.

This is especially true if you intend to spend the night in the desert.

When it comes to footwear, you can choose to bring sandals or sneakers, and If you plan to be busy throughout the day, make sure your shoes are comfy.

As the sun can be quite powerful, don’t forget to pack excellent sunscreen, a hat, and your best set of eyeglasses.

Also, don’t forget to bring your swimsuit if you want to splash around in the water or if you intend to remain at a resort or hotel with a pool.

Prices in Dubai in February

If you’re considering how much it would cost you to remain in Dubai in February, you should know that along with November through March, February is peak season there.

This means that although it is not the most expensive month, you can still have fun without spending as much as you would in other months.

Of course, as with almost everything, planning and making plans at the right moment are the best ways to cut costs on your travel.

After all, Dubai is still a heavily touristic city, and the expense of living there is determined by the current supply and demand.

Crowds in Dubai in February

In general, Dubai is one of the most popular tourist locations in the world, so it will always be crowded when you go there, and February is no exception.

The best time to explore Dubai is during the winter, from November to March, if you’re going there for the nice weather.

However, December through February are the coldest months of the year, when a cool temperature blankets the entire region and opens the door to a wide range of festivities, events, and outdoor entertainment.

As a result, it is not surprising that a lot of visitors will be visiting Dubai at that time of year.  

And finally – A trip to Dubai!

If you find cold winds to be unpleasant but don’t want to waste your February staying home, traveling to Dubai this month, with its pleasantly ideal weather, can be a great choice for you.

So, pack your bags and head to Dubai, a city that never ceases to surprise!

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