Colorado In October 2023: Things To Do, Weather & Temperature

The golden-brown spectacle of the autumn leaves first begins in the southern parts of Colorado.

The Four Corners region, the slopes of San Juan, and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains can be seen in their autumn best in early October.

In north and central Colorado, the colorful autumn carnival arrives a little earlier, from the middle to the end of September.

Oaks and maples at lower elevations in Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and Boulder peak in mid-to-late October.

October weather in Colorado is hard to predict. While there may already be snow on some peaks, in cities at a lower altitude, it can be warm during the day and cold with frost at night.

Colorado is known for its fantastic landscapes. One of the ways to enjoy its natural charms is to drive some of the scenic highways. Lariat Loop, Peak-to-Peak Denver Highway, and The Million Dollar Highway are some of them.

The Lariat Loop National Scenic Byway is located in Jefferson County. It starts from Golden and Lookout Mountain.

The Million Dollar Highway is between Silverton, Durango, and Ouray and follows the canyon.

There are different interpretations of the origin of his name. Some claim it’s because of the enormous amount of gold ore left in the road embankments, and some conclude it’s a figurative description of the value of the impressions you get while driving.

It is located in Southwest Colorado. Its highest point is at 11,018 feet, at the top of Red Mountain Pass, in the San Juan Mountain Range.

The Peak-to-Peak Denver Highway passes through the abandoned mining ghost towns of Caribou, Apex, and Hesse. Observe the surrounding streams carefully in those places because you may see some modern gold panners.

The Peak-to-Peak Denver Highway goes around Estes Park and passes through Nederland, Central City, and Allenspark. One of the points you will reach is Long’s Peak, which offers a spectacular view.

Colorado has four National Parks, Rocky Mountain, Great Sand Dune, Mesa Verde, and Black Canyon of the Gunnison. You can visit them or do it on an organized tourist tour.

Visit some of Colorado’s cities. In Denver, explore Downtown, get to know it through the Denver Food Tour, and walk through its parks, especially City Park.

Next, visit the Museum of Nature and Science, Rockie Air and Space Museum, and Art Museum. Next, stop by the Denver Zoo, where all activities are subordinated to this holiday in October because of Halloween. Next, take a break at the Denver Botanic Garden and get lost in the creepy cornfield mazes.

Finally, stroll around Lower Downtown Denver and stop by Larimer Square.

If you need more art after visiting the Denver Art Museum, head to the River North Arts District, and take notice of the street art and graffiti along the way.

Check out who Molly Brown was and in whose house the museum was opened.

Drive 60 miles outside Denver to reach the Scenic Mount Evans Byway and see the creature whose species is the longest-lived on the planet.

If you’re lucky, go to a concert at Red Rock Amphitheatre. Those rocks still remember the Beatles, Hendrix, Jethro Tull, and many others who have played there since that time.

Finally, climb Castle rock, then continue your journey to Colorado Springs and other exciting cities in Colorado.

While driving through Colorado’s fabulous autumn landscapes in October, you can also stop by one of the many waterfalls or hot springs.

Hot springs

October is the right time for walks on mountain forest paths.

However, when you get tired of fresh air and hiking through autumn magic, relaxation at one of the many natural hot springs will come in handy.

Strawberry Park Hot Springs

Strawberry Park Hot Springs is a landscaped area located in Steamboat Springs. Several pools are lined up next to each other. Night swimming is reserved for nudists.

Mount Princeton

Mount Princeton is located in the Collegiate Peaks section of the Sawatch Range of the Rocky Mountains.

On Mount Princeton, you can enjoy the natural hot springs along Chalk Creek. In addition, Mount Princeton, Hot Springs Resort, offers a soak in the 1400F water temperature pool.

Iron Mountain Hot Spring

In sixteen pools of the original shape, there is thermal mineral water rich in iron. The water temperature in these pools ranges from 980F to 1080F. Iron Mountain Hot Spring is located in Glenwood Springs.

In the large swimming pool, the water temperature is 940F.

Exciting rides around the area and visits to the cave are organized on weekends.

The Springs Resort & Spa

The Springs Resort & Spa offers fun and relaxation at twenty pools by the San Juan River. The Springs Resort & Spa is located in Pagosa Springs itself. The water temperature in the pools is from 830F to 1140F.

These hot springs reach the surface from a great depth. They are considered the deepest hot springs in the World.

Dunton Hot Springs

Dunton Hot Springs offers twelve soaking cabins in addition to indoor and outdoor pools, hot spring tubs, a sauna, and a private copper bath.

Food and drinks are brought to the cabins, but you can also dine in the standard dining room.

Dunton Hot Springs is located 25 miles from Telluride, at an elevation of 8,600 feet, on the San Juan Mountains.

Ouray Hot Springs

Ouray Hot Springs is located along the Umcompahgre River in the San Juan National Forest in Ouray County. The temperature of the spring water is 1500F. It rises in Box Canyon and then flows one mile to the pool.

Ouray Hot Springs is called the Switzerland of America.

Joyful Journey Hot Springs

Joyful Journey Hot Springs is located in the foothills of the towering Sangre De Cristo Mountains.

The temperature of the spring mineral water is 1400F. In the pools, the water is maintained at temperatures between 980F and 1080F.

Many come to Joyful Journey Hot Springs for relaxation because they believe this thermal mineral water is healing.

In addition, the area where the Joyful Journey Hot Springs is located is considered sacred.

Waterfalls in Colorado

In October, there is significantly less water that falls and creates waterfalls.

It is most dynamic during the early summer months when the waterfalls come to life due to the melted snow.

But winter is still far away, with its high snows and low temperatures.

However, there is no ice or frost, and the forests are magical. A walk to one of the waterfalls in October is a guaranteed pleasure.

Hanging Lake

Hanging Lake is located on the Continental Divide’s west side, just outside Glenstone Springs.

The lake represents one of the most beautiful destinations in Colorado, and if you add two more waterfalls to that, then it doesn’t take much to explain why this place, of particular beauty, must be visited.

One waterfall is on the lake, and the other gushes from the rock on the cliff. The latter is called Spouting Rock.

Alberta Falls

Alberta Falls is located in Rocky Mountain National Park. It is a pleasure to walk to it. The trail is not demanding, and an elevation gain of 232 feet is overcome.

You reach Alberta in October by following a path that leads through flaming aspen groves. Alberta crashes from a height of 30 feet.

South Mineral Creek Falls

Half a mile from South Mineral Campground is South Mineral Creek Falls. An easy walk from the camp will give you great pleasure as you will see many smaller waterfalls and pools of crystal clear water along the way and one double waterfall.

South Mineral Creek Falls are located in the San Juan National Forest.

Seven Falls

Seven Falls is located on the Broadmore Estate in Colorado Springs. Entrance to the estate is $16.50 for adults. A 0.8-mile trail leads to the base of the falls, and from there, you have a view of the stream downstream of the falls.

There are 224 steps leading to the top of the waterfall, and from there, you can see everything from a different position.

Seven Falls has been called the Greatest Mile of Landscape in Colorado and the Most Beautiful Canyon in the World.

The waterfalls are illuminated in various colors after sunset.

Cascade Falls

It is considered the most beautiful waterfall of Phoenix Park in the Creede area. Cascade Falls is an obvious confirmation of that claim. They are halfway from Mirror Lake to Lone Eagle Peak along the Cascade Creek Trail.

The historic mining town of Creede is located in the San Juan Mountains. Also in the Creede area are North Clear Creek Falls, South Clear Creek Falls, Treasure Falls, Copper Falls, and the falls in Phoenix Park.

Treasure Falls

Treasure Falls is located in Pagosa Springs. The waterfall is about 100 feet high.

Ribbon Falls

Ribbon Falls are located in Estes Park. The trail to Ribbon Falls and Black Lake is very demanding.

It runs from the Glacier George Trail in Rocky Mountain National Park and passes Alberta Falls. You’ll encounter Mills and Jewel lakes and several other alpine lakes along the way.

After resting next to Ribbon Falls, continue to the shores of Black Lake. When you get there, you will realize what you would have missed if you hadn’t. Spectacle!

North Clear Creek Falls

We have already mentioned that North Clear Creek Falls is located in the Creede area.

Zapata Falls

Zapata Falls is located at the base of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains in Alamosa County. It is near the Rio Grande National Forest and south of the Great Sand Dunes Preserve. It falls from a height of 30 feet.

The waterfall itself is easily and quickly reached. However, its water is extremely cold!

Horsethief Falls

Horsethief Falls are located not far from Colorado Springs.

Going to this waterfall is a very popular walk.

A wide, winding path passes through a dense forest, which is wonderful in October. The trail gradually narrows as it approaches the waterfall.

Judd Falls

On the way to Judd Falls, you will have the opportunity to see Crested Butte Mountain, Gothic Mountain, and Baldy Mountain.

After Judd Falls, you can continue to Copper Lake.

Boulder Falls

Boulder Falls is undoubtedly the most accessible waterfall in Colorado. It’s located right near downtown Boulder in Boulder Canyon, no less.

From the trailhead parking lot along the canyon, you only need to walk a few hundred feet on the trail to Boulder Falls.

Ouzel Falls

You will reach several waterfalls if you take the Wild Basin trail along St. Vrain Creek.

First, you’ll come across Copeland Falls after just a third of a mile, and after a little more, you’ll be in front of Calypso Cascades, and eventually, the trail will lead you to Ouzel Falls.

Box Canyon Falls

Box Canyon Falls are located in Ouray. A walk around Box Canyon Falls confirms that Ouray is rightly called the Switzerland of America.

Box Canyon Falls is 285 feet tall. You can cross over the suspension bridge and through the tunnel to enjoy this natural spectacle as much as possible.

In the winter, Box Canyon Falls freezes over and is a treat for ice climbers.

Rifle Falls

Rifle Falls are located in Rifle Falls State Park. A daily ticket costs USD 9 per vehicle. Once you’ve visited the falls, you could go on an adventure through the common caves in the area.

Booth Falls

Booth Falls is reached by walking from East Vail towards the valley where the top of the falls is located. One mile away is Booth Lake.

Bridal Veil falls

Bridal Veil Falls is located in the Telluride area, just off the Telluride Via Ferrata. It is easily accessible on foot from the main Telluride parking lot. If you are on Black Bear Pass Road, you can stop and take a quick look at this elegant waterfall. It is 365 feet tall. In winter, Bridal Veil Falls freezes and is used by ice climbers.


You can get to know Denver on foot with a leisurely walk, but it is an exceptional experience to tour the center of Denver by bicycle.

You will have fun, and you will be able to see all the sights.

Downtown Denver is where everything important for business and entertainment is happening. It is divided into several neighborhoods, the oldest of which is Lower Downtown Denver nicknamed LoDo.

The architecture in this neighborhood is a mix of new and old buildings from before Denver became a modern city.

Although it exudes the spirit of the past, LoDo is a dynamic district with about a hundred restaurants, shops, and many bars and nightclubs.

Larimer Square is located very close to LoDo. They call it the heart and soul of downtown Denver.

Its demolition was prevented in the 1960s. It is recognizable by its architecture, which makes it stand out as a historic district of Denver.

If you are looking for art galleries, then be sure to visit the River North Arts District or RiNo for short.

Apart from exhibitions and galleries, RiNo is also known for numerous graffiti. Visitors take the opportunity to take photos next to some of the recognizable pieces of street art.

There is graffiti in other parts of Denver as well. The best way to see them all in one visit is the Denver Graffiti Tour.

In RiNo at Reelworks on 35th Street, there will be a Bloody Mary Festival on October 23. This year, the festival will be held for the eighth time.

The streets of Denver are covered in autumn magic in October, and to see as much as possible, the best idea might be to explore by bike.

At Randy’s Recycled Cycles and Mile High Bike Tours, you can rent a bike or arrange for a guide to take you on tour.

In Denver, the average daily high in October is 610F, and the low is 360F. October brings increased cloudiness to Denver. It is the clearest at the beginning of the month.

The last day in October is also the shortest and lasts 10 hours and 32 minutes. At the beginning of the month, the day is fifteen minutes longer.

Denver Food Tour

You can pick a restaurant randomly and see if what is said about the quality of food in Denver is true. Or you can leave it to the professionals and go on an unforgettable adventure with a guide on the Denver Food Tour.

The gastronomic offer in Denver is diverse and rarely leaves anyone indifferent.

The Denver Food Tour is the best way to get to know the foodie side of Colorado.

City Park

Free concerts, festivals, and other exciting and fun events are held in City Park. This park is a favorite meeting place for the locals. It houses the Denver Zoo and the Museum of Nature and Science.

It is also attractive because it is located in the center of Denver and has many outdoor sports fields. Pedal boats can be rented on the shore of its lake.

For romantic couples, this park and lake in October are ideal places.

The Museum of Nature and Science

You will need at least two hours to visit the Museum of Nature and Science. If you add to that the viewing of an exhibition that lasts during October, you will also need at least another hour for that.

The Allosaurus, for which the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is famous around the World, can be seen on permanent display in the section called Prehistoric Journey.

Denver Botanic Garden

October is the perfect month to visit the Denver Botanic Garden. On 23 hectares, there are many themed gardens, a natural oasis of peace.

The Mordecai interactive garden is interesting for children. They are taught to recognize plants in it, and identifying some “creepy” types of creepers is especially popular.

At Chatfield Farms, a maze has been created in cornfields over seven hectares. To make things even more fun, it’s not an ordinary maze. It’s a haunted maze.

For visitors to this attraction, the Denver Botanic Garden has allowed them to see what the maze looks like from bridges spanning the cornfields from a height of 15 feet and try to remember it before starting their adventure.

A giant maze is in the spirit of Halloween, and its atmosphere is spooky.

There are two more mazes. One is a “Pumpkin Holiday” maze, and the other is a “family fun.”

Denver Zoo

There are over 3,000 animals at the Denver Zoo. In October, because of Halloween, all activities are subordinated to this holiday: from animal encounters to pumpkin-themed treats. Costumed people are walking around the Zoo. You will meet Bigfoot and many other creatures of urban mythology.

Denver Art Museum

The Denver Art Museum is located Downtown. It houses encyclopedic collections with slightly more than 70,000 different works from around the World.

The Denver Art Museum is known throughout the World for its collection of North American indigenous art. In the museum, you can also see one of the best collections of Latin American and ancient American art.

Molly Brown House

Molly Brown is best known for being one of the Titanic survivors. They called her the unsinkable Molly Brown.

In the 1960s, at the same time as Larimer Square, many old buildings were torn down. Such a fate was destined for the house of Molly Brown. Fortunately, that did not happen because a group of citizens prevented it.

Instead of being demolished, the house was turned into a museum.

Mount Evans Byway

If you decide to drive the 60 miles up the Mount Evans Byway from Denver, you won’t regret it.

It is the highest paved road in North America. Driving on it, you can pass through five climate zones.

A stop at Echo Lake is recommended before continuing uphill to the Walter Pesman Alpine Garden. Be sure to stop there again.

In Alpine Garden, you will see Bristlecone Pine. Several pines of this species are the oldest living things on the planet. Their location is a secret, but it is known that they have lived for about 5,000 years so far.

From there, you will continue to climb to the top and have a spectacular view of Colorado.

Red Rock Amphitheatre

Red Rock Amphitheater is ten miles away from Denver. Its construction lasted from 1936 until 1941. It is carved directly into the rock.

Many big stars have played at Red Rocks. The Beatles played there on August 26, 1964. Jimi Hendrix four years later.

Jethro Tull on June 10, 1971. Since then, many good concerts have been held at the Amphitheater. The place is known for its perfect acoustics.

Castle rock

On I-25 between Denver and Colorado Springs is Castle Rock, a rock that resembles a castle.

There are ten different zip lines at Castle Rock. So get your adrenaline pumping, and then you can continue to Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs

What’s the first thing to do in Colorado Springs? Some say the Pikes Peak region should be explored first.

Walk through the forests under the colorful autumn canopy and go out into the clearings from which you can see unsurpassed landscapes. Over a million hectares are covered by forest.

Others would also immediately go to Pikes Peak, not on foot but in jeeps. Both agree that you should go to Glen Cove and Manitou Springs.

And maybe you should first get on your mountain bike and head along the Gold Camp Road, an 8.6-mile one-way trail.

You could also camp at Mueller State Park if the October weather is fine.

If you go to Criple Creek, you can ride the narrow gauge railway, and you might be lucky enough to see some wild donkeys.

Ziplining is one of the most popular things to do in Colorado Springs in October.

Fly over Colorado Springs in a hot air balloon or take the train to Manitou Springs. The train departs from the Railway Station, only fifteen minutes from the center of Colorado Springs.

In North Cheyenne Canyon Park, you’ll walk through the woods and discover many trails that lead to waterfalls.

An hour away from Colorado Springs is the Royal Gorge Canyon. It’s the Arkansas River Canyon. The Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge is the highest in the United States. It stands at the height of 956 feet from the river and joins two canyon cliffs 1,260 feet apart at that point.


Many agree that Telluride is one of the most beautiful cities in the World. On the San Juan Mountains, nestled against the Dallas Divide and surrounded by forests through which countless trails lead. October just adds to that sense of uniqueness that Telluride has.

The charm of Victorian architecture you’ll encounter on the streets and its significant role in the history of the American West contributed to Telluride’s designation as a National Historic Landmark in 1964.

What can you do in October in Telluride? For starters, take the Telluride Via Ferrata. The road will take you to a cliff and Bridal Veil Falls.

Ride the gondola and enjoy the view of Aspen and its forests. The gondola ride in October is free.

Cycle down the country lane. Driving on this iconic track will be one to remember.

In October, the average high is 530F, and the low is 290F.


In Aspen in October, you will be surrounded by treetops in blazing autumn colors, and behind them, you will see mountains whose peaks are already covered with snow. Clean, fresh air, fewer crowds, and cheaper accommodation are the main features of Aspen in October.

Daily highs average around 450F. They rarely go below 330F or rise above 670F. Daily lows are 230F, but very infrequently drop below 130F.

From Aspen, you can head to Redstone, about an hour’s drive away. It is known as the “Ruby of the Rockies.” Crystal River flows through it. It is located at an altitude of 7,200 feet.

It is home to Penny Hot Springs and Avalanche Hot Springs.

John Cleveland Osgood built a 24,000-square-foot mansion in Redstone in 1900. At the time, he was the sixth richest man in America.

Redstone Castle is open to the public.

From Redstone, you should go to the village of Marble, which is fifteen minutes away.

When you get back to Aspen, take a walk around town.


Breckenridge is known for its hiking trails. There are so many of them that everyone will find the one that suits them.

Among the routes that stretch around Breckenridge for hundreds of miles around, there are easy, moderate, and difficult trails.

Biking in October is a favorite activity in Breckenridge. You can also cruise through the city on a bicycle and explore all its possibilities or take a tour of the district on the bicycle path.

There is also a wonderful tour in which a bicycle tour of distilleries and breweries of local producers is planned. Of course, there is a lot of tasting, so some people come back pushing their bikes. But at least it’s fun!

For the scenic Vail Pass Shuttle ride, you should sign up.

Breckenridge has fished all year round. However, autumn is the right time for fly fishing because the waters are clear, unlike in spring when the swollen riverbeds turn into muddy torrents due to melted snow. A similar thing happens in summer, only this time because of the rain.

You should go fishing with a guide, and you will be guaranteed fun and relaxation.

The highest October average temperature in Breckenridge is 43.30F, and the lowest is 22.30F. On average, there are 5.5 rainy days in October and 110.4 in the year.

There are 11 hours and 9 minutes of daylight. At the beginning of October, the sun rises at 7 a.m. and sets at 6:47 p.m. At the end of the month, the sun appears half an hour later and sets about 40 minutes earlier.

The average sunny time in October is 6.8 hours.


Boulder is just thirty minutes northwest of Denver. Pearl Street is the lifeblood of this city.

Everything takes place in it. In it, you go to the shops, have fun, rest on the benches under the sun’s warm rays or eat in numerous restaurants, pizzerias, and pubs.

Food & Vine magazine named Pearl Street one of America’s top ten foodie streets.

They call it a live stage. On Wednesday nights, bands play live for free.

Local guides will assist you with the many sightseeing tours offered in Boulder. Outdoor Tour includes hiking, biking, and hot air ballooning.

In a city that boasts one of the highest concentrations of breweries per capita, it’s no surprise that a Beer Tour is organized. As a result, Boulder is called “The Napa Valley of Beer.”

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