Can You Put Mascara On Lash Lift?

Women’s eyelashes are very important for the cosmetic industry today, and this is the area of a female’s face where there is a great emphasis nowadays, more and more each day.

Besides the eyebrows (which are also huge right now, as there are thousands of products that are meant for their care), lashes are big in the cosmetic industry – they are part of the most important features on a female’s face, and they stand out and receive special attention, as they should.

Not only their appearance but also their health, and soon you will find out why are they so important.

In addition, they are one of the symbols of beauty. But what is their purpose from the biological point of view?

According to scientists, the length of the eyelashes that is optimal so that they can perform their function is a third of the width of the eye, although beauty stylists might not agree with that, it is the proportion of the eye and the length of the eyelashes.

Their purpose is to remove moisture from the eye.

It is believed that eyelashes in a human being protect the eyes from the sun, and dust and are useful for blinking.

One research has shown that eyelashes are longer if the eye is wider.

Therefore, they concluded that the width of the eye should be equal to the length of the eyelashes.

It was also concluded that they can redirect airflow and that we must have them otherwise our eyes would become more sensitive to bacteria that are all around us.

If they were exposed to the bacteria, then they can cause a lot of infections, and if our eyelashes were too long, the eye would dry out faster.

Thicker eyelashes are better and more effective in protecting the eye and the length is not as important.

So thicker eyelashes are much better for the health of the eye.

Here, think of the camels and their very thick eyelashes, which protect their eyes from dry air and sand.

Now, as we have said, nowadays eyelashes are the key component in the makeup and beauty industry – and if you take a look at the recent trends you will see numerous serums, products and methods, and procedures that are responsible for the growth and beauty of eyelashes.

If they are nice and thick, and in a certain shape, up and lifted, then the entire eye, and subsequently, the face receives a different look, more feminine, round, exotic, sexy, etc.

Now, one of the newest trends is definitely a Lash Lift and many ladies already know what we are talking about.

What is the Lash Lift and how does it work?

No one can deny it, eyelashes are truly a crown of a female face, just like the hair; as they should have a color and thickness and be lifted.

In the same way, on the market you can find numerous products, mascaras most notably, that shape, color and lift.

All women, and nowadays maybe even more than ever, of them, want their lashes to look just like from the old Hollywood movie, or from the Arabian night, to be very, very prominent.

There is a desire for them to be thick, lush, and even so, curled.

And many of us can truly recall the time of fake eyelashes, and also the extension of the eyelashes (that were big in previous years), in which fake eyelashes were glued with special methods.

Some of them were not so sanitary, and they did not last very long.

But, modern times bring even more creative methods, many are much better than the next, and promise less damage to your own, natural lashes.

And this may be the key, as you do not want to damage them, just to upgrade them.

All those who do not want to wear extensions, don’t like the effect of false eyelashes; who are not satisfied with their natural eyelashes (be it color, density, or length).

The latest treatment to beautify the eye area is the Lash Lift eyelash, and it seems to be the perfect one, just as the beauty blender for example has made a big splash, and there was not any product that has replaced it (yet) in the field of foundation.

The Lash lift is perfect for all those who have hooded eyelids or those who have removed their lash extensions and want their natural eyelashes to recover to their full capacity.

This treatment instantly gives eyelashes a lift, and volume, and adds definition, which is what many eyelashes lack.

Some like to call it a wonderful and tender, safe, and effective alternative to false eyelashes.

This treatment makes it possible to lift the eyelashes and give them a dramatic volume worthy of the one from the mascara commercial, in addition to a lot of photoshop.

This method is a semi-permanent treatment that strives to make lashes extended, lifted, shaped, and captivating.

A good side of this story is that the Lash Lift is a painless and fairly quick beauty procedure (and here you must pay attention to who is doing it on you, as you need to inform yourself), and more and more ladies want to do it, as it gains more and more popularity each year.

Numerous celebrities are choosing this treatment and they are truly the perfect method to look stunning on the red carpet.

You should know that for a good Lash lift, it doesn’t matter what your eyelashes are like at the moment.

Even if they are damaged, this treatment will help you.

What is important to us is that all the ingredients are safe, but you must mention if you have eye problems; if you have sensitive eyes, or if you are maybe allergic to a certain ingredient, you should miss out on this procedure.

Since the treatment is relatively new, no one can guarantee that you are not allergic to some of the ingredients.

Just as it has happened to women to have irritation from glue when it comes to eyelash extensions, there is also a certain risk here.

It is important, to be honest, and not take risks if your eyes are prone to irritation.

In that case, it is best to extend your eyelashes naturally.

One of the best ways to extend eyelashes is to use castor oil.

First, the method is done in a way, that the eyelashes are glued to the silicone shield.

After cleaning the eyelashes and separating the lower eyelashes from the top, or in this case, it is the mentioned silicone protection.

It is smoothed onto the skin with gentle glue (similar to the glue used to apply false eyelashes).

The glue is also applied to the tip of the eyelashes, then the eyelashes are combed upwards to take shape.

This is where eyelash softening solution is applied.

It works similarly to keratin for hair but consists of organic compounds.

These elements are thioglycolic acid for example, which is used for the process of separation and softening the eyelashes to define the specific shape of the eyelashes.

And here the choice is huge – you can have bigger, smaller, more defined, etc.

At times keratin is also used, but the one that is used for eyelashes has a much different structure than keratin for hair and we should not mix it up.

This compound contains all “clean” elements, just like for example, jojoba oil, argan oil, and also contains amino acids and proteins.

All ingredients aim to nourish and strengthen the eyelashes.

Now, it is important to say that lotion of these components should last for six to 12 minutes.

Then apply eyelash conditioning solution and finally oil.

Care after the Lash lift

Now you have done a Lash Lift and now you are wondering how to take care of your new set of lashes, and what can and what you cannot do.

You can always work on eyelash care, because it is the basis of everything, and these treatments are just corrections.

Primary advice is to get a good nourishing eyelash and brow serum and nurture them and massage them with this oil.

You will see the difference and you may not even need treatment.

The result of Lash Lift lasts from 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the speed of growth, which, we will admit, is the longest of all existing treatments.

Some women will need correction sooner, some will need it longer, it just depends on the eyelash growth cycle.

On top of that, you can’t rub your eyes, you have to be careful how you sleep, you can’t wear a sleep mask, you have to comb them, and of course, you have to be pretty careful how you take off your eye shadow and eyeliner… It can be tiring.

But, ladies agree that it is all worth it.

After a Lash Lift, you’ll probably never go back to extensions and mascara, which is a great thing.

Eyelashes will look natural and ravishing.

They look realistic, are not drastic, and will give you a good look at all times.

If you want them to be long, then it is recommended that you use a serum to increase your eyelashes for a while, and only then do a lash lift.

Now, one thing is making all ladies wonder.

Can You Put Mascara On Lash Lift?

This is one of the most common questions after you have done the Lash Lift, and here is the answer.

Those ladies who have tried every top-rated mascara on the market, but no matter how much they apply it, their eyelashes inevitably fall out after one coat of mascara.

Those who have tried numerous different solutions, like for example, false eyelashes, and all of this was just a short-term solution.

They have wanted something that can last – a long-term solution, as you know.

They have to find the Lash lift.

Lash lift is great for short eyelashes – it adds volume, the eyelashes are curled and you don’t have to do anything yourself and take care of them. Plus, they look so natural and fresh.

Having said all of this, it may seem to all of us that mascara is going down in history!

The fact is that for the Lash Lift to be effective, it is best if the natural eyelashes are long and thick.

Now, women that are not blessed with such a set of eyelashes – who are searching for all ways to make their natural eyelashes look like this for a long time.

Ladies who have their natural lashes thin, and barely noticeable are wanting to have thick, strong, and long, and they are wondering if they can use the mascara.

Even when they have a Lash Lift, they want to put on mascara and are wondering if they can do it, will they ruin something that they have paid for?

These are usually ladies with short, straight, and smaller or hooded eyes.

Now, the main question can you apply makeup, and can you put mascara on your lashes?

This all depends, but the most accurate answer is yes, but not right away after you have done a Lash Lift.

The primary advice is that you should act normally.

You have no restrictions as you have with some other beauty procedures, and the fact is that right after this treatment, many women give up mascara, because they don’t need it.

But if you want to do it, you can freely use mascara, but you must wait 24 hours after the treatment.

You can wear your makeup however you want and you can remove your eyeshadow and eyeliner the way you always have.

Nothing changes, except that your eyelashes are longer and curlier.

But, we will advise you not to use waterproof mascara as the process of taking it off, is much harder you have to use different oils, and press lashes harder, so in this case, avoid this type of mascara.


There is no doubt that every year we encounter some innovation that leaves us breathless and that is connected to the beauty industry, and one method or a product appears and many copy it.

Lash lift treatment is one of those “blessings for eyelashes” that you should not miss if you want to have long and beautiful eyelashes constantly.

Despite its growing popularity, there seems to be a lot of confusion about exactly what this treatment is.

In the simplest terms, it’s a complete makeover for your lashes that shapes them and makes them look thicker and more beautiful.

Lashes will be so prominent, it will look like you have applied for extensions, when in fact you haven’t.

The fact is that women want to have beautiful and long eyelashes, but they do not want to take much care of them.

Lash lift is often compared to upgraded, silk eyelashes, which were the ideal, revolutionary solution.

They can also look natural and beautiful because they stick to your lashes and you can choose the size and thickness yourself, but in my personal experience, this technique can come at a cost.

The extension is not cheap, and the correction must be done on time because otherwise, your eyelashes will look messy.

The good thing is that this treatment can be done regardless of the length of your eyelashes.

The first step is an understanding with the lash expert because you have to match your wishes and possibilities, you need to know what exactly awaits you after the treatment.

Based on your answers, the procedure will be made in such a way, that it will look good according to your eye shape.

Many are interested in whether it is possible to apply mascara in the meantime.

You can use mascara, and in any case, if you feel like it, you can use makeup, just do not use waterproof mascara, and never put it on right after the treatment as it can ruin the entire procedure.

So, act as normal as you would, as there are not any restrictions.

You can use mascara, but only after you have waited an entire day after your treatment.

After that go back to your regular activities, but many women do not ever go back to the mascara, as the lash lift (in some cases) is perfect enough.

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