Can You Put Mascara On Eyelash Extensions?

When you put on lash extensions, you sometimes want more volume, and you surely ask yourself at that moment, “Can I put mascara on lash extensions?”

The answer is yes, but there are so many things and tips you need to know before you do that.

When you put on lash extensions, you need to wait at least 24 hours before you apply any makeup to your eyes or lashes since mascara, eyeshadow, or anything else on your eyes can jeopardize your treatment.

After 24 hours, you can use makeup on your eyes.

It is important to know that you should avoid not only mascaras with oil, but also eyeliners, eyeshadows, and eye creams since they can damage your lash extensions, especially if you use them often.

The oil in these products may cause the glue on lash extensions to peel off, so be careful when you put on or remove mascara and eyeshadow.

For a fresher, more natural look, clear mascara without oil is a good solution for your eyelash extensions since it can help you maintain and curl your lashes.

Even when you put on lash extensions, you have a habit of wearing mascara.

You can’t go out without mascara because you feel strange.

Don’t worry; Take care that you use appropriate makeup.

Classic lash extensions boost thickness, and they are an ideal choice for women who already have decent natural lashes.

This means that with classic lash extensions, you get almost the same results as when you put on high-quality mascara.

Volume lash extensions are better for women with short and drooping eyelashes since the lash technician applies multiple lash strands to the natural lashes, each separately.

The result of this is exceptional volume and a high density of eyelashes.

Why put mascara on lash extensions?

Mascara will give a darker color to your lashes and make them look balanced.

Choose lash extensions in the same color as your lashes. For instance, brown extensions are adequate for brown lashes.

Synthetic extensions are thicker than natural lashes. Mink and silk flutters taper the same way a woman’s eyelashes do.

Mascara will give your eyes a dramatic look. If you want a smokey eye effect, put on some extra-volume mascara.

Mascara can fill the gaps in your extensions when they fall off along with your lashes.

If you wonder if you can put mascara on fake or strip lashes, the answer is yes. You should follow the same rules as in the case of lash extensions.

Water-based mascara is a safe choice for all kinds of lash extensions and fake lashes since it can’t damage a lot of them.

Remember, you can’t put mascara on the mink lashes because they are natural fibers.

Also, putting mascara on hybrid eyelash extensions can destroy them.

If you wear mascara daily, go with synthetic or classic lash extensions.

Keep in mind that mascara can’t replace eyelash adhesive. Use only lash glue for that purpose.

If you put on classic lash extensions, you get the daily look, but if you want to highlight your eyes for a special occasion, you need to add mascara.

In that case, avoid oil-based and waterproof mascara since it could be hard to remove them from lash extensions.

Taking off mascara can damage your extensions.

Aside from that, mascaras add weight to your eyelash extensions, which can cause them to lose their shape, break off, or droop down.

The ingredients of many mascaras are sesame and eucalyptus oil, which can make those lash extensions decline too fast.

Strip lashes enhance the look of your eyes and lashes by making them stunning. Mascara gives them more volume and length, which complements fashionable outfits.

Although mascara adds density to your lash extensions to look more cohesive, it damages them during application and removal.

You can, however, keep your lashes from falling out. Be very gentle when putting on and taking off mascara on your extensions, and use those without oil.

The flaw of oil-free mascaras is their easy smearing.

Mascara makes your extensions bolder and darker, which is preferable when you put on heavy makeup.

Useful tips for applying mascara on lash extensions

We suggest applying mascara to your eyelashes in thin layers for a dramatic look.

You should gently apply a thin layer of mascara to your lash extensions. Before putting on another layer, wait a few minutes for the mascara to dry completely.

If you prefer a more natural look, then apply just one layer.

The second tip is to use high-quality mascara that is not out of date.

If you want to avoid clumping, make sure the mascara hasn’t dried.

Nothing is worse than using expired or dried mascara on lash extensions because the clumping can severely damage your extensions.

We recommend putting on mascara correctly, which includes using a wand and dense combs for the perfect look.

Apply the mascara with gentle movements from the eyelid line to the eyebrows.

Remember, too many layers of mascara may shorten the life of the mascara, since the extensions can fall off due to the excessive weight of the eyelashes.

Thin layers ensure that mascara lasts longer.

The third tip is to avoid oil-based mascaras since they can weaken the bonding properties of the extension adhesive.

Mascaras with oily formulas are very difficult to remove. You could easily damage your extensions while taking off your mascara.

It is better to use water-based mascara since you can easily remove it from extensions. Aside from that, water formula mascaras contain ingredients that are good for sensitive and problematic skin.

If water is the first ingredient on the list, you made the right choice.

If you want to avoid applying mascara daily to your lash extensions, pick the waterproof mascara.

Still, you should limit the use of waterproof mascara since you can’t easily remove this makeup product, which significantly changes the texture of your extensions.

We recommend that you clean your lash extensions on a regular basis if you want to avoid mascara clumps and prevent bacteria from growing on them.

You can use cotton pads soaked in oil-free makeup remover or alcohol to remove the mascara from your falsies.

After that, soak the other wand in warm water and remove clumps and mascara residue.

Afterwards, reshape the lash extensions with a dense comb to preserve their texture.

Maintaining lash extensions demands practice like any other makeup routine.

When you master the appropriate technique, you will apply makeup and clean them quickly.

If you want to optimize your daily makeup routine, use products with formulas that match your eyelash extensions.

We recommend avoiding wet wipes for cleaning your lash extensions. Oil-free foam cleaner for sensitive skin is the right choice to remove mascara from your false lashes.

If you want to achieve the effect of a polished face and highlight facial contours through makeup, you can put clear or water-based black mascara on your extensions.

Instead of cotton pads, you can use a brush to remove mascara from your extensions.

Soak the brush in your oil-free makeup remover and clean your lashes gently. Repeat once more if you didn’t take off the mascara well.

Remember, one wrong step may cause your lash extensions to fall out earlier than usual.

Follow these instructions when you want to apply mascara to your extensions:

First, clean your lash extensions with an appropriate makeup remover. After that, dry them and comb them with a lash brush.

The next step is applying the mascara in a thin layer, starting from the middle and working toward the tips.

Never apply mascara directly to the lash roots.

Aside from that, don’t use more than two layers of mascara.

Oil-based mascaras contain ingredients that can weaken the binding properties of the adhesive in your extensions and damage them.

Look at the list of ingredients in mascara to avoid: sesame oil, castor oil, carnauba wax, linseed oil, lanolin, beeswax, paraffin, turpentine oil, eucalyptus oil, and mineral oil.

If experts apply your eyelash extensions, you can easily ensure their lifespan and texture.

Be sure that your extensions are high-quality and that the lash technicians use appropriate treatment and materials, including glow.

Contact a professional beauty salon and make an appointment before applying the extensions.

The beauty experts will determine which type of false lashes are best for you based on the length and thickness of your eyelashes.

If you have long and thick eyelashes, you can do lash lifting, but if your lashes are short and sparse, lash extensions are an ideal choice.

You should avoid tugging and pulling your extensions if you want them to last longer.

After washing and air-drying your extensions, you can add a disposable mascara spoolie to your lashes for a more impressive look.

A must-follow rule is to remove mascara from your lash extensions before you sleep.

The reason for this is an increased risk of eye infection.

Although you are tired after a busy day, don’t forget to take off your makeup, especially mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow.

If you want to skip any damaging your lash extensions, you should sleep on your back.

Still, if you have a habit sleeping on the side, the solution is to wear sleeping eye mask that will protect your eyes from friction.

Aside from that, you can sleep at a silk pillowcase to minimize snagging your lashes snagging in the cloth.

If you want to prevent decline of your lash extensions while sleeping, avoid lying on your stomach.

If you put the bottom lash extensions and want to apply mascara at them, follow the same rules as for the top lash extensions.

It includes using of makeup remover without oil. The water-based makeup removers contain surfactant. Surfactant is the main ingredient which takes off  makeup from the outer layer.

Use non-sticky and lint-free makeup remover.

Of course, you can remove your makeup with a lash brush or a smooth washcloth, but skip tugging on your extensions and rubbing eyes while you do that. It is better to apply makeup remover by tapping.

Clean your makeup tools every time you apply or remove makeup. Just wash them with lukewarm or cold water or with oil-free makeup remover.

Hygiene is the most important since infections and irritations of the eyes and skin can endanger your health.

If you want to prevent contaminating makeup tools, don’t let anyone use your makeup, especially mascara.

Avoid extraction of the wand inside the mascara tube too often since it lets air inside. It can cause your mascara to dry up faster.

To add some length to your lash extensions, apply mascara only to the tips of your false lashes.

Remember, the fewer mascara layers provide less damage to your extensions since they can’t fall off easily.

In addition, these extensions blend better with your natural lashes and are much less noticeable than ones from beauty salons.

Which mascaras you should apply on lash extensions and, which not

Water-based mascara is the best choice for lash extensions since it doesn’t contain oils and waxes that can seriously damage your false lashes or cause the lash glue to come off.

Oil-free mascara prevents dissolving the lash adhesive since it doesn’t contain oils like sesame oil and others.

Aside from that, check the list of mascara ingredients to be sure that one of them isn’t glycol which also weakens the adhesive and causes declining in your extensions.

Try to find a mascara with widely-spaced strips. If the strips are too densely packed, they can pull on extensions.

A mascara brush is also the important item. Buy the mascara brush with well-spaced bristles that won’t pull and stick to your lashes.

Waterproof mascaras are not a good choice even for natural lashes, but especially for lash extensions. Because it is very difficult to remove you should avoid waterproof mascara for wearing on lash extensions.

The waterproof mascara has maximum staying power, but it causes your eyelash extensions to brittle.

The ingredients of all waterproof mascaras are silicone and Teflon, the non-stick coating. These components are very harmful to the eyes and skin.

Because of these ingredients, waterproof mascaras dry out the eyelashes and the glue for the extensions, causing them to fall out.

Mascara with oil formulas is a second that you should skip. The oils can significantly dissolve the glue and thus cause your extensions to come off.

Mascaras that contain castor oil, lanolin, sesame oil, paraffin beeswax, and other similar ingredients can shorten the life of your extensions and even ruin them.

Never use tube mascara for your lash extensions since it uses polymers to make tubes around each bristle and sticks like glue which can damage false lashes.

Fiber mascara contains dry fibers such as rayon, nylon, or silk and, it removes the hard that makes your extensions peel off.

Aside from that, fiber mascara makes your natural lashes look like extensions since gives them great length by adding small fibers so there is no need for fiber mascara anyway if you already have false lashes.

Taking off fibers can damage and destroy your lash extensions.

Advice: skip this mascara.

Conclusions, pros, and cons of wearing mascara on lash extensions

Oil-free and clear mascara is the best choice for lash extensions.  Those mascaras are safe since they can’t ruin your extensions or make to-lash glue dry and separate from your falsies because of dissolving.

Skip oil-based and waterproof mascaras but also fiber and tube mascaras.

All these types of mascaras contain inappropriate ingredients for lash extensions like oils, waxes, glycol, silicone, paraffin, carbonate, lanolin, and other components that can weaken your extensions and make them peel off.

Aside from safe mascaras, you need to choose an appropriate makeup remover that is also oil-free and gentle for removing makeup.

For taking off mascara ideal choice is a foam remover or lash shampoo since these products contain ingredients suitable for sensitive facial skin and eyes.

Remember, never use wet wipes for removing mascara from lash extensions.

Although you can use cotton pads or soft cotton or microfiber cloth for removing mascara much better choice is a lash brush, especially a charcoal brush.

The advantage of a lash brush is that you can gently comb your lash extensions and separate them if they stuck.

In this way, you can easily take off mascara clumps without pulling and peeling extensions.

For instance, charcoal brushes collect the accumulated grime on your lash extensions and pull all dirtiness from your eyes.

If you put on a volume or hybrid lash extensions style, we recommend you avoid wearing mascara on them since you can’t add extra volume and density by applying mascara on extensions.

These types of lash extension type have a large density and individual lashes for a fluttery volume.

If you apply mascara on them your lash extensions can stuck and look pretty stiff and unnatural.

You can wear mascara on the classic lash extensions if you want to add more volume for a night out, date, meeting, or some other special occasion.

Still, we don’t recommend you wear mascara on lash extensions daily since applying and removing mascara regularly can make your false lashes peel off and change the texture.

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