Best Ladyfingers Substitute (Alternative and Replacement) 

If you have ever been to Italy, you must have many beautiful memories, such as the enchanting architecture, the excellent climate, the romantic atmosphere, and the inevitable cold and creamy tiramisu.

Of course, you don’t have to vacation in Italy to discover the charms of this wonderful cake.

Tiramisu is served in pastry shops and restaurants worldwide, and many people make it very successful at home.

You only need a few ingredients, such as coffee, mascarpone, cocoa powder, cream, and ladyfingers.

But what if you’ve run out of ladyfingers and your local store doesn’t have them, or it’s Sunday night, and the store is closed?

Don’t worry because there are several suitable substitutes for ladyfingers in tiramisu.

Read on to find the best substitutes for ladyfingers (in tiramisu and other cakes), what to look for when substituting ladyfingers for another ingredient, and how to adapt the recipe to the new component to make the cake as delicious as possible.

But let’s start by clarifying what ladyfingers are and why anyone would ever want to substitute this ingredient.

What is Ladyfingers? 

Ladyfingers are a type of sponge cake, and they get their name from their characteristic oblong shape.

The most famous cake with ladyfingers is tiramisu, but these finger-shaped biscuits are also an ingredient in many fruit and chocolate cakes and desserts.

Ladyfingers originate from Italy but are used worldwide in numerous recipes.

They were invented at the beginning of the fourteenth century at the court in Piedmont as a treat to welcome the French royal family coming for an official visit.

Because of this origin, they are also known as Savoiardi biscuits in Italy.

Although they are usually made with only three ingredients (eggs, sugar, and flour), ladyfingers have a specific taste that goes perfectly with many desserts.

These light sponge cakes give cakes a spongy and airy texture, which goes well with fruity flavors and perfectly accentuates bolder flavors like coffee or chocolate.

There are several recipes for making ladyfingers; the two most famous versions are those in Sicily and Sardinia.

Besides varying slightly in size and shape, the different versions also differ in hardness.

Many eggs are used to make ladyfingers, so they are very high in calories.

Many people like to eat ladyfingers as a separate treat, but these biscuits are usually part of a cake.

If you’re a big fan of ladyfingers, you might wonder why anyone would want to substitute this ingredient in a recipe for tiramisu or any other cake.

In the beginning, the classic situation is when you start making your favorite dessert and realize too late that you have run out of the main ingredient.

Ladyfingers are not equally available in all parts of the world, and it may be challenging to find them when needed.

Also, as we said, ladyfingers contain wheat flour and eggs.

For people avoiding gluten, wheat flour is a problematic ingredient.

If that’s the case for you, you’ll want to replace the ladyfingers with another ingredient in your tiramisu or other cake that contains this sponge cake.

Also, ladyfingers may not be suitable for people with high cholesterol or egg intolerance, as they contain a lot of eggs.

In that case, you will need a substitute for ladyfingers containing fewer eggs or not at all.

Fortunately, there are many alternatives to ladyfingers.

Read how to replace this ingredient below and decide which option is most acceptable for you.

Best Ladyfingers Substitutes 

At the outset, it should be noted that not all substitutes are equally suitable for all recipes.

Some options will work better in some recipes and less successfully in others.

Try to look at all aspects of the different alternatives for ladyfingers and decide which one will best replace this ingredient in your recipe.

If you need a substitute for ladyfingers in tiramisu or another cake, try using sponge cake, panettone, pound cake, biscotti, Margherite cookies, pavesini cookies, wafers, and biscuits.

Among these substitutes, you will surely find the perfect option for your recipe that, with some luck, you will like so much that it may become your first choice.

Sponge Cake 

One of the most straightforward substitutes for ladyfingers is sponge cake.

The advantage of this substitute is that you can make it yourself at home, but you can also buy it at the store.

It is not an excellent alternative to ladyfingers if you try to avoid eggs or gluten, as sponge cake contains them.

However, if you just need a replacement for ladyfingers because your store doesn’t currently have them, sponge cake will work almost perfectly.

The great advantage of this ingredient is that it has a relatively similar structure to ladyfingers, so the difference is almost invisible.

In terms of taste, sponge cake is also quite similar to ladyfingers because it is made from almost the same ingredients.

If you have time to make your own sponge cake, you will need eggs, milk, flour, and sugar.

If you make your own sponge cake, you can also use gluten-free flour but expect the taste to change slightly.

You can buy sponge cake at the store if you don’t have time to make it.

It is usually found in the bakery department.

Sponge cake works well in various recipes, from cakes to tarts and tiramisu.

As its name suggests, it has a light, spongy texture, and a mild and neutral taste, making it an excellent base for various ingredients.

Sponge cake goes equally well with chocolate and fruit flavors.

Some people even serve this cake just topped with cream or with a dessert drink.

However, it tastes much better when mixed with more intense flavors like those in the tiramisu recipe.

If you use sponge cake as a substitute for ladyfingers in a tiramisu recipe, you can use it as a base and then layer the other ingredients, or you can mix all the ingredients and serve the tiramisu.

If your recipe calls for soaking the ladyfingers in coffee, juice, milk, or any other liquid, it would be best to dry the sponge cake a bit in the oven before soaking. It will allow the sponge cake to absorb more liquid.

If you have time, air-dry the sponge cake overnight, and if you want it to dry faster, put it in the oven at a very low temperature for about half an hour.

It should be emphasized that another advantage of this substitute that should not be overlooked is that sponge cake is very cheap.


If you want to stay in the region of Italy, use panettone as a substitute for ladyfingers.

It is a type of sweet bread that originates from Italy, more precisely from Lombardy.

It is also a substitute that will appeal to all those with a sweet tooth and lovers of rich-flavored desserts with lots of variety of ingredients.

Panettone has a spongy texture, and its unique taste is due to the pieces of raisins, dried fruits, hazelnuts, almonds, and walnuts that are an integral part of it.

Panettone may seem like an inadequate substitute for ladyfingers, but this ingredient will be an excellent substitute in many recipes.

It will change the original taste of your recipe somewhat, but for many desserts, it can be a change for the better.

Also, if you are one of those people who consider ladyfingers to be the perfect dessert on their own, the taste of panettone will delight you.

You can snack on this cake whenever you crave something sweet.

Panettone is traditionally eaten during the Christmas holidays in Italy and throughout Europe.

Panettone can be cut into slices and used as a substitute for ladyfingers in your cakes.

It will work best as an alternative in moist desserts like fruit tarts with lots of creams.

If you want to use panettone as an alternative to ladyfingers in tiramisu, cut it into thin pieces and use it as a base between the layers.

Your tiramisu will be creamy and light but with the added sweetness of the panettone.

If you choose panettone as an alternative to ladyfingers in your recipe, you won’t avoid eggs, but you can make it gluten-free.

Pound Cake 

Another good substitute for ladyfingers in many recipes is pound cake.

The main difference between pound cake and ladyfingers is that it has a stronger and more intense taste, so pound cake will go well with ingredients like fruit, whipped cream, or other light flavors that can balance it.

Different types of pound cake can have a variety of textures, from light to denser and harder.

Keep this in mind if the recipe calls for soaking the ladyfingers in liquid.

It would be best to start by drying the pound cake a little in the air or the oven to become drier and better absorb the milk, coffee, juice, or any other liquid you will add to it.

Also, to keep the pound cake from falling apart when submerged in liquid, it’s easier to brush it with liquid or pour a small amount of liquid over it instead of dipping the cake in it.

If you make tiramisu, trifle, or fruit cake, pound cake will be an excellent substitute for ladyfingers.

Pound cake goes well with whipped cream, chocolate, and fruit flavors.

It lacks a bit of sweetness compared to ladyfingers, so try to make up for it with other ingredients if you like sweeter flavors.

You can buy pound cake at almost any grocery store, but you can also make it yourself if you have the time.

You will need flour, sugar, eggs, and butter.

You can adapt the pound cake recipe if you have special dietary requirements and make it gluten-free and even egg-free.

Also, if you like to experiment with cooking, you can make pound cake enriched with additional flavors such as lemon, vanilla, or orange. It will make your recipe even more interesting and delicious.

If you’re making tiramisu and using pound cake instead of ladyfingers, cut it into slices and then layer it with the other ingredients.


Here’s another Italian substitute for ladyfingers.

Biscotti are dry and crispy cookies that Italians usually serve with tea or coffee, but they can also be used as an ingredient in the preparation of various desserts.

Therefore, if you are used to snacking ladyfingers with your favorite drink, you can replace them with biscotti if you have a pack.

If you want biscotti to be an alternative to ladyfingers making tiramisu, expect a successful dessert.

The outside of the biscotti is a little harder than ladyfingers, but the inside is quite soft.

The biscotti are baked twice, so they are very crunchy.

You can replace ladyfingers in any recipe with the same amount of biscotti.

However, if the recipe says to soak the ladyfingers in liquid, know that the biscotti will need a bit more liquid to soften them well.

Also, biscotti tend to be a different shape than ladyfingers, so you’ll need to get a little creative and inventive to accommodate this.

Biscotti, which in Italy is also called cantucci, can be found in several different flavors, such as orange and anise.

Sometimes one of the ingredients in biscotti is almond, which can be a great addition to some desserts.

Margherita Cookies 

If you are one of those people for whom it is not only important that food tastes good but also that it looks beautiful, you will love Margherita cookies.

Thanks to the strips of rolled dough, these cookies have a particular shape, like a flower, so they look lovely in any dessert.

Their biggest drawback is that they are not easy to find in stores in some parts of the world.

These cookies originated in Italy, from the Puglia region, but are available throughout Europe and the United States.

If your local grocery store has them, try using them in a recipe that calls for ladyfingers.

You’ll find that their mild vanilla aroma and buttery flavor add a special touch to cakes.

Margherite cookies go well with tiramisu and various desserts containing ladyfingers.

If you are concerned about the texture of Margherita cookies, which is less airy and soft than ladyfingers, make a dessert and leave it overnight in the refrigerator.

The texture will be correct in the morning, and the taste will be perfect.

Pavesini Cookies 

Pavesini cookies are so similar in shape and taste to ladyfingers that if you prepare your dessert well, few will be able to guess that you have replaced the original ingredient.

The texture is the most significant difference between these two ingredients because pavesini cookies are not as airy as ladyfingers.

However, as with other alternatives, you will avoid this obstacle if you dry pavesini cookies before use or leave the finished dessert for 12 to 24 hours in the refrigerator.

Pavesini cookies are leaner than ladyfingers and have less fat and protein, so the taste is slightly different.

However, with all the other ingredients in your dessert, only those with the most sensitive palates will notice this.

In addition to the original taste, pavesini cookies are also made with chocolate flavor, which is an excellent addition to many desserts.

Another disadvantage of this substitute is that it can be challenging for some countries to find pavesini cookies in the store.

If your supermarket has an Italian food section, look for them there.

Of course, you can make pavesini cookies yourself at home, but it requires some culinary skill and time.

As for the ingredients, you need eggs, flour, sugar, cornstarch, and vanilla powder.


One of the less obvious substitutes for ladyfingers that still works quite decently in many recipes is wafers.

A significant advantage of this alternative is that wafers are widely available worldwide.

In every store, you will find various brands of wafers that come in different flavors.

They can be plain but also with the taste of vanilla, coffee, chocolate, lemon, or other fruits.

Choose the ones that best suit your dessert and replace the ladyfingers.

Pay attention to the sugar content because it varies significantly from manufacturer to manufacturer, so some wafers are more neutral, and some are very sweet.

Usually, more neutral wafers are better suited to desserts, but if you are a big fan of sweet taste, choose a sweeter option.

However, it is important to emphasize that wafers will not suit all recipes as an equally good substitute for ladyfingers.

Wafers have an extremely crunchy texture that will be lost if your recipe includes a lot of liquid ingredients and syrups.

In such recipes, the wafers could soften and become mush-like, negatively affecting the cake’s taste.

However, if your recipe contains firmer ingredients and thicker fillings, feel free to use wafers as a substitute for ladyfingers, as the recipe will turn out great.

In addition to performing well in many cakes, wafers are a delicious snack.

If you like to snack on ladyfingers with your favorite drink, you’ll probably like wafers even more because they offer a wider variety of flavors and a crunchier texture.

Serve wafers with hot coffee or tea on winter days, or add them to a serving of ice cream on summer days to enrich the taste of your dessert.


Biscuits are a good enough substitute for ladyfingers when you need a quick and easy fix and have a pack in your pantry.

It is not as good an alternative as some of the previous ones on the list, and you may not be able to use it in all recipes, but it definitely has its advantages.

First of all, biscuits have a very neutral and mild taste.

It’s a significant advantage in recipes where it’s essential to have an ingredient that won’t overpower the other flavors.

If your dessert has a delicate taste, adding an ingredient that will disturb that balance would not be suitable. Instead, you should choose something that replaces the doughy part without taking over the taste, just like biscuits.

Also, biscuits can be a substitute for ladyfingers in desserts, where this ingredient adds volume to the filling.

You can ground biscuits and add them to the filling to make it firmer, so they are an excellent ingredient for all desserts served in a glass.

Also, most biscuits are low in calories, which is good news if you’re looking for a non-fattening option.


If you are looking for the perfect substitute for ladyfingers in tiramisu or another cake, we hope you have a clearer idea of which option is right for you after reading this.

Ladyfingers have a specific, airy texture and a mild but sweet taste, sometimes with hints of vanilla.

Many people eat ladyfingers as a dessert, but they are also an important ingredient in many desserts.

We’ve brought you eight of the best alternatives to ladyfingers.

The list includes sponge cake, panettone, pound cake, biscotti, Margherite cookies, pavesini cookies, wafers, and biscuits.

Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages.

Some of these substitutes are similar to ladyfingers in texture, and others are similar in taste.

If you decide to use some of these alternatives, you’ll need to adjust the recipe slightly, dry the cookies before using, or refrigerate them overnight when you make the dessert to achieve the light and airy texture of ladyfingers.

Some alternatives have a neutral taste, while others are sweeter or have additional flavors and ingredients such as chocolate, fruit, or nuts.

Pay attention to these differences when choosing the perfect alternative for ladyfingers.

All of these alternatives can be bought at the store, although they are not equally available everywhere, and some of them can be made at home if you have a little time and a few necessary ingredients.

The advantage of homemaking these substitutes is that you can adapt the ingredients to your needs and eating habits.

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